JCo Client Trace in B2B Application (CRM 4)

does anyone know how to activate the Jco Trace in the b2b application of CRM 4?
In our B2B Shop with CRM 7 there is an option in xcm to turn on "JCo.client.trace". This option is not available in the crm4 shop.
Can i activate the trace somewhere else?
best regards

Hi Tobias,
The ways to activate the JCo traces are all explained in note 628962.
I hope it helps.

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  • Adding Extension field in B2B Application - From Catalog to Basket

    I am working on B2B application CRM 7.0.
    My Client requirement is as follows:
    User can add only one item from the catalog to the basket at a time.
    Multiple products can be added to the catalog (one after the another).
    While adding the product from catalog, user needs to enter some text corresponding to a line item.
    This text needs to appear in the line item basket and same needs to be saved in the item order level.
    As per the Dev Extension guide, extra fields can be saved using the "item.addExtensiondata(obj,obj)" method at the object level. I am adding this in customerExitCreateBasketTransferItem() method corresponds to "com.sap.isa.catalog.actions.AddToBasketAction" .
    But, when i go to basket(order.jsp) "item.getExtensionData(obj)" returning the null value.
    Please let me know where i need to add this extension.

    There are two possibilities:
    After adding extension data to any standard ISA object, if there is a backend roundtrip - that is, if that happens to be used in the ISA BAdI (the header and item) BadIs, you have to watch for your extensions carefully. They have to be read in the backend set method in the BAdI, persist them and send them back in the get methods to the Java layer.
    Another reason could be, the you are adding the extension to one object and trying to read it in another.

  • How to find particular CRM BAPIs from Java code of ISA B2B application?

    Hi Guys,
    I am newbie in CRM ISA field. I am supporting CRM ISA 5.0 B2B application.
    Basically I had a question about how to go about finding the BAPIs which are getting called from the Java side of ISA.
    I know that the framework uses JCO connection in order to execute BAPIs in the back-end and usually these BAPIs are standard.
    So I can put a break-point on the CRM bapis and see which is called when.
    But if I want to track BAPIs from Java code, what should be my approach?
    Please help.

    To setup the trace logs you need to use the following URL.
    https://<system domain name>:port/<application_name>/admin
    typically it should look like as below:
    Here there is an option to start and stop the logs and after stopping it will generate a Zip file which you need to download and from there you can easily find out the BAPI's or teh RFC calls.
    Also when you search you should alwways keep one thing mind that these FM's normally start with CRM_ISA*
    Hope it helps.

  • B2b application upgrading from crm 5.0 to  7.0

    I am a java developer.I am very new to sap and nwds and nwdi. I am having a custom crm B2B application built on java and struts, and a standard application.My sap BASIS team upgraded backend components from crm 5.0 to 7.0.Now they asked me to change the ear file. I don't know what to change and just asked them to deploy the old ear file using SDM.They deployed it using SDM.Though standard application is working proper,custom application is not working.So,what changes should I do now to make custom application work.And I don't have NWDI,what ever I want to do I have to do with NWDS.

    hi Jun Wu,
    First of all thanks for your reply..What basics sholud I need have, to get help from some body ??...Does SAP shouldn't be learned by people who doesn't know sap??

  • How to send information/warning message from CRM to B2B application

    I need to send information/warning mesage from CRM to B2B application.
    I am using FM CRM_MESSAGE_COLLECT to send the required message to application log first and then implemented a BADI called CRM_ISA_BASKET_MSGS for reading that message to dispay it in Internet Sales.
    When I am passing message type as E in FM CRM_MESSAGE_COLLECT ,it is correctly showing it in B2B internet sales application as an error message but when I tried to pass message type as I/W it is not dispaying the message in B2B internet sales application although that information/warning message is being displayed in application log in CRM
    Can anyone pls provide some useful inputs for passing information or warning message type from CRM to Internet Sales allpication??

    You need to fire the action from B2B, maybe when the b2b is all loaded you can call a FM in CRM that will handle some validations, this FM will return a result, store it in a session attribute, and put a condition in the JSP that will handle the response, inside this condition (if the attribute session is not empty) print a block, a label or something in html, css class will help to put some colors and maybe make a custom alert block.

