IWeb '08  Color of Photos on a Photo Page

I installed iWeb '08 selected a template, choose the photo page, posted the photos but when I view them they are much darker and too red. Nothing like the original images.
I can't correct them using the inspector as it does not work for photo pages.
What can I do to display the photos in their original state? They look awful and I'm a professional photographer who uses iWeb to show clients my work.
I only have this problem since I installed '08.
Thanks for your help.
Mighty Dog

reported this to apple.
hope they are gonna do something about it soon.
they seem to have switched to the belief, that
untagged rgb is evil rgb and has to be converted
to some other profile....
it´s really a pitty - iweb 06 did it in correct way.
my web photo galleries have become worthless now.
not professional any more.

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    I am unable to print color photos from i photo using a Brother MFC-6490CW all in one.  The photos appear to be in grayscale.  I have checked the printer settings, but for some reason I am not able to access the color management on my printer from printer set up.  It only gives me the standard option.  I have spent hours checking Bother's website and Apple's and I am not able to come up with a valid answer.  I know that the color print works.  If I print something from the internet of from outlook it will print in color.  I know all of my cartridges are in working order, I have cleaned the print head on my Brother, but I am still not able to print photos in color!!!
    What puzzles me the most is why I am unable to really access the color management menu on my printer?  It just does not come up.  I have the option from paper handling to print photos, but this has nothing to do with the quality.  I have also tried printing the photo from an Adobe PDF file and I still have the same problem.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?  Thank you.

    In the Print dialogue box click on the little triangle to the right of the name of the printer. That will expand the dialogue box.

  • With iLife/iWeb '06/.Mac :    can I put photos in a Photo Gallery?

    If a person has iLife '06 and the iWeb that came with it (and the update)
    and belongs to .Mac:
    1) can s/he put photos up in the Photo Gallery?
    2) Or must one have iWeb '08 to put photos onto the Photo Gallery?
    I plan to get the Intel iMac when it arrives and I hear that iLife '08 will come installed.
    Thank you,
    — Lorna in Southern California

    Dear Quictime Kirk — You are thinking as I do about those purchases, except that I also want to buy iWork so that I can have Pages. (Keynote will be a nice extra.)
    My website is large and I do want to shift it all into iWeb '08 because I believe (tell me if I'm wrong) that it will have a nicer look. I am not necessarily meaning those widgets.
    I intend to delete some of the pages which time has shown I have less interest in, but there are additions that I want to make....... and I want to do it all with the new iWeb in iLife '08.
    I still remember that awesome page of yours, the fires of Malibu, and the music.
    ~ Lorna Reiko Alexander

  • Photos missing from photo galleries in iWeb 08

    I currently have a very big problem with iWeb 08:
    after opening & converting the existing domain, and saving, upon re-opening the domain, all photos from the photo galleries are missing. The page is literally empty except for the space holder, not even the menu bar etc. is there.
    All other pages are ok, it's just the photo galleries that have been corrupted.
    I had saved the old domain, and retried it, it happened also on the second attempt.

    I've been doing some experimenting on a copy of a backup I had of my domain files (THANK GOODNESS--be sure YOU have one too!), and I may have resolved my issues:
    1. This time, I made sure to put the Domain file in the preferred iWeb location ( i.e. <my user account>/Library/Application Support/iWeb--it wasn't there on my first try (I had it in a different folder location).
    2. I double-clicked the Domain file to launch iWeb, which then went through the entire upgrade of the file process again. It took quite a while (20+ minutes), but finished without any errors.
    3. I spot checked the photo album pages by clicking to look at them--they had returned!
    4. I immediately SAVED and closed out of iWeb.
    Now going back into iWeb, evertyhing seems to be functioning normally. I've even made some layout changes to some of the album pages, saved and no problems. I've also applied different templates to other pages (not brave enough to try that on my albums yet!) and that seems to work.
    Also, I've not been brave enough to actually PUBLISH yet, but am getting close...
    I would, however, still like to see an explanation and official reslution for this problem posted here. This has caused me a great deal of pain, angst and consternation, but I think I'm ok for the moment.

  • Blocking the ability to download a photo from a web page using iWeb

    You guys have been so helpful about helping me make video files and music tracks unavailable for downloading from my site by altering the javascript code on my iDisc. Now I have another problem.
    The photo/pictures placeholders in iWeb permit me to place photos on my web pages. Is there a way to alter the code so that the option to drag-copy or download the picture from my site can be disabled?
    Thanks for your help!

