ITunes library on external hard drive that nots always connected.....

Can anyone help please?
I have a laptop running Win XP and i have the latest version of itunes. I want to keep all my music on an external hard drive because i can't fit it on the laptop. This in itself isnt a problem - i have all the files on the external HDD and have set iTunes up and everything is fine HOWEVER because i have a laptop, i'm not going to lug my external drive with me everywhere. So i am getting problems where when i do plug the external drive in and run iTunes - it comes up with question marks against EVERYTHING and i have to effectively add the library file again. Surely there is some other way round this?! can i not keep all my music on the external drive then just connect when i need to? why is itunes not happy with this? i dont use itunes unless i am connected to the external drive.
Many thanks for any help!

As long as you don't launch iTunes until after the external hard drive is mounted, you shouldn't have a problem. I've been using such a set up for years.

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  • Backup and restoring itunes library from external hard drive?

    is there a way to backup and restore my itunes library to external hard drive and not through the internal itunes backup utility cos i have over 20gbs of music and i want to keep my album art and renamed songs etc. because i will be reformating my pc and dont want to go through painful task of manually adding stuff again.

    Try this...
    *Fast backup for iTunes library (Windows Only)*
    Grab SyncToy 2.0, a free tool from MS. Use it to create a backup copy of your iTunes library & any other media folders onto another hard drive or network share. After making the initial backup copy use SyncToy to periodically synchronise the backup copy with your library and only the changed files will be copied saving lots of time.
    When the time comes to reformat your PC, do a final sync, then open iTunes & deauthorise the PC, reformat & rebuild Windows, copy the backup folders back to the same location as they were previously, install iTunes and it should all work perfectly.

  • ITunes Library to External Hard Drive...and iTunes Match???

    So, my iTunes library is getting too large for my computer's storage capacity. I'm thinking of moving some of my library to an external, USB hard drive. However, I've never done iTunes through an external hard drive before and I have some questions.
    Can I copy new discs (import) straight onto the external hard drive? Or do they need to go onto my computer first then get transferred to the hard drive?
    Can I still use iTunes Match and pull songs from the library on my hard drive and from the main computer?
    To partition a library between a computer and an external hard drive, do I need to activate sharing or anything special? Or will the computer/main iTunes library just consider the external drive to be a different location for some of the tracks?
    How would I backup the external hard drive? Would Time Machine (running off a separate hard drive) back up another external hard drive if they were both plugged in?
    Can you burn the entire library to data discs anymore? Or do you need to make a playlist of your entire library? If the latter, is there a way to turn off the message about iTunes in the Cloud playlists only accepting songs matched or uploaded? I have some songs that erroneously did not get matched or uploaded. If I try to put them in a playlist and burn it to a data disc for backup, iTunes won't do it.
    Please help!

    I recommend you keep everything inside the iTunes folder.
    Quit iTunes.
    Copy the entire /Music/iTunes/ folder from internal to external.
    Hold Option and launch iTunes.
    Select Choose library... and select the iTunes folder you copied to the external.
    This is all you need to do. Everything will work normally.
    You can delete now /Music/iTunes/ folder on the internal.

  • Viewing old itunes library via external hard drive

    I have an external hard drive that I had linked up to my old  iMac, which has now died. I bought a new Macbook pro and want to plug in my old external into my wireless router and pick up my old itunes library. I have plugged in the external hard drive into the USB port on the router. If I look in Finder I can see the o2 router and I have tried to set Internet sharing to ON, but can't do it? I am not even sure that switching on Internet sharing will resolve the issue? Any help on this would be massive.
    Thank you.

    Hi Phil,
    Why not just plug it directly into the computer over USB rather than going through the router? I'm also not sure what enabling Internet sharing would have to do with your ability to access the hard drive via the router. If anything there would be a setting on the router that you'd most likely need to enable to allow the USB content to be accessible as a network storage device.

  • ITunes Library for External Hard drive on MacBook

    Just switched to Mac. Old PC's iTunes library was on an external hard drive. I tried to access the external hard drive through iTunes on the MacBook and the iTunes Music folder shows up, but there are no files showing up. The external hard drive is connected to the Airport Extreme Base.
    Through finder all of the music files show up on the external hard drive, but not through iTunes.
    I would like to be able access the external hard drive from the mac and pc.

    it must have something to do with the Airport Extremem Base Station. I connected the externam hard drive directly to the MacBook and "Add to Library", and everything was added. Then I plugged the external hard drive into the Airpot again, and everything worked o.k., I am still missing 80 songs somewhere.

