"itunes could not copy song to the ipod because the file could not be converted."

Hello.  I'm using iTunes 10.6 and trying to sync an iPod Classic 120GB with Mac OS X 10.6.8.  I keep getting the error "itunes could not copy 3 songs to the ipod because the file could not be converted."   All three songs are AAC, 256kbps. I didn't have this problem with these songs a couple days ago until I decided to convert all 256kbps songs to 128kbps to fit on my 120Gb iPod.  iTunes, nor my iPod haven't updated during this time.  Any suggestions?

This problem does seem pretty random, affecting just a small number of tracks. Apparently it is due to some file corruption or something... Anyway, this thread https://discussions.apple.com/thread/2654317?start=15&tstart=0 has a couple of solutions spelled out. Basically the same thing that a-monk-at-large suggested above. (Delete and redownload the offending tracks.)

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