ITunes Producer: Problem uploading - ERROR ITMS-5122

I am having a problem uploading an album via iTunes Producer (Version 2.2.1 (137)).  At the Delivery stage, I receive the message ERROR ITMS-5122: "Genre should be specified using genre label code instead of label: electronic" at Album/Tracks/Track.  I have tried tweaking my upload at both the album and track levels to one or two genres and am seeing a similar error.  Does anyone know how I can correct this issue?  Thank you for any assistance!

It means that there is no alternate text for the image, in the event that it doesn't load. This will put text where the image should be, so that the reader knows that there was an image that was supposed to display there.
What it means for your ebook is that your images should be coded as such:
<img src=".../Images/ABC_bookcover.jpg" alt="Cover for ABC Book" />
Where the alt text is a description.
If you want to get around this quickly, you can simply open up all your .xhtml files in text wrangler and do a search for <img src=  and replace it with <img alt="" src= 
Even if you have nothing in the alt description, having it there will get past the check.

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  • ITunes Producer ePub Upload Error ERROR ITMS-9000

    This is the iTunes Producer ePub Upload Error:
    ERROR ITMS-9000: "Unable to unzip input: null" at Book (MZItmspBookPackage)
    How do I fix this?

    Hi. Me too, I have the same problem. Did you solve it?
    The epub is validate with epubcheck, it is also possible to read it with iPad, watching regularly the videos, but apple store doesn't approve it.
    Is there anybody who can help?

  • Itunes Producer Problems Uploading - File not saving - file does not Exist.

    Can someone please help me out, this problem is killing me. I've uploaded over 200 UPC Albums using Old G3 and Elderly ITunes Producer, but apple asked me to upgrade, so new machine to me Macmini maverics 10.9.? ITunes Producer 3.1.
    So I click open ITunes producer 3.1. Click on make project from Audio
    Files. Name and Save the project in Music-ITunes Producer-Playlists.
    Plug in my external Flash drive and import the 40 Audio files for the
    project. I am using an external flash drive as I can’t get ITunes Producer to
    see my internal hard disk, I do not know if this is normal??
    Go through the process of saving the project to Music – ITunes Producer –
    Playlists – in this case 5060101121313
    I then go through name all Tracks and make sure that all Data is correct.
    Then when I finally go to either save the document or send it to you I get the
    first Screen shot saying
    "The Document "5060101121313" COULD NOT BE SAVED. The File does not exist".
    As I say I have delivered 200 UPC’s to you with the old software and never
    had any problems, I am in urgent need of making significant delivery to you so
    would appreciate you help ASAP.

    I have been victorious. Now I am going to post my solution for all those that may have the same problem in the future. I'll even throw in a few key words so it will be more easily found by the search engine.
    Connection conn = null;
                //connect to database
                DAOManager dao = new DAOManager();
                conn = dao.connectToDB();
                String query = "update ASSIGNMENT set file_object = ?, filename = ?, filetype = ? where a_key = 1"; //sql query
                PreparedStatement pstmt = conn.prepareStatement(query);
                ByteArrayOutputStream baostream = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
                //write to output stream
                byte[] buffer = new byte[1024];
                int len = -1;
                while ((len = >= 0 )
                    baostream.write(buffer, 0, len);
                byte[] filebytes = baostream.toByteArray();
                pstmt.setBytes(1,filebytes); //set blob
            catch (SQLException e) {
                System.out.println(Tools.getLoggingDate() + " upload() Error uploading file -- " + e);
            catch (Exception e) {
                System.out.println(Tools.getLoggingDate() + " upload() Error: " + e);
            finally {
                }catch (SQLException e) {}
            }Keywords: setBinaryStream(), setBytes(), MySQL, upload file, InputStream, Blob

  • App upload: ERROR ITMS-9000

    Hello world -
    I'm attempting to upload a DPS app to iTunes; it was built in Adobe App Builder. Upon upload, I'm getting the following error:
    ERROR ITMS-9000: "Invalid Code Signing Entitlements. The signature for your app bundle contains entitlement values that are not supported. For the '' entitlement, the values in the array must start with the prefix provided by Apple in the provisioning profile, followed by characters that are uppercase or lowercase Roman letters [A-Z, a-z], the digits 0 through 9, dot ['.'], or hyphen ['-'], and not contain any wildcard characters. Specifically, value '7R584CUE64.*' for the key '' in '' is not supported."
    I actually get a variant of the same error, as well - just swap out the entitlement chain for "".
    I can't find an asterisk on that value it's referencing anywhere. Can y'all lend a hand?

