ITunes will not transfer songs and podcasts to iPod

Whenever I try to synch, or manually transfer a song/podcast, I get an error message saying that the is "not enough room". But when I open the device through iTunes, it shows that there are only two songs on it. I tried restoring iTunes and I ran the iPod reset utility (it did nothing). when I look in the manual, it tells me to go to places (ie: the settings tab) which do not show up on my iTunes. How do I get this device to start accepting downloads again?

Try it again... It works! New iTunes version
I have had the same problems, for years it seems. Shuffle Gen2 (I have 2) would tie up iTunes for hours. Restore, utility, reset--nothing would let me update songs on the shuffle (except using a Mac). The swarmy Apple genius workers did not know the answer; they would only say that it works on Macs (which was true, it did work on my Mac notebook BUT my library is on a Windows desktop).
Anyway, I decided to try this again today. Success! Using iTunes I guess they fixed the bug.

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    my music in itunes will not transfer to my iphone or ipod! Help??

    What have you tried?
    What happened?
    Error message?
    What did it say?
    Any info?

  • I have a ipod classic and my itunes will not download songs I have brought help

    I have a ipod classic and my itunes will not download songs I have brought help

    Are you sure the error message/prompt isn't referring to the amount of disk space available on your PC's internal hard drive?  If you head to Start -> My Computer.  How much space is free on your C: drive?
    Maybe it would help if you could post a small screen shot of the error.

  • ITunes will not load songs on IPod

    Recently, my Itunes has stopped adding songs to my Ipod. When I try to drag a playlist into my Ipod, Itunes will load one song and then stop. I've made sure that I have my Ipod set to manually manage my music. I've connected another Ipod and the same thing happens. Any assistance that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciate.

    I am also having the same problem with IPod Mini(6G). I purchased it September 2005.
    The only thing different was that I needed to change my credit card information. I wonder if that had anything to do with it.

  • Updated to Windows 8.1 and ITunes will not recognize the nano 6th generatio IPod

    Updated to Windows 8.1 and ITunes will not recognize the nano 6th geneartion IPod. I tried all the things that was listed on troubleshooting. Help

    Did you ever get help for this? I use the radio feature often and now it will not play, since updating to Windows 8.1.

  • HT1848 My iPod will not transfer songs because of an unknown error (-50). Does anyone know what this means?

    My iPod will not transfer songs because of an unknown error (-50). Does anyone know what this means?

    Use search to find out what the error is.

  • TS3833 I am receiving this error when syncing my ipod: iTunes could not copy "song name" to the iPod "name" because an unknown error occurred (-50).  I am using iTunes version Why?

    I am receiving this error when syncing my ipod: iTunes could not copy "song name" to the iPod "name" because an unknown error occurred (-50).  I am using iTunes version Why?

    Right click the filename that won't download and selsct 'Get Info'. Look at the file path, does it have a //?// in it? That is a problem with Amazon downloads that prevent iTunes from finding the file. Use 'Add Folder' to add the album to your library and try syncing it again

  • Itunes will not syc with one of my ipods?

    iTunes will not syc with one of my ipods?

    A bit more info for those of you reading this.... the problem seemed to be in iTunes. For each connected device , if I clicked on the Photo option I could no longer select the second radio button for limiting the photos by Events, Albums, etc.  It was an all or nothing deal. But selecting all would cause the error.
    So I had read the other forum posts about the "&" symbol being the cause of the problem.  I went through iPhoto and made all of the changes. It did not work. I then looked at iTunes, using the AlbumData2.xml file listed in the other forums as a reference.  I found one album with the "&". I edited that one.  Still would not work.  So then I spent 3 hours on the phone with AppleCare last week. I talked with 4 different advisors. None of them had heard about the "&" error from the forums. We tried everything in iPhoto including repair and rebuild.  Finally we created a whole new library and reimported my master photos from my original one.  Using this option would allow me to now check off that radio button in iTunes.  BUT... I now lost all of my albums and events and would need to rebuid them.  I was not happy. They agreed and we set up time to talk this week.
    So today I talked with AppleCare again. They now have more info and said the problem has to do with iTunes and the new iPhoto 9.4. It does not like the "&" symbol anywhere in either iPhoto or iTunes. So they now have me going through everything in my iTunes library. Genre is OK but any other item cannot have " & ". I have several dozen to edit and will do it over the weekend and then restore my original iPhoto Library and see if I can finally get it all to sync. I will let you know how I make out, but apparently you need to eliminate " & " from every entry in iTunes and iPhoto.
    Quality control is not up to par with Apple these days. 

