Itunes interfering with wireless network

This is a weird one, i hope someone can help!!
I upgraded my ipod the other day to an 80Gb ipod classic (6th gen) and so i had to upgrade to the lastest version of iTunes. Having done this, 8 times out of 10 when i eject my iPod from within iTunes my wireless connection disconnects and if i try to view available wireless connections it cannot find any!! If i disable and re enable my network connection then it reconnects automatically. I have a USB Belkin wireless adapter and i am running the latest driver ..I also have all the latest Windows updates installed, and advice would be appreciated!

anyone else have any thoughts on this? I am an IT consultant so i have checked the basics but i dont know a huge amount about how the hardware side of things works.... is there any way it could be something to do with me removing the ipod without ejecting it? I have tried to do some tests to check but it happens so infrequently that its difficult ... its just annoying!!! I am going to try and test it with a PCI wireless card instead of USB at some point as well....

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  • Parallels Shared Networking Adapter interfering with wireless networking

    Hello, I've been having a lot of annoying wireless problems recently, where I would lose connectivity every few minutes. I had reset PRAM, changed lots of settings on my own receiver and the wireless router at home and at work, basically, nothing helped for more than a few minutes, even reinstalling snow leopard. I just removed my parallels shared networking adapter from my network preference pane, and the problem seems to have disappeared, at least for the past 10 minutes.
    My question: has anyone else had this problem and know how to fix the parallels shared networking settings?

    It could be a Windows problem that is interfering with your wireless. So try launch Windows in Parallel and remove the parallel shared wireless connection from within Windows instead of from the Mac side. Windows is doing weird things to my Mac too and install 2 parallel connections. So that maybe your culprit.

  • Sangean digital radio with wireless network music player

    Hi.  I have just purchased a Sangean digital internet radio with wireless network player.
    Can I link this to itunes on my 2010 Mac?
    Is there any way I can easily convert my Itunes library to windows media player to support this functionality?

    A couple of things that come to mind to check... Does the SBWM device connect to your wireless network when you turn it on? SBWM device on power up / init finishes with 2 solid green indicators. If it ends with 2 solid green then you can check the network assigned IP from the remote / system settings, make sure you're on the same subnet as your PC. If SBWM lights end up with solid blinking green the SBWM did not connect to the wireless network. If this is the case make sure your DSL modem has the radio turned on. Make sure the DSL modem has the 802.b protocol turned on. Do you use network security. The highest level security the SBWM will support is WEP 28, if your new DSL modem is set for WPA or higher the SBWM will not be able to connect to the network. If you were using WEP security on your old cable modem the key in the new DSL modem will need to be identical to what you had on your cable modem, or you'll have to do the SBWM network setup via USB to load the new WEP key to the SBWM device. Hope these suggestions are of use. W3

  • Impossible connecting with wireless network Netgear WNR 2000

    I can not log on to my wireless network (Netgear WNR 2000) with my macbook. My other PC:s work fine and connect always. My Macbook only connect after I have restarted the router. When I use my Macbook in other places I can connect with wireless network. What is the problem?

    I'm assuming that you're using the right network password!  After that, the most common causes of difficulty are:
    - The router not set up for DHCP and so cannot allocate an IP address to the MacBook
    - The router has "MAC" Address Authentication (a security feature - don't mistake MAC for Mac[intosh]) turned on and the AirPort MAC address isn't in the pass list.
    - The default "Automatic" location in System Preferences > Networks has been modified so that it no longer works.

  • Enter in my iphone with wireless network

    because of the serious problem for all Ubuntu owner, iphone 5 (in my case 5c) with iOs7 is unable.
    After trying a lot, I think for another alternative mode to syncronize my photos in iPhone with my Ubuntu pc.
    I'm at home and I use my wireless network... so is it possibile to recognize my iphone through my network as I did with my old Xperia?
    I saw it in the network and I entered in it through this method.

    There is no version of iTunes for any version of Linux, so you will get no native synchronization from your Ubuntu system to your iPhone. Some people have reported limited success running the Windows version under the WINE emulator, so you can look for assistance on a web site related to Ubuntu and perhaps be able to get things working.
    Otherwise, you may have to email your photos to yourself and pick them up on your computer. It's also possible that there would be a third-party app that could transfer your photos to your computer via WiFi or a cloud-based services, though I'm not aware of any. Perhaps someone else here will have a suggestion.

  • Can I access my itunes lib from another comp on my wireless network at home

    How can I access my itunes library from another computer in my home. The computers are on a wireless network. The computer that we have used as our main computer and that has our library on it is running Windows XP. The laptop that I want to use to access the library is running VISTA. ANy ideas?

