Jarsigner finding .p12 certs created by flash cs5 as 'wrong format' ??

I have created an app using flash cs5 and a self signed cert using flash cs5
I now must decompile the app, change the app id and recompile it.
Then sign it using jarsigner.
The problem I have is that when I point jarsigner to the cert I used it says that it is not formatted right.
I know I am missing something, but what?
Using any other cert will result in not being able to update my app.  This is bad I know but it is my last resort before unpublishing my paid app and publishing it again.
A lesser option would be for me to reload an old flash extension for air ( probably released early in the air for android pre release ).  But I can not find it.
Any help is much needed and thank you in advance.

A .cer file doesn't include the private key, just the certificate that contains the public key.
I suspect the problem is that you need to specify the alias for the private key in the keystore (which can contain more than one). Unfortunately, when AIR creates a cert, it doesn't assign this value, so you have to use the default for whatever tool you are working with. For jarsigner, this seems to be the distinguished name assigned to the cert/key, which is basically the values you used to create the cert, concatenated together.
For example, I was able to sign a jar file with a self-signed cert/key pair generated with ADT using the following command:
jarsigner -keystore file:\\\c:\certs\foo.p12 -storepass passwoord -storetype pkcs12 sudoku.jar "cn=charles ward,ou=learning resources,o=adobe systems\, inc.,c=us"
That last, long bit in ""s is the alias. If I don't use it, then I get the same error you are reporting.
I was also able to import the same keystore into a new Java keystore with the following command:
keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore c:\certs\foo.p12 -srcstoretype pkcs12

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  • Why an imported SWF created in Flash CS5 doesn't works fine?

    perhaps I am not lucky. I find no answer.. perhaps im a noob (daaaah)  please if you can help it would be appreciated!
    I'm new in flash and flash catalyst.. but i'm not bad at all hehe. After publishing a swf from flash CS5 (that works perfect when i preview it) i want to import it in flash catalyst...
    ... i click on import swf and i select my swf. When i execute the project (CTRL+ENTER) in flash catalyst the motion tweens created in Adobe Flash doesn't start
    Even if it works well when i run the SWF from desktop or in Adobe Flash directly

    A detail that could help you guys..
    I used FlashEFF2 in Adobe Flash CS5 (as a Text Effect (it's awesome)) and this effect only starts and works fine in Flash Catalyst. The motions tweens created in Adobe Flash CS5 doesn't starts in Flash Catalyst
    Thanks to read it!

  • How to Auto Update an air app created in flash cs5

    i have an application that needs to check auto update everytime it starts. but i have only found how to do it in fleash builder. sin ce im working in flash professional cs5 I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO
    any heads up?

    The same techniques work in Flash/ActionScript. See http://help.adobe.com/en_US/air/build/WS5b3ccc516d4fbf351e63e3d118666ade46-7ff2.html. Although some of the examples are written in MXML, the relevant code is all ActionScript.

  • Flash MX2004 not compatable with Flash CS5?

    I have Flash MX2004 but find when trying to open a flash file created using Flash
    CS5, the file wiill not open and give me an error ' Unsupported
    file fotrmat'. Please explain

    flash mx2004 is very old. it has no way of knowing what to do with a file that is created in cs5 or aka flash mx2010
    it is similar to trying to play a blu ray disc in a vcr... sort of.

  • Font embedding in Flash CS5

    I have 3 swf files: Main, FontLibrary and Graphics.
    Main.swf loads the other two and applies logic.
    Graphics.swf is created in Flash CS5 and contains a dynamic TextField instance, to which I want to apply a font from FontLibrary.swf. To know which font to apply, I apply the same font to textfield when I create it on stage.
    The problem is that the textfField with embedFonts=true searches for glyphs in its own swf file first. I don't want to embed the font in Graphics.swf. I use anti-alias type "Use device fonts". But as size report shows it still embeds the font, with no glyphs though.
    Is there a way to not embed a font into swf file using Flash CS5.5?
    (Buy the way, if I use TLFTextField it doesn't embed the font)
    Or how can I handle the situation from my Main.swf in a way that I get font not from Graphics.swf, but from FontLibrary.swf

