Itunes puts PDF file in music

When I 'add to Library'  a large pdf files it puts them into my music
and not into a 'Book' folder on the left side of iTunes. How do I get
a Book folder to show up ? I want to use iBooks on my iPad to
read them and can't get them transferred to the iPad.

Mavericks no longer has a book section in the Sidebar. Use iBooks to manage your PDFs. Once the books are in iBooks on your computer, you can sync them across to the iPad. When connected, a 'books' tab will show in iTunes which is used to sync books.

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  • Can't put pdf files to itunes 10.6.3 on windows 7

    After updating itunes to 10.6.3, I can't put pdf files to library from windows 7. But it works well on mac. Who can help?

    Acrobat Pro 8 is not compatible with Win 7---especially for creating pdfs.

  • Itunes difficulty to put pdf files to my Ipad

    Why its so difficult the new itunes, it used to be so easy, i always have to go through pain to put pdf files in my ipad.
    Any video tutorials on how to do this easily?

    Hi GrattanGuru,
    You have creative cloud subscription as you have mentioned. Under Adobe Reader to convert PDF to other formats Adobe offers online service called services:
    That would be the reason support person might have told you on call, that you have to pay for that service.
    Under creative cloud you are getting Adobe applications. However under you are getting online services which are providing Acrobat functions online.
    Ajlan Huda.

  • How do I put pdf files in my courses?

    How do I get pdf files into my course?
    I have seen other courses with a tab for pdf files. The documentation say that yo can put pdf files into a course by uploading it to iTunes U, but Apple no longer support uploading content to iTunes U.

    If you can upload files to your iTunes U site, you can upload PDF files.
    However, if you iTunes U site was created after the beginning of 2009, then you have a self-hosted site (that is, you cannot upload files to Apple). Sites created today are all self-hosted. In a self-hosted site, you distribute files through RSS feeds that you setup at your own institution. PDFs should also work for when you self-host.

  • How to put pdf file on crystal reports.

    Hi all,
    I'd like to put pdf file which is the attachment of Item master on crystal reports.
    I tried OITM.attachment but it only shows the location where the file is, not file itself.
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi you can add it as a hyperlink (just remember: all the attachments are in this one line, so you need to separe it by ";")
    or you can simply use the insert>OLE object>Adobe ...
    Be vary it has some limitations.
    I think this is what you are looking for

  • How do i put pdf files in Ibooks

    I have a new Iphone 4s and I cannot get my PDF files to dowload in I books. I was a previous Droid owner, like the phone but?

    I drag .pdf files from my desktop into iTunes (in the Book/App/Music area) and then sync with my phone.
    In iBooks, they are visible by swiping left, or clicking Books/PDF's to bring up the viewer for your format.

  • How do I put pdf files on my site

    I am making a site for my husband and there are several things (newsletters mostly) that exist as pdf files.  I want to put them on it by having a link to click.  Do I have to make them their own pages and then link to them from the "news" page?  I wouldn't want them in the main site menu.
    Or do I need to be looking for more advanced website development software?

    All you have to do is make the files hyperlinks in exactly the same way that you would do with normal hyperlinks.
    So type in the text that you want and then highlight the text and then go to hyperlink and select hyperlink to a file and then select the file that you want to hyperlink to and it will be set.
    The only thing is that you cannot test this link because it will not work until and unless it is published to your host/server - it will not work if you publish to your desktop - it does need to be published to your server.
    The other way to link to a pdf document is to upload either a downloads or a documents folder with all your downloads in directly to your server.  If you upload this directly to your server, then you type in your text in the same way and then highlight it, but rather than creating your hyperlink to a file, you would create an external link to your own site and following the file path to your server, so if you uploaded a folder called Documents and then the pdf was called Test.pdf, the the link you create would be and then this would work in the same way as hyperlinking to a file instead.  You can also test it and it would work even when the site has not been uploaded to your server because the files are already on your server and not waiting to be uploaded.

  • Putting PDF files onto ipod

    hi there i have been given a PDF file of my freinds overseas trip which is practically all photos with little text is it possible to put this on my ipod classic??

  • Booklet converted to .pdf is fine for printing/folding, but for putting pdf file online website - pages in wrong order.  How to fix?

    I created a booklet in Publisher and then saved as .pdf file to post on a website.  When printed, pages are ok for folding and printing in the right order, but the .pdf file to look at shows pages out of order.  is there a way to fix this?

    Not with Reader.
    You would probably need to rebuild the original document and recreate the pdf.

  • Hi, I have just recently purchased a new laptop, I am transferring the music from my old library to my new library via USB and they are now sucessfully transferred however how do I get iTunes to automatically file the music in my computers documents?

    I want my iTunes library to be saved and stored in my music documents in my laptop like they would be if you bought the songs but how do I get iTunes to do this?

    Hi kirstynugent,
    If you are having issues moving the musing in your iTunes Library from your old computer to your new computer and making sure that it is located correctly, you may find the following article helpful:
    iTunes: How to move your music to a new computer
    - Brenden

  • How do I put audio files in Music without syncing to iTunes?

