Itunes not working with Vista Home Premium 32-bit

Itumes 10.6.3 version will not work with Vista Home Premium. I have a 32-bit operating system. I'm not sure what to do next. It appears in trying to update it deleted the old itumes, as I can't find a copy of it when I search the computer.

Then I installed Quicktime on its own - still get the same error 'Quicktime has stopped working;
Okay. That will be the source of the iTunes problem. (Without a properly working QuickTime, iTunes won't work correctly.)
Checking on things that can cause QuickTime launch errors now.
Have you at any stage installed any Codec Packs, any copies of the programs QT Alternative, QT Lite or Storm Codec, or any media converter programs that can convert files into QuickTime readable formats?
(I'm checking on these things because depending on the versions of the programs/codec-packs, these can install earlier versions of QuickTime componentry on a PC, which can interfere with the running of a higher version of QuickTime.)

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    I recently was given a HP laserjet 4240n by my employer to use in a remote office.  I am using a Windows version 7 home premium 64 bit laptop.  I have tried the HP install wizard - no support for this printer.  I have tried downloading the "correct" driver - but that doesn't work either.
    I assume that there is something wrong but I have spent hours and still haven't been able to figutre out what is wrong and how to fix it!

    Hello Steve04104,
    I am sorry, but to get your issue more exposure I would suggest posting it in the commercial forums since this is a commercial product. You can do this at
    I hope this helps!
    I work on behalf of HP
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  • Ipod classic compatible with Vista Home Premium 64 bit

    Is the Ipod Classic compatible with Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit?
    I found out the hard way that the Itouch is not!

    If I could I would answer your question.
    But I do not know how I did that.
    Itunes has been working since day 1 on my 64 bit machine, only problem is that it takes half a minute to copy album cover art to song in itunes, the computer is hanging for 15 seconds before the album cover art is copied.
    I just took the Ipod out of the box and connected it to the computer and it worked fine.
    Only problem that I had yesterday is that when I'm intergrating album cover art my hard disk is doing strange things.
    Just yesterday, my RAID 1 was corrupted by Itunes, first hard disk 1 was failing and an hour later hard disk 2 also crashed.
    Was able to reconnect them into RAID 1, luckilly.

  • ITunes not working with Vista

    I just got a laptop preloaded with Windows Vista home premium. I installed the newest version of iTunes and it was working fine for a while. Now when I try to run iTunes I get an error message that says "iTunes has stopped working - A problem has caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." I uninstalled and reinstalled and system restored, virus scanned, and even tried running an older version of iTunes bu nothing's worked.
    I've seen around the internet that if you have the latest iTunes it should work fine with Vista. What's going wrong here? Is this simply a compatibility issue that I need to wait out or is this some other problem that I'm unaware of?
    Acer Windows Vista Aspire 5100

    Then I installed Quicktime on its own - still get the same error 'Quicktime has stopped working;
    Okay. That will be the source of the iTunes problem. (Without a properly working QuickTime, iTunes won't work correctly.)
    Checking on things that can cause QuickTime launch errors now.
    Have you at any stage installed any Codec Packs, any copies of the programs QT Alternative, QT Lite or Storm Codec, or any media converter programs that can convert files into QuickTime readable formats?
    (I'm checking on these things because depending on the versions of the programs/codec-packs, these can install earlier versions of QuickTime componentry on a PC, which can interfere with the running of a higher version of QuickTime.)

  • WEP not working in Vista Home Premium with Linksys WRT54GS version 5

    Bought a new computer with Vista and installed the router. Made it so WEP is enabled. When I try to connect with a laptop or my other computer in my home, it will not take the WEP key and says it can't connect. I've reinstalled and redid the network, still won't work. It works if I don't enable WEP, but I need security. Is this problem fixable or do I need to buy a different router? My second computer has the Wireless PCI adapter WMP54G. This adapter worked perfectly in my last computer. Any help?

    Make sure your router has the latest firmware and try using WPA security.  WEP is not that secure any more but something is better then nothing at all.  Make sure your laptop has all the Windiws Updates and the firewall is off.
    Richard Aichner (Ikester)

  • Ipod touch and itunes not working with vista?

