Job SM:EXEC SERVICES  gets cancelled with  SYNTAX_ERROR

     The job which refreshes Service sessions (for Early Watch Alerts) in SolMan 4. gets cancelled with the message:
Syntax error in program "RDSVASAEA_ROOT_____________050 ".
I performed a syntax check on the program in the ABAP Editor and it gives the following result :
Field "BDLDLTRHOSTS001030" is unknown. It is neither in one of the
specified tables nor defined by a "DATA" statement. "DATA" statement.
Can you let me know, how to solve this problem.
My system is SolMan 4.0 SP 15 on Win 2003 with Oracle 10.2.
ST-SER and ST-ICO are with the latest support pkg level,

These steps can be done easier as of Support Package Stack 15:
Amit Devale wrote:
> Step 1:
> Run report BDL_DELETE_ALL_TABLES via SE38 to delete all entries
> in the service definition tables
> Step 2:
> Execute a 'Refresh service definitions' task session in transaction
> SDCCN ->Task ->Create ->'Refresh service definitions'
> Step 3:
> Execute in transaction SE37 the function module "BDL_GENERATE_LOGFUNC
> _INCLUDES" and enter the value "ALL" in the 'OPTION' field.
Hi Amit,
Support Package Stack 15 of SAP Solution Manager does contain an update of SDCCN (shipped within ST-PI 2005_1_700 SP06.
[SAP Note 727998|]
This offers an easy way to update the service definitions and to generate the logfunc Includes.
Step 0: Ensure that optimizer statistics exist for table D010INC.
Step 1-3 :You can use functionality in SDCCN to execute these steps.
- Path: SDCCN -> Utilities -> Maintain Service Definitions
- Select 'Delete and Replace Service Definitions -> Confirm this selection
- Confirm that you want to delete the definitions
- Confirm that a new task 'Service Definition  Refresh' was created
  (Take a note of the task id -> Review the log for this task id when it is completed)
You should not not see any errors for either the update of a Service Definitions table or the generation of any re-import include.
Best regards,
P.S.: Great, that you start to share your rich experience here in SDN.

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  • Job DIM_OBSERVER is getting canceled with with a runtime error UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION

    Dear Experts,
    Job DIM_OBSERVER is getting canceled with with a runtime error UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION. Below are the details of runtime error.
    ABAP Programming Error
    Runtime Errors    
    ABAP Program      
    Application Component  EPM-BPC-NW-ADM
    Date and Time     
    02.08.2014 23:35:46
    I am unable to find related note and solution for the same. any help would be much appreciated.

    Hi Akbar,
    I believe this issue is coming up in BPC.
    But could you please provide some more detailed information like when exactly(after performing which step) is this error occurring?

  • Solution Manager - Error when executing Job SM:EXEC SERVICES

    I am trying to get the data from the earlywatch alert report and when i start the job SM:EXEC SERVICES.
    The jobs starts but i get an error during is execucion:
    Runtime errors         SYNTAX_ERROR                                          
           Occurred on     17.01.2008 at   14:06:28                                                                               
    Syntax error in program "RDSVASAEW_DBMSS____________052 ".                                                                               
    What happened?                                                                               
    The following syntax error occurred in the program                           
    RDSVASAEW_DBMSS____________052 :                                            
    "INCLUDE report "/1CAGTF/IF_LOGFUNC_000208" not found."                      
    Error in ABAP application program.                                                                               
    The current ABAP program "SAPLDSVAS_PROC" had to be terminated because one of
    statements could not be executed.                                                                               
    This is probably due to an error in the ABAP program.   
    I tried to generate all the function modules and i get this error:
    Logical function:  MSQ_TEMPDB_DOWNLOAD            :                    
    Error      1  during generation of  /1CAGTF/IF_LOGFUNC_000208          
    Syntax error.
    Can you help me on this error?
    Best regards,
    Nuno Silva

