JCo creation for multiple backend systems

Hi Experts,
    I have an application in which i am using two different backend systems. I have used three RFCs  in my application, in which two RFCs are referring same backend system while 3rd RFC is pointing to another backend system .
    Now my doubt is, Is it possible to use a single JCo connection for this application ...?
    OR if i use 2 or 3 JCos then which one will give better performance...?
Thanks in advance,

Hi One Jco connection to one R/3 System gives more performance.
even end users increases also we can maintain based on configurations(by increasing connection pool)
Re: JCO Performance /Load
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  • Find exact RFC Destination for Multiple backend Systems In SAP Gateway

    Hi Gateway developers,
    I have requirement,if gateway hub system has multiple backend systems( for example two backend systems: ECC and SRM ) then  how  hub system can get the suitable backend alias for exact entity collection..
    Here i have developed two entities one entity regards: ECC and second one regards SRM system..within this when I run the service it is always taking any of the same alias for both the collections..
    Can you please suggest me..
    Sreenivas Pachva

    Hi Srinivas,
    You can add the respective system Alias Name: Like logical system name in your URI also.
    /sap/Service Name;mo=ECCCLNT210/zentity1?Customer1='0001'
    /sap/Service Name;mo=SRMCLNT400/zentity2?Customer2='ABCD'
    May this help you.
    Saurabh Gupta

  • Unable to define connector for multiple backend systems in BRM

    I am on GRCFND_A V.11 and SP04
    I have multiple backend systems integrated with GRC box. So far I was using one backend connector as default one for role maintenance but it is not feasible if you have to create roles in variuos backend connected systems. I know one way to do so, i can keep changing the default connectors whenever i need to create roles but that is obviously not at all the onw any one would like to go with.
    So, I tried to create unique connector groups for every individul backend connectors. But the issue is, the moment i assign the backend connector to the respective connector groups, the same gets reflected to other connector groups as well. So, whenever i either add or delete some of the connectors to any connector groups it gets modified/changed from all of the connector groups.
    These are the backend connectors where i have to create roles from BRM whenever needed.
    These are the connector groups:
    I followed to the ink: GRC AC 10 BRM: Default Connectors with Multiple Back-end R/3 Systems , which is the same as mine issue, but not able to come to the solution point.
    would appreciate for your quick response.

    Could anyone suggest solution to the above mentioned issue please?

  • JCo Scenario with multiple Backend Systems

    Hello @ all,
    Is it possible to use multiple Jco destinations to multiple Backendsystems in one WD application?
    The scenario is as following: I want to call different function modules on different SAP Backend systems?

    Hi Mehmet
    Alternatively you could try switching the destination through URL parameters
    http://<Host-Name>:<Port-Nummer>/webdynpro/dispatcher/local/Example_Project/Example?sap-wd-arfc-useSys= WD_MODELDATA_DEST:SyB&sap-wd-arfc-useSys=WD_RFC_METADATA_DEST:
    Check this link (I havent tried it though)

  • Multiple backend systems for business package ESS/MSS

    I would like to know whether there is a smart solution for connecting the business package ESS/MSS with multiple backend systems (up to 10 systems).
    I am aware of the possibility using parameter "sap-wd-arfc-useSys", but this implies, that content needs to be duplicated n-times in order to be able to maintain the Jco destination suffix.
    Any hint, also for custom built solutions are very welcome!
    Best regards,

    There is some problem with the link
    See this.
    Connecting multiple SAP Systems
    Thread name is 'Connecting multiple SAP Systems'
    Krishna Murthy

  • Programmatic access to multiple backend systems using adaptive RFC

    The following  link http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw04/helpdata/en/af/84a34098022a54e10000000a1550b0/content.htm talks about the support to map multiple backend systems by specifying the backend system as URL parameters in a webdynpro application.
    For example:
    Is it possible to programmatically change the backend systems the application connects to? in other words can a single application while executing connect to different backend systems by dynamically changing the model parameters?
    (This should be possible without the portal in the picture)

       [This|JCO connection to multiple R/3 Back end system; might help especially the reply from Bertram Ganz.

  • WD Exception when pointing ESS Travel & Expense to multiple backend systems

    Hi All,
    I have a query regarding ESS Travel Management pointing to multiple backend systems.
    ESS MSS is installed on a single portal(Portal1).
    ESS MSS is currently pointing to Backend System1. The requirement is that ESS Travel from Portal1 should point to various multiple Backend Systems therefore making ESS Travel region-specific.
    Is this possible? and if so what are the pros and cons?
    This is what I have attempted:
    1. Followed the documentation from "Multiple Back End Support for the Adaptive RFC Model" [http://help.sap.com/saphelp_nw70/helpdata/en/af/84a34098022a54e10000000a1550b0/frameset.htm]
    Therefore, I created 2 JCOs namely: SAP_R3_Travel_R1 and SAP_R3_Travel_MetaData_R1 pointing to Backend Sytem 2. SSO and JCO tests successfully.
    2. On the iview properties for ESS Travel & Expenses, I added the following to the Application Parameters: sap-wd-arfc-useSys=SAP_R3_Travel:_R1&sap-wd-arfc-useSys=SAP_R3_Travel_MetaData:_R1
    3. I additionally created a system in the Portal under  System Configuration pointing to Backend System2 and adding the SAP_R3_Travel_R1 as the default System Alias. Do I need to add SAP_ITS_XSS and SAP_WebDynpro_XSS system alias, if so how since it is seeing as redundant because it is added in the system I created for Backend System1.
    4. I then tested one of the ESS Travel & Expenses iviews. I have the following error:
    Accessing System XYZ is not possible because RFC Metadata was retrieved using System ABC. Please assure you have configured the RFC Connections properly. A Server restart may be necessary!
    Your help is appreciated.