  • Catalog View not working in CRM ISA  B2B Application

    Hi Experts,
    Product Catague creation process followed
    1. Maintained a Product Catalogue ' B2BCat'
    2. Maintained Two Sub areas(Area1 and Area2) and two products for each sub area
    3. Maintained a Variant ( for Lang EN and Currency USD)
    4. Created a View for one BP (checked one sub area and one product of the sub area checked and did not check the other sub area. Intent is to show only one product for that BP assigned to the Cataloguw View).
    5. Did the initial replciation for the Product catalogue.
    6. Assigned the Product Catague to a web shop in the Shop Admin. Checked Catalogue search check box (as this enables views created in the product catalogue when the BP(Target Group's BPs) assigned logs in to the B2B application).
    I did not confront this problem previously. Please let me kwow if I missed any steps.
    I did over write the indices also
    Appreciate if some one can help me solve this issue.
    Thank you,

    Hi Robin,
    Appreciate your quick response.
    I am using the same contact person and customer log ins assigned in the view of the catologue to log in to the B2B application. I do no see any problem here also.
    PPR got anything to do here or is there any activation I am missing? Not sure...
    Thank you,

  • Using Notes and Oracle Client in the same application on Linux crashes

    This thread is copied from a thread of the same name under Database - General, since I cannot get any replies there.
    Could someone from Oracle PLEASE comment on this.
    Our application on Linux loads the Notes client libraries and then the Oracle client libraries. The application will crashes when connectimg to an Oracle server. This is because the T_* symbols in libnnz11.so get fixed up into libnotes.so rather than locally into libnnz11.so where the functions are defined.
    #10 0xb4779ea6 in T_malloc () from /opt/ibm/lotus/notes/libnotes.so
    #11 0xae7ca050 in CMP_reallocNoCopy ()
    from /opt/oracle/product/10.2/db_1/lib/libnnz11.so
    #12 0xae7ccf7b in CMP_OctetStringToCMPInt ()
    from /opt/oracle/product/10.2/db_1/lib/libnnz11.so
    #13 0xae7c91fd in A_X931RandomInit ()
    from /opt/oracle/product/10.2/db_1/lib/libnnz11.so
    #14 0xaec09e0d in ztcriv ()
    from /opt/oracle/product/10.2/db_1/lib/libclntsh.so.10.1
    #15 0xaec09cef in ztcrbp ()
    from /opt/oracle/product/10.2/db_1/lib/libclntsh.so.10.1
    #16 0xaec09ca4 in ztcr2seed ()
    from /opt/oracle/product/10.2/db_1/lib/libclntsh.so.10.1
    #17 0xaec09c54 in ztcrseed3 ()
    from /opt/oracle/product/10.2/db_1/lib/libclntsh.so.10.1
    #18 0xaeb40683 in ztcsh ()
    from /opt/oracle/product/10.2/db_1/lib/libclntsh.so.10.1
    #19 0xaea631c4 in kpusattr ()
    from /opt/oracle/product/10.2/db_1/lib/libclntsh.so.10.1
    #20 0xaea7847e in OCIAttrSet ()
    from /opt/oracle/product/10.2/db_1/lib/libclntsh.so.10.1
    #21 0xb081cb9f in COCIObject::Connect ()
    from /opt/criticalpath/common/bin/libor9i.so
    We have circumvented the problem for the time being by making sure that we load the Oracle libraries before Notes, but we cannot go with that as a long term solution.
    In my opinion the Oracle library is wrongly linked since all the T_* functions are defined in libnnz11.so. When we load Oracle first, the loader debug trace shows the correct fixups. When we load Notes first, the loader trace shows the incorrect fixups. We are using dlopen(libor9i.so, RTLD_LOCAL) for Oracle and dlopen(libnotes.so, RTLD_LOCAL) for Notes. libor9i.so has a dependency on libclntsh.so.10.1.
    An opinion would really be appreciated.
    John Unsworth

    Thanks again.
    We don't have an Oracle support contract because we do not use Oracle ourselves. We supply an application that synchronises data between multiple data servers and server types, of which Oracle is one and Notes is another, as well as LDAP servers and many other types.
    Producing a full resolved binary is therefore not an option since the types of data server are configured when the apploication is installed, and then the client software for each server is loaded as required.
    The end user of the application supplies the client libraries and has a support contract for the servers, in particular Oracle and Notes in this case. So the other option is for the end user to raise a ticket using his support contract, but he is reluctant to do that since he considers that this is our problem as we supply the application that is having the problem. So we are in a dead water area. We do not want to take out a support contract just to get what is an Oracle product problem resolved. I imagine that this problem is something that has not been encountered before, because our use of the client library in conjunction with other client libraries is probably unusual.
    So that is why I am hoping, without any success so far, that someone from Oracle will pick this up.

