Itunes free music with coke, problems

While i have been trying to download the free tunes of itunes with the codes from coke website. The itune store started black. Now everytime i load up itunes it starts on a black screen and you have to move the mouse around clicking to make it reappear.
anyone else had this problem. Any advice

Is it good?
It's marketing. You'll likely find some stuff you've never heard (same is true for the samplers that pop up every now and then). A few of these artists I've gon on to add more to my collection, and a few I've tried to burn from my memory. Most are innofensively in the middle.
But hey! You never know your next favorite artist until you listen

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  • I previoulsy have adding many CD to my iTunes music library and then synched them with my iPhone so that I have all music in both places. And I could the CDs in iTunes or iPhone with no problems. Recently, my iTunes "sees" the music but won't play it. Why

    I have added many CD to my iTunes music library and then synched them with my iPhone so that I have all music in both places. Then I could the play them in iTunes or iPhone with no problems. Recently, my iTunes "sees" the music library but won't play any of it becuase "the original could not be found". If I attach my iPhone, then it pays them through the iPhone, but still not through the library in iTunes. How can I get the music library on my iPhone to transfer (i.e. restore it) to iTunes? I have iPhone 4S but have not upgraded to the iOS 6, and have not had any problems until last week.  Help!  Thanks.

    Check the manual for whatever backup program you used, or, if you just copied the files over, copy them that.
    How to restore data to your PC is outside the scope of these forums.

  • Itunes plays music with fuzzy noise?

    my itunes plays music with fuzzy noise in the backgroud, I don't know how to fix it.... someone please help me to solve the problem! thanks

    You may want to check your soundcard output in QuickTime. See this post for directions on the process:;jsessionid=aXxb7IZbMDPmI_4E?messageID=814726&ft=y&#814726
    And this Article: iTunes and QuickTime for Windows: Songs and other audio don't play correctly

  • Free Music with iTunes

    I just got an iPod and was informed that you can get free music from iTunes on Tuesdays or with special offers. How do I get the free music? Is there a special place you have to go on the iTunes site?

    Is it good?
    It's marketing. You'll likely find some stuff you've never heard (same is true for the samplers that pop up every now and then). A few of these artists I've gon on to add more to my collection, and a few I've tried to burn from my memory. Most are innofensively in the middle.
    But hey! You never know your next favorite artist until you listen

  • Network Disk Disconecting in iTunes - Anyone else with this problem

    I posted this a couple of times, but I have yet to receive any responses. Here is what is happening.
    1. I have a USB drive plugged into my AEBS and my Macbook CD2 sees the drive just fine and all the files on the drive.
    2. My iTunes library is linked to my music on this hard drive, and all my music plays perfect in iTunes.
    3. I add new songs to this networked hard drive, then I go into iTunes and click "add to library" and then I select the new songs.
    4. The network drive disconnects without any warning. When I go to disk utility and try to reconnect the network drive, it tells me my password for connecting to the drive is wrong.
    5. To get the drive to reconnect I have to go back into Airport Setup Utility and set a new password for the drive and then I can reconnect.
    6. This happens every time I try to "add to library" new music in iTunes, and this is the only time I have any problems.
    7. I have a MBC2D with the newest os x and iTunes version and I have the brand new AEBS with the 'n' capability.
    Someone out there has to be trying to stream their music from their network drive to iTunes. Anybody else having this problem?
    Thanks a bunch

    Fair point as well...however...with AppleTV coming down the pike some of us are trying to move iTunes library over to a network drive to stream through AppleTV to TV or Stereo. In my case, having iTunes on the network drive means I do not need to be connected to the network in order for someone to stream to AppleTV or their Mac since up to five users can share a library. In addition, the 3.5GB and growing iTunes library frees up much needed space on my MBP. If I can get this set up working I can rip all the CDs we have all over the house and stored on the networked drive.
    To answer the earlier questions. I have an OWC 500GB connected by USB to the AEBS (n). It has never disconnected. I have also found that all 500GB drives are not equal. As an example, I purchased a MyBook500GB. It connected easily but I would receive an error when trying to transfer files over roughly 3.5GB. Some of my archived FCP files are much larger. I never received a response from Western Digital as what was happening, took the MyBook back to the Apple Retail store and purchased a OWC 500GB drive from OWC which was shipped that day. I have had no problems with this drive staying connected to the AEBS(n) or transfering very large GB files. I have noticed this drive does not spin down like my OWC250GB does.
    The only problem I have is playing the ripped iTunes CD music. I have described this in another question on the board. Also talked with Apple's customer support which referred me to a person in the AEBS area. Looks like I am the only one experiencing this issue at present.
    My suggestion is to try switching out your AirDisk connected to the AEBS(n) if you have another one of a different make/model at your location...or contact the Drive manufacturer and see if they have anyone else having issues with the drive and AEBS(n).