    Good tutorial for you:

  • Flash CS5.5 .ipa and some older iOS devices.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems that apps created with Flash CS5.5 will not install on some iOS devices, including iPod Touch 2nd generation.   For example, I see the error message stating that the app was not installed "because it is not compatible with this iPod". The same app was successfully installed when published with CS5.0
    If this is true, by publishing such apps to the iTunes App store, a developer would invite negative comments from unhappy people who still use older devices.  And since there's no way for the developer to respond, using CS5.5 sounds like a quick way to get negative reviews.
    I hope somebody from Adobe could comment on this.  Perhaps I'm missing something?

    Is there any particular reason for that? Any way to override this limitation?

  • Flash CS5 SWF File not functioning in Captivate 5

    I have an Interactive SWF File created in Flash CS5 that has an Intro screen with a button to continue etc and it opens to a presentation with several buttons, and works fine.
    I bring the SWF file into Captivate 5. It shows fine in the Slide, but when I test it or publish it, two things happen.
         It stops after a second and disappears. I have set it to play for the duration of the animation, but it makes no difference.
         If I extend the timeline out to several minutes then it will stay, but although the Start button works, nothing happens, it just sits there.
    how do I get the Slide to stop and stay so that the user can take their time interacting with the animation. ( I dont how long someone will spend on the presentation)?
    Why doesn't the interactivity actually work?

    Take a look at this other thread: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3606274#3606274
    It may explain the reason for the issue and what you can do about it.

  • Prroblems Exporting .MOV files from Flash CS5

    I am having trouble exporting my animations created in Flash CS5 (or Macromedia flash 5, or CS3) to .MOV files. I'm having these issues on different  platforms  (mac and pc) and different operating systems (XP and win 7) - I only get error messages and out of memory errors, even on the fastest computer I have with 4gig of RAM working on a 2mg Flash file.
    I just want to convert my Flash files to a format that can play on Youtube and standard DVD players. Also I've tried many converters (flash to video) - not all free (Moyea, Roxio, iWisoft, Winfx Video Converter, Amor, E.M. Magic, etc, etc) - nothing works. The main problems are either the sound is not synched, the playback is choppy, and the quality is awful.
    I think my only hope of getting a good video is starting with a good .MOV file exported from Flash. I know the program is supposed to do this.
    Any help greatly appreciated.
    http://help.adobe.com/en_US/flash/cs/using/WSBC0687D4-42A6-445d-B5FF-8032C7D3A8FF.html#WS6 A15AAE2-C176-4161-BAB6-FB082F63B65Ba

