Itunes and Airport Express

Network is set up (using brand new Airport Extreme). Works great. Computer/Itunes recognizes (brand new) airport express. Music does not play. No ONE at MAC using the service I PAY FOR can help me.
Frustrated to say the least......

Sounds like a network issue for sure.
I can recall having the same issue a long time ago. I don't think any 1 thing solved my problem, at this point i just know it went away. Removing anything related to your wireless config may be a place to start. Like trash the AirPort pref file, etc, "Start Over" with the whole networking aspect of it. Ensure all the latest firmware is in place on both sides. Make sure the latest iTunes is installed and that all security patches are in.
The evidence so far really does point to a network issue. Try attacking this from the standpoint that something there is broken, and you may solve the problem.
I too, am out of ideas at this point.

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  • Accessing XMRadio through Itunes and Airport Express

    I would like to play my XMRadio subscription through my Airport Express to my stereo. Has anyone done that?

    does anyone know if it is possible to stream my
    customised radio station through itunes and therefore
    be able to use airpost express to listen to the music
    through my hifi?
    i used to have an apple ibook and i know there is mac
    software to enable you do do this, but is anything
    available for windows?
    Currently I am unaware of any Windows software which is similar to Airfoil (the Mac software).

  • Error between iTunes and AirPort Express

    I have an AirPort Express, which has provoked a little here lately. Now it turns out that I can stream music from my Ipod to the AirPort Express without problems.
    When I try to stream from my mac and select the "Airport Express" to play music only in the speakers on my mac. I havenot had any problems streaming ITunes.
    How do I fix this error? Could it be a bug in the new iTunes (when I have just update this)?

    FWIW, try this:
    jonjon5 wrote:
    I had the same problem. Looks like Apple have changed to IPv6 addressing with iTunes 10.4 for Airplay devices. I run Apple Airport Extreme as my main WiFi router abd then Bridge off that with Apples Airport Express and also have an Apple TV.
    I changed the setting for my Apple Airport Extreme to "Host" Mode under IPv6 tab in Airport Utility.
    All seems to work for now.

  • ITunes and Airport Express Problem

    I try to switch my iTunes audio output from computer to my stereo speakers 'My Room'. I receive a message saying: The remote speaker 'My Room' is not compatible with this version of iTunes.
    As I understand this message, iTunes does not like either a) the setings of AX or B) AX at all.
    I have updated my iTunes to version 7.0.1.
    Any ideas?
    Power Book G4   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

    That's strange because my Airtunes works flawlessly with my Macmini amd iTunes 7. Have you updated th Airport software to the most recent availiable? That could cause problems. (To update, go to Applications, Utilities, Airport Admin Utility. And Click configure.
    If I have helped or solved your problem, please select "Helpful" or "Solved" on this post.

  • Apple TV doesn't show up in iTunes when AirPort Express is running at the same time - Can't play music on both Apple TV and AirPort Express speakers together

    Hi there!
    I am trying to play music from my Mac on multiple speakers, Apple TV and AirPort Express. But as soon as the AirPort Express station is plugged in, the Apple TV does not show up in iTunes anymore. When trying the same using iPhones Remote app it works perfectly.
    Does anyone of you have an idea why iTunes does not show me both Apple TV AND AirPort Express? (it has nothing to to with the IP adress as the adresses are different).
    Thanks for any help!

    As my english isn't too good I made a screenshot to show you what I mean.
    As you can see in the image below iTunes only shows me the computer speakers and the AirPort Express. But at the bottom you can see that iTunes actually recognized 3 different speaker (Mac, AirPort, Apple TV 2). Why does the Apple TV not show up in the multiple speakers window? Any ideas?

  • Can you share iTunes music w/Apple TV and Airport Express?

    Can you share iTunes music between Apple TV and Airport Express?
    I have been very happily using 2 Airport expresses to share my itunes library from my iMac to 2 other rooms. I just bought an Apple TV for the bedroom (and I ASSUMED to replace the Airport Express), and can not figure out any possible way to have the same music in 3 rooms any more.
    Anybody have any ideas?

    I think you may have misunderstood the OP, I believe they wish to be able to walk from room to room and listen to the same music over the tv and the express. itunes will send music to the tv and the express at the same time but in two different streams, so even if you chose the same music over each device it would be quite difficult to sync.

  • Wireless modem and Airport Express.. one at a time

    Recently my internet provider upgraded my old plug in modem to a newer wireless model. Now it seems that the current setting allow communication with only one or the other at the same time. If I want to be online with the wireless modem and send my iTunes music via Airport Express to my sound system, no dice. I have to either click on the modem up in the Airport choices to be online and listen to iTunes through the computer speakers, or go offline to listen to music through the sound system and Airport Express.
    I'm sure I'm just missing something in preferences or settings somewhere.
    Can someone point me in the right direction?
    Thanks, and Happy New Year!

    No ideas?