  • IBook repaired, songs bought through iTunes will not transfer back to iPod

    i found the way to get my songs from my iPod to my computer, but now all of the songs i bought through iTunes will not go back to my iPod. error message is "some of the songs, including "so-and-so" (actually it's Alice Cooper's Feed my Frankenstein :)HA!) were not moved to the iPod because you are not authorized to play them on this computer." the problem is, this is the same computer, it's just been wiped by Apple and i reinstalled everything. i see in one of these forums that you can apparently double click on the song to get it to transfer back, but i have about 3000 songs, so it's hard to tell what i bought from iTunes from what i had already. can anyone help me do this in one foul swoop? THANKS!

    thanks. will try that when i get home.

  • CDs I put on my itunes will not transfer.

    So last year my old computer fried and I got a new conputer. I installed itunes and had some CDs that I wanted on my ipod. I imported the CDs and then synced my ipod well now those songs will not transfer onto my ipod. The only songs on my ipod are the ones I bought. I am not sure what to do and hope there is a solution.

    Try here:
    Some songs in iTunes won't copy to iPod
    Did you import the CDs via iTunes?  If not what did you use?
    If you "Get info" for thos songs, what is specified for the purchaser?  Is the iPod signed inot that accout (if applicable).

  • ITunes will not transfer my purchases from phone to computer?

    I had to restore my computer just to get itunes working on my new computer, and while i did this, I lost over 300 songs that i had purchased from itunes. Some songs were from my moms account, and some were from mine. but it says only 300 and something songs were on her account and i KNOW for a **** fact that i had 1252 songs on her account for me alone. And when i go to transfer purchases from my phone to my computer it will not transfer. Please fix this or else i will never use itunes again and i will bash this companys name. Never in my life have i had such a **** experiance with this company. you should be ashamed of all of these problems. I cant uninstall itunes unless i want to restore my computer again. so DO NOT offer me that suggestion because i WILL NOT restore this computer a 6th time because of your screw ups

    We are fellow users here on these user-to-user forums, you're not talking to iTunes Support nor Apple.
    You should be able to copy them back onto your computer from your backup of your library that you've been keeping. Both accounts are authorised on your computer's iTunes and the music was purchased from iTunes, and File > Devices > Transfer Purchases doesn't copy them ? That won't copy music bought from other sources and/or copied from CDs.
    Depending upon what country that you are in and if they are still in your country's store, then you might be able to redownload your purchases on your computer via the Purchased link under Quicklinks on the store home page on your computer's iTunes, though redownloading an account's purchases may tie the computer to that account for 90 days :

  • Itunes help.  One album that is in itunes will not transfer to my iphone.  i purchased it while on my ipad which is linked to the same apple id.  any suggestions?

    Need iTunes help.  I have one album that I purchased on my ipad that will not transfer over to my iphone.  Any suggestions on how I can get this into my iphone.  Thanks!

    Hello, Magaret44. 
    Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities. 
    Try downloading this album by accessing your previous purchases. 
    Downloading past purchases from the iTunes Store, App Store, and iBooks Store
    Jason H. 

  • ITunes will NOT transfer purchases made via Apple TV - ATV HD is now FULL!

    For an unknown reason, All of my recent PURCHASES made via Apple TV remain on ATV as they will NOT TRANSFER to my iTunes. Now my ATV drive is full.
    No changes have been made to either configuration.
    The only update that was installed during this period was to BootCamp.
    Please fix this issue. It's been around for a long long time.

    Problem still exists. Have tried all suggestions that I have found so far on the web.
    Resetting is not an option as I live in a RURAL are where the local ISP charges by Gbytes transferred.
    The only option I see at this time is to hack the ATV to accept a USB drive and manually transfer.
    Please post any success you might have with this issue.
    ZERO follow through from Apple is not acceptable.

  • ITunes will not transfer purchases

    I installed Vista x64, which does not work with iTunes. So, I use an old XP box, and now iTunes will not let me transfer my purchases. It says something like "This does not belong to this computer," even though I just wiped my iPod. It still does not work. Does anybody have the answer?

    Actually, it just works so nevermind

  • ITunes will not play songs

    iTunes will not play any songs from my library. When I click on the song to play the title appears in the box as if it is going to play but the the bar does not move and then the title disappears and a bunch of lines appear.
    When I play a video, movie or TV program the video plays fine, but no audio comes out.
    Audio and video work fine in any other application and all the system sounds work fine. I can also play audio and video fine using Windows Media Player.
    I have shut-down and restarted several times and even let the computer stay shut-down overnight, but to no avail. I have upgraded to the newest version of iTunes and QuickTime. I have also made sure I have the most current version of all audio and video drivers for my laptop. I have also update Vista to Service Pack 1. I also noticed that MS Silverlight also loaded, so not sure if this could be causing my problems.
    Any help that anybody can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    Finally was able to fix the problem. Here is what I had to do:
    1. Uninstall MS Silverlight
    2. Install all new Audio and Video drivers (even though they were already the newest versions I had to re-install them).
    3. Installed newest MS Windows Vista upgrade.
    4. Restarted computer
    5. Made sure all my audio settings were set to use the proper speakers.
    Now everything is working fine.

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