ITunes says I'm running out of disk space but I have plenty

I'm running iTunes and save my ripped files to a 80 Gig Maxtor external hard drive. When I do a directory of that external hard drive, I see 40+ Gig free.
(I have about 700 albums which totals about 700 * 50 Meg per album ~ 35 Gig). However when I rip my CDs, iTunes is complaining that I'm running out of disk space.
Any ideas what's going on?

What's the exact message?
Do you always have your ExHD turned on before you fire up iTunes? Cuz if not, it defaults back to C: drive and maybe that is the drive low on room.

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  • HELP!! Everytime I go on something on my iPad it says " you are running out of disk space delete some files to continue" please help me

    Hi can someone help me everytime I want to go on a game on the iPad 2 it says "you are running out of disk space delete some files to continue " and I don't understand it caus the iPad hasn't got a disk space and it's making everything on my iPad very slow please can anyone help me and tell me what I need to do? Thanks

    How much space is your Other using? You may be able to reduce.
    How Do I Get Rid Of The “Other” Data Stored On My iPad Or iPhone?
    With an iOS device, the “Other” space in iTunes is used to store things like documents, settings, caches, and a few other important items. If you sync lots of documents to apps like GoodReader, DropCopy, or anything else that reads external files, your storage use can skyrocket. With iOS 5, you can see exactly which applications are taking up the most space. Just head to Settings > General > Usage, and tap the button labeled Show All Apps. The storage section will show you the app and how much storage space it is taking up. Tap on the app name to get a description of the additional storage space being used by the app’s documents and data. You can remove the storage-hogging application and all of its data directly from this screen, or manually remove the data by opening the app. Some applications, especially those designed by Apple, will allow you to remove stored data by swiping from left to right on the item to reveal a Delete button.
     Cheers, Tom

  • HT2481 iphoto now says it is running low on disc space. i should have plenty. not sure how to checkit

    iphoto says it is running low on disc space. i should have plenty. not sure how to check my space or increase my space

    In the finder select your hard drive and get info

  • Saying Ipod touch running out of disk space

    Keep getting message saying my Ipod touch running out of disk space. I only have 400 songs, 18 pictures, 2 movies. How do I delete movies from the Ipod? How could I be out of disk space?

    Is it really saying "disk space"?
    What ar you doing when you get that error?
    If you go to Settings>Genera>About wht is the "Available" GB?

  • It keeps saying running out of disk space need to delete some photos and videos but i already cleared out all my photos and videos and it keeps saying the same thing

    it keeps saying running out of disk space need to delete some photos and videos but i already cleared out all my photos and videos and it keeps saying the same thing.

    Connect the iPod to your computer. Click on the iPod under Devices and iTunes. How large is the "other" category as shown in the colored bargraph? If larger than about 3/4 GB, restore the iPod. That large of "other" indicates corrupted files.

  • Why is my iPod running out of disk space

    why is my iPod running out of disk space because i used to have 796 photos on my ipod and i deleted them and now i have 36 and when i try to update apps it says "warning you are running out of disk space please delete some photos and videos" PLEASE HELP ME!

    connect your device to itunes and click on your device
    thn go to the summary tab( by default u will be in the summary tab..
    then at the bottom it'll show u what items and taking the space.. and u can delete accordingly

  • Running out of disk space in c drive

    i'm new to OBIEE, i installed obiee on my computer , i'm doing practice on sample sales. every day i could see message running out of disk space, daily i'm purging cache entries and deleting sessions in UI, and also deleting temp files in oracle BI data, but still i'm facing this problem.
    could anyone give me more ideas.
    Your valuable suggestions are appreciated.

    iTunes prefs - Advanced.
    Set the *iTunes media folder location* to the external drive.
    Make sure *Keep iTunes media folder organized* and *Copy files to iTunes media folder ...* are both checked.
    Then go to iTunes menu File > Library > Organize library - Consolidate.
    This will copy everything in iTunes to the new location.
    After it is complete, quit iTunes then delete \Music\iTunes\iTunes media\ folder.