    Hi Pedro,
    I insert my answer from a similar thread.
    As a pitty, that's a well known error.
    Please check [SAP Note 727998|]
    Basically, these three steps needs to be performed:
    2) SDCCN - Refresh Service Definitions
    3) Generate Logfuncs
    It's also described in the Implementation Guide (IMG), transaction SPRO in the SAP Solution Manager system:
    SAP Solution Manager -> Configuration -> Basic Settings -> Standard Configuration of Basic Settings -> Solution Manager -> Service Data Control Center
    -> Activate the Service Data Control Center in the Solution Manager
    -> Generate Includes for Service Data Contol Center
    With the next ST-PI Support Package. The steps can be triggered via the menu of transaction SDCCN.
    Best regards,
    Ruediger Stoecker

  • Short dump while executing job SM:EXEC SERVICES for EWA alert generation

    Hello All,
    I'm getting short dump error while executing job SM:EXEC SERVICES for EWA alert generation.I'm using [email protected] of Sol Man.
    Please find the logs
    Error in the ABAP Application Program
    The current ABAP program "SAPLDSVAS_PROC" had to be terminated because it has
    come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.
    The following syntax error occurred in program "RDSVASCABAP_TRANS__________073
    " in include "RDSVASIABAP_TRANS__________073 " in
    line 1782:
    "Field "STATEMENT_SUMMARY001019" is unknown. It is neither in one of th"
    "e specified tables nor defined by a "DATA" statement. "DATA" statement"
    The include has been created and last changed by:
    Created by: "SAP "
    Last changed by: "SAP "
    Error in the ABAP Application Program
    The current ABAP program "SAPLDSVAS_PROC" had to be terminated because it has
    come across a statement that unfortunately cannot be executed.
    If anyone came across such kind of dump, please reply asap, due to this, i could not generate EWA report for R/3 system 6.04.

    Anand Tigadikar wrote:
    > Thx Paul, but i already did checked this note and its not solving my issue
    Dear Anand,
    Did you perform a complete service definition replacement for SDCC/SDCCN as described in the note?
    These are manual steps you need to perform on the system and are not code corrections.
    I would suggest you perform it, if you have not, and check the SDCCN logs to review the process ran cleanly.
    Note: Please make sure SDCC_OSS is functioning and a connection to SAP can be made before
    deleting the service definitions.
    If you have already replaced the service defintions on the Solution Manager system, then no point doing it again. However checking a note and applying it are not the same thing. So I am uncertain if you replaced the service definitions or not. The dump you are getting in SM:EXEC SERVICES suggests its due to a problem with the service definitons. The recommendation is to replace them according to the process described in SAP Note 727998. If you have not done so please do so.
    If you have successfully replaced the service definitions are you still getting the same dump, or has it possibly changed?

  • SAP_CCMS_MONI_BATCH_DP getting cancelled with error in program SAPLSPFL

    Hi Experts,
    The job SAP_CCMS_MONI_BATCH_DP scheduled by user DDIC is getting cancelled everyday at 20:00 CET (system time).
    The reason for the job getting cancelled with the runtime error Syntax error in program SAPLSPFL  and a short dump is generated.
    Runtime Errors         SYNTAX_ERROR
    Date and Time          07.03.2012 20:24:50
    Short text
        Syntax error in program "SAPLSPFL ".
    As per instructions I did syntax check for Program SAPLSPFL . It shows syntactical error as shown below.
    The following syntax error occurred in program "SAPLSPFL " in include "LSPFLF07
    " in
    line 148:
    "Bei PERFORM bzw. CALL FUNCTION "SET_DIRVALUE" ist der Aktualparameter "
    ""DIR_VALUES-DIR_ROLL" zum Formalparameter "DIR_VALUE" inkompatibel."
    Please help me on this.

    check out this SAP Note
    1000897  RZ10 profile import: Maximum path length is 60 characters

