ITunes can't sync photos to iPhoto

in iTunes 10.6 / Apps tab / File Sharing, when I add my photos to iPhoto on iPad2, they are transfered, but when I start iPhoto, there is no transfered pictures at all.
Bug, or I'm missing something.

I have a similar problem. Updated to iPad 2 to iOS 5.1 and Mac to iTunes 10.6 today. Now the app file sharing (i.e., file transfer) in iTunes does not transfer files for any apps. Restarting, reconnecting do not improve the situation.

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  • ITunes can't sync photos from my iPhoto after update

    Hello, after update my iTunes can't sync my photos from my iPhoto. I'm with Mavericks and iTunes 11.0.5. Thank you and have a nice day

    I'm having the same issue with iTunes no lonter allowing me the option of syncing my iPhoto pics to my phone.  iPhoto is not offering me an update, though.  Any other suggestions?

  • ITunes can't see photos in iPhoto albums

    Hi everybody,
    I've just got my iPad yesterday and I'm loving it.
    Alas, I can't seem to sync my iPhoto albums. They display in iTunes correctly, they all have photos in (in iPhoto) but when I select them to sync across, it states that there are zero photos in the albums.
    Its also the same thing with my iPhone as well. I've the 3G model and can't sync photos to that either.
    Any ideas?
    I've already tried deleting the iPod cache within the iPhoto folder in the hope that it would rebuild itself.
    I've also tried creating a new album, and put photos in, but iTunes can't even see this, despite restarting my computer.
    It seems that iTunes is displaying the albums, but not seeing the photos at all.
    If anybody could help, that would be fantastic.
    PS... I'm running a new 15" MacBook Pro, with Snow Leopard, latest version of iLife, with everything clean after a full new reinstall last week.

    What is the format of the photos?

  • Can't Sync Photos from iPhoto

    Since I got my iPod last December, I have not been able to sync photos from iPhoto 4.0.3. When I select iPhoto in the Photos preferences of my iPod, none of my albums show up and when I try to update it, I get a message: "An unknown error occurred (-50)."
    It's not a serious problem because I can still get my photos on there by selecting my iPhoto library folder as a source, but I would like to have access to my photo albums from the iPod.

    Anyone? Please??

  • Since the most recent iPhoto upgrade, I can't sync photos from iPhoto to my iPhone or iPad. This is so frustrating! whereas previously all I had to do was put 'sync' as a keyword,

    Why can I no longer export photos from iPhoto to my iPhone and iPad? Previously, when I used 'sync' as a keyword for a photo, it automatically exported to the other devices when they were synced with computer. This no longer happens so I don't know how to get photos from the computer onto my iPhone & iPad. Can anyone help as it's most annoying. So often updating software has really negative side-effects such as this.

    I add the keyword 'sync' to any photos I want added to the iPhone/iPad.
    Then, during the regular process of syncing the iPhone/iPad with my computer (mac), the photos with that keyword would be copied onto the iPhone, iPad.
    I've been doing it this way ever since I was shown how to; ie after I got my iPhone 2 years ago. And every time the process worked - until the last few weeks. Suddenly it doesn't do it any more.
    I believe I have upgraded software (either iTunes or iPhoto or both) during this period. I try to keep my software updated but have noticed previously that the new version often is disappointing.
    I've not tended to use Smart albums much.

  • ITunes can't sync photo to both 160GB iPod Classic and 16GB iPhone 3g?

    I had the Classic for some time, and never had a problem sync'ing photos.
    Then I added an iPhone, and I received the infamous "insufficient permissions" sync error.
    Per unwritten SOP, I deleted the "iPod Photo Cache" folder from the *iPhoto Library* package, then re-sync'ed the iPhone. Miraculously, the photos were re-"optimized," and now on the iPhone.
    Then re-sync'ing the iPod yields the "file cannot be found" sync error. One which cannot be solved by repairing permissions, reinstalling iTunes, or restoring the iPod.
    So I can only remove photos sync from the iPod, and enjoy them only on my iPhone.
    Apparently, only one (set of) file(s) is created in the optimization process, a file (set) that is device-specific.
    Thank you for the new bug (reported), Apple. You're really on a roll with them lately.

    Well, I guess I fixed it by taking off enough music for it to let me add the photo then putting the music back on. :\

  • Itunes can't sync photos

    I have an iPhone 6 with iOS 8.3 and an iMac running itunes ver 12.1.27 and photos (not iPhotos). Ever since I replaced iPhotos with photos, I get the message "iTunes cannot sync photos to the iPhone “xxxxxx’s iPhone” because your iPhoto Library could not be found. Open iPhoto to create or update your iPhoto Library." when I try to sync the phone. Since I no longer have iphoto, this seems like an impossible request from itunes.

    You will need to go into iTunes to re-tell it to sync with Photos. With the iPhone connected, go to your phone in iTunes and select Photos. Check the checkbox to sync all (or whatever subset you had before).
    Drawback: It will do a full re-sync when you apply the settings.