  • Error while building B2B for CRM 2007

    Hi All
    I am trying to make few changes in B2B application for CRM 2007.
    I have created projects for crmisawebb2bsap.com and  crmhomeshrextsap.com
    But whenever I try to build anyone of them.
    There is a error.
    Build log -
    Development Component Build (2009-07-28 12:14:18)
      Component name: crm/b2b_2
      Component vendor: sap.com
      SC compartment: sap.com_SAP-CRMAPP_1
        Source code location: http://xxx/sap.com_SAP-CRMAPP/dev/inactive/DCs/sap.com/crm/b2b_2/_comp/
      DC root folder: C:\Documents and Settings\.dtc\4\DCs\sap.com\crm\b2b_2\_comp\
      DC type: J2EE
      DC subtype: Enterprise Application
    DC Model check:
              [dcmake] All used DCs are available locally
              [dcmake] ERROR: Check for used DCs failed: Cannot build because used component is broken: sap.com/crm/isa/web/b2b( sap.com_SAP-SHRWEB_1)
              [dcmake] Build failed with errors.
    Please advice me how to proceed.

    Did you find the issue? I'm trying to install binutils and the gcc toolchain on my laptop.  I was able to get it to work (randomly) on my desktop a year ago (http://nakedproof.blogspot.com/2012/09/ … linux.html), but the same steps aren't working anymore.

  • Runtime Error in B2B application logon!

    I am working on a custom SAP B2B application.  The B2B version is 7.0 SP19. 
    We have done a SAP upgrade to ECC6 in the backend ABAP system.  After the SAP upgrade in dev and quality portals, the development portal is working fine.  But, in the quality portal, the customer number was not getting passed to the backend ABAP system.  So, we did a portal transport for the SHRWEB-B2B component and its associated CUSTCRM component from Dev to Q.  After this transport, we did a comparison for the deployed versions in dev and Q.  Both are found to be exactly the same.
    But after the transport, I am getting 'Runtime Error - Contact your system administrator' error while logging into the Quality portal.  The same application works fine in the development portal.  When we reverted the transport, the runtime error is not seen but the customer number is not getting passed to the ABAP system.
    I checked the XCM configuration.  Both the dev and Q have similar settings in XCM configuration.
    Please help!

    What does the default trace log file say for the Runtime error? At what point does it fail?

  • E-Commerce 5.0 Custom B2B Application changes are not reflecting on screen

    <h5>Hi Experts,
    I am currently working  the E-Commerce for ERP project. Part of that I am customizing some of standard screens. I was able to indentify JSP, .Properties, .XLF files where I can change Header name (startpage.header),  Shop Name (b2b.jsp.applicationName) etc . I am following the SAP help guide (How Tou2026 Create Custom Application in E-Commerce 5.0.pdf).
    Below are the steps I completed so far
    1)     Created a custom track in NWDI
    2)     Added dependency SC components
    3)     Check in & Imported to development tab
    4)     Imported track in to NWDS
    5)     Created custom DC (J2ee Enterprise Application) under CRMCUSTPRJ SC
    6)     Created copy files from the standard application crm~b2b to our custom application home/b2b_xyz
    7)     Added used relationship between Add a used relationship between the New DC(B2B_XXX) and the Web DC (crm/isa/web/b2b )
    8)     Added relationship between Web DC (crm/isa/web/b2b )and Ext DC (crm/home/shr/ext )
    9)     All above tasks are added to NWDI Activity
    10)     No Build error etc.
    11)      Deployed in to DEV Server and able to access Shop Front and Shop Amin (SCM) screens successfully (Went everything smooth till this step)12)      Now I modified Shop Header and Application name Key/Values in crmb2bresources_en.properties, crmb2bresources_en.xlf of NDI_XXXXXX_Dcrmisawebb2b~sap.com DC
    13)      Rebuild crmisawebb2bsap.com
    14)      Import Used DCu2019s in custom B2B_XXX Project, Rebuild and Deploy
    15)      Restart B2B_XXX custom application in Visual Administrator- Deploy  JDBC
    After all above steps I am expecting to see the shop header and Application Name in my shop. But It wasnu2019t happened.
    I also checked in and activated my activities in NWDI. And my NWDI track
    auto-deploy is on . I believe I donu2019t need to release my NWDI activities to Test.
    Please help me with your inputs.
    Edited by: Aravinda Boyapati on Nov 5, 2010 5:12 PM

    Please check  the following for NWDI system
    Check deployment status of your request id.
    You can also see the build or deployment errors.