  • The background job "SM:EXEC SERVICES" is ending Green in Just 0 seconds

    Solution Manager 4.0
    In our customer system the background job "SM:EXEC SERVICES" is ending Green in Just 0 seconds or just 1 second.
    Here is the log:
    Job log overview for job:    SM:EXEC SERVICES 000000046740000 / 12193100
    Date       Time     Message text                                                                               Message class Message no. Message type
    28.04.2009 12:19:31 Job started                                                                                00           516          S
    28.04.2009 12:19:31 Step 001 started (program RDSMOPBACK_AUTOSESSIONS, variant &0000000001054, user ID BJ8099)      00           550          S
    28.04.2009 12:19:32 RDSMOPBACK_AUTOSESSIONS : MemSize Begin = 1374064                                              DSWP          000          I
    28.04.2009 12:19:32 Solution Enterprice Portal(GGP) is being edited (Operations)                                   DSWP          438          I
    28.04.2009 12:19:32 RDSMOPBACK_AUTOSESSIONS : MemSize End = 20902480                                               DSWP          000          I
    28.04.2009 12:19:32 Job finished                                                                                00           517          S
    Due to this EWA reports are not being generated.
    What could be the reason that the Job ends immediately with no significant warnings or error in the log?
    Many thanks in advance,

    Hi Manoj
    Following Notes will be helpful to you to analyze the problem
    Note 894279 - Background processing in SAP Solution Manager
    Note 1246329 - RDSMOPBACK_AUTOSESSIONS: Additional displays
    Note 1163920 - SM:Scheduler: Improved display in job log
    Note 946607 - Automatic diagnosis in SAP Solution Manager
    SAP Note 727998 "Complete Replacement of Service Definitions for SDCC/SDCCN"
    Note 986973 - How to analyze problems with EarlyWatch Alerts in SolMan
    however, is this problem occurring for sessions of ALL the systems today, if yes, then something wrong only in solman, last note of the above shows you to manually run the job interactively, may be will help in analyzing and i hope SDCCN settings in Solman are already fine..

  • Deleated job SM:EXEC SERVICES

    Hi Gurus
    I deleated the job SM:EXEC SERVICES by mistake. Can somebody help me to recreate that job ined the following info the ABAP program, Variant, Start time and Repetition period.

    Go to the SM37 and try to find older ones, please don't forgot change Job start condition to the past.
    If you automatically do not delete all finished or cancelled or ... job on daily base you will find older one.
    But activating can be done according instruction at here>>

  • At least one service session failed during job SM:EXEC SERVICES

    Hello everyone.
    I'm have problem with job "SM:EXEC SERVICES" in my System: SolutionManager 7.1 SPS12.
    Number of sessions to process in parallel: 5
    Child job SM:EXEC_MULT_SES_1 started
    Displaying log of child job SM:EXEC_MULT_SES_1
    Step 001 started (program AGS_SISE_SM_EXEC_PARALL_REPORT, variant &0000000000060, user ID SOLMAN_BTC)
    Trying to perform session EA0010000000001
    Error (shown below) in session EA0010000000001. Hints on analysis in SAP Note 700518
    Error message: An exception occurred that was not caught.
    Session EA0010000000001 not performed
    Step 002 started (program AGS_SISE_SM_EXEC_PARALL_REPORT, variant &0000000000061, user ID SOLMAN_BTC)
    Trying to perform session VE0010000000002
    Error (shown below) in session VE0010000000002. Hints on analysis in SAP Note 700518
    Error message: An exception occurred that was not caught.
    Session VE0010000000002 not performed
    ABAP DUMP "Error analysis":
    An exception occurred which is explained in detail below.
    The exception, which is assigned to class 'CX_DSVAS_API_SERVICE_SESSION', was
    not caught and
    therefore caused a runtime error.
    The reason for the exception is:
    Program for actions in check group &EW_ROOT& version &50079& not found
    The occurrence of the exception is closely related to the occurrence of
    a previous exception "CX_SY_PROGRAM_NOT_FOUND", which was raised in the program
    specifically in line 25 of the (include) program
    The cause of the exception was:
    Program /1AGS/AEW_ROOT_____________079 does not exist
      An exception occurred which is explained in detail below.
      The exception, which is assigned to class 'CX_DSVAS_API_SERVICE_SESSION', was
       not caught and
      therefore caused a runtime error.
      The reason for the exception is:
      Program for actions in check group &EWAFS_ROOT& version &50007& not found
      The occurrence of the exception is closely related to the occurrence of
      a previous exception "CX_SY_PROGRAM_NOT_FOUND", which was raised in the program
      specifically in line 25 of the (include) program
      The cause of the exception was:
      Program /1AGS/AEWAFS_ROOT__________007 does not exist
    i'm was trying find program "/1AGS/AEWAFS_ROOT__________007" and "/1AGS/AEW_ROOT_____________079" in SE80, but to no avail.
    Full job report and dumps in attachment.
    Kernel release    721
    Compilation       Linux GNU SLES-11
    Sup.Pkg lvl.      401
    ABAP Load         1780
    CUA load          39
    Mode              opt
    SAP Basis Component
    Cross-Application Component
    SAP CTS Plugin
    Basis Plug-In
    SAP Solution Tools Plug-In
    Business Intelligence Content
    SAP GW CORE 200
    SAP Business Suite Foundation
    SAP Business Warehouse
    SAP UI5
    Generic Interaction Layer
    SAP Web UI Framework
    SAP Portfolio and Project Management 5.0 (ABAP)
    Backend Event Provider
    SAP IW FND 250
    SAP Solution Manager Tool
    BI Content for SAP Solution Manager
    Integration into SAP IT Infrastructure Management
    SAP Solution Composer Server
    Application Servicetools for SolMan 7.0-
    Innovation Control Center
    SAP Solution Manager Implementation Content
    SAP Solution Manager Service Tools