    Can you please share the solution you got for this problem as we are also facing the same kind of problem.

  • UoM issue due to multiple backend systems

    Hi All,
    We have multiple backend systems hooked up with the SRM system. One issue that we have is that many of the UoMs are different in the backend systems. For example, for THOUSANDS, we have TH and THO in different systems. As part of optimization we intend to include only 1 entry per UoM in SRM box.
    The problem is if we put TH as the unit, then if it is chosen by a user linked to the backend system that does not have this Commercial unit, then the Shopping Cart fails when trying to create a follow-on document.
    Any advice how we can get this resolved will be greatly appreciated.
    Best Regards

    Hi Gaurav,
    Common problem when using multiple back-ends, which can be resolved rather easily.  The best way to solve this is by a business change. That isu2026.  synchronize the use of the UoMu2019s throughout the organization.  This would be the most elegant solution. All back-ends will then have the same valueu2019s in their respective CUNI tables.
    Off course the feasibility of this will depend on your organizational structure and the hitting the u2018right stringsu2019 in order to get every one to understand the importance of this.
    As a back-up an other solution would be to create a Z-table which will translate the UoM used in the SRM system to the corresponding UoM in the respective back-endsu2026.. The table will have three columns.  u2018SRM UoMu2019 u2013 u2018Back-end Systemu2019 u2013 Back-end UoM.  Depending on the implementation scenario U use, you can have the interface to the back-end carry out the translation. For this you can use the available Badiu2019s: BBP_CREATE_BE_PO_NEW, BBP_CREATE_BE_RQ_NEW, BBP_CREATE_BE_RS_NEW
    Downside of this solution will be the extra maintenance effort for the Z-table. Best choice in my perspective would be the business change.
    Kind Regards,

  • Restrict PO creation for multiple plants for same company code

    Hi Gurus,
    We want to restrict PO creation for multiple plants in the same company code. Based on Standard SAP settings for Purchasing organization assignment with multiple Plant and multiple Plant assignment with single company code, this is happening. Is there a way that we can restrict by doing some customization change.
    Any thoughts or ideas will be highly appreciating.
    Thanks and Best regards,
    Karun Kumar

    Said functionality is not available in SAP standard.
    To avoid the same ,i can suggest implement release strategy for PO,and then higher authority / commercial team can check created PO,if multiple plants available in single po then they have the option of rejection for the same.
    Or else check BADI-ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST,take the help from abapor and apply the restriction to select multiple plant in PO.
    Hope this will resolve your query,
    Thanks & Regards,
    Sandesh Sawant

  • How to connect to multiple backend systems to IMS

    I want to connect multiple backend system to SRM IMS.How to connect multiple backend system.
    Thanks in advance
    Nitin Amritkar

    see page 63. it is possible.
    define backend systems in spro and record all your ecc systems and create a distribution model fpr bbpiv message in srm and distibute to all backend systems.

  • SRM 7.0 extended classic possible for multiple backends?

    Hi all,
    I know that SRM 7.0 can be set up for multiple backends in the classic scenario.
    And i assume it is also possible to do so in the EXTENDED classic scenario.
    Could somebody please confrim that this is possible?
    Has somesone already set up this landscape and any recommendations, advice, hits, do's and dont's?

    Hi Ulrike,
    SRM 7.0 supports ECS for multiple backends. We are using it now.

  • Installing data quality management for sap for multiple sap system

    Hello folks,
    I have an Requirement where i need to install data quality management for sap in multiple sap system.
    I have installed it successfully for one system .
    here my data services is installed in one server with rfc server as windows services in same server.
    i have done the required configuration in ecc side.
    my question is how do i use same data services jobs which are configured as real time services for both my sap connection?
    in simple terms how do i installed dqm for multiple sap system having single data services server.

    Hi Vishal,
    Regarding DQM Please refer the below Link.
    or you can also refer below SNotes given by SAP:
    1732816 - How to manually import DQM ATL files correctly after failed install
    Note 1732816 - DQM Adapter Dataflow installer fails on Data Services 4.1

  • Multiple backend systems in ESS CATS Webdynpro scenario - challenge

    Hello Everyone!
    For one of our customers we have the following challenging situation with the ESS CATS Webdynpro scenario:
    System Landscape:
    ERP 6.0 HR Backend System
    ERP 6.0 FI/CO Backend System
    EP 7.0 with already running ESS scenarions
    Our customer actually uses the ESS CATS Scenario for collecting wage types into infotyp 2010. Now, additionally, they want to
    use ESS CATS for an internal cost allocation scenario. This means, that the data from the CATS Webdynpro have to be redirected to the FI/CO backend system instead of the HR system (because of a missing standard ALE scenario for this case). The JCO SAP_R3_HumanResources points to the HR-System. Is there a way to dynamically redirect the system assignment depending of the used CATS scenario. Out of the CATS Profile we can conclude which system should be assigned. I red a lot about dynamic system resolution in the SAP Library, but it seems not to be the right solution for this issue - because I need to know the CATS profile for the descision.
    Any hints would be great. Thanks in advance!