  • JCo Client Programming and Error Handling

    Hi all,
    I was wondering if anybody could help me out with some advice on error handling when writing code to send messages to SAP via a JCo Client, particularly IDocs.
    I understand from my reading that IDocs are always sent asyncronously to the SAP system from JCo, using JCO.Client.send(). So it is possible (and I have some test code working to do this) to force an exception with say a malformed IDoc, and catch the exception in my code.
    But due to the asyncronous nature of the send functionality for IDoc, I cannot see any way of getting back any "business level" exceptions (e.g. Order Number does not exist, Unknown Material, etc.)
    So my question is, is it possible to receive any of these type of error messages when sending IDocs to an SAP system using JCo? Perhaps by setting up a JCo Server with the correct error/exception listeners to receive these messages - but are they even sent out in the way?
    If not what is the process for handling them?
    It is of course possible to look in the SAP system using txn WE02 and see the problem/error but that does not help me to propagate this back to the sending application or to maintain state alignment between the two apps.
    Any advice much appreciated!!

    Hi Anil,
    you should check on those trheads:
    <a href="https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/thread?messageID=3104772&#3104772">https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/thread?messageID=3104772&#3104772</a>
    <a href="https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/thread?messageID=579794&#579794">https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/thread?messageID=579794&#579794</a>
    Gianluca Barile

  • Error connection using JCO.Client

    Hello all,
    I got the following problem <b>"Error connection using JCO.Client"</b> and don't know what's wrong. All connections works at the content administration when I test the connection.
    Can anyone help me please?
    Best regards

    I almost tested the JCO connection with the 'test' button successfully at the content administrator. I tested again and it still works. And I have a stand alone webdynpro application (no portal).
    Now I got the following error message after completing the coding with 'e.printStackTrace().'.
    "Error connection using JCO.Client:null"
    "Could not create JCOClientConnection for logical System:WD_MODELDATA_DEST - Model: class impersonalaccout.intro.model.Z_Fh0002_Datenverwaltung.Please assure that you have configured the RFC connections and/or logical System"
    "com.sap.tc.webdynpro.modelimpl.dynamicrfc.WDDynamicRFCException:Error connection using JCO.Client:null"
    "com.sap.tc.webdynpro.modelimpl.dynamicrfc.WDDynamicRFCException: Could not create JCOClientConnection for logical System: WD_MODELDATA_DEST - Model:class impersonalaccout.intro.model.Z_Fh0002_Datenveraltung.Please ***"</i>
    Can anyone explaine me what's wrong?

  • Error connection using  JCO.Client :null

    I have small doubt in JCO connection, can any one help me.
    In WebDynpro  application some time we are getting exception like Error connection using JCO.client : null.
    Connection :200 we are maintained in JCO configuration.
    If I call one RFC useing JCO it will created a session or connection to ECC server, because we are getting exception in server too many sessions to ECC server.  
    Write now we are not using any code to close the connection like.
    SaveModel svModel = (SaveModel)WDModelFactory.getModelInstance(SaveModel.class);
    If we use the above code it will close the connection or sessions.
    Is it recommended to write the code in every RFC calls or  in final block of all RFC calls ?

    Hi Satya
    /message/1944647#1944647 [original link is broken]
    /message/8499#8499 [original link is broken]
    Please go through this link.Hope it will be helpful for you

