ITunes error message:  The Network Connection Timed Out???

New 30GB and Nano for Christmas. Per the instructions, I downloaded the Itunes update, 7.0.2. Since then, we can't get on Itunes store. Apple support said the site was too busy. I've downloaded it on my work computer and laptop and the store opens, but not on our home desktop. I am trying not to have to resort to exporting hundereds of music files. Anybody overcome this one?
Gateway, Intel Pent. 4   Windows XP   2.40GHz, 512 RAM

i get the same message connection timed out, but instead i cannot download songs i can purchase them but they wont download please someone overcome this one i am being billed for these purchases and i need to know how to download them without error 3259 SOMEONE is there a number or email? because everyone is having this same problem please someone find a solution!!

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