    You can sign into the iTunes Store on it, but your library won't be automatically put onto it.

  • Help with wireless networking with my Photosmart 6525 on Mac 10.8.5

    I have just purchased an HP Photosmart 6525 and cannot get the wireless printing to work. I've followed all of the instructions provided online and printed with the device. 
    I'm attempting to connect from my Macbook Air running 10.8.5. I've successfully connected the printer to my wireless network - I just printed the wireless network test and it states "No problems found. Congratulations...". Gee thanks...
    I've taken the steps of enabling Wireless Direct, and Web Service, ePrint is on. By the way, all of these different options are totally unhelpful - I cannot determine which are actually required to just connect via wi-fi?
    I also downloaded and installed the latest driver software from HP. Going through the setup it reaches a point where it tells me to unplug USB (cannot go through it without it connected I learned) so it can configure wireless. Then it tells me it cannot find the device.
    I have no option to skip this and although I've run it several times I still don't see the "setup assistant" application that it supposedly installed. 
    I've seen elsewhere that there is supposed to be the ability to connect directly to the printer via browser, by typing in the IP address. I've verified that the IP address appears valid for my network (192.168.1....) but when I put it into Chrome it cannot find it. 
    My frustration level is rapidly rising as the documentation and online support for this product is incredibly disjointed and unhelpful. I've searched online for hours, including this forum. Would appreciate any pointers to more detailed help / instruction before I am forced to return this printer.

    Not sure this will ultimately help, but you should update your version from 14.0.0 to 14.1.2. If you can get to the update via Help> Updates... try using the Creative Cloud desktop application found here:
    You may already have it installed; it can be found in the Applications directory for a default install.

  • Bug in Kernel 2.6.38-x with wireless network?

    The  Wireless Network is can't  worked, When I update to Kernel 2.6.38(x64) .
    $ > lsmod |grep ath
    ath9k 85141 0
    mac80211 202190 1 ath9k
    ath9k_common 1885 1 ath9k
    ath9k_hw 275467 2 ath9k,ath9k_common
    ath 13942 2 ath9k,ath9k_hw
    cfg80211 141484 3 ath9k,mac80211,ath
    $ > lspci |grep Wireless
    05:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR9287 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)

    There are two updates for kernel 2.6.38:
    which version did you update to?
    I had a problem with the latest update: my computer got a total freeze after being on for just about twenty minutes tops. I'm not sure of what exactly triggered the freeze. I also use the x64 arch version. Everything stops working, None of the regular escape keys work and I think since I still didnt configure ACPI very well, power button wont shut my laptop down. I have to disconnect the battery to start again.
    Did anyone else have this problem? Is there anything I can do to test it and help someone correct the release?
    It is possible that it has something to do with the wireless module being used at the time, but I didn't have any wired connection to make the test.
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  • HP 175nw Problems with Wireless Network Connection - Mac OS X 10.8.3

    Please help!  
    I have an HP 175nw, from one day to the next it decided it was no longer going to connect to the wirless connection. 
    I run a Mac on 0S X 10.8.3. 
    I can't find the installation software (the whole software not just the driver) on the web and the CD is worthless b/c this is a Mac. 
    I installed the printer on my windows laptop and it works fine, it connected to the wireless network using the setting sets on my laptop, it now prints wireless no problem, but not with the Mac.   
    I have plugged the printer directly into the Mac but the Mac doesn't even seem to recognize it.  The printer shows up on my printer list but when I try to print or scan from it the Mac says the printer is offline.  
    I need this printer/scanner for work desperately,  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. 

    First, download and install this:
    Restart your Mac.
    Next, download and install this:
    What router are you using?
    Say thanks by clicking "Kudos" "thumbs up" in the post that helped you.
    I am employed by HP

  • Help with wireless network set up on 8820

    Can someone please give me some help before I pull the rest of my hair out!
    I am trying to connect my 8820 and also an 8110 to our home wireless network, each time I go through the set up procedure and find the network, put in the correct WEP key and then try and connect it gives me the following error messages on both phone "Device failed to associate with the AP." can some one please tell me where I am going wrong?
    I have changed the home network from WPA to WEP as there is no option for WPA in the settings.
    Help Please.
    Many thanks in advance

    I am unable to connect a 8820 on my network with same message noted by User: leomyles.  I am able connect my Bold 9000 without any difficulty.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I would not have thought there should be such a problem within 2 Blackberry models. 
    I too need help on resolving this issue. I would have chosen another model for my staff had I known such a problem existed.

