Itunes doesnt recognise my iphone 3gs after IOS5 update

Itunes will not active my iPhone 3GS, all this since updated to IOS5, had to restore factory settings and tried re-installing itunes but still doesn't locate the phone

When did you upgrade to 4.1? 4.1 is no longer signed by Apple. It's no longer possible to (legitimately) install 4.1.

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  • Itunes doesnt recognize my iphone 3gs after i upgraded to ios4.1

    itunes doesnt recognize my iphone 3gs after i upgraded to ios4.1

    When did you upgrade to 4.1? 4.1 is no longer signed by Apple. It's no longer possible to (legitimately) install 4.1.

  • Itunes isnt recognising my iphone 4 after i restored my phone and updated it to ios7 on windows, but the computer recognises it...please help ppl..m done with all the recomendations given by apple

    itunes isnt recognising my iphone 4 after i restored my phone and updated it to ios7 on windows, but the computer recognises it...please help ppl..m done with all the recomendations given by apple

    if require the new itunes11.1.X
    if you already have that and it's windows then uninstall itunes
    use regEdit you can type that in run or the likes and search and delete all hits you get on itunes
    then reboot windows and install itunes again

  • Itunes isnt recognising my iphone 4 after i restored my phone and updated it to ios7 on windows, but the computer recognises it...please help

    itunes isnt recognising my iphone 4 after i restored my phone and updated it to ios7 on windows, but the computer recognises it...please help ppl

    Make sure you have the Latest Version of iTunes Installed on your computer ( v 11.1)
    iTunes free download from

  • My iTunes doesnt recognise my iPhone 4, on my Mac. I have a PowerPC running 10.5.8. How do i get around this?

    My iTunes doesnt recognise my iPhone 4, on my Mac. I have a PowerPC running 10.5.8. How do i get around this? I have tried lots of forums, they tell you the same things, re-install iTunes, the latest version! Sadly, this doesnt work on my 'OLD' Mac. Help please, as i do NOT want to be buying an updated Mac at this time!!!

    Hey, Buzz.
    You can download the latest version of iTunes supported on Leopard here:
    I hope that helps.

  • TS1567 I cannot activate my iphone 3gs after I updated to ios 6.

    I cannot activate my iphone 3gs after i updated to ios 6.0.1 and all it shows when i start the phone is connect to itunes. I have tried
    several time to get it back as normal but its the same all the time. Can someone please help...

    The typical cause is that the device has been hacked or jailbroken.

  • Have 18g of other on 3gs after ios5 update. what is this and how do you get rid of it?

    have 18g of other on 3gs after ios5 update. what is this and how do you get rid of it?

    \Based on other forum users' posts, it seems like all you need to do is Restore the phone from your latest backup, and that should "refresh" your phone's appraisal of its data storage.

  • Iphone 3gs with ios5 update. bluetooth connection with car problem.

    I updated my iphone 3GS to IOS5. After the update, the bluetooth (handsfree) connection to my car (Lexus RX350) does not work anymore. I can connect  any other cell phone bluetooth to my car. Only iphone after the IOS5 update is failing. Any suggestions (I reset many times)?

    Some people havent had one problem when updating to iOS4, others have been over run with problems. I myself have lost virtually all sound from my loud speaker so calls, txt messages and ipod are virtually unheard now..
    Went to my local Genius bar in Liverpool today, complete waste of time, the guy restored it like I hadnt already done that a 100 times, then said oh yeah it is qeit not heard of that one before, to get a new one will cost you £139!!
    Yeah right mate, not payin that as its not my fault! did ask him if he ever looks on the Apple forum about faults people are having, and I got a blank look. Told him a thread with tens of thousands people all having the same problem with low sound from the speakers and calls being ended in mid conversation since updating to OS4 seems a bit strange then... another blank look!
    Ive lost all faith with apple as a company now and will not be upgrading to a iPhone 4 anytime soon or any apple product, no one seems interested in helping but quick enough to take your money, thats my opinion anyway..