  • DynamicRFCException with JCO.client problem

    Iam trying to execute an RFC from webdynpro.Iam getting the following error.So as a result i dont get any result as expected on my screen as the RFC is not getting executed due to JCO problem.Please kindly let me know the reason.In the last line of the exception it talks about user authentication.I dont have any idea whats the reason.This happens as soon as my bapi execute statement in my controller is executed.
    could not create JCOClientConnection for logical System: WD_MODELDATA_DEST - Model: class com.test.Getmodel. Please assure that you have configured the RFC connections and/or logical system name properly for this model!
    com.sap.tc.webdynpro.modelimpl.dynamicrfc.WDDynamicRFCExecuteException: Error connecting using JCO.Client: null at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.modelimpl.dynamicrfc.DynamicRFCModel.prepareExecute(DynamicRFCModel.java:179) at com.test.Getmodel.bapi_Ben_Bus3029_Get_Evt_List(Getmodel.java:141) at com.test.Bapi_Ben_Bus3029_Get_Evt_List_Input.doExecute(Bapi_Ben_Bus3029_Get_Evt_List_Input.java:137) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.modelimpl.dynamicrfc.DynamicRFCModelClassExecutable.execute(DynamicRFCModelClassExecutable.java:92) at com.avid.benefits.Benefitscust.executebapi(Benefitscust.java:128) at com.avid.benefits.wdp.InternalBenefitscust.executebapi(InternalBenefitscust.java:162) at com.avid.benefits.AvidusbenefitsView.wdDoInit(AvidusbenefitsView.java:97) at com.avid.benefits.wdp.InternalAvidusbenefitsView.wdDoInit(InternalAvidusbenefitsView.java:129) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.progmodel.generation.DelegatingView.doInit(DelegatingView.java:61) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.progmodel.controller.Controller.initController(Controller.java:215) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.progmodel.view.View.initController(View.java:445) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.progmodel.controller.Controller.init(Controller.java:200) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.progmodel.view.ViewManager.getView(ViewManager.java:709) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.progmodel.view.ViewManager.bindRoot(ViewManager.java:579) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.progmodel.view.ViewManager.init(ViewManager.java:155) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.clientserver.window.WebDynproWindow.doOpen(WebDynproWindow.java:295) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.clientserver.window.ApplicationWindow.show(ApplicationWindow.java:183) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.clientserver.window.ApplicationWindow.open(ApplicationWindow.java:178) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.clientserver.cal.ClientApplication.init(ClientApplication.java:364) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.clientserver.session.ApplicationSession.initApplication(ApplicationSession.java:756) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.clientserver.session.ApplicationSession.doProcessing(ApplicationSession.java:291) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.clientserver.session.ClientSession.doApplicationProcessingStandalone(ClientSession.java:713) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.clientserver.session.ClientSession.doApplicationProcessing(ClientSession.java:666) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.clientserver.session.ClientSession.doProcessing(ClientSession.java:250) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.clientserver.session.RequestManager.doProcessing(RequestManager.java:149) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.serverimpl.defaultimpl.DispatcherServlet.doContent(DispatcherServlet.java:62) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.serverimpl.defaultimpl.DispatcherServlet.doGet(DispatcherServlet.java:46) at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:740) at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:853) at com.sap.engine.services.servlets_jsp.server.HttpHandlerImpl.runServlet(HttpHandlerImpl.java:401) at com.sap.engine.services.servlets_jsp.server.HttpHandlerImpl.handleRequest(HttpHandlerImpl.java:266) at com.sap.engine.services.httpserver.server.RequestAnalizer.startServlet(RequestAnalizer.java:386) at com.sap.engine.services.httpserver.server.RequestAnalizer.startServlet(RequestAnalizer.java:364) at com.sap.engine.services.httpserver.server.RequestAnalizer.invokeWebContainer(RequestAnalizer.java:1039) at com.sap.engine.services.httpserver.server.RequestAnalizer.handle(RequestAnalizer.java:265) at com.sap.engine.services.httpserver.server.Client.handle(Client.java:95) at com.sap.engine.services.httpserver.server.Processor.request(Processor.java:175) at com.sap.engine.core.service630.context.cluster.session.ApplicationSessionMessageListener.process(ApplicationSessionMessageListener.java:33) at com.sap.engine.core.cluster.impl6.session.MessageRunner.run(MessageRunner.java:41) at com.sap.engine.core.thread.impl3.ActionObject.run(ActionObject.java:37) at java.security.AccessController.doPrivileged(Native Method) at com.sap.engine.core.thread.impl3.SingleThread.execute(SingleThread.java:102) at com.sap.engine.core.thread.impl3.SingleThread.run(SingleThread.java:172) Caused by: com.sap.tc.webdynpro.modelimpl.dynamicrfc.WDDynamicRFCException: Could not create JCOClientConnection for logical System: WD_MODELDATA_DEST - Model: class com.test.Getmodel. Please assure that you have configured the RFC connections and/or logical system name properly for this model! at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.modelimpl.dynamicrfc.AiiModel.getCurrentlyUsedJcoClient(AiiModel.java:210) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.modelimpl.dynamicrfc.DynamicRFCModel.prepareExecute(DynamicRFCModel.java:170) ... 42 more Caused by: com.sap.tc.webdynpro.services.sal.sl.api.WDSystemLandscapeException: Error while obtaining JCO connection. at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.serverimpl.wdc.sl.SystemLandscapeFactory.getJCOClientConnection(SystemLandscapeFactory.java:152) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.services.sal.sl.api.WDSystemLandscape.getJCOClientConnection(WDSystemLandscape.java:30) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.modelimpl.dynamicrfc.AiiModel.getCurrentlyUsedJcoClient(AiiModel.java:189) ... 43 more Caused by: com.sap.tc.webdynpro.services.exceptions.WDRuntimeException: Failed to resolve connection parameter for 'WD_MODELDATA_DEST' at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.serverimpl.wdc.sl.JCOClientConnection.resolveConnectionParameter4MsgServerJCODestination(JCOClientConnection.java:649) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.serverimpl.wdc.sl.JCOClientConnection.resolveConnectionParameter(JCOClientConnection.java:476) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.serverimpl.core.sl.AbstractJCOClientConnection.init(AbstractJCOClientConnection.java:233) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.serverimpl.core.sl.AbstractJCOClientConnection.<init>(AbstractJCOClientConnection.java:218) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.serverimpl.wdc.sl.JCOClientConnection.<init>(JCOClientConnection.java:129) at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.serverimpl.wdc.sl.SystemLandscapeFactory.getJCOClientConnection(SystemLandscapeFactory.java:150) ... 45 more Caused by: com.sap.tc.webdynpro.services.exceptions.WDRuntimeException: User not authenticated - unable to establish JCO connection with SSO. at com.sap.tc.webdynpro.serverimpl.wdc.sl.JCOClientConnection.resolveConnectionParameter4MsgServerJCODestination(JCOClientConnection.java:584) ... 50 more
    Error connecting using JCO.Client: null
    Error connecting using JCO.Client: null: Could not create JCOClientConnection for logical System: WD_MODELDATA_DEST - Model: class com.test.Getmodel. Please assure that you have configured the RFC connections and/or logical system name properly for this model!: Error while obtaining JCO connection.: Failed to resolve connection parameter for 'WD_MODELDATA_DEST': User not authenticated - unable to establish JCO connection with SSO.