    I'm on the road with my laptop and iPhone.  I've created some audio files on the laptop and I need to put them on my iPhone.  I'd like to access them with the Music folder.  I haven't yet converted from MobileMe to iCloud and my desktop computer is the one I use to sync to my iPhone.  If I used my laptop to sync to my iPhone while on the road I believe that I'll lose all of my current music and podcasts on the iPhone.  Any suggestions as to how I could get these audio files from my laptop to my iPhone?

    Probably easier for me to put all my stuff on my wife's computer I suppose.
    Rebuilding all those iTunes playlists is not very fun though.
    And of course anything new that I want on my laptop I will have to duplicate on her laptop in the future.
    Not sure how iCloud works just yet.
    So you can't have two laptops and manually sync both people's stuff to one iPad?

  • What is the best way to put PDF file to iBook

    I've just got iPad 2 as my wedding's gift last two weeks which i have to admit that I'm very very into it.(I currently got iPhone 3G and computer knowledge)
    But the problems is my computer's hdd was full of data and I can't manage to delete some of them now so, it's impossible to put more books in my iTune and sync to iPad as it's a regular way.
    Any one have any suggestion to put the PDF directly to iPad without sync with iTune with the following conditions.
    1. No jailbreak
    2. No paid apps (Pay enough this month)
    3. The file size was quite large (Over 100 Mb each)
    4. Inter/Local net enabled
    Thanks in advance.

    Where are the PDFs ? If they are already on your computer then you can add them to iTunes without a separate copy being created in the iTunes media directory - if you make sure that 'Copy File To iTunes Media Folder When Adding To Library' is unticked on the Advanced tab in Edit  > Preferences then when you add them to iTunes it shouldn't create it's own copy, and should point to their current location instead. You should then be able to sync them as normal.
    If they are on websites then you should be able to open them in Safari and then use 'open in' to copy them to iBooks. You can also email them to yourself as attachments and then use 'open in' in the Mail app.
    There are also apps such as PDF Reader Lite iPad Edition (which is free) which you can use to transfer PDFs to your iPad via your wifi network (or via the file sharing section in iTunes). When the PDFs are then in that app on the iPad you can then copy them from there into iBooks.

  • How to ensure the link between iTunes Library itl file and Music Folder residing on a different drive?

    I'm planning to move my Music Library from a PC to Mac.  Both running iTunes 10.  
    On the PC (Win XP) the iTues folder did not move from My Music folder when music (and videos, books, etc) were moved to a different drive on the PC.  iTunes runs ok, but the itl, xml and itdb files remain in the My Music Folder.
    When I transfer the music (folder and all other contents) to the Mac, and then the itl, xml, itdb files into the new Music>iTunes folder will they still be "linked" or will I need to rebuild the itl from scratch?
    Is there a way to ensure that the itl and music files themselves transfer to the Mac and remain linked once iTunes is launched?

    Making a split library portable
    Here are typical layouts for the iTunes folders:
    If the iTunes folder contains the iTunes Media folder as above then the iTunes folder can be moved to a new location/drive/computer without breaking the file references. Although it is possible to migrate a split library from one system to another, the media folder must end up at precisely the same drive letter & path on the target system. This is feasible when moving between Windows systems, possibly feasible moving between Macs, but definitely impossible when moving PC to Mac or vice versa.
    Assume the media folder on the external drive is called ..\<Parent>\<Media> and the library files are in the usual place of <Profile's Music>\iTunes.
    You need to copy the library files and Album Artwork folder into the <Parent> folder, then use the hold-down-shift-when-starting-iTunes method (hold down option for Macs) to open the copy of the database that you've made in the <Parent> folder.
    Once this library has been opened and tested there are a few changes you can make so that it conforms to the standard layout. When iTunes opens it uses the folder name where the database is located as the window name so if the <Parent> folder isn't called iTunes then neither will be the main iTunes window. Close iTunes, rename <Parent> as iTunes and use the hold-down-shift-when-starting-iTunes method to open iTunes again. If <Parent> is the root of the drive, make a new folder called iTunes and move the library files, Album Artwork & <Media> folders into the new iTunes folder instead. Start iTunes, then check under Edit > Preferences > Advanced that the media folder location has been correctly updated and edit if necessary.
    You may also want to correct the media folder name. Having applied the fix above, if it was necessary, close iTunes then rename the <Media> folder as iTunes Media. Start iTunes and again check under Edit > Preferences > Advanced that the media folder location has been correctly updated and edit if necessary.
    Congratulations, your library is now fully portable and you can connect your external drive to any computer running the same build of iTunes, Mac or PC, in order to work with it. Don't forget to deauthorise the old computer if you won't need to access protected content on it again.