  • Email issues on iPhone 3GS after OS4 update

    I updated my firmware to OS4 yesterday, and my email has been on the blink since then.
    Basically, whenever I check my email, I get stuck on the "Connecting..." display forever. The phone never checks my mailboxes, it's just eternally "Connecting..."
    The only way I've gotten around this is by turning off the phone, then turning it back on. Once I do that, the phone collects the mail - but only ONCE. After that, it goes back on the endless "Connecting..." loop.
    What's the problem? I never had this issue with the last firmware. Just as of yesterday. I have three email accounts on my iPhone - but like I said, the old firmware handled all of them without issue.
    Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

    I had two users that were unable to get email from Microsoft Exchange 2003 on their iPhone 3GS after upgrading to iOS 4. One other user, however, had no problems after the upgrade. The only difference was that the user with his email functioning had minimal messages in his Inbox.
    So for the two other users, I archived email messages to reduce their Inboxes from around 13,000 messages to below 2,500 messages. Once I did this, email started flowing through just fine. I did this to the Sent Items as well, and it worked too. I would give that a try.

  • TS1347 i have lost all my contacts on my iphone 3gs after i updated it with the ios 5.1.1. How do i get all my contacts back?

    i lost all my contacts on my iphone 3gs when i updated it with ios 5.1.1  how do i get them all back on my phone?

    Thanks for Replying  Chris....What i know is that each time i plug my iPhone to My MacBook Pro it starts to sync..but what kind of syncing...i realy don't know...i do have a back up from 2011 October...but thats too old...and i need my Contacts Data exactly from 19th or 20th of November 2013 were exactly i lost my Contact from....i need to know if there is any way of getting back my contacts from the iTunes surver or iCloud server....Or if there is anything els on my MacBook Pro that i can try...Pls help
    M sure there is a way

  • ITunes doesnt recognise any iphone since upgrade to 10.5

    I am on windows 7 using Toshiba Satelitte L770
    I have an iPhone 3GS, my wife has an iPhone 4 and we have an iPad.
    All 3 worked fine with the Toshiba on itunes 10.4
    I then wanted to upgrade the devices to iOS 5.0.1 (from 4.3) - so iTunes 10.5.2 had to be downloaded first which we did.
    Once iTunes was upgrade - the devices were not recognised, only as camera devices but not in iTunes
    I tried all of the standard troubleshooting as seen here -
    No joy.
    On a separate laptop running Windows Vista on a Dell Latitude, I have iTunes 10.5.2 installed.
    When i plug the devices in, they are recognised no problem. So this problem appears to be related to the Toshiba only
    I removed itunes and reinstalled the old version 10.4 -- this time iTunes gives out to say the version of iOS is imcompatible with iTunes 10.4 - which I think is good, as at least its recognising the iphone is connected.
    Once I upgrade to 10.5.2. on itunes again, nothing, doesnt recognise the fact that any of the devices have been plugged in
    What else can I try, cant find anything on google other than what I covered in the troubleshooting requests.

    Been having the same issues happening on the same machine as you. I did this yesterday, and so far so good.
    1. Restart in safe mode (Hold down shift key when you hear the chime)
    2. Under Applications > Utilities > Disk Utilities, select your hard drive on the left column, and click "Repair Permissions"
    3. Once done, restart
    It's been a day since I've done this, and no beachballs yet (fingers crossed)

  • No Synchronisation of Photos between iTunes 10.5 and iPhone 3GS after iOS 5

    I made the Update to iTunes 10.5 on my Notebook with Windows XP and the Update to iOS 5 on my iPhone 3GS.
    I had a lot of Problems (the Backup had an Error, my outgoing Mails were all deleted in all Mail Accounts, the Synchronisation of Music and Apps needs a lot of Synchronisations and a lot of Time and so on) with these Updates and I need more than 12 Hours at the Moment to repair all the Errors.
    My last Problem is:
    There is no Synchronisation of Photos between iTunes 10.5 and iPhone with iOS 5.
    I can not see my Photos in my iPhone.
    The Capacity in iTunes 10.5 shows 4,4 GB Fotos on my iPhone, but in my iPhone, there is no Folder in the Photo App and so I can not see the 4,4 GB of my Photos.
    This Problem comes with iOS 5. I had this Problem never before.
    First, I gave in iTunes a OK for a Home Sharing of Music, Videos, Photos and so on for the Folders and for the iPhone.
    Second, I was in iTunes in Photos and deleted the Check in the Folder Photos.
    Third, I made a Synchronisation with iTunes and the iPhone.
    Fourth, the Capacity of the Photos was then only at 0,17 GB.
    Fifth, I close iTunes and switched off the iPhone.
    Sixth, I started iTunes and iPhone new and bring both together with the USB-Port.
    Seventh, the Syncronisation started and the Capacity of the Photos in iTunes was at 0,17 GB, too.
    Eigth, I set a new Check in the Folder Photos in iTunes for a Synchronisation.
    Ninth, the Capacity showed 4,4 GB again.
    Tenth, the Synchronisation started and showed on the Display "2 Photos of 16.000".
    Eleventh, the Synchronisation Circle stopped after 10 Seconds, but the Notebook worked 2 Minutes longer.
    And after this the Synchronisation stopped appruptely / crashed (?) and the Photos are "unvisible" on the iPhone.
    Is this a known Bug?
    Has Someone a Solution for a correct Synchronisation of the Photos, so that I can see successfully my Photos in my iPhone again?
    Thank you very much for your Help!