    I bought a 32gb ipod touch(2nd gen) today and so far it's been nothing but a massive headache for hours. I've had an ipod video(30gb) for three years now and it's always been perfect, hasn't give me an ounce of trouble.
    I get home, checked that I had the current itunes version, and then plugged in my ipod touch. I immediately got an itunes error saying that the apple mobile support device was out of date, and I had to re-install itunes. I did that but it still didn't work, it wouldn't recognize my ipod touch. I deleted all my itunes and apple folders and restarted(and uninstalled). Now my ipod still won't recognize when i plug it in on my desktop, it gives me an intunes error saying something like " your ipod touch cannot work because you dont have the 64bit version blah blah ". Which is ridiculous because I'm on windows vista 64bit, and the version of itunes I got was the 64 bit, i checked it three times and even re-downloaded/installed it.
    I tried my second desktop which is on windows XP and it wouldn't recognize my ipod touch either. Then finally I took out my laptop which is windows XP, and plugged in my ipod touch. My ipod touch works fine on my laptop, but not on my other two desktops.
    I need for it to work on my main desktop(the one with vista) because it has all my music.
    So any ideas as to why this is happening? and how to fix it.

    What is the name of the iTunes installer file you used? Try downloading and installing the iTunes again from the iTunes64Setup.exe file located here:
    If the issue persists, verify the usbaapl64.sys driver is being used by following the steps under *Verify iPhone Driver/Service Installation* in this article:
    If the issue is not resolved after installing iTunes from the iTunes64Setup.exe file and the correct driver is being used, reconfigure or disable the security software on the PC and reinstall iTunes.

  • Help iTunes not working with vista

    okay so I'm having a bit of an issue with vista..just got a new laptop (dell inspiron 1520), and I went to transfer my files using a USB stick and also a cd, but iTunes on my new comp doesn't recognize the songs...anyone have ideas?

    Take a look at this article from the apple support website and see if it will help.

  • Hotsync Zire31 with Vista Home Premium 64 bit problems

    I am unable to hotsync on my new pc with a Zire31. I have Desktop v 4.14E and Hotsync 6.0.1. I bought a Sigmatel USB to IRDA adapter which the literature says is compatible with Vista 64 bit. I installed the adapter and Vista searched and found the driver for it and installed the driver. I left clicked the Hotsync icon and set Local USB and Infrared. I launched Desktop.  On the Zire31 I clicked on the hotsync in the menu not the hotsync icon. I changed the method to sync with IR to a PC/Handheld. I placed the IR within an inch of the IR on the Zire31 and clicked the Sync on the middle of the screen, "The PC displayed Another computer is nearby" , "Click to send files to the computer(my Zire31 name is here)". On the Zire31 a message "Unable to initiate HotSync because the port is in use by another  application.  
    Can anybody help me?
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    Hi, and welcome to the Palm Community Forums.
    Your question is frequently asked and answered here on the forums.  There is no way to use a USB connection to Hotsync with 64-bit Vista desktops.  Your solution is with Bluetooth as described in this thread stickied near the top of this board.  You might also try Wi-Fi.
    Post relates to: None
    I am a volunteer, and not an HP employee.
    Palm OS ∙ webOS ∙ Android

  • Zire 72s will not sync with Vista Home Premium

    Hi, I tried to sync my Zire 72 with my PC and it wont work ....I am pretty bad with computers, so if anyone could help me (in simple terms please). I have no clue what I'm doing. Thanks  
    Post relates to: Zire 72

    To check to see if your computer is Bluetooth ready, a bluetooth icon will appear in the system tray or you can check for a bluetooth application in your control panel.
    If you are unable to locate any bluetooth functions on your computer, you may want to contact your orignal manufacture of the computer to confirm. If you do not have bluetooth built into the computer you can still get the computer bluetooth enabled. To do this will require the purchase of a Bluetooth dongle. These dongles can be purchased at your local electronics stores (usually) or can be ordered on the web.
    The Bluetooth dongle will connect to your computer via USB and allow bluetooth communication between your handheld and the computer. This will be the only way to sync your Zire to 64 bit Vista. All you need to do is pair your device with the bluetooth dongle then initial the hotsync from your device. You may need to try plugging the dongle into different USB ports if connection issues occur. For further information and instructions please visit and look up article number 49229 in the solution id search field.