  • Connecting wireless modem and airport express

    I currently run internet with an old Motoirola Sideboard cable modem and Airport Express - previous version. All runs well. Now my Optus provider has upgraded my service with a Premium account for higher speed. They have also given me a free wi fi Cisco modem - DPQ3925. How can I replace my old Motorola modem and still maintain Air play etc with my new modem using Airport Express. I need to know exactly wire per wire help - please, if possible - Thanks

    Hi - I have a similar issue.
    I have a new macbook pro, ATV (3rd Gen) and AXn (purely for Airplay of itunes).
    All three are wirelessly connected to my HG556a Huawei WiFi Router.
    The Macbook pro and ATV work fine and can see each other for airplay mirroring and itunes.
    The AX connects and comes up in Airport Utility (AU) and itunes shortly after you turn it on, but if you either dont use it or stop using it and switch to ATV or whatever it dissapears from itunes and AU says it cant find it. Randomly the light on the AX stays green the whole time.
    I have to switch the AX off and on to get it back working again (i.e. itunes and AU can see it).
    Following other forum posts I've set the AX up by hard connecting it to my router, setting a static iP and reserving ports 5353 and 3689 to that address. I've also turned off ipv6 or whatever using the networksettings Terminal code string. I have also repaired permissions with disk utility!
    It still dissapears from available options in iTunes and AU. ideas?

  • Lost ability to stream iTunes with airport express

    I have a mid 2007 iMac using a Time Capsule for backup and Wifi and an airport express hooked up to my house audio system for airplay.
    Just upgraded to Mountain Lion and lost the ability to stream iTunes to my audio system. External speaker icon and controls are still there in itunes however when I select it, it wont connect. Airport utility shows the iMac, Time Capsule, and Airport Express with green lights. Checked for software updates and rebooted all three devices to no avail.
    Any ideas experts?

    Hi, I've already answer you on another thread but there's a serious issue with at least our old machines:
    auto-quote mode:
    I have the same problem
    I noticed that mountain lion drop wifi speed when using airplay or time capsule features, and these features are now unusable... Haven't find a solution yet

  • AirMac Extreme and Airport Express not working with Netgear N Router?

    I've been using an AirMac Extreme (old model) as a wireless router, and Airport Express for it's airtunes functionality (conected to my Hi-Fi).
    These used to work fine, and both would show up in my Airport Utility on my Macs.
    I've now just upgraded to a 50MG broadband contract, and the engineer gave me a Network router as my old AirMac Extreme couldn't handle that bandwidth.
    When I connected my AirMac Extreme to my Netgear router I then got conflicts, sometimes it wouldn't show up, and it really slowed down my wireless signal. As a result the contractor for my broadband recommended I disconnect my Air Mac Extreme from the router. Speeds went up for the internet, but now I can't get my airtunes to work.
    What I want to know is can I just use my Netgear to transmit the broadband signal so I get maximum internet speeds, but then have my AirMac Extreme and Airport Express connected so that I can still listen to my itunes wirelessly?
    Ideally I'd like this to all be set up so that I could be conected to the internet through the Netgear wirelessly and listen to my itunes through the Airport Express at the same time.
    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    I am sorry that I don't have a definitive answer but I also have Windows computers and I have "inherited" some older Apple devices from my son and am trying to learn about them so in addition to searching this group,  I "Googled" "1st generation airport express" and it listed many specific posts in this group - I read them all and they might answer your question - good luck

  • Apple tv3 and airport express

    I don't know...... a way to send the music from Apple TV3 to an airport express?!
    Thanks for help!

    Both Apple TV and Airport Express are pulling the music from iTunes.
    Your question is a bit unclear.....are you trying to stream an online station from AppleTV over to Airport express so you can use the analog audio output on airport express?
    We posted Apple TV tips at the bottom of the page located at this link:

  • Question about Time Capsule and Airport Express co-existence

    I have a new 3TB ME182LL/A Time Capsule attached to my wired home LAN, in bridge mode.  It works fine both as an access point on the upper floors of my home and as a Time Machine device. I also have an Airport Express, whose function in my network is solely to control my whole-house audio system from ITunes. I don't need, want, or use the wireless networking features of the Airport Express. I just have an audio cable running from it to my stereo, and an Ethernet patch cable connects it to my wired LAN.  The network mode in the Airport Express is set to "off".  Historically, the Airport Express has worked fine in this wired lan mode.  However, I unplugged it at some point while having some initial trouble deploying the new Time Capsule and only turned it back on today.  After turning it back on I observed something strange. My speedy wireless connection upstairs via the Time Capsule became slow. And when I launched Airport Utility, it drew a network diagram which showed my Time Capsule as a CLIENT of the Airport Express. In other words, the network diagram showed Internet at the top, then a vertical line down the the Airport Express, then the Time Capsule below that.  The correct / desired diagram would be the Time Capsule and Airport express as peers.  I connected to the Airport Express and verified that network mode was set to "off" but the incorrect network diagram persisted (as did poor wireless performance) until I unplugged the Airport Express.  After I did that, the Airport Utility drew the network correctly, although of course it showed a yellow caution sign next to the Airport Express, since it was down. And my wireless speed / reliability returned to normal. What is going on here?