    Rob Christopher
    First of all, I introduce myself: it’s Oscar Garcia de las Heras, from Madrid, Spain.
    I can check in SCN and Linkedin your high expertise in ALE, ESS and SAP.
    We have a delicate situation in my current project; I would like to ask your help.
    The situation is this: we have different machines in HR and FI, and are trying to implement Travel Management through the SAP Standard Portal.
    TM settings is in the FI machine, but ESS calls to the HR machine.
    We have 2 ideas:
    -A, differentiate the different services of the Portal, so specific HR processes will call to a HR machine and others will call to a FI machine.
    -B, set the ALE processes to duplicate HR information in FI, and Portal will call just FI machine.
    We prefer first idea; would you recommend us?
    Thanks a lot for your time

  • Syndication of merged records to multiple backend systems (MDM 7.1)

    Hi all,
    I have setup an MDM scenario with >1 ECC systems connected to MDM via PI. Everything works fine in terms of end-to-end process from ECC to MDM or MDM to ECC (creation, update, syndication). I have also merged records in MDM from the same backend system and am able to see the remote key information under 'edit key mappings' and when I update the merged records in mdm the data is olso updated in ECC.
    BUT the update in ECC does not work for merged records where the keys are from different backend systems.
    Remote system: RS1 and RS2
    I have merged two records, one from RS1 and the other from RS2. The newly created record has two key mappings (RS1/RS2). Also the newly created record shows - let's say - RS1 in MDM and the the RS2 informaion is attached as remote system information. When modifying the record in MDM, only RS1 is updated but not RS2.
    Remote Systems RS1 and RS2 are set up in the Cosole. Also I have setup a port for each remote system. Syndication in general works perfectly without any problem. I know that I have to trigger syndication for each port but still does not work. Any ideas?
    P.S. I am using MDM 7.1

    Hi Erdal,
    OK, I assumed a setup like this.
    > in 5.5 there was "Output Remote Systems" whereas in 7.1 we don't have
    You have this one in 7.1, too. "Output Remote Systems" was renamed to "Remote Key Override". I don't know why, but the functionality is exactly the same.
    > "Supress Unchange Records" is checked
    This explains the behaviour that you are facing. "Supress Unchanged Records" is used to distribute only these records that have been changed. What happens inside MDM is the following.
    MDM Server creates kind of a change pointer for the changed record AND for each remote system that record belongs to:
    Imagine you have a record A with a key for RS1 and RS2 each. You change this record. MDS creates two change pointers A-RS1 and A-RS2.
    Now you switch to Syndicator and distribute the records with the port for RS1, but with "Remote Key Override" for both RS1 and RS2. Syndicator creates a single message and includes both the remote keys for RS1 and RS2. Furthermore it deletes BOTH change pointers A-RS1 and A-RS2 as the record was distributed for BOTH systems!
    If you then connect with Syndicator to the port for RS2 and start the syndication, Syndicator cannot find any change pointers and thus won't create a message.
    If you want to send the golden record to different systems, I'd suggest to add each system to MDM Console. Create a syndication map & port FOR EACH system. Within the map use the target system only as "Remote Key Override". Use "Supress Records without key" to exclude those records, that do not have a remote key for the target system. Use "Supress unchanged records" if you want to distribute only the changed records.
    If you need a message having all keys of all systems (e.g. to update a BI system with grouping information), create a specific remote system for this purpose. Create a map & port, the map shall now use the "Remote Key Override" for all systems. The "Supress" settings can be made as above, but especially for BI we're recommending to syndicate always all records (do not "Supress unchanged records").
    Best regards

  • Need a Data Integration for multiple ERP systems

    We are doing some research into a data integration layer to our BW 7.3/BOBJ 4.0 from multiple ERPs.  Of course we are looking at Data Services and Information Steward in the BOBJ suite but just looking for anybody's recommendations on the topic.
    What technology platform do you use to do the extract, transform, load processes from multiple backend sources into BW?  Any you would advise us to avoid? 

    Hello Edward,
    The answer depends on multiple factors.
    Some pointers:
    Volume and growth of db in scope planning (Federation vs replication )
    If data federation is where you want to move data services / BO tools will be ideal
    If your data is coming from multiple ERP systems you can utilize there delta queue to load data via data services (in case of SAP)
    Use native DB connect/UD connect functionalities in BW as with BW 7.3 its delta capable.
    Moving to BW 7.4 you will have SDA to solve that problem of integration to Non - SAP data into your EDW landscape
    These are pointers but I would say talk to enterprise architects and look into the foresight of wheyare you want to move your EDW platform.

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