  • ITunes store music video preview problem?

    How do you get itunes to fully buffer music video previews from the store before playing them? They are very choppy and video is out of sync with the music even with a DSL connection.
    In the past you could set a preference to do this.

    iTunes 9.2 (61) and I'm getting a failure rate of 100%!
    Strictly audio, and I also find it annoying that the pop-up appears at the bottom of my iTunes window off-center nearer the right side. When the video finishes buffering +(3 Mbit connection, too)+, the pop-up window moves to the center.
    Pressing stop/closing the window, before it begins playing can wreak havoc. Sometimes the "stop" dialog will keep popping up after I press stop, or the pop-up window will move to a different position, or it's white background will render outside of the window, or I'll get multiple segmented overlapping pop-up windows...

  • Authorize purchased itunes store music with account that no longer exists

    I recently moved my library over to another computer. Although half of my purchased music from the itunes library was purchased on a different account than the one i currently have. They were purchased on an account that has been deleted, and i therefore cannot authorize those songs with that account. I cannot play/burn or put on my ipod 928 songs that i purchased off the itunes store.
    how can i authorize these songs?
    Thank you for your time and attention, much appreciated.

    Click here and use the form to request assistance.

  • Free Music with Creative Commons License

    I was listening to a podcast and they were discussing places to go on the web to get music for free
    for your video projects (as long as you follow the guidelines for the Creative Commons License;you are not profiting from the video and you credit the artist). They said that there are a lot of artists that would be flattered to have their music used in videos.
    I thought that this would be a great time saving way to go,
    (a lot less time trying to compose my own music, and get back to my editing)
    but this seemed like something that was too good to be true,
    So I went to some of the sites (Podsafeaudio,, Splice) and found a lot of music that was available for streaming, but not very much that I could actually download and insert into a video project. And even if there were some songs that could be downloaded, it took forever to go through them and find out which ones were streaming & which ones were downloadable.
    Does anyone out there use this method of obtaining music for their projects?
    Or maybe I should put it this way, what is the best way to go about having some music available to select from for video projects?

    Buy out music is certainly the easiest way to go and once you have have it, you have it
    Having said that, when I was doing videos for non-profits we contacted local artist and/or the publishers (like ASCAP) explaining our projects, benefits to the community etc. We did very well. Several times we were given rights to use individual songs and in two cases, bands gave us rights to use their entire songlist
    Again, these were videos done for community charities so that counts

  • HT204406 How can I share my iTunes Match music with my household/family?

    I am poised to subscribe to iTunes Match, but need to know that my family will have access to the same.

    Hi A A P L,
    Why do you say that isn't legal? I haven't bought any songs from the ITunes store, the only thing on my IPOD shuffle are CD's which I own and am just trying to find an easiest way to transfer them to a friends IPOD without the hassle of reading them all in on her PC. Thanks anyone that can help me!

  • Synchronizing music with SW3 problem

    Dear all,
    I already updated my sw3 and Z2 to the lastest Android version and reset my sw3 once but i still cannot sync my music to the watch, although two devices already connected ,it still cannot work ,and my sw3 have more than 70% battery left.
    When i try to synchronizing In walkman app,it always say" waiting for synchronizing" but it does not have any response for a long time . So could anyone help me please and sorry for my poor english......

    Reset your Sony SmartWatch 3 and also clear the SmartConnect App data.
    How to reset the SmartWatch 3.
    How to clear the data.
    From your Home screen
    1. Tap the Application screen icon.
    2. Find and tap Settings > Apps.
    3. Swipe to the All tab.
    4. Find and tap on the SmartConnect app.
    5. Tap Force stop > Clear data.
    6. Restart the phone

  • Hello, I have got an iphone 4S and I would like to know if I can listen to free music without using Itunes

    Hello, can I listen to music and download the music without using itunes on my iphone 4s?
    I would also like to know if you can put a memory card into the iphone 4s?

    you cannot put a memory card into the iphone but you can listen to free music with apps like pandora

  • Buning itunes music with another program?

    Is there anyway I can burn itunes downloaded music with another program since itunes want let me burn cd's

    That's not the purpose at all, but if you really think that's why you are here, you will likely continue to have trouble finding help.
    If you really want to get help, you would do as several people have suggested, and post your iTunes version, iPod version, exact steps you have taken, and the results of each step. That's what will allow people to give meaningful help.