    The automatic setup in the airport utility has changed something.
    Is the line down to the TC from the express dotted.. in other words is wireless??
    Funny stuff happens.
    Please post the screenshots of the 3 pages from the airport utility setup for both airport express and TC..
    Make sure wireless is set to off in the express.
    Both should be set to dhcp on the internet tab and both set to off bridge mode on the network tab.
    So for example the bridge on the network tab.
    The summary page can also be a help.
    There is a half summary page when you click the item in the airport utility.
    There is also a fully summary page, when you hold option key and double click the TC icon for example.

  • TIme Capsule 2TB and Airport Express Base Station

    just received a new mac book pro, time capsule and airport express. I already had a older imac (Early 2008).
    my goal is to connect everything in a wifi at the highest possible speed. The airport express servers also as a itunes connection to my stereo.
    I followed basic instruction, all is working except that I can't have the speed a 5GHz (I verify the speed by holding the alt key and clicking on the wireless icon in the menubar) I have n but at 2.4GHz.
    what are the correct settings for this. I noticed that if I do not have the possibility to set radio modus to n 5GHz only. the version of airport configuration program that came with the time capsule is 5.5 and the time capsule is on 7.5 the airport express on 7.4.2.
    thanks for helping on this.
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    This looks like you held down the "option" key while you clicked on the Airport icon at the top of your screen.
    You were asking about different Radio Modes for the Time Capsule
    Open AirPort Utility - Click Manual Setup
    Click the Wireless tab located just below the row of icons
    Now you will see the wireless settings.
    Hold down the option key when you click on the Radio Mode selection box to see more choices.

  • Airport Extreme and Airport Express conflict and failure

    I spent 2.5 hours on the phone with Apple and still could not get my Airport Extreme and Airport Express to function. My Apple TV failed as well:
    * Connected AEX through Airport Utility to internet. Airport Utility replaced my old configuration on my LinkSystem router. Green light.
    * Checked Apple TV. No connection available. Unplugged cable modem, waited 1 minute and tried again. Apple TV connected. No problem.
    * Flashing amber light on Airport Express for Airtunes. Does not show up in wireless device list. I call Apple.
    * Reset Express. Still no signal. Connect via Ethernet cable. Reconfigure. Green Light. Music works.
    * Check internet connection, in order. Apple TV fails. No connection to server.
    * Apple TV reset. No connection. No wireless network found.
    * Reset Airport Express. Reconfigure channel specifications. No connection with ATV or Airport Express.
    * Disconnect Airport Express. Reconfigure. With ATV disconnected I get Airport Express back. Green light but this time no music. Remote speakers appear on itunes, but no music is transmitted.
    * Did a total wireless reset on Extreme, and now both Express and ATV are not working.
    Frustrated and dissapointed I disconnected everything put back my 5 year old Linksys router and within 15 seconds both ATV and Airport Express worked flawlessly.
    How can this happen? What is wrong with this device? It is my second one in a week. The first one made no wireless connection to my Mac at all.
    After sulking for hours I tried again, this time leaving the Express out of the equation and reconfiguring the ATV to take over airtunes. After a reset it did fine. Now I have a pure n signal running at 5hz. ATV works again. So does internet.
    Any suggestions? Is there something I did not try?
    I tried the Firewall trick, the accept all incoming connections trick, the disabling of the iv6 trick, the join a wireless connection trick, and everything else Apple Care could think of.

    Maybe I was not clear enough on my post and configurations,
    I had a Linksys before I purchased the airport extreme. My airport express joined the Linksys network for the purpose of airtunes. This worked flawlessly from day one.
    Airport Extreme asked in the utility to take over an existing network or replace a router. If you chose this option it adopts all passwords, wpa/2 configurations for security and such.
    I chose this option thinking that since it is an apple product it would take over everything and work. My airport express had origianlly been set to join my old Linksys network. Since the airport extreme took over this configuration it should work.
    Apple stated many times that there seemed to be a conflict and kept asking me about the placement of my airport extreme.
    My Linksys was never part of a bridge or a network within a network. It was removed before the Extreme was ever turned on.
    After all the problems and hours of trying with Apple, i find it funny that all I had to do to restore eveything was plug my old Linksys back in and conect all the cables, and worked.
    So what is wrong with the airport extreme, or is there something wrong with itunes 8 and its interface with the express? For whatever reason the extreme cannot make the express and my ATV work at the same time.

  • If i have a home full of Apple TV's and Airport Express' can i  airplay music in every room at the same time?

    If i have a home full of Apple TV's and Airport Express' can i  airplay music in every room at the same time?
    Or just one device(room) at a time?
    It seems there is a lot of home theater systems where they all hook up to one "control" and then disperse to the different locations per instructions..
    Is this possible with all apple products?

    From iTunes using Multiple Speakers (you can control with the Remote app on iPhone/iPad too), but not from AppleTV itself.

Maybe you are looking for