  • Itunes can't sync photo error -50

    after upgrading itunes and iphoneS (5 and 4) and ipad 2 to new ios 7.1 i cam't sync photos to all of that devices....i have this error
    11/03/14 21:44:53,039 MDCrashReportTool[363]: 363:17305600|CrashReportCopierAFC.m:-[CrashReportCopierAFC copyAndProcessRemotePath:usingConnection:]| ERROR: Could not remove remote path at ./DiagnosticLogs/security.log.20140311T162320Z
    i already try to delete that file but this error still exist.
    anyone can help me?
    i hav already contact apple support but they don't give me a solutions yet

    where is apple support??no answer to this problem?i contact apple support in these days and they have still no answer yet!they make me do the same things that i made the last and previous time.they don't tell me if it's possible to recreat that error, they told me nothing, i gave them log, test and anything thay aske me!!
    they told me that the engineers are analyzing the problem, they repeat this for a month! they told me the same thinks about a bug that i open 2 years ago and it's still presen

  • Can't sync photo from iPhoto to apple tv

    I used to be able to select photos from iPhoto via iTunes to play on my tv with my Apple TV Generation #1.  Now it doesn't work anymore.

    I'm having this too, its doing my head in - I thought Apple was renowned for being stable and simplistic to get on with, appears itunes has just lost the ability to find photo's when i select 'select photo's to share'.. i just get a spinning thing while it thinks forever and it never actually finda anything to enable me to select.
    I tried a few solutions and one time it did find my aperture library (Although I wanted my iphoto library but this wasn't selectable) and when I selected it it said there were no photo's!? (I have about 3000 photo's in my iphoto library which is merged with Aperture)
    This used to 'just' work, but appears since updating to Mavericks (Just a guess) this feature has either been disabled or there's a bug.
    Apple Heeellllp!

  • Can't sync "Photos from iPhoto selected albums"

    I used to be able to see all my iPhoto albums through the iTunes sync to get them on my iPhone. Now I can't see them and that option seems not to be available. I'd really like to just be able to sync some albums but not all and this way I can make a nice composite album of puppy pictures to load onto my iPhone. Any suggestions. I tried rebuilding my iPhoto library but that didn't help.

    Well, i have the latest version of itunes installed and I think it's only about a week or two old so it actually has been reinstalled recently. I also just noticed that the option isn't available to sync albums to my appleTV either. This is annoying.

  • Can you sync photo editing from iPhone to Mac

    I synced some iPhoto events from my Mac to the new iPhoto app on my iPhone. Then I edited some pictures, red-eye removal and warm/cool balance. Is there a way that the changes to my photo can be copied to iPhoto on my Mac because it doesn't seem to work automatically through syncing.

    Connect your iPhone with the cable.
    In iTunes, select your phone under Devices and go to the Photos tab on the right.
    There you can say "Sync photos from iPhoto" and also select which events you want to sync.
    So the photo's sync. But what does NOT sync, is the editing of photo's on your phone, such as red-eye removal.

  • Can 2 Macs sync photos in iPhoto Library?

    Hi everyone,
    I have 2 Macs (iMac and MacBook both got 10.5.6 and iPhoto 09)
    and I'm just wondering if I can sync photos in iPhotos on both Macs.
    What I want to do is I just transfer photos from my camera to only one Mac
    and then somehow 2 Macs have same photos.
    Normally 2 Macs are connected wirelessly night time,
    so somehow they can sync iPhoto Library automatically.
    Like syncing contacts between iPhone and Mac...
    Is there any way? or I'm just lazy...
    Thank you,

