JLayeredPane alternative for SWT

Hi there,
I have recently started working in SWT, have been long working in Swing.
I post this question here since I didn't find any specific forum for SWT queries, which btw I think is the need of the hour. SWT definitely calls for a separate dedicated forum like we have for Swing.
Basically what my goal is to develop a Chess game for online-game play on popular chess servers like FICS, ICC, there is another open source client (pretty good) developed in java swing available by the name JIN, perhaps you know of it too.
I do like JIN, but I personally like the interface of BabasChess better and more comfortable, but its not available as such for linux environment and so I decided that I should go ahead and build one for myself. If it is good enough, I will even release it as an open source applications for others' use.
Since SWT is much better than Swing in terms of both accessibility in general and visually too, I am certain I want to do it in SWT rather than in Swing.
Coming to my question, I am wondering if there is an alternative for JLayeredPane of Swing in SWT so that I can create a Chess board and easily allow Drag and Drop of chess pieces for moves. I will really appreciate any help or input that I can get from here since I am very serious about developing a game.
Apart from that I also want to know how logical or appropriate it is to use Swing components in SWT?
Thanks & Regards,
Dhruva Sagar

Well then what alternatives do I have to be able to make a drag and drop enabled chess game in SWT and not in Swing.
I know this is a Swing forum but there is no SWT forum, where should I post it otherwise?
I guess I will try at JavaRanch and java-forums.org. Thanks for your help.

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    good luck,

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    I'm afraid there isn't, but you can always vote on the existing request for this at the SQL Developer Exchange, to add weight for possible sooner implementation. (I believe there is one, else create a new request)

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