JBL Radial dock no longer works on iPhone 4 after iOS 5 upgrade.

JBL Radial dock no longer charges my  iPhone 4 after iOS 5 upgrade however I still Can play music.
Any help on that ?

OK a bit of success over the weekend. Not sure if it will help you guys. So i have an IPHONE 3gs and it would not play any music through the JBL but it would ring (through the JBL speaker) and charge while connected.
I sync'ed through itunes and made sure i had the latest version of both itunes and the IOS on the phone. Then pushed some podcasts and albums down from my computer to the iphone through the computer.
This must have sone something as now everythign works fine. all radio and music apps now play through the JBL.
Hope this helps.

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    My iHome no longer works with iPhone 4s after iOS 6.1 update.  Prompts message 'This accessory is not supported by iPhone'.  Has anyone come accross this and is there a fix?

    Ring up iHome and ask them for a fix... And if they cant supply you with a fix... Then you should be entitled to a replacement or a upgrade, as firmware upgrades on your ios device should not affect audio products......

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    Well it asks for you to rotate the red ball around the circle, which I do and then the compass displays but there is no direction or bearing provided, just some co-ordinates in the bottom RH cnr. If I move it about or press the compass it does nothing !
    Also at the top there is a red arrow on a narrow white marker which if I press down on seems to give a white blob and then disappears. not clear what that is for either
    I have tried resetting the phone and not having true north marked, makes no difference to when I first tried it.

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    I've restarted the phone and itunes several times, have uninstalled and reinstalled the app on the phone and itunes separately, and it still just shows 'Installing" under the greyed out app.

    I have the same problem with an iPhone 5s. All podcast fail to work on the phone since updating to iOS 8.1.3. What is going on? Is Apple taking this problem serious?

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    Auto backup isn't working, either.
    I tried several things like backing up using iTunes then deleting previous backups then turnning iCloud backup again, or turning off Camera Roll in backup option , or holding the power button and home button to reset the device.
    None of them worked yet.
    What should I do?
    I just have noticed that I cannot find iPhone 5 among the products registered with my apple ID below before I was posting.
    Is it concerned with my apple ID or something? Not the devices?

    since i upgraded to iphone 6 have the same issus. that includ in my Ipad - probably something happened wiht the Apple ID.
    nothun is working/ and when i plug the divces to Itunes - it says that "Itunes coulnd not back up iphone/ipad an error accourd.
    can someone help me?!
    I deleted last backups and still nothing.
    i tried to backup with another authrized computer and other network and still nothing!
    thanks ahead!

  • HTC Sensation no longer pairs with iPad 3 after IOS 6 Upgrade

    HTC Sensation no longer pairs with iPad 3 after IOS 6 Upgrade

    Lots of people having this problem? Hmm. For what it's worth I haven't seen that problem on my iPad 3
    This is a user to user forum so no one here would have any idea whether there is a real problem and, if so, whether Apple is working on a fix.
    Have you tried restarting or resetting your iPad?
    Restart: Press On/Off button until the Slide to Power Off slider appears, select Slide to Power Off and, after the iPad shuts down, then press the On/Off button until the Apple logo appears.
    Reset: Press the Home and On/Off buttons at the same time and hold them until the Apple logo appears (about 10 seconds). Ignore the "Slide to power off".

  • My rear camera on my iphone 5 no longer works in camera app after ios 7 install

    My iphone 5 updated to ios 7 and the new camera app no longer works. Sometimes I can get the front camera to
    Show on the app. But the rear camera just shows black. And it won't switch bewtween the two cameras at all
    Sometimes. What could this be?

    I got the same problem with my iphone 5 rear camera and tried the solutions suggested here but it did not work.
    The camera application which came with ios7 is frozen as soon as it opens. I does not take photos or switch between cameras.
    I have been able to use the front camera with Snapseed, QR reader . however no application is able to open my rear camera.
    I am not sure but  it can related with the application updates either ios7 or the camera applications already installed on our iphone. Uninstalling those apps which has access to camera and rebooting may solve the problem. This is just an idea !

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    I have read through many of the community postings and hate to have to start a new question when there are over 90,000 that have viewed or commented on this same type issue, but I have tried all the suggestions from community users and they work for a test, but then when you set the alarm for the next day, it flashes and no audio. Why is it that Apple is ignoring this huge customer dissatifaction and why is it that they can do this to the users? I read in one stream that they inserted a software to block any "Non-Apple" product from working with their new software. I have 3 phones in this house that have not been upgraded and they work fine. The two that I upgraded will NOT play the audio. The light will flash as if it triggered the alarm, but nothing triggers the iTunes to play. Originally Apple said it was my Sony device. Wrong! So then they said it was iTunes because they iTunes Radio was in the first/primary slot now and I had not signed up or created a Radio station. They did show me how to go into More options and change the priority to place my own music and playlist in the primary and get rid of the iTunes radio and it worked. Next day it didn't. Then I read that if you plug into an Apple peripherial and then a Non-Apple device, it will again shutdown. So I have started doing the Shutdown step every night when placing it on the docking station, never knowing if the Alarm will play/sound at 4:50 or not. Needless to say, I am NOT getting any sleep as I watch the minutes tick towards the waking hour anxiously waiting to see if the phone Will or Will not wake me. I have also seen people mention removing the "SoundCloud" What the heck is that and how do you do it?

