IWeb and full resolution pictures for download

I finally got a good camera and wanted to share those glorious 12MP (3-4MByte) pictures via iWeb. I'd not paid much attention before now, but iWeb is fond of "optimizing" and reducing the size of pictures in order to save space and improve upload and download times. Even if you uncheck "optimize" in preferences, and select "download full resolution" in the photo inspector, I've found that some times you get the full multi-megabyte picture, then for reasons unknown to me, most other pictures have been reduced from 1/4 to 1/10 the original file size and the resolution has been reduced, say form 3000x4000 pixel to 768x1024 (seems arbitrary ...).
How to deal with this. Nothing direct that I can find: uncheck optimize works for a bit, them reverts; full size download refers to the size after such "optimizing." I think it's a bug, but maybe others think it's a feature.
My indirect work around: use your public folder on idisk in me.com. Create a folder structure to mirror your iWeb picture album structure to simplify life for your guest. Password protect it if you want some privacy.
Then go ahead and let iWeb optimize, and select the download size you want (maybe "medium" is fine for some users, for example).
But include on each picture or album page a hyperlink to your me.com public folder: the link will look something like https://public.me.com/<your me.com name here>. If you've specified a password, it will be requested when someone uses the link. I don't think there is any finer grain hyperlink available to your public folder - for example, to the sub folders you create to mirror your album structure.
The public idisk options are in preferences in idisk on iWeb.
If you only want to share a few pictures, it may be easier for the user to share individual file with a similar hyper link set up for each one using link outside the picture container object (can't be inside), or for each picture on the detail page (the comment, such as the image name, can be made a clickable element (hyper link). If you have tens or more pictures to share at once, this method is pretty inconvenient.
The sharing options for individual files are available when you select file via idisk in me.com
So, there it is. Hope this suggestion helps someone.
Eddie O
PS: Yes, I've offered feedback to Apple about this lack of flexibility in iWeb.

If you only want to share a few of the larger files zip them and put them in a folder titled Pictures in your iDisk/Web/Sites folder. Then create a thumbnail or text hyperlink to them at http://web.me.com/MMeAccount_Name/Pictures/FileName. That way they will immediately download when the link is selected.
A viewable version of the photo can be placed on the page and linked to the larger zipped version on your iDisk.

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    Hi- I'm Sarie and no this didn't help. I actually tried to log in to respond and it said I wasn't registered. Not really all that cool.

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    I would like to copy my pictures to my ipad 2 at full resolution, partily for editing, partily for backup.  I have used some of the wifi ipad apps out there and they all seem to be problematic and load up the camer roll.  I have the sd and usb camera connection kit put out by apple and this works great as long as the pics are in their original file name (for some reason). 
    I would love to be able to just use the usb camera connection kit plug and copy all of these over in their folders ect.  But I realize that may not be possible at this time. 
    Is their another easier way?

    Syncing them via iTunes (and via Photo Stream in the Cloud) will 'optimise' them, so you will either need to use one of the wifi-transfer apps (in which case they will go into the Camera Roll) or the camera connection kit (when they will go into an 'imported' album). For the CCK and you need to create a DCIM directory off the root of the card, with the photos underneath it, and the photo filenames need to be exactly 8 characters long (no spaces) plus the file extension i.e. in a similar format as if a camera had created/written them.
    I haven't tried any, but there may be third-party apps that you could use to store and keep the same file organisation of your photos.

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    Any help is much appreciated.

    Just click on the disk icon in the outline view window, then go to the general tab of the inpector and toward the bottom of the window check off the DVD-ROM content button and navigate to the folder that contains the folder of the content you want to include.

  • Bring back full screen pictures for incoming calls

    Bring back full screen pictures for incoming calls in the new update !!!!

    Feedback to Apple does not go here, it goes here: www.apple.com/feedback and click on the appropriate link.
    This is a user to user forum.

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    It used to be that if you assigned the picture while on the phone, it was full screen. I remember reading around iOS 5 I believe that it only allowed for full screen, but I still have a couple that are only thumbnails that have been synced over from contacts in LinkedIn. Try assigning the picture from the phone itself and see if that changes it.

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    stevejobsfan is correct; iwork for ios is free only for new purchases of new ios devices. A good work around (if you have wifi connectivity) is going to the icloud website on your ipad, and working on your document.
    A word of caution (the real reason I am responding to your post). If you do a lot of 'formatting' of a document on iwork for mac, and then save it in icloud; you will probably loose most of the formatting you have done (this will be true if you oppen the document in iwork for ios; also) It happened to me, and I did not duplicate the document before saving it to icloud; I lost at least an hours worth of work.