    Exporting the video at a slower FPS with all the settings maxed and then speeding it up later may not be the most practical and adding a few extra steps can increase the chances of error...I wasn't willing to maniuplate the frame rate, so I tried with the highest video settings and my file ended up being 10GB in size for a video with 1689 frames, and there were STILL artifacts.
    There's also the option of exporting your sequence as individual frames and recombinging them using Quicktime Pro (I found that on another forum), and Quicktime Pro is a pretty cheap program ($20?). Just remember to hide your motion guides and activate your masks (right click on your masks in the timeline and select Show Masks), or they'll show up in your frames and you'll have to start again. Also, when inputting your individual frames, remember to select the correct frame speed to it matches the one that you're working with. From there, you have a complete video clip that you can input into any editing suite (heck, Windows Movie Maker is adequate if you're just putting it on YouTube).
    Either way, Flash Professional doesn't appear to be capable of generating a .MOV that works outside of the box on its own, at least not without the addition of a 3rd party plugin. Given the proliferation of animation projects on TV that are animated using Flash, I was thinking that Flash SHOULD have a way to render a .MOV file properly (ie: without dropping frames and leaving behind artifacts because it's taking too long to read the frame), but then, it's best to use the right tools for the job. You can use most of the tools in Creative Suite/Cloud to generate the same layered image, but every single application has a specific purpose:
    Photoshop can handle text layouts, vector imagery, and animation, but it's best at manipulation of raster images.
    Illustrator can handle text layouts and some manipulation of raster images, but it's best at creating and editing vector images.
    InDesign can do some manipulation of raster images (or at least it imports them) and creating/drawing of vector images, but it's best at text layouts for multi-page documents and arranging images.
    Flash allows you to layout text, draw image vectors, and manipulate rasters, but its best for animation and interactive content (I draw my characters in Illustrator first then import then in Flash...Flash drawing tools just drive me buggy).
    Your video editing suite (and probably Premiere...haven't used Premiere in a long time, so I can't say for sure) can handle some text inputs, does some animation, but it's best for taking existing video and audio clips (from whatever sources) and editing them non-linearly.
    I'll need someone in the biz to confirm this, but I do suspect that for studio based Flash animation projects that end up on TV (eg: Teen Titans Go!, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), they wouldn't be generating the show entirely using Flash (laying down soundtrack and dialogue as well) and then exporting to .MOV. It's more likely that they'd be exporting individual clips without audio (either using the slow frame rate method or by exporting individual frames and importing to Quicktime) and using a non-linear video editor to edit the clips and lay down audio tracks accordingly.

  • Workflow for creating Flex components in Flash CS5 needs work

    Am I missing something? I thought things were supposed to be easier.
    I'm creating an AIR application for a client with heavy embedded video.
    I have chewed up days on trying to get stuff to work, mostly creating a graphics heavy component that I can use in the AIR (Flex) app.
    Just clicking the magic "Convert Symbol to Flex Component" command won't do it if you have created your own .as class for the symbol, because it won't compile unless you extend the UIMovieClip class. Good luck trying to find it in the namespace.
    After hours I found where to download the Flex Component Kit that contains the swc that gives you the UIMovieClip class.
    http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/exchange/index.cfm?event=extensionDetail&loc=en_us&extid=1273 018#
    Notice the title of the page:  Flex Component Kit Alpha for Flex 2.0.1
    Shouldn't the need for this kit be ancient history? Shouldn't that swc be built in to the new SDK's and/or Flash Builder 4?
    Make my living on Adobe products, and love them, but this is sloppy. No documentation. No walk-throughs. Have burned many hours that I can't charge the client for because it make me look incompetent.
    Creating a Flex component in Flash with extended functionality SHOULD be a no brainer.

    I managed to get it work at the end...
    First, the components directory was at this location:
    C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Adobe\Flash CS5\en_US\Configuration\Components
    Then, to make a component out of a MovieClip, right click on the MovieClip in the library and select "Component Definition" and check the checkbox "Display in Components Panel". What I did then was to right click on the MovieClip and selected export swc file, and saved it in the directory above. This exported only one Component, which was fine for me. Probably it would be possible to do something similar to save a library of components as a .fla or .scw or so, but I don't know the details.

  • Creating a component in Flash CS5

    How can I create a component using Flash CS5? I have tried to follow various documents I have found on google and went about it in the following way:
    1. I created an empty FLA.
    2. I created a MovieClip containing some graphics, and named the MovieClip "MyTestComponent" in the Library.
    3. I selected the MovieClip's properties in the Library and selected "Export for Actionscript", and made the MovieClip inherit from fl.core.UIComponent.
    4. I saved the FLA in the directory "C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Flash CS5\Common\Configuration\Components" and restarted Flash. At this point I would expect that the MyTestComponent component would show up in the Components panel, but it did not.
    5. I tried to publish the FLA as an SWC file and place the SWC file in the same file as above. According to my understanding, both this and the step above should have worked, but it did not.
    So, what am I missing?
    Also, where can I find an up-to-date documentation on how to create components to be used in Flash CS5?