  • The system recovery disks I made for my HP dv7-1132 NR running Vista Home Premium 64 bit won't work.

    I just bought this laptop and I want to wipe the drive clean. It is an HP dv7-1132 NR with Vista home premium 64 bit but still on Service Pack 1. It came with no system restore disks so I made my own through the System Recovery Manager. Apparently the disks were created without any problems as there were no errors.
    When I tried to use the first disk however (by inserting the first disk into the dvd drive and re-starting the computer, Once it has re-booted I get the message:  
    "This PC is not supported by the system recovery disks. You will not be able to recover this system with these disks"
    Can anyone help me help me to either get these discs working or give me another work around that will wipe this hard drive? I am not a techie so my knowledge base is rudimentary. If you can give alot of detail in any possible fixes, that would be great!!!1
    Thanks. and Happy 4th of July Americans!!!!

    Usually this is caused by missing info in the BIOS and must be corrected by service from HP. Enter BIOS by tapping away at the F10 key immediately after power on. Is all system info there,serial,etc?
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  • Unable to scan and communicat​e with scan function C6180 Vista Home Premium 64 bit Printing works

    I have an all in one C6180 Photosmart connected by wireless network (infrastructure). Network consists of 2-laptops, 1-Desktop and the printer.  Everything works from HP solution Center on the Compaq laptop and the Dell desktop both running Windows XP. My newest laptop is a Dell studio XPS core2   2.4ghz running Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit. I am unable to scan from the Dell Laptop using HP Solution Center nor can I scan from the printer buttons to the laptop. Solution Center opens I select "scan document" and immediately get an error message "unable to communicate with scanning device. Likewise with the copy function.  The laptop does recognize the printer though and I am able to print wirelessly.  All functions work when connected via USB so I believe the printer is fine.  I have been working with this problem since I bought the printer in 2007. I spent many hours reading hundreds of internet posts, talking by phone with HP and via e-mail support from HP.  I became frustrated and gave up for awhile but now I want to see if there are any new solutions that I don't know about. I downloaded full feature software and drivers for the 6180 from HP and performed various levels of uninstall (L1, L2, L3, L4). I also cleaned the registry with ccleaner, windows disk cleanup and manual registry deletions when allowed per HP. I have checked port settings, tried stopping HP functions is Services.Msc. The Digital monitor is currently running, however no scanner communication-computer to 6180 and no scanner communication 6180 to computer. I can print and fax from computer wirelessly. I have ran the HP diagnostic utility separately and it appears everything is fine, connection IPaddress etc. During install when prompted to run test it says the printer is connected to the network. I have tried to add a device to the network after install and get the message no wireless devices found. The scanner does not appear under Cameras and Scanners in control panel. Nor will it find the scanner when I try to add device. Firewalls and antivirus have been turned off. Still can't make it work. Suggestions please.

    Sorry about your pain.  L3 uninstall is what I recommend.  Re-install from and this time, with the printer properly attached it should flow OK.
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  • HP smart web printing with vista home premium and IE7

    >my computer is HP pavillion  slimline s7700n , printer AiO C4340, OS  vista home premium 32 bit, IE is 7
    >i just install HP smart web printing....this software work good when i am at  my netzero main page (icon,clip, edit and print)
    >i  try to change browser (google chrome...found the icon...send it to  IE work a couple of times...then died)
    >HP/SWP icon is there on IE toolbar...clip book is there....alll clips are there....BUT editor show blank page only, so are prints.
    >i can not understand why . i hope somebody can help.

    Driver_Found wrote:
    I have installed Windows Vista 64-bit on a new computer (HP of course) and want to be able to use HP's "Smart Web Printing" software.  I have used it quite a bit on a Windows XP machine and love it.  Looking at the download page, it appears that the Smart Web Printing software is not compatible with Vista 64-bit.  Is this correct?  Will a new version be coming out that will be compatible?
    Have you tried installing it anyways and see what happens?
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  • Nvidia GeoForce Go 7600 graphics driver and IQ770 with Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit edition