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    I have an IMAC and purchased OS X Lion to upgrade from the APP store, and launched the software for downloading, and I have been waiting on this for an hour, and it still says it's downloading? What do I do next?

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    The OS X Lion installer takes more than 4 GB of space, so it is normal for most Internet connections to take the download more than an hour.
    If you want to see the download progress, open the Mac App Store and go to Purchases.
    Before upgrading, make a backup of your files with Time Machine and check that your apps are compatible > http://www.roaringapps.com

  • IPad 2 music does not play and high resolution pictures get corrupted when syncing through iTunes on 64 bit Win 7.  Anyone else have a problem with iTunes corrupting music and pictures from 64bit machine?

    Works from a 32 bit XP machine.  Does not work from a 64bit Win 7 machine.  It's 64 bit that seems to be the issue; the music won't start playing, and for pictures, it's when they're more than 768x1024 resolution that they appear very low resolution and/or corrupt.  None of the normal tricks work (different user account; different USB port; different USB hub controller) and the problem is replicable.  The music and JPEG and PNGs, however, are fine if transferred via a Windows network to a 32 bit machine ie it's not the music/image files.

    Dear Katrina, the problem has finally been solved, with the help of a computer-savvy friend of mine who came round this afternoon. As a courtesy, and to thank you for all your help in this matter, I want to share the solution with you.
    A piece of the puzzle was missing, as you said, and it lay in the tenth line of the XML document I relayed to you....
    <key>Music Folder</key><string>file://localhost/C:/Users/Simon/Music/iTunes/iTunes%20Media/</string>
    My friend spotted that the command string contained a sub-folder of the iTunes folder called "iTunes Media". iTunes was expecting to find all my music there, but that folder didn't exist.
    So I created a new folder called "iTunes Media", and moved all my musical content into it, leaving all the command files in the original iTunes folder.
    Then I moved the "iTunes Media" folder into the "iTunes" folder, so that it was a sub-folder of the latter.
    Then I re-opened iTunes and - joy of joys! - everything works once again. I am re-united with all of my music, and without having to make over 14,000 manual location exercises. I can't tell you how exciting that is.
    The mystery is solved, and what had me so puzzled seems obvious now. Thanks again for your help. Without you I might never have got to this point.

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    When I go into Itunes and download the latest it says "thankyou for downloading" but nothing has changed?
    Any Ideas or help appreciated....

    See the Further Information area of Troubleshooting issues with iTunes for Windows updates for download advice and direct links if required.

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    The app is very slow in loading some thumbnails in the home page. Also, when viewing in full screen, it takes a while for a photo to load completely in full resolution especially higher resolution photos from dSLR cameras. Note that the photos are stored onboard, not in the sd card. Big annoyance when showing other people your photos.

     I've seen a LOT of lag on the latest album versions   Something to bring up to  http://talk.sonymobile.com/t5/Album/Album-beta-tester/m-p/954671#U954671

  • What is the difference between the iPhoto that came pre-downloaded on my MacBook and the iPhoto available for download on the App Store?

    I have had my MacBook for 5 years and ever since upgrading to the new system which added the App Store to my computer, I have been curious about the difference between the iPhoto that came pre-downloaded when I purchased my computer 5 years ago and the iPhoto available for purchase on the App Store. What makes the iPhoto from the App Store so different that I have to pay $15 for it, when I already have it for free on my computer?

    Lots and lots of new features - and since you have upgraded to Mavericks much better operation
    For information on what has changed there are many. many reviews on the web as well os a writup on the App store recapping the new features of the latest version vs the previous version
    as to your choice - totally personal - do or don't - you choose - it does no involve anyone here in any way

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    It's a bit frustrating that I can't get Windows 8 drivers and applications for my Satellite P775 because of a buggy Windows 8 Update Assistant: http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=68918&tstart=0
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    Hi JoeJoe as far as I know all notebooks which were shipped with the Win 7 and are part of the Win 8 Upgrade Assistant will get the Win 8 drivers via this Upgrade Assistant. All newer notebooks series which are already shipped with the Win 8 will be able to download the drivers manually
    Furthermore other it seems that Win 8 drivers will be released in three different steps
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