    Here are some variations that make messing with strings easier.
    $LocalPage ='\\server\share\sam1.html'
    # build URI
    $template= 'https://server/reports/116/output/?start-year={0}&start-month={1}&start-day={2}&days=1&company-code=1'
    $uri=$template -f ($d.Year-2000),$d.Month,$d.Day
    (Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $uri).Content | Out-File -FilePath $LocalPage -Force
    & $LocalPage
    Sam Boutros, Senior Consultant, Software Logic, KOP, PA http://superwidgets.wordpress.com (Please take a moment to Vote as Helpful and/or Mark as Answer, where applicable) _________________________________________________________________________________
    Powershell: Learn it before it's an emergency http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/scriptcenter/powershell.aspx http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/scriptcenter/dd793612.aspx

  • Colors not rendered correctly in Photos

    The Photos app is not rendering colors correctly.  I just downloaded the Loom photo organizer app, which accesses photos from my iPhone Camera Roll.  As I was using Loom to scroll through photos on my iPhone Camera Roll I noticed that one particular nature photo displayed vividly, the way I remembered it when the photo was taken a few days ago.  The image was of a large grove of golden aspen on a mountainside in Wyoming.  I had viewed the same photo using the Photos app and thought the yellows looked muted but assumed that the colors had been affected by the glass car window, through which the original image was taken.  Curious, I compared architectural photos I took in Denver earlier today and noticed the same thing.  Colors were presented correctly by Loom, but yellows were not expressed correctly in the Photos app.  Neither of these photos had been edited in any way and both were taken in natural light.  The architectural shot was not taken through glass.
    I looked for a color correction or color balance setting on the iPhone, but did not find one.  My iPhone dsplay hardware seems fine, again, becuase Loom presented the colors correctly.
    I am curious if anybody else has noticed this and also wonder how I might notify Apple. 

    Now I understand the problem described in my post, above.  I don't know how it happened, but a "Fade" filter was being applied to all of my recent photos in the Photos app.  When I selected "None" in the filter menu, the yellows were expressed properly.  Again, I don't know how this happened.  Older photos did not have the Fade filter applied.  I'll have to pay attention to this in the future.
    But, if you want to reduce the yellow in your outdoor photos, the Fade filter works well.

  • IWeb publishes the unedited versions of my photos?

    I'm using the media browser within iWeb to drag photos to my site. Everything looks fine and dandy in iWeb. These photos are coming straight out of an iPhoto album and have been edited in iPhoto. When I publish, iWeb decides to upload the unedited versions of my photos. When I view them on my site, they are the original unedited versions. When I download them from the site, I get the edited version.
    Obviously I'd rather not have to export them from iPhoto and then add them to iWeb because this method should work fine.
    I saw a post from someone else marked solved who said he'd rebuilt his iPhoto library and it had started working. I did this last night by holding command and option while opening iPhoto and then opting to rebuild everything. Thumbnails, database, everything.
    Still not working.
    Anybody else having this problem or know of anything I can do to attempt to resolve it?

    I'm now 100% convinced this is a problem with iPhoto, not iWeb.
    I just tried exporting some photos for deviantART upload from iPhoto and though they display properly and open up in preview looking all nice and edited, as soon as I upload them to dA, they 'revert' to the unedited original version in both Safari and FF.
    And I'm using FF3 and Safari b4.
    I don't think there's much I can do to troubleshoot iPhoto other than deleting the plist which I've already done.
    Oh, bother.

  • How to color-correct / color-match a lot of photos to a certain target.