    I have been having problems with my screen for several months now:  every so often, for no apparent reason, it loses some of the pixels.  I can still read the items on the screen, but the resolution is trashed.  It happens intermittently and then goes back to normal.  I have tried uninstalling the graphics driver and letting the computer go find it on a reboot.  This does not work.  I have also tried installing the original graphics driver.  This does not work either.
    If I look in the "Problem Reports" area in Control Panel, there is a graphics related error: 
    Error Message: STOP 0x000000EA THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER (Q293078)  The resolution listed is to reinstall the device driver (which I've tried dozens of times without success) or to change the computer's performance settings, which also does nothing.  I still get the occasional loss of screen clarity which returns to normal all by itself.
    Is anyone else seeing this problem?  Does anyone have a resolution?
    I have tried the latest graphics driver available on the hp website, from 8-2008 as well as the originally installed version from January 2007.  The version of Windows is Vista Home Premium 32 bit edition, Service Pack 1.
    If I completely uninstall the graphics driver, and do not reload any, the screen performance is fine, but then there are other problems, such as graphics acceleration.
    Thanks for your help.

    For the IQ700 series
    If you're running Windows Vista SP2, there is a patch for USB patch for NVIDIA chipsets 
    If you're running Windows 7, install this patch
    And only use the driver from the system manufacturer's website or Windows Update. Do not use the latest drivers from NVIDIA's website for the IQ700 series

  • Tx2-1011au compatible with vista home premium 64?

    I am looking to buy a tx2-1011au, the only touchsmart pc available here on our country (Philippines). As I checked the specs of the unit, I found out that it only has vista home premium 32 bit, with 2gb memory. Since this will be running on vista, I would want at least 4gb of memory on it. However, I was told that it is vista home premium 64 that can support 4gb of memory.
    Is it possible to purchase a tx2-1011au that has a vista home premium 64-bit by default? Or if I had the os changed from 32 to 64, will I have any compatibility issues? 
    What I only need is 2gb of ram for the game i will be playing, and another 2gb of ram for vista and all other stuff. If I use 4gb of memory on a 32-bit system, will it really perform just the same as having 2gb of memory?
    I really want an HP notebook and this will be my first big purchase so I want to do this right. Thank you very much in advance for the help.
    Message Edited by Zirdaj on 05-25-2009 11:11 PM

    Since you are using Vista 32bit, would you be able to post a copy of the 32bit Vista Touchscreen Drivers that was included in your laptop found in the SWSetup folder in the C drive.  All the HP Touchsmart tx2s in Canada all come with 64-bit Windows and have 64bit drivers only and the 32-bit touchscreen drivers cannot be found on the HP Website
    64-bit version of Windows Vista should have no compatibilty issues with the hardware inside your laptop(As HP ships the tx2 with 64bit Vista as well), but may have issues with some of your accessories (ie Printers, Scanners, etc).  You will need to download from HP the 64bit drivers for your laptop whatever drivers that are not posted, you will likely need to ask an owner of a tx2 that has 64bit Vista preloadedYou need to make sure that the accessories used with your laptop works properly in Windows Vista 64-bit.  For some software, you will have to get a 64-bit version.  
    Software Incompatibility that i know about
    Onenote 2007 (Send to Onenote Driver does not support 64-bit, but there is a workaround --> Search Google for Onenote 2007 adn 64 bit Vista)

  • System Restore will not run on Vista Home Premium

    I cannot get system restore to run  on my T61 using Vista Home Premium I get messages like:
    "The Restore point could not be created for the following reason: The writer experienced a transient error. If the backup process is retried the error may not reoccur". It did.  
    I also get "Rescue and Recovery Backup Service stopped working and was closed. A problem caused the applicaion to stop working correctly. Windows will notify you if a solution is available." It did not.
    I have also been advised no restore points are available.
    The net effect is I cannot use System Restore at all!
    Has anyone else had a problem like this with system restore?  Lenovo has been no help.I have had a number of Dell computers and this is my first (and last) Lenovo. When it was quite new and the problem occurred , I contacted them but they just blew me off..

    So i assume that your T61 originally came with Vista Home premium installed??? Did you make the Recovery Media disks when you first got your machine??? If not call Lenovo up and obtain those disks, and then use them to reinstall your service partition and your OS.
    Jin Li
    May this year, be the year of 'DO'!
    I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft

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