    Hi Swathi,
                        The problem may be with JCo destinations. If you have authorization in Portal, navigate to Content Administration -> Web Dynpro.
    In the left side you can see deployed web dynpro applications. Check in local, sap,  or any of your custom namespace. Browse & select to your application. Right side you can see JCo destinations for your application. If they are in green color , means they are created. If not, ask your basis team to create them. If they are n green color, ping and test them. if they are working fine or not.
    If they are fine, try to deploy after you have logged into the portal. 

  • WDDynamicRFCExecuteException: Error connecting using JCO.Client: null

    This is a common problem,I have seen many threads , but following them did not solve my problem.
    I have the JCOs tested successful from WD Admin. When I create a sample WDJ application with RFC model and deploy it to the server, I get
    Exception:com.sap.tc.webdynpro.modelimpl.dynamicrfc.WDDynamicRFCExecution: Error connecting using JCO.Client: null.
    I have checked my binding , I have only one input parameter and the code is
          wdComponentAPI.getMessageManager().reportSuccess("Inside wdInit in Component ctrller");
          Z_Plm44_Obsoleteimpactanalysis_Input input = new Z_Plm44_Obsoleteimpactanalysis_Input();
    Also I have implemented closing the connection
    I contacted the basis team... they tell me that everything is fine from their end. they have tried increasing the JCO connection pools.
    Thanks for your help in advance

    Hi Karthika
    Check this pdf and try to catch WDDynamicRFCExecution in catch block.
    Please put your code in try catch and also import com.sap.tc.webdynpro.modelimpl.dynamicrfc.WDDynamicRFCExecution in your code;
    Re: User has no RFC authorization for function group.
    Hope this will help you.
    Arun Jaiswal

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  • Saving Jpeg in Photoshop CS4 and having problems

    Okay, i have been looking all over the internet and i hope it's something really foolish... After editing a photo in Photoshop (CS4) and saving it as a JPEG / JPG, many people using windows can't open the file, and it gets the extension .JPGG ( ...?.

  • Directory structure of DMS/CS server

    Dear All, I have to install SAP DMS/Content Server on Solaris Server, I came to know that DMS uses SAP Database (MaxDB) kindly let me know what directory structure to be created in Solaris in  order to install DMS/CS. Thanx

  • Height of Textview Object

    Hi, is it possible to change they height of an textview object? If it is possible, how? Regards, Hubert