  • How to transfer my ITunes library from External Hard Drive to Mac Book Pro

    I recently had an issue with my Mac Book(OS X Yosemite)  Had to take it to the store and they fixed it (replaced graphics mother board or something like that) Before that  I backed up the whole laptop on an external hard drive. When I connect the external hard drive I can open all my files, not sure how to transfer it, I see the External hard drive and can drag it but where do i drag it because on my Mac Book I can't  find Music. Should I drag it to the desktop and then drag it to the music when I disconnect the external ? Thanks

    Choose Home from the Finder's Go menu, double-click the Music item, and drag it there.

  • ITunes library on external hard drive. Can't update iPod (not enough USBs)

    Hi folks,
    I've transferred my desktop machine from a 'vintage' iMac, to a nearly as vintage Mac Mini. My library is on a USB external hard drive.
    How do I connect my iPod to update it? There are only 2 USBs on the Mac Mini.

    Woah! woah!  Why not just get a USB hub?
    Like this:
    Best to get a powered one (that connect to the mains power).  It will give you more (very useful!) USB sockets, and you can forget about changing your keyboard and/or Firewire.

  • Audio on some songs not playing - iTunes Library hosted External Hard Drive

    Since moving my music to an external hard drive connected to my Airport Extreme, audio on some tracks will not play. Seemingly at random, songs will just silently move through the track time. Visually it looks as if the tracks are playing, the iTunes timer-cursor moves through the track as if audio is playing. Instead of playing the audio I hear x:xx minutes of silence.  If I rewind the song to the begining audio will play as it should.  I wasn't having this issue when music was hosted locally. There's doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason which tracks are play and which don't.
    Any assistance would be appreciated.
    Airport Extreme N
    iTunes 10.5.1
    MBP late 2010

    Try starting iTunes with the option key down. Then click "Choose Library" and navigate to your new library.
    This article may have some tips:, iTunes for Mac: Moving your iTunes Music folder.

  • Can't import entire iTunes library from external hard drive

    I recently had to reset my IBM ThinkPad T40 (Windows XP) to factory settings. Of course, I backuped up my iTunes library on an external hard drive, and there didn't seem to be any problems doing so. (I've had to do the same thing before) But I can't re-import the entire library now! It only imports about a thousand songs (I had about 5,000), and I get an error message saying "The file iTunes Library.itl~ cannot be imported becuase it does not appear to be a valid exported file.") I also tried to import a previous back-up (stored in a different folder, and it wouldn't import all of those files, either -- no more than in the more recent backup files) either. I've tried re-downloading the iTunes software several times. Help!!!!
    PS: Is there a way to sync my iPod to import songs from that BACK into itunes?
    IBM ThinkPad T40   Windows XP  

    This seems to have deleted ALL of my iTunes. The folder (and all iTunes files) is still there on my backup, but now the newly-installed iTunes won't import ANYTHING (It at least imported about 1,000 (out of 5,000) songs before. But now it says all files are invalid, regardless of where I attempt to import them from. (although the names of some playlists import -- but they're empty files) It appears that SOME of the music files are located on the backup copy, but simply won't import. Perhaps they're corrupted?

  • Migrating iTunes library from external hard drive to new laptop

    Hi there, I am wondering if anyone can help me please? I am a complete newbie to this forum thing, I am just getting into this cosmic sharing world but find myself utterly frustrated with iTunes and my new laptop - with little help on the Support pages, so i am venturing into the unkown and seeking help from anyone out there.........slightly scary for me, this really is my first post on a forum - so be gentle with me :0)
    On my old steam driven laptop I had to move my iTunes library to an external hard drive, my 250MB hard drive just wasn't enough (I know pathetic wasn't it). All ok there and I have been using it no problem. I have now upgraded (finally!!) to a new wonderful laptop (with webcam and all sorts!)but I am at the end of my tether trying to get my iTunes library from my external hard drive to appear in the Library on the laptop. boo hoo.
    I have tried changing the file location in the Advance section of preferences, i have tried choosing the library after holding down the shift key on start up (you see not a complete numpty). They all appear to work as i don't get any error messages, but the songs just don't appear in the library. Am i being a complete numb nuts here? what am i missing?
    If anyone can help i would be really grateful as this is spoiling the euphoric feeling i have of my lovely new laptop!
    cheers Latte

    tonybassplayer wrote:
    Thank Chris I have just done that. How do I now get them in to Itunes ?
    If you simply copy the iTUnes folder to /Music/ and launch iTUnes, everythign will be there. No need to import anything.
    This will work the same with iPhoto.
    Simply copy the Photo library to /Pictures/ folder and launch iPhoto.

  • Moved iTunes Library to External Hard Drive - having trouble - HELP!