  • Running out of disk space - External Drive Advice

    I've been importing all of our HDV video in "Large" fomat (Not the original or full size). We have an Apple TV so wanted to get the qaulity up for our large TV.
    Anyway, we have lots of digital pics, huge iTunes library and now I'm starting to run out of disk space with all of my iMovie imports.
    I would like to buy a huge external drive to help offload:
    Is there any reason I should be concerned about storing my video on external drive? Any editing performance issues?
    I use time machine, if I buy a huge external, can I split it in half and use part for time machine and part for imovie?
    Just curious.

    I agree that you can make this work. Your external drive must be formatted as Mac OS Extended (journaled). You can do this as you are creating your 2 partitions in Disk Utility, if it has a different formatting when you buy it.
    If you want to move your Events from your internal drive to your new external drive, you need to do it from within iMovie so you do not break the links to your projects. To do this, open iMovie and click VIEW/EVENTS BY VOLUME. You should be able to see a small icon in your Event Library List for your external drive. You can Command-Drag your event icons in the event library list to this icon for your external, and all the links to your projects will be preserved. (hold down the command key while dragging). If you do a simple drag and drop, it will copy not move.

  • Running out of disk space error even tho I have 200GB free!!

    Dear users,
    I have a huge problem. I have dowloaded an application from the AppStore named "Virtual City" and once I try to play the game it crashes saying "Running out of disk space" even tho I have more than 200GB free on my hard disk.
    I am using a MacBook Pro Mid April 2010 with Lion latest version.
    What could be the problem??
    Thanks in advance.

    Did you try to reset your phone by holding the sleep and home button until the Apple logo comes back again?
    Do you have an "other" section on your phone, bigger than 1GB? If yes, try to restore the phone to bring it back to normal size, it might contain corrupt data from an unsuccessful sync.

  • Running out of disk space on an early  2008 intel based  320gb HD

    yesterday asked if. should be running out of disk space if  my  320 gb has  248 gb of used space. In the using  your. Intel based  i Mac   secttion of  this fourm It  appears out of space  on  the HD .can upgrade the HD If so what  steps i must take to do so  and how  much bigger external must buy if   1 tb HD verse  a  3 TB and will to buy the external HD before reach over 500gb  of  used space  on the back up I now have.

    Lewis T wrote:
    I Have Moved Itune and only 2.15Gb of Photos at some I will have Upgrade the  Hard to 1 TB or higher   What are the step have go through.  and  how can I transfer the files form old to the new Hard Drive
    Get the new HD and an enclosure to put it into, then after formatting it to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) in GUID partition use either Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper! to create a bootable clone of the internal HD. Then install the new HD into the computer. However rather than going through this excercise which is major surgery on an iMac I'd simply get external HD's to store large amounts of data. My iMac's internal HD is only 320GB however it staill has 219GB of free HD space because I store my large libraries on external HD's. Much easier and the performance doesn't suffer and I didn't run into any issues with breaking internal parts of making serious errors.

  • Error message-the volume unkown is about to run out of disk space.

    When I try to log and transfer any of my video clips from my camera it doesn't work, because in the middle of the transfer it comes up with a message saying volume unknown is about to run out of disk space, please clear some space and hit continue...This shouldn't be, because I have more than enough room on my mac. So I'm wondering what, if anything do I need to delete. And what else I have to do so I can get back to successfully transfering my clips. Thanks alot!

    Are you capturing to the internal boot/system drive of your computer?
    Also, how much remaining free space do you have on the drive you have set as the media or scratch disc?

  • How do I recover iMovie files corrupted by running out of disk space?