    If anyone else has this same issue, try this fix. Just worked for me: ted

  • ITunes Producer ebook delivery error

    Hi, I have scowered the forums and tried to Google the answer but I can't figure out the problem.
    I am getting the same error whenever I try to deliver my iBook to Apple:
    ERROR ITMS-9000: "index.html(11): element "img" missing required attribute "alt". This error occurs 33 times." at Book (MZItmspBookPackage)
    I have no idea what this means and I can't seem to find any information on it. I'm pretty sure the "33 times" relates to my Preview epub file, which has 33 pages in it. However, I have checked the metadata multiple times to make sure that all the fields are filled out. I don't understand why an "index.html" file would be involved in an epub file in the first place. I'm sure I'm missing something here but I can't for the life of me understand what.
    Any help would be appreciated greatly.

    It means that there is no alternate text for the image, in the event that it doesn't load. This will put text where the image should be, so that the reader knows that there was an image that was supposed to display there.
    What it means for your ebook is that your images should be coded as such:
    <img src=".../Images/ABC_bookcover.jpg" alt="Cover for ABC Book" />
    Where the alt text is a description.
    If you want to get around this quickly, you can simply open up all your .xhtml files in text wrangler and do a search for <img src=  and replace it with <img alt="" src= 
    Even if you have nothing in the alt description, having it there will get past the check.

  • ITunes install problems -- no error messages

    I believe my problem is unique, but if this has been brought up before, I apologize. Anyway, down to business:
    A friend just bought an iPod nano and had problems installing iTunes, so I volunteered to help. Here's what happens:
    1) I run the iTunes installer
    2) the installer appears to be doing fine, I can even see the iTunes desktop shortcut appear
    3) right before it should tell me "installation successful," the installer just disappears. The icon that was on the desktop a second ago is gone, and there is no trace of any iTunes files on the system. Here's the fun part: There are no error messages.
    Also important:
    The same thing happens with the iPod software updater installer.
    The same things happen whether I am using the CD that came with the nano, or if I'm using freshly downloaded installers from Apple's website.
    I am myself a Mac user, and am pretty clueless as to the common tips and tricks of windows, so please don't assume I know things. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

    Alright, turning off the virus protection didn't do it.
    Next on the list of things to try is:
    1. Locate the original Windows XP Home Edition CD that came with your PC or the upgrade disc used to install Windows XP Home Edition.
    2. Insert the disc into your PC and use it to begin reinstalling Windows
    3. During installation, your computer will restart or you will be prompted to do so in order to continue.
    4. After the computer restarts you'll see a dialog asking if you want to install Windows. Select the option to install Windows. A repair option will be presented.
    5. Choose the option to repair an installation of Windows
    6. After the repair is completed, your PC should restart.
    7. Attempt to reinstall iTunes.
    I poked at this a little bit, but after I got into the repair option, all I had was a blank command prompt, and that scares me.
    Does anybody have more advice on how I can repair this installation of XP?
    900mhz iBook G3   Mac OS X (10.4.3)  

  • ITunes Install PROBLEM. Error Code 2330

    I cannot install itunes. I get to the setup and it quickly says error code 2330 and something like a problem with this package or something. Please help I need this soon.

    Now when I dloaded itunes and try to install, I am getting Error Code 2330??
    what is the full text of your 2330, K?
    sometimes it's easiest to send us a screenshot of the error message box. there are instructions on how to do that in the following user tip:
    hudgie: Taking screenshots to help with problems

  • ITunes Connect Binary Upload Error

    I recently got into the iPhone Developer Program. I tried uploading the binary for my app several times, but I got a message saying: "The binary you uploaded was invalid. It did not contain a .app bundle." A lot of research said that I'm supposed to upload the app folder > build > file, but I don't have a distribution-iphoneos folder to compress. Any help?