    I have had quite the ordeal...upgraded my Mac iBook G4 from os 9 to os x 10 Tiger.
    Bought an external hard drive to back up my 30 GB of music computer won't function because it's out of hard disk space.
    I moved my iTunes library to the external hard drive. Everything seems to be jim dandy...except that when I go to play a music file...the computer does not recognize the file.
    I have to locate, and re-direct the path for each song to the new file location. SONG BY SONG!
    Is there any way to do this globally for the entire library???
    What else should I do to ensure I free up hard drive space, without jeopordizing my precious music files?
    Thank you!!!

    With iTunes 7.x you can transfer iTS purchases from the ipod back into iTunes.
    To prevent your iPod from syncing - hold down the 'option' and  keys at the same time when plugging in your iPod. Keep the keys held down until the iPod show up in iTunes.

  • Move PC iTunes library to external hard drive and consolidate with iMac

    Hi, I have a PC that I'm not using much. I have a ton of iTunes music files on it so I went through the process of copying these files to my networked external hard drive. I have my iMac connected wirelessly to this same hard drive. I went into the System Preferences on the iMac to tell it where it could find the new library and I pointed it to the iTunes folder but there is not an iTunes Media folder like many of the articles state, like this one:
    Do I need to create an iTunes Media folder? Note this is an iTunes Library that was on a PC, moved to a networked external hard drive and will be used on my new iMac.

    kneedragger101 wrote:
    Note this is an iTunes Library that was on a PC
    you might want to read these articles: one and two.
    why not move your media files using _*Home Sharing*_ ?

  • No success moving iTunes library to external hard drive

    I'm trying to move my iTunes library to an external hard drive to free up some space on my laptop.  I'm working on a Macbook running OSX 10.8.2 and trying to transfer the library to a WD My Passport for Mac (which is optimized for Mac OS Extended).  I followed all of the steps in this article from apple:  When I reopen iTunes, as instructed in step 15, I get the message that "The folder containing "iTunes Library" cannot be found, and is required. Please choose or create a new iTunes library."  In the article, it just says that if you get that message, then take your old library back out of the trash.  It offers no real solution!  I don't want to keep my iTunes library on my Macbook!  I've tried holding down the option key when opening iTunes and choosing the folder on the external drive.  When I do that I get this message: "An iTunes library file could not be found in the folder "iTunes 1" (which is what I called it).  Please choose a different folder."  What am I doing wrong?  This should be a simple process!

    I just want to clarify: Your library had been moved to an external, but your database files are still where they ought to be, right? In the home / music / iTunes folder?
    If not, try putting these files back in the Music / iTunes folder in your user folder.
    /Users/username/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library.itl
    /Users/username/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library.xml
    Keep the media on the external drive. If you get a message about missing content, go to preferences and make sure that the library location points to your external drive's itunes folder.

  • Trouble uploading my iTunes library to external hard drive.

    I have a iMac OS X Version 10.6.8 and am trying to upload my iTunes library to an Seagate GoFlex Home 2TB external hard drive. I can only upload one song at a time. Very frustrating. When I try to "drag and drop" multiple songs/albums, it tells me I need Java plugin version 1.5 or higher. But I've got that and it still won't let me "drag and drop." Advice?

    Presumably you have formatted the Seagate as HFS Extended (Journaled)?
    Our iTunes guru Terence Devlin advises the following:
    1. Quit iTunes
    2. Drag the iTunes folder from your internal hd - located in ~/Music folder - to your external hd. DO NOT delete the original one from your internal hd... yet!
    3. When the transfer is complete, press and hold the Option(alt) key and fire up iTunes.
    4. A "Choose iTunes Library" window will come up. Click on the "Choose Library" button.
    5. Navigate to where the iTunes folder is located in the external hd.
    6. Within the iTunes folder, select the iTunes Library file and click Choose...
    That's it. iTunes will now display all your playlists, songs, movies, podcasts etc. At this point, should you wish, you can delete the iTunes folder from the internal hd to free up space.
    More info:
    Or if you prefer a more complicated explanation: -a-new-hard-drive

  • How to get ITunes library from external hard drive to new PC

    have ITunes folder from dying PC saved on external hard drive. PC now dead. New PC has Windows7, and have loaded ITunes.
    Now need to know exactly what to do to get all that lovely music from the external hard drive onto the new Windows7 PC. The ITunes folder has the following inside it:
    ITunesMusic folder in it, which looks like all the music is in there.
    Album Artwork folder
    What do I do, and in what order? I'm thinking I should NOT need to plug in the ipod, since everything is saved on the external drive. (I don't want to accidentally wipe the Ipod, since I'm pretty sure it is set to automatically sync.....)
    the whole point of doing frequent backups was to not lose anything. Note: did NOT use apple for backups, just regular backup program. Can see the files and folders, just need to knkow what to do.
    Thanks in advance for the help!

    Drag and drop the whole folder into the iTunes application.
    The iTunes application meaning your library once iTunes is open

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