  • Getting error While attaching Report out put Pdf file to POAPPRV workflow

    I am getting below error in workflow
    Item Type = POAPPRV
    Item Key = 60383-243513
    User Key =40515
    Error Name = WF_ERROR
    Error Message = [WF_ERROR] ERROR_MESSAGE=3835: Error '-20002 - ORA-20002: [WFMLR_DOCUMENT_ERROR]' encountered during execution of Generate function 'WF_XML.Generate' for event ''. ERROR_STACK=
    GNE_PO_CREATE_FILE_ATTACHMENT.Gne_Create_File_Attachment(60383-243513 OAPPRV, text/html)
    Wf_Notification.GetAttrblob(207046, PO_REPORT, text/html)
    WF_XML.GetAttachment(207046, text/html)
    WF_XML.GetAttachments(207046,, 850
    WF_XML.GenerateDoc(, 207046)
    WF_XML.Generate(, 207046)
    WF_XML.Generate(, 207046)
    Wf_Event.setMessage(, 207046, WF_XML.Generate)
    Error Stack =
    Activity Id = 124108
    Result Code = #MAIL
    Notification Id = 207046
    The Code used in procedure is given below
    procedure Gne_Create_File_Attachment (document_id in varchar2,
    display_type in varchar2,
    document in out blob,
    document_type in out varchar2)
    l_itemtype varchar2(100);
    l_itemkey varchar2(100);
    l_output_directory varchar2(30);
    l_filename varchar2(255);
    src_loc bfile;
    bdoc blob;
    src_offset number := 1;
    dst_offset number := 1;
    amount number;
    l_request_id varchar2(100);
    l_itemtype := substr(document_id, 1, instr(document_id, ':') - 1);
    l_itemkey := substr(document_id, instr(document_id, ':') + 1, length(document_id) - 2);
    select attribute4
    into l_request_id
    from po_headers_all
    where to_char(PO_HEADER_ID)=l_itemtype;
    l_output_directory := 'APPLCSF/APPLOUT';
    l_filename := 'o'||l_request_id;
    src_loc := bfilename(l_output_directory,l_filename);
    dbms_lob.createTemporary(bdoc, FALSE,;
    dbms_lob.fileopen(src_loc, dbms_lob.file_readonly);
    amount := dbms_lob.getLength(bdoc);
    document_type := 'application/pdf; name=attach.pdf';
    end GNE_Create_File_Attachment;
    PROCEDURE Gne_Assign_wf_Attribute(
    itemtype IN VARCHAR2,
    itemkey IN VARCHAR2,
    actid IN NUMBER,
    funcmode IN VARCHAR2,
    resultout OUT NOCOPY VARCHAR2)
    v_user_name varchar2(100);
    (itemtype => itemtype
    , itemkey => itemkey
    , aname => 'PO_REPORT'
    , documentid =>'PLSQLBLOB:GNE_PO_CREATE_FILE_ATTACHMENT.GNE_Create_File_Attachment/'
    || itemkey
    || ':'
    || itemtype);
    end if;
    END Gne_Assign_wf_Attribute;
    Can Any Body Please help me....
    It is very urgent..
    Thanks In Advance
    Anil Kumar

    There are two ways to look at what error the PLSQLBLOB API is throwing.
    1) Call your PLSQLBLOB API GNE_PO_CREATE_FILE_ATTACHMENT.Gne_Create_File_Attachment directly from a PLSQL block and verify that it returns the BLOB data successfully.
    You could also call another WF API that in turn executes the PLSQLBLOB API internally. For example,
    l_document blob;
    l_doctype varchar2(240);
    l_aname varchar2(90);
    dbms_lob.CreateTemporary(l_document, true, dbms_lob.Session);
    -- 207046 - This is the notification id of your failed workflow
    -- PO_REPORT - Document type attribute
    -- 'text/html' - Content Type being generated for
    Wf_Notification.GetAttrBLOB(207046, 'PO_REPORT', 'text/html', l_document, l_doctype, l_aname);
    -- Print the size of the document here to verify it was fetched correctly
    2) Turn on log for SYSADMIN user with following attributes.
    Log Enabled = TRUE
    Log Level = ERROR
    Log Module = wf.plsql%
    Restart the Workflow Deferred Agent Listener and Workflow Notification Deferred Agent Listener and run your workflow process. Search for log messages written for above context and you can identify the error at wf.plsql.WF_XML.GetAttachment module with message starting as "Error when getting BLOB attachment ->"
    Hope this helps.

  • ITunes no longer recognizes my music library

    So I have the bulk of my music library stored on an external HD and for me to listen to music all I have to do is connect my HD. I have never had a problem with it before, but now iTunes doesn't know where my music is even though it is connected to the HD. Alternatively, it asks to me to find the music I select and when I do it then plays it but it still can't find the remainder of my files.
    How do I get iTunes to further recognize my files without individually finding them for it?
    Completely lost,

    You don't say if your mac or windows, but mac itunes has library file and music file - click on library and you get the app window, click on music file and you'll find the playable files which are the ones you have to link to is you're getting the ! mark - I copied the whole itunes file to an external firewire 800 HD and linked itunes to that folder and no problems - but a couple weeks later I started to get the ! mark and when I went looking in the music file, there were no longer there... a couple weeks later and I've gone from 4 songs to over a hundred missing - the ones from my cd's I could load again but some of them were from itunes downloads and they won't address this problem but have no problem telling me I have to pay to download again - But they are all still on my ipod, just not in my computer.

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  • Viewing email attachments

    i would find it uber helpful to be able to do a coverflow-type search of my email attachments. does anyone know if such a tool or functionality exists? TIA