    Since I recently purchased an iMac to go along with my MacBook Pro, I am now having this same dilemma. So far, the options seem to be cloud based syncs, local syncs, and local sharing.
    Right away, local sharing is out for me since I want both computer to effectively be duplicates of one-another. In other words, I want my transition from working on one computer to the next to be nearly transparent.
    For local sync, I am trying out ChronoSync as I have constantly heard it recommended, but there seems to be a major issue. When you open and close an iPhoto library, regardless of whether you change any content, it changes the modification date. Thus, if I were to load new pics on my MacBook, then open my iMac iPhoto and realize they weren't there, then sync (assuming a bi-directional sync setup), I would actually overwrite the MacBook because the package file on the iMac shows as newer. Bam, data lost. These package files Apple loves to use sure look elegant, but are causing problems all over the syncing world. Luckily, if you have Time Machine running, you can at least experiment with all of this with a relative degree of safety. The other nit-picky downside to local sync is that you have to establish a connection between the two computers to sync, meaning they both need to be on, and at least one needs file sharing active, which is a security concern.
    The next option seems to be cloud-based sync. Dropbox is popular, but 2GB doesn't come close to my needs and when you start to get into the pay-for service, the capabilities look less impressive. Currently I am trying SugarSync. SugarSync looks like the end-all, be-all of sync/back-up, until you read the known issues. Again, the package files used for things like iPhoto (and other great apps like LicenseKeeper, 1Password, etc) are not supported. I am guessing it is for similar reasons--i.e. no ability to resolve which package is really the newest, regardless of the modification date. As a side-note, I find it a bit irritating that these companies advertise as if all these capabilities work, and worse, charge for a service that is incomplete. What Mac user doesn't want to at least sync iTunes and iPhoto? That's why we buy these softwares, after all. Anyway, I digress.
    There is always iDisk too, if you are willing to pay for MobileMe. Thus far I am not really impressed with the performance of iDisk and everything I read suggests that iDisk's performance really takes a dive when working with--you guessed it--package files. Apple's left hand is clearly not talking to their right.
    Notably, when setting up my new iMac, I was able to just copy over the whole iTunes and iPhoto library and they work just fine on the new mac. Thus, I think local sync at least has more promise right now (since most cloud-based syncs are based on incremental change for bandwidth purposes).
    This all begs the question--with Time Machine's phenomenal success, why not expand that service into a backup/sync capable program. It makes total sense--time machine backs up every few minutes and is accessible via things like AirPort Extreme, or a host of the newer NASs that support TimeMachine. Moreover, TimeMachine supports all of Apples file conventions and is a language any Mac with Leopard forward understands. In other words, it would be great to have a single TimeMachine that worked for both my computers, keeping each one backed up and in sync, without the need to have two instantiations of TimeMachine. I realize this is not perfect, as many people keep different software setups or amounts of data on different computers, but nonetheless, I think that would be a killer upgrade that would move even more people into the Mac arena, or move more people with one Mac to invest in two. But, that's just my 2¢.

  • Can no longer sync photos from iPhoto to my iPad or iPhone

    I can no longer sync from iTunes to my iPad or iPhone if I want to sync photos from iPhoto.  I keep getting the following error:
    "The iPad "XXXXXXXXXX" cannot be synced because it cannot be read from or written to."
    If I choose not to sync photos everthing works fine.

    I had a similar problem only neither my iPad nor my iPhone would sync and I was getting error 1106.
    I looked it up and it said delete the iphoto cache, which I did and I also turned of syncing photos.
    Now when I turn on SYNC PHOTOS FROM, the choice of Select albums........ is greyed out and cannot be clicked.
    I don't want to sync my entire set of photos.

  • ITunes not syncing photos from iPhoto

    "Unkown error" messages are becoming usual for iPod users that we are ignoring them because our iPods are syncing fine anyway. Except for error message -208, the new kid on the block! This error message only pops when trying to sync photos from iPhoto (6.0.5 the latest! Syncing photos from any other folder or not syncing photos at all, does not cause any problem. The syncing never has given me this problem (and I have been syncing iPods with pics for a long time!)
    How does Apple answer to this problem? Don't blame the iTunes software, because this is definitively a joint problem you guys have with your software not talking to one another.
    I have rebuilt everything that can be rebuilt in iPhoto (thumbnails, library), I have downloaded and installed all the latest updates. Reset and restored the iPod... done! Reinstall iTunes, check!
    I have posted messages at the iTunes/iPod forum and... no response! Hope the Apple staff is more friendly here... or at least one of the seasoned users...

    You may have figured it out by now. None of the resetting of the iPod or the rebuilding of the iPhoto library (command+option) or permission rebuilding works to solve a -208 error when the error refers to an iPhoto library sync with iTunes. Supposedly, this error occurs with corrupt AIFF files as well. This error will occur on different iPods which try to sync to the same iPhoto library. The iPhoto library is definitely corrupted. Mine was due to a sudden power loss.
    NOTE: I do not "Copy files to iPhoto Library folder when adding to library" under Advanced iPhoto preferences, so that my photos don't have a chance of getting messed up (like error -208s). If you do, the steps below may be different for you. Always a good idea to back up your photos.
    Here is how I fixed it. All the steps may not be necessary. Go to /pictures directory under your user (or wherever your iPhoto library is located), and rename the "iPhoto Library" or whatever you called it to something else, like "iPhoto Library 2". Open iPhoto, and it can't find the library, and asks if you want to find it or create a new one. Tell it to create a new one, and put at least a picture in the library. Sync with iPod, which should work without error and put the picture on your iPod. Close iTunes. Close iPhoto. Now, to save all your pictures (thumbnails) already in the iPhoto library, copy everything BUT "iPod Photo Cache" folder, which seems to be the culprit, from the "iPhoto Library 2" folder into the "iPhoto Library" folder. Open iPhoto, and all your pictures should now be in the library. Open iTunes and sync iPod, and all your pictures should sync out without error.
      Mac OS X (10.4.8)   5G iPod 30GB (with video)

  • Can't sync photos since I upgraded to iPhoto 2009

    It's not a huge deal, but I can't sync photos to my iPod. This seemed to start happening since I upgraded to iPhoto 2009. Anyone else seeing this?

    There is no plus on the Groups view page, but if you are on the contact list page the plus should be at the bottom, right side of the all contacts page. Not there?

Maybe you are looking for

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