    In my Sync vehicle, I had to "forget" the SYnc connection in the iPhone Bluetooth settings, then go into the car menu and delete the bluetooth device from the vehicle's system. Once I re-paired from scratch, it has been working fine. Give that a try. If not, try removing the connection from both sides again, then Reset Network Settings from the General Settings before re-pairing.

  • Why doesn't itunes work on iphone 3gs after IOS 5 update?

    After upgrading Iphone 3GS to IOS 5 it does not connect to the Itunes store for updates. I am able to download apps from Icloud but when I try to update apps it gives me an error that it cannot connect to the itunes store.  I tried shutting down and restoring the phone. I went to settings went into the "store" logged in an out and still no luck. Does anyone have a fix for this? Please help.

    Yes I have both, but I know a lot of times that wi-fi doesn't work with email. And it's all of my yahoo! accounts too. My gmail and iCloud works fine.

  • Bluetooth buggy issues with iphone 5s after ios 8 upgrade

    I am having issues with my Handsfreelink in my 2013 Honda Pilot after the ios 8 upgrade.Basically, music works the phone does not. 
    What I have tried:
    1) Hard reset
    2) deleted and re-setup all bluetooth settings on both phone and car
    I suspect this is a bug in ios8 that needs to be addressed. On a sidenote I am also unable to plug my phone into the USB port on the car, now says unsupported.

    The same thing happened to me on my 2012 Subaru Outback.  I'm not sure this will help you since you have a Honda, but I'm posting this just in case.
    I paired the audio on my car with my iPhone 6.  However, when I turned the car off and back on again, the iPhone would not pair automatically.  I had to manually connect the iPhone with the car.  Turns out there are two separate bluetooth pairings on my car: one for phone which allows up to 5 devices and one for audio which allows only one device.  So I did the second bluetooth pairing for the phone (had already done the audio), and that fixed it.  YMMV

  • Problems charging iPhone 4 after IOS 6 upgrade

    I've just come to charge my iPhone 4 after upgrading to IOS 6. Unforutnately, the phone is reporting that 'charging is not supported with this cable.' It isn't an original Apple cable - it's a Griffin one - but it is plugged into an Apple charger. It has worked for several years without a hitch. Why on earth have Apple prevented it from charging my phone?

    This has happened to me too. I've just bought a replacement after-market charger (to replace the previous) and it doesn't work. An original Apple charger does work. Is this some sort of evil plot by Apple to increase sales of their hideously overpriced chargers?? Is there a fix for this problem???

  • Imessage works on and off after ios 7 upgrade, why?

    After I upgraded my iphone 4 to IOS 7, my imessage works on and off.  Very aggravating and want to fix it!!

    Wish that were more clear @ apple ... 4 hours this morning on this...........

  • Unable to activate iPhone 3GS after IOS 5 upgrade

    Hi: I was prompted by iTunes to upgrade my iphone 3GS to IOS 5. I didn't "steal" or did anything illegal. I have upgraded my iPhone software many times before through iTunes and never had any problems. So naturally I clicked "download and upgrade". Little did I know what trouble I got myself into. I'm not able to activate my iphone, and since I am overseas, I don't use my phone for everything except making calls, the phone is locked so I can't use any foreign sim card. I am very angry at Apple for doing something like that. Since I rely my iphone for all communications. Why would they ask me to upgrade then not allow me to activate my phone??????? This is not the first time Apple does something like that. Owning an Apple product should be headache free since we are paying a premium for it. But the reality is far from it.
    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Hello Guys,
    Even i updated my 3gs to IOS 6 from 4.1 today. N now its stuck on activation.
    Plz help me

  • Closed captioning for video no longer works for iPhone 4 since iOS 5.0 update. Is there a fix for this?

    Closed captioning while video-playing is one of the coolest features of iOS devices. But for my iPhone (and an iPad user elsewhere from the Net), ever since I updated to iOS 5, the closed captioning icon no longer appear amongst the list of icons when you play a video WITH a closed caption capability.
    I have played videos with closed captions before prior to iOS updates and been having no problems till I tried with iOS 5.
    I tried turning the setting on/off in the Videos Settings, tried deleting and re-adding the video to the phone and also rebooted the phone.
    Hoped someone could find a fix for this. The community can try it on iOS 5 and see if it is also an issue for them since I haven't seen but rarely people having this issue i'm having.

    My son has a similar problem since updating to the latest software on his iphone 4. He can make calls but the other person can't hear him. Facetime and Skype work fine - so it must be the lower microphone that is the problem. He's had it checked at the Apple store in Chiang Mai but they won't fix it - he has to get it back to the UK for service. It's 2 months over the warranty period but having checked around it seems this problem is widespread and Apple need to sort it fast!
    I've updated mine and it's fine - but I'm gonna take out applecare before the warranty runs out as I'm not risking having a £495 phone that I can't use as a phone.
    I was thinking of buying one for my wife this Xmas but no way whilst they are having so many problems.

  • WiFi no longer works on iPhone 3GS after 3.1 Update

    Well essentially the subject is all there is too it. I updated to iTunes 9 and iPhone OS 3.1 yesterday. I usually have wifi off at all times unless i want to use it to save battery life. I turned WiFi on and it wouldn't find my router. Any suggestions?

    nevermind. i simply turned it off and restarted. works fine now. thanks!

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