    I managed to get it work at the end...
    First, the components directory was at this location:
    C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Adobe\Flash CS5\en_US\Configuration\Components
    Then, to make a component out of a MovieClip, right click on the MovieClip in the library and select "Component Definition" and check the checkbox "Display in Components Panel". What I did then was to right click on the MovieClip and selected export swc file, and saved it in the directory above. This exported only one Component, which was fine for me. Probably it would be possible to do something similar to save a library of components as a .fla or .scw or so, but I don't know the details.

  • Cannot find text in Flash CS5

    I can't search for text in Flash CS5.
    I've created a new project, added some actionscript in the first frame ("stop();")
    When trying to search for this string (CTRL-F > Find and Replace) I get no results.
    Search in: Current Document
    For: Text
    Text: stop
    Replace with (blank)
    Checked items:
    Text fields contents
    Strings in ActionScript
    Nothing (ever) shows up in the results. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks!

    3 years later... I'm having the same luck with the "Find and Replace" tool.
    The only way I had any success using this tool was to drag all the MCs from the library to the stage before using "Find and Replace".
    I could not figure out how to find and replace text within a mc that was in the library only and not on the stage.
    Note: I also had to specify to search in "Current Document" as it would not work in the "Current Scene".

  • Creating universal app using flash cs5

    I'm using Flash CS5 and I wanted to create an universal app (iphone + ipad).
    Then I click the "iphone IOS settings"  there is no device menu, so I can't choose the desired devices..
    I dont know why the device menu has disappeared?
    I saw on several video tutorials, that you can simply choose the desired device.
    But then I look at my own project and I click the "iphone IOS settings", I cant find any "device" menu by the "general" tab.
    Does anybody know how I can resolve that problem?

    The iPad support was added later. Get the 11.02 updater here:

  • Flash CS5.5 or CS6 creating an interactive ebook /app for IOS

    I'm in middle ground here as I'm able to create a simple app for IOS using CS5.5 and was wondering if I'm able to create an interactive IBook ( which is actually an app ) to know what I mean if you go to the Apple Book Store and download the free "Beatles" Yellow Submarine you will see the interactivity.
    When I write middle ground I mean I just finished downloading CS6 and looking at some tutes so if this is possible, which I know I can get the interactivity but its just putting it in book form that I was curious about.

    I misunderstood you, because I'm not english speaker. But I will try to answer..
    You develop 1 app. This app will include all that you wants. Page - it's just object. Each object can contain another objects. Like a tree and leafs. So you simply make 1 page with any animations. Page 2 with any animations and etc and combine this to one APP.
    Here is the link, you can get free 8 pages. Will be good if you can spent $1.99  =)))
    If you don't have iPad - here is a Russian video review http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=rXb2jswoz0Y
    This all done using Adobe Flash CS5.5 and Exported to Adobe Air, than published to AppStore.
    If you want to offer me some job in this area - just write me PM

  • Creating a SDK (.swc) in Adobe Flash CS5 - Error + Best Practices Questions

    Hello all,
    I'm currently developing a client library for a server-based API which is developed by my company.
    The goal is for the .swc to be usable in both Flash and Flash Builder (any Actionscript environment, really).  So far I've just been creating it in Flash CS5 and have yet to test it in Flash Builder.  It contains a single piece of UI (a login window) but is intended to expose a number of actionscript classes as API interface points to the developer.  The login window is a single Movie Clip placed onto the stage.  I have been testing by simply running the Flash project for the SDK and it works well.
    However, I run into problems when I attempt to use the SWC in other projects (I have the Flash project for the SDK set to create a SWC as well as a SWF)...
    I link the SWC to the other project using the flash compiler settings
    com.mycompany.SDK is a class required for initialization (singleton) and com.mycompany.LoginWindow is the UI window for logging in
    The developer needs to call SDK.Initialize(), which seems to work fine
    When the following code is added I get the below error: addChild(new LoginWindow())
    1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: InstanceInfo.
    I take it that the error is a result of an undefined class - but I cannot figure out where InstanceInfo (it is not a class of mine) is being used or how to fix this...

    Found a good example that helped me figure this out.
    Will share the results when complete.

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