    Ever since my upgrade to iTunes 10.5 my laptop has been crashing.  I've heard that the update ***** up 100% of your CPU, essentially crashing your computer.  Apple, fix this now!!!

  • Can't make calls or sms on iphone 3gs after iOs5 upgrade?

    I upgraded to iOS5 on my iphone 3gs and I am having major problems connecting to the 3g network. I can't make or recieve calls or sms, or log on to the internet over the 3g network. wifi works fine, but that doesn't help with the calls or the sms, and i can't always be on wifi for my emails. the phone worked fine before the upgrade.
    i've restored the entire phone as a new phone, i've gone in to the apple store and had my phone looked at, they say there's nothing wrong with the hardware.
    i live in Canada and my carrier is Rogers - of course when I call them for help they say it must be the phone not their network. they'd rather i buy a new phone and sign another 3 year contract
    the only thing that seems to help is restoring network settings. immediately after doing that I can make calls, send and receive sms, and use the internet over 3g. but it only fixes it temporarily... after about 15 mins I'm back to the same problem. can't make or receive call etc.
    anyone else having this same problem?
    anyone know of a solution?

    After 2 hours with Apple Support, which was great, we figured out the issue. 1-800-my-iphone. When I upgraded to iOS5 and started using the iCloud, I was unaware that my previous synching settings were still set to where I had been sycning wirelessly in the past. So the Apple support tech showed me that I had multiple accounts in both Notes and Contacts. I had iPhone, iCloud, yahoo, Outlook accounts and my default settings on the iphone should have all been set to icloud. Syching was occuring, but not in icloud. It took a little manual conversion of some Notes and Contacts into the icloud folders in Outlook, but now everything works and I only display and use the iCloud accounts in Notes and Contacts. Apple realizes that this is an issue for those of us that were previously using Yahoo and equivalents for wireless synching and they provded my support free. Usually they charge $27. All is well.

  • Photo issue on iPhone 4 after iOS5 update

    Since i have updated my White iPhone 4 to iOS5 some of my apps pictures dont appear just the text underneath them. I thought nothing of this at first as after a while they do appear but then others will dissapear!
    I tried to use the camera and i can take pictures but if i try to load the camera roll from either the camera app or photos app it will not allow me to view them. In the camera app the photos are also black.
    Any assistance would be much appreciated!

    I´ve got the exact same problem as well. Via photo stream I can get my pictures to my computer and my iPad and they look fine. And in the iPhone they look ok if I choose "Edit", but the previews are low res or just grey boxes, or duplicates of other images.
    Via photo stream I can copy the images to my computer to save them. But since movies don´t go into photo stream, and I cant see anything on my Iphone via iPhoto or "Image capture" they will be lost if Apple doesn´t solve this problem (I´ve succeded to e-mail them to me, but then they are compressed and lores).
    This happened to me a couple of days after I updated to iOS5, so it worked just fine for a couple of days before this problem appeared.
    I really hope Apple will address this issue very soon, since I (and many with me) use my iPhone as my only camera.
    I´ve got an iPhone 4 (my wifes iPhone 3GS has not yet shown any signs of this problem).

  • No songs on iphone 3gs after ios4 update

    I have just gone to shuffle my songs on my iphone 3gs, but the songs tab of my ipod is telling me there are no songs. I go to the album tab and all of my albums are there and I can still play the songs...
    Slightly weird and annoying... anyone else experienced this?

    I had the same fault after I did the upgrade. I just reconnected and forced a re-sync in itunes.

Maybe you are looking for

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    n for the iPhone 5S ac for the late 2013 rMBP

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