  • Itunes/Ipod Touch Video Playback Problem

    Hi all!
    I am asking all you Ipod guru's for some help and insights, as I am getting slightly frustrated...
    For a project at work I am trying to set up a video podcast feed with video's we have created for our customer.
    The idea is that everyone at upcoming management conference will receive a Ipod Touch, with some easy explanation on how to -through a feed- download all our video's for them.
    For that purpose I have set up a testfeed (checked and doublechecked) to get the videos into Itunes.
    The feed works, the channels and videos show up under Podcasts and the videos are playable in Itunes (latest update) with no problems.
    Now the problems start:
    When I connect an Ipod Touch, check manual syncing (I don't want to touch what is already on there), and drag the videos to the Ipod, the videos only show up under the 'recently added' category. The channel does not even show, and even though they are videos.
    I can play the videos from there in Itunes, and they work fine.
    When I eject the Ipod, and then want to watch the videos, I have to really search for them: they are under Music (!!), under 'recently added', and only play the sound, not the video (although the first frame of the video is shown).
    To try and circumvent the problem I directly imported the video into Itunes, instead of through the feed (although that totally negates the whole idea to begin with), the videos nicely show up under the Video category in Itunes.
    When dragged from there to the Ipod, all works. As I then want to see those newly added videos on the Ipod, they NOW promptly show up in the video category, and play perfectly, with image and sound, and fullscreen.
    So, the problem is not with the video itself. What am I doing wrong?
    (nothing has changed in the videos at all from the beginning of the process, the videos were already Ipod-ready)
    Any thoughts, where do the problems originate? Can I do something in the feed already, or...?
    Any ideas will be most welcome!
    Thank you very much in advance.
    P.S. it's also impossible to delete the uploaded video's that ended in the 'recently added' category

    Since I've read similar threads on this, I have to think it's a bug.
    What if you create a playlist in iTunes with the Podcast's name on it?
    I can't really think of any other way around this until it gets fixed.
    Oh, and send Apple feedback on this issue - it will help bring it to their attention.

  • Restoring iTunes files after hard drive problems

    I recently had hard drive problems and since the recovery of the data I have lost all my files from iTunes. The sogs I have put on to the Mac via CD's are all still there but all the iTunes downloads have disapeared. This is probably because I didn't back up!
    I also have numerous duplications, which I eventually removed from itunes but I know the majority of which will return if I drag my music folder across.
    This will be a hige taks again to remove the duplications.
    I want to use this unfortunate incident to my advantage though and now have a clear out of my unwanted files and keep my iTunes nicely organised.
    I also lost my playlists, which is a major pain.
    By looking at the support threads it seems that I can use my ipod to put my library back as it should be. Will this also replace my downloaded songs? My other issue is that some of my iTunes downloads, downloaded with some problems, which are obviously on my ipod. How do I go about getting the songs repaired?
    Thanks for any help.

    [Zevoneer's detailed instructions on getting music off an iPod|]
    [Wired's How To: Get Your Music Off of Your iPod|]
    [ ws-mac-os-x>
    I imagine if the files exist on the ipod you can get them transferred over. if they don't exist, they are gone.
    As for the corrupt files you would need to provide more information on the issues.

  • ITunes 9.0 with Vista...where's the MS love Apple?!?

    How could you release a brand new Super iTunes without even testing if it would install on Vista/XP? Surely the vast majority of iTunes users are on PCs. I've tried installing on two different Windows PCs in my home and it's a no-go.
    We can't spend money in your store or hookup our sweet new Nanos unless you guys at least borrow a stranger's PC to test if it will work.
    Such a shame...

    Same here. My XP machine is fine, but the Vista one I only bought yesterday and downloaded iTunes 8 to with no problems, just will not accept iTunes 9.
    I don't have a lot of Vista experience, but it seems mine is a 64 bit machine and that is causing problems. There's another thread on here with some instructions but it all means nothing to me.
    I get the following "The windows installer Service could not be accessed. This can occur if you are running in safe mode , or if the windows installer is not correctly installed. Contact your support personnel for assistance" is the error message."
    I have absolutely no idea what this means, I'm only glad I still have an XP machine working otherwise my iPhone would be no use to me anymore.

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    I would like to query at runtime to see what the frame rate of the .swf is set to. Is there a way to do this? I saw in help that you can access this for Camera, Netstream and Tween, but what about for the .swf itself? Thanks to anyone who can help.


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    I've searched a couple dozen blogs and this forum, but I cannot seem to find a way to scroll through fonts using the arrow keys in CS3.  The tips I've been able to find are for older versions of PS and don't seem to work with CS3.  Am I missing somet

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    my phone is sending all of my imessages from my email address.  It will not let me select phone cell phone #.  How do I fix this?