    Hi there,
    I have something like 1,850 photos, taken in RAW and later converted to DNG, to create a stop motion. All the photos were taken with the same camera (Canon 5D Mk II) and most of them with a 24-70L. All were taken in the same lighting conditions (in an interior, with the house lighting from flourescent lights) and the same day, in a period of maybe 2 or 3 hours. Each "take" was with the exact same camera and exposure parameters.
    When processing the photos in Lightroom (using the LR4 beta) I can see some minor but very noticeable differences between color an exposure in the photos of the same "take". The exposure can be more or less automatically corrected by the Matching total exposures (although I think this doesn't work when the exposures are really similar, but there are some subtle differences like in this case, say, something along ~1/5 stop or so), but I haven't found how to try to match the white balance. All of the photos have already been set to a specific WB (I took a ColorChecker Passport at the beginning of the session), but there are still some differences between some of the shots. Some of them look a tad more greener. I blame the flourescent bulbs, but I'm not sure of the real cause.
    So, the question is: is there a way to match the color balance of a series of photos to a target one? I really don't want to go photo by photo setting the white balance manually. Is there a tool like the Match total exposures, but for color balance? I have already tried with the automatic white balance and it helps somewhat, but the problem is that the decided WB for the photos is not the one I need, and I need to have the same WB for all the session, and this could change from different takes. The difference between shots is usually around 4 or 5 "points" in the Tint scale, some are with Tint +11, some with +15.
    Any ideas? Or any other tool that could process this after? At the end I'll use JPGs to create the stop motion, so if there is a tool that could process the exported jpgs it could work too.
    Thanks in advance,
    Rodrigo Gómez

    Thanks Lee. I thought that could be the cause too. It's strange that some photos taken, for instance, at 1/100 doesn't show that problem but others taken at 1/30 do show that issue... Uhm, now that I think about this, here in Europe the frequency is 50hz, so it would make sense with this numbers.
    I was expecting a more optimistic answer! But I've searched everywhere I can think of and haven't found anything, so I guess I'll have to test how much does it show in the stop motion and see if a correction it's really needed.

  • IWeb Media browser shows video but not photos

    I just recently discovered that iWeb is not displaying photos on the photo tab, but it is displaying videos on the photo tab.
    It is ALSO showing the videos on the video tab.
    Any recommendations?

    Delete the iWeb preference file, com.apple.iWeb.plist, that resides in your User/Library/Preferences folder, reboot and try again.
    A workaround until you get the problem solved is to use iMedia Browser. It's a free, 3rd party version of media browser that will list all movies (in iPhoto or the Movies folder) along with all photos and audio files. Just select and drag from iMedia Browser's window into iWeb.

  • Color of dust jacket in photo book

    can i change color of dust jacket in photo book using aperture. its default is white but i would like it black.
    pauline ottawa

    The color of the dust jacket depend on the theme you are using. Some themes let you select the color of the dust jacket and the background of the images.
    With "Art Collection" the only background available is white, but with the "Modern Lines" theme you can make the dust jacket black, like this:
    Select the front cover page, switch to "Edit Layout", and select the background color.
    If you need to use theme that does not allow to set the background color, you could try to add a photos box to the cover, drag the resize handle to make it fill the front page and set the border to a large value. Make the border black, then send this photos box to the background behind the title text and the title image. Do the same for the backside page of the dust jacket.

  • I have a Mac Book Pro (13" )laptop and cannot export photos from I Photo to my desktop or to a flash drive.

    I am trying to export photos from Iphoto to a folder on my desktop and seem to be unable to do this as a big X appears on the bottom of the photo and it says it can not export photo.  Any ideas how to solve this problem so that I can download photos from I photo to my desktop?

    Barbara ..
    You can export photos  via email, a MobileMe Gallery, Flickr, Facebook, Photo Stream, iWeb, or to a burn folder but not to a folder on your Desktop or a flash drive.
    Workaround is to connect the flash drive then drag the photos from your iPhoto library to the flash drive icon on the Desktop.

  • Is there any reason photos in an album page display small on the iPad, but normally on an iMac? And videos on a movies page don't play on the iPad, but are OK on the iMac?

    Is there any reason photos in an album page created in iweb display small on the iPad, but normally on an iMac? And videos on a movies page don't play on the iPad, but are OK on the iMac?

    there are three displays in photos page:
    1) thumbnails grid - smallest
    2) deatial view and detail view slideshow - large
    3a) pop-up slideshow - vary - this is slideshow.html
    3b) or iphone/ipad slideshow phoneshow.html - iphone/ipad can't do pop-up
    it's difficult to know which you refer to.
    if you refer to pop-up slideshow then you should not look into iwebmediagrid.js as wyodor suggested.
    instead look in phoneshow.html and change width and heigth of element id slideshow:
    #slideshow {
    position: relative;
    width: 320px; /* this is default width */
    height: 360px; /* this is default height */
    margin-left: auto;
    margin-right: auto;
    overflow: hidden;

  • Photo orientation in photo grid

    All of my photos in the photo grid are horizontal. Is there a way to change some to a vertical orientation?