    I've been using iMovie HD 6.0.3 to create recordings using a webcam from time to time. Usually I just leave the camera on during presentations. On two different occasions I ran out of hard disk space, and have been unable to playback the videos I've recorded. One is very important and I'd like to save it if at all possible. The video data is definitely on the hard drive (I have a 9 gig file), however, attempts to play it using Quicktime Pro or iMovie fail. iMovie acts as if the movie contains no data even though over 2 hours were recorded. (Quicktime Pro responds with a Mac OS Error -1409)
    Apparently if iMovie runs out of disk space during a recording, it is unable to save or later recover the file properly. While it seems to store the video data, perhaps the file is missing some sort of critical markers or pointers.
    Does anyone know of a way to recover the video from this file? Perhaps there is a tool to somehow pull the video stream out of the corrupted file that was saved by iMovie?
    Please let me know if you have any ideas! It is very important that I recover these files. Thanks!

    Hi QuakingBog - What happened when you discovered this situation?
    1. There was an error displayed on the screen saying it was almost out of disk space.
    Did iMovie remain open, with the file showing in the Clips Pane or Timeline?
    2. The clip I was recording went from showing the image which was on the camera and elapsed time (which had been over 2 hours just before then) to showing just black and showing a total record time of 0:00 as soon as it ran out of disk space. Even though lots of data was recorded, it went back to looking as if nothing was recorded.
    I would be surprised if iMovie 'saved' it of its own accord (it has no auto-save feature). Did you hit Save? If there is a 9 GB file, then obviously somehow something was saved.
    3. Yes, I hit save. I also hit "Save As" after this and saved it to an external hard disk with more free space as well. I can't get anything to play from either place.
    Have you checked within the project 'package' to see if there are any files actually saved? To check, Control-Click on the project (with the star on it), and select Show Package Contents. Anything in the Media folder? Look for a .mov file in one of the folders - does it play?
    4. Yes, there are files in there. There is a Clip that is 9.29 gb, but it won't open or play.
    In cache there are...
    Timeline 8KB
    Thumbnails.plist 4K
    Timeline Movie Data.plist 4K
    In media there is also...
    My Great Movie~ 4K
    My Great Movie 4K
    Any further suggestions would be very appreciated based upon this additional information. Thanks for helping!

  • I keep getting a Warning that I'm running out of disk space. Even after I deleted all of my photos and e-mail I still show 0 available. Please help!

    I keep getting a Warning that I'm running out of disk space. Even after I deleted all of my photos and e-mail I still show 0 available space. Please help!

    Correct KiltedTim the iPhone does not have a disk drive, and it does give an error message about running out of disk space. I'm here searching for how to clear it and/or what causes it. A friends 8gb iphone 3G has started giving her that message. It is not jailbroken, has no videos, 400 songs, 20 apps. The system information says there is 0 bytes free. There is 4.6 Gb of "other" data taking up the remaining free space. None of the few apps on the phone I expect would take up that much space with data. Even her emails and saved text messages shouldn't fill 4GB. New iPhone coming in the next couple of days. Easiest to just reset the old one after the upgrade and redownload the apps to make sure not to mess things up.

  • I am running out of disk space, how do I free up some memory?

    I am running out of disk space. I think most of the memory is taken up by iTunes with music and TV shows. How do I free up some memory?

    If you are either new to the Mac OS, or like me, are a non-techie, just a small thing to understand. Memory in all ways, denotes RAM, while storage space is your SSD/iHD.
    There can be a problem that you are moving out your stuff from the iHD to external device, yet the storage continues to shrink. It is because of a temporary Trash folder, that may not be accessible othrwise. Its always a good & harmless idea to clear it, to have surplus storage space. Refer to http:// for a quick 2 minute resolution to this problem. This will, for sure, do the trick.

  • You are running out of disk space error message

    When i connect my iphone to itunes its continously tell me I am running out of disk space please delet some videos and photos and i have a ton of space available?

    Did you try to reset your phone by holding the sleep and home button until the Apple logo comes back again?
    Do you have an "other" section on your phone, bigger than 1GB? If yes, try to restore the phone to bring it back to normal size, it might contain corrupt data from an unsuccessful sync.

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