    Go to the Dev Center and use the link, top right to enter the Portal.
    Once there, use the link top right to download the Program Portal User Guide.
    Search that pdf for: distribution
    Take that document seriously and don't skip around, etc.
    You'll have a distribution-iphoneos folder if you built properly in the correct (default) location.
    *But you don't compress the folder, you compress the binary...*
    (3.2.2 Xcode actually has a 'build and archive' menu choice, but that is for beta work at this time...)

  • ITunes Produce delivery error ERROR ITMS-3000

    Hi everyone,
    I am going crazy trying to publish an e-book on the iBookstore, and I hope I can get some help here.
    First some background info:
    I am intending to publish a small collection of short stories written in Pages '09 and converted to .epub in a writing tool named Scrivener (where I can have each short story as a separate chapter, which I wouldn't be able to do - I think - if I just converted straight to .epub in Pages), through iTunes Producer.
    I have previewed the file many times (in many versions) on my iPad and it works perfectly.
    However, when I intend to deliver via iTunes Produce - after filling in all of the required fields of course - I receive this error message upon delivery:
    1 package(s) were not uploaded because they had problems:
              /Users/willustav/Music/iTunes Producer/Playlists/9789198015713.itmsp - Error Messages:
                        Apple's web service operation was not successful
                        Unable to authenticate the package: 9789198015713.itmsp
                        ERROR ITMS-3000: "Line 48 column 27: element "audience" missing required attribute "scheme" at XPath /package/book/metadata/audience_info/audience"
                        ERROR ITMS-3000: "Line 48 column 38: element "audience" incomplete; expected element "range" or "value" at XPath /package/book/metadata/audience_info/audience"
    Now, I cannot for the love of God understand what it means. I have tried to tweak the .epub conversion settings to be as plain as possible (in Scrivener) and I just can't make any sense of the "help" from Apple support, which just says:
    Why am I getting a delivery error in iTunes Producer?
    Import errors can appear after a validated EPUB file and the required metadata have been delivered. An import error can be caused by the following:
    Your EPUB contains files not listed in the manifest. This error is not generally caught by EPUBCheck. All files must be listed in the manifest, or there is no way to confirm that they are intended for distribution.
    Your EPUB contains characters that are not UTF-8 or UTF-16. This is typically caused by including accented or other special characters in the EPUB. If they are not properly encoded, they will not appear as expected when the customer reads your book. iTunes Producer lists the exact files that have these issues in the delivery error report.
    XHTML namespace is not properly declared in all HTML in your EPUB. This is a strict requirement for the EPUB standard. Check to ensure the proper namespace is declared in each HTML document. See the current spec at
    All date formats are not full and complete. There are strict requirements for dates listed in the EPUB OPF and NCX files. Check to see that they are complete and properly formatted.
    Your filenames have spaces or encoded characters. If your EPUB has any spaces in filenames, be sure the spaces are properly encoded in the EPUB manifest by using "%20" in their place. Filenames may not contain periods (".") other than to separate the filename from its extension.
    Note that even if your book package passes EPUBCheck, it might contain one or more of the errors above that prevent it from appearing in your iTunes Connect account. [/quote]
    There are no periods of spaces in the filenames.
    The only thing I can think of is that the text is in swedish, and perhaps the letters "å, ä, ö" can cause difficulties? But I fail to see why or how, if it works and shows perfectly on my iPad upon preview.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    I had the exact same problem but solved it. The solution lay in eliminating one unmanifested file within epub. In other words, I had listed a file in the opf manifest and also had it included in my folder as a jpg, but it was unused in the actual html file. This caused the epub to pass epub check but to fail apply validation.
    Hope this helps,

  • ITunes Producer ERROR-ITMS-6010

    Trying to use iTunes Producer to upload a new album. I'm getting: ERROR-ITMS-6010 "Adding bonus material to this playlist is not allowed" at Album/Tracks/BonusMaterial...
    Does anybody know what to do? Thanks...