  • Macbook Air has trouble connecting immediately with wireless network

    My Macbook Air seems takes a while to find the wireless network (but it does eventually find it). I get several "No Internet Connection" dialogue error boxes before the computer finally finds the network. How do I get rid of this and why is it doing it? My MacPro works just fine finding the wireless network.

    From your signature it seems you didn't upgrade to Snow Leopard. If not, that could solve your problem. I had exactly the same issue under Leopard, but upgrading to Snow Leopard solved it completely.

  • X201 running Windows 7 Home Premium problem with wireless network adaptor

    my x201 shows that my wireless is on and my wireless network is available. it keeps trying to connect but is not able to hold a connection (continuously trying and failing). i'm on windows 7, 32 bit, home premium. i downloaded the latest update for the intel wireless today but it's still not working. any ideas? 

    1) This could be a software problem, so try to uninstall the Wireless card software, and reinstall.
    2) If that fails, then try to do an OS reinstall.
    3) If OS reinstall fails, then it is a hardware problem, which most likely you need it replaced (if you are under warranty, then call the warranty support, if not then you can source a Lenovo branded wireless card for your machine).
    Jin Li
    May this year, be the year of 'DO'!
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  • Help me with wireless network

    i have
    HP Notebook - 15-r118ne
    i installed Windows 8.1 Professional
    And i have installed all Drivers and Wireless Button Driver Too
    but some time turn my lap on
    my wireless button light is on but the wireless seems to be off and no networks found
    i have to restart my laptop so can i see networks and i can connect
    what's this i need a solution if u plz

    @WebCracKer ,
    Hello and thank you for posting on the HP support forums.  When you loaded Windows 8.1.  Did you get your drivers from the official HP support page for your system.
    HP Notebook - 15-r118ne - Software and Drivers
    If you did here is a link for trouble shooting wireless.
    HP PCs - Troubleshooting Wireless Network and Internet (Windows 8)
    if you are still having issue please contact HP phone support for repair options.
    Please call our technical support at 800-474-6836. If you live outside the US/Canada Region, please click the link below to get the support number for your region.
    Thank you again and have a great day.
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  • T520 problem with Wireless Network Connection Adaptors

    I was in Windows 7 Device Manager's Network Connections trying to fix a minor WIFI problem by uninstalling the drivers and then scanning for hardware changes to reinstall them. I uninstalled a driver that the scan didn't pick up to reinstall, and I didn't write down its name. Now the WIFI does not work at all. I've updated the two drivers left in Network Adapters:
    Intel 82579LM Gigabit  Network Connection for my ethernet
    Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300 AGN for my WIFI
    Does anyone know the name of the wireless driver I uninstalled? Does the 520 require two wireless network adaptor drivers? Can't seem to find info on it anywhere!
    What I've done:
    I ran Intel's PROSet/Wireless WiFi Connection Utility diagnostic tools. The hardware test fails saying "Wireles Hardware is not boudn to transport driver". The Driver Test passed saying "Driver is loaded. Netwsw00 Version: The Radio Test failed saying "Failure geting network radio status!". After that the Scant Test, Asociation Test, Authentificaiton Test, Siganl Test and Ping Test all failed.
    Installed every 64 bit LAN wireless network adaptor driver I could find in the T520 section of Lenovo's site
    Any assistance appreciated. I'm a bit of a noob.
    T520 4239 CTO
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

    Here is the list.
    Try scan for new devices in Device manager otherwise you likely have to reinstall the package again.
    T520 Model 4239 Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2860QM CPU @ 2.50GHz
    Intel Sandy Bridge & Nvidia NVS 4200M graphics Intel N 6300 Wi-Fi adapter
    Windows 7 Home Prem - 64bit w/8GB DDR3
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  • Has anyone had a problem with iphone 4Gs interfering with wireless routers on a desktop system?

      I'm currently having a problem with my iphone 4Gs shutting down my wireless router when it's within ten or fifteen feet of the unit.  I discovered this over the last few days thinking it was a problem with the router, it wasn't till today I realized that it might have been the iphone doing it.  It will scramble the router (at&t) within a few minutes of when you have the iphone on.  Turning off the iphone will allow the router to work again.
      I don't have the problem if I'm 25-30 feet or more away from it.
      It's an odd thing, a puzzle that neither apple or at&t has posted any info on the situation, particularly apple since these smart phones are the latest technology.

    Hi AKE1919,
    Welcome to the Support Communities!
    The following information should help you with this:
    How to report an issue with your iTunes Store, App Store, Mac App Store, or iBookstore purchase

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