    The files are from a camera with the auto-rotate function, right? Have the photos been imported into iPhoto and you're adding them from the media pane in iWeb?
    One fix would be to upload the files to a folder on the desktop and batch rotate those portrait oriented files with PhotoTool CM. Then import into iPhoto.
    Do you Twango?

  • HT204022 How can I display photos in my photo stream via a webbrowser?

    If I take photos with e.g. the iPhone, iPad/iPod and have a WLAN connection then they are uploaded as soon as I get the connected. The files are then stored in the cloud and will be distributed to all my devices, which use the same iCloud ID. But if I don't have my Macbook with me who can I show the pictures on any computer in this LAN, possibly by using a webpage only.
    It is possible via iWeb, but therefore I need to upload the photos to a webpage, which again requires a computer with iPhoto and probably iWeb installed too, as well as some work to select the photos and put them on the website.
    What do I miss here. It's something like Picasa but w/o Google.

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    You can't view photostream via a web browser.
    However if you use iPhoto on a mobile device, you can publish your photos to a photo journal which others can view with a web browser.

  • SPRY photo gallery and photo captions

    Has anyone experimented with adding captions to the photos?
    Was looking at different gallery examples, and saw that lightbox
    does captions, but the transitions, and AJAX approach with spry are
    much nicer...

    Thank you for your tip. I have tried it Katiebird but it
    didn't work.
    Here is my doc:
    <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0
    Transitional//EN" "
    <!-- Copyright (c) 2006. Adobe Systems Incorporated. All
    rights reserved. -->
    <html xmlns="
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;
    charset=ISO-8859-1" />
    <link href="includes/screen.css" rel="stylesheet"
    type="text/css" />
    <script type="text/javascript"
    <script type="text/javascript"
    <script type="text/javascript"
    <script type="text/javascript"
    <script type="text/javascript"
    <script type="text/javascript"
    <script type="text/javascript"
    <script type="text/javascript"
    <script type="text/javascript"
    <script type="text/javascript"
    <script type="text/javascript"
    <div id="wrap">
    <p id="galleryLinks"><a href="fall08.xml">Fall
    2008</a> | <a href="egypt.xml">Egypt</a> | <a
    <div id="gallery" class="gallery">
    <h1 class="galleryName"
    <div id="previews">
    <div id="controls">
    <ul id="transport">
    <li><a href="#" class="previousBtn"
    <li><a href="#" class="playBtn" title="Play/Pause"
    <li><a href="#" class="nextBtn"
    <div id="thumbnails" spry:region="dsPhotos">
    <div class="thumbnail" spry:repeat="dsPhotos"><a
    href="{path}"><img alt="" src="{thumbpath}"
    <p class="ClearAll"></p>
    <div id="picture">
    <div id="mainImageOutline"><img id="mainImage"
    alt="main image" src=""/></div>
    <p class="clear">dave</p>
    <div style="color:#FFFFFF:" align="center" id="caption"
    AND HERE IS the xml:
    base = ""
    background = "#FFFFFF"
    banner = "#F0F0F0"
    text = "#000000"
    link = "#0000FF"
    alink = "#FF0000"
    vlink = "#800080"
    date = "8/01/2008">
    <sitename>Fall 2008</sitename>
    <security><![CDATA[]]> </security>
    <banner font = "Arial" fontsize = "3" color =
    "#F0F0F0"> </banner>
    <thumbnail base ="gallery/fall08/thumbnails/" font =
    "Arial" fontsize = "4" color = "#F0F0F0" border = "0" rows = "3"
    col = "5"> </thumbnail>
    <large base ="gallery/fall08/images/" font = "Arial"
    fontsize = "3" color = "#F0F0F0" border = "0"> </large>
    <photos id = "images">
    path = "1_28_04snow154.jpg"
    width = "500"
    height = "375"
    thumbpath = "1_28_04snow154.jpg"
    thumbwidth = "75"
    thumbheight = "56"
    caption="A Leaf">
    path = "arts.jpg"
    width = "500"
    height = "333"
    thumbpath = "arts.jpg"
    thumbwidth = "75"
    thumbheight = "50"
    caption="A Leaf">
    If you could Help I would appreciate it.

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