    Same problem here, but I'm trying to add a digital booklet to an existing album (album is already in iTunes Music Stores). So not sure how to add a digital booklet.

  • Ibooks author file not accepted by itunes producer

    I have completed a book with an Ibooks author file size of 830MB; it is not being accepted by itunes Producer for upload. Do I need to export it to IBooks format? I did this export but the resulting file is just 77MB. I did not try to upload it via Itunes Producer as it seems to small to be correct. ????????

    Thanks this helped but not enough. I was trying to feed the I books author file directly. So, i went to File/publish and created a file labeled ITMSP. Then went back to the Publisher wizard. I was unable to load the ITMSP file but the Publication window in ITUNES Producer has the Ibook file I exported from IBA in it. I continued through the wizzard but chose not enter a target audience. When I got to the end and clicked on the button to send to Apple it went through a verification process and flagged the lack of target audience. So I went back and entered 13 and up. But the same error keeps occuring and I can not proceed. Any ideas on the following
    1. How I clear the error message now that I have entered the right data
    2.Is the Ibooks export the file that should show in the produce window, or should it be the ITMSP file that wont load there?

  • ITunes producer says images too large

    trying to upload epub book via iTunes producer. Get error message that images are too large, but they are not.

    You need to have all the apps in iTunes to update them using your Mac. iTunes will show you an update for an app with a number at the right of "Apps", in the sidebar. Just go to Apps and press "1 update available". Sync your iPhone when the download finishes. You can also connect your iPhone to Wi-Fi and download it

  • 'iTunes Producer cannot be installed on this computer'.

    I'm trying to download iTunes Producer to upload an iBook. I have a free books account. I downloaded the dmg file to my computer, but when I click on it, I get a message 'iTunes Producer cannot be installed on this computer'. Any ideas why? I have unlocked the ADMIN button on the Users panel.

    iTunes Producer 2.9 requires Mac OS v 10.6 or later.
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    Specializing in fixed-layout eBooks

  • Has anyone been able to upload an ibooks file with audio only files (m4a) in it? I keep getting the following error message during the upload in iTunes Producer: ERROR ITMS-9000: "Files of type audio/x-m4a are not allowed outside of widgets.

    Has anyone been able to upload an ibooks file with audio only files (m4a) in it? I keep getting the following error message during the upload in iTunes Producer: ERROR ITMS-9000: "Files of type audio/x-m4a are not allowed outside of widgets. then it names the file as an m4p file. Everything works beautifully on the iPad through Preview, and validates through iTunes Producer up until the attempted upload. If you've been able to accomplish this, please let me know how you prepared your audio files. Many thanks.

    Hello Fellow iBook Authors!
    Today I received the same error that you all have been discussing.  I tried selecting the DRM
    and this did not work for me, though I'm glad it did for some.  Here's what I did as a work-around. . .
    Since iBooks Author did not have a problem with Videos, I simply used one of my video programs, ScreenFlow to turn the audio into a video file m4v.  I added an image and extended the length or timing of the image to span the length of the audio file.  Then exported as an .mov.  I then opened QuickTime and opened the file and exported the file to iTunes. 
    You can use iMovie, Camtasia or any other progam that will allow you to export the audio as a movie file.  Does this make sense?  I hope this helps, at least in the short-term.
    Michael Williams

  • ITMS-9012 Error uploading package in iTunes Producer

    Hi Everyone,
    I have searched everywhere for this error number but can't seem to find anything about it.
    We finally completed our book, and filled out all of the required info for our paid iBook (we have an ISBN, tax and operational iTunes Connect account) but when I try and upload the package via iTunes Producer I get several errors. All of them are ITMS-9012 and it follows with this: "No NCX Extension found for NavPoint" and will reference different pages. When I check some of the pages it references there are no superfluous items on the page (and not even any 'links' for the page, some of them are strictly text content).
    I am baffled. It took over 4 hours to upload the file and now it seems I need to re-upload but I don't know how to fix the issue before I do. I tried using the Book Proofer app but that seems to only work with non iBA books.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated...

    I don't know if this is an issue after all. After checking my iTunes Connect account, I can see that the book is in my account so it appears to have uploaded successfully even though I got that strange error message.

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