    Try this.
    Run RAGS_DSWP_SERV_CONTENT_RESET in Se38 and seclect "Remove content completely"
    Goto AGS_UPDATE and apply the updates again and make sure that all is are green.
    Open the EWA session that was dumping and reset session component.

  • RDDGENOL job getting cancelled with huge number of ABAP dumps

    In our Production system, we had applied Kernel upto patch level 263 and while
    applying SPAM 30 for release 640 it failed. We tried applying Basis patch 15 still
    it did not went through.
    Since then we are getting around 1500-2500 dumps daily. The job RDDGENOLis getting cancelled and the dumps RAISE_EXCEPTION and SYNTAX_ERROR is displayed in ST22. Today, there were around 2500 dumps in the system.
    When I now run the Database <-> ABAP Dictionary consistency check in
    DB02, I see number of errors for missing objects in the database. There
    are around of dozens of Primary Indexes, secondary Indexes, Tables,
    Views listed in the result:
    Objects Missing in database No.
    =========================== ===
    Primary indexes 6
    Secondary indexes 14
    Tables 37
    Views 26
    When I try to create each of them using SE16 or using SQL utility on OS
    level, it gives an SQL system error. We are also getting thousands of
    dumps each day (attached alongwith this message). Also I see the CPF327E error
    in the OS Level Joblog.
    Also we cannot transport any requests. There is some problem with or
    due to the conversions. Is it a problem with Kernel, ABAP dictionary or
    Following is the extract of the dumps due to DDIC in 000:
    Runtime Error          SYNTAX_ERROR
    Date and Time         
    Syntax error in program "CL_WB_CROSSREFERENCE==========CP ".
    What happened?
    Error in ABAP application program.
    The current ABAP program "SAPLSEWB" had to be terminated because one of the
    statements could not be executed.
    This is probably due to an error in the ABAP program.
    In program "CL_WB_CROSSREFERENCE==========CP ", the following syntax error
    in the Include "CL_WB_CROSSREFERENCE==========CM00D " in line 8:
    |    "The type "KEYWORD_TAB" is unknown." 
    Runtime Error          RAISE_EXCEPTION
    Date and Time         
    Exception condition "DESTINATION_NOT_OPEN" raised.
    What happened?
    The current ABAP/4 program encountered an unexpected
    What can you do?
    Print out the error message (using the "Print" function)
    and make a note of the actions and input that caused the
    To resolve the problem, contact your SAP system administrator.
    You can use transaction ST22 (ABAP Dump Analysis) to view and administer
    termination messages, especially those beyond their normal deletion
    is especially useful if you want to keep a particular message.
    Error analysis
    A RAISE statement in the program "SAPLCRFC" raised the exception
    condition "DESTINATION_NOT_OPEN".
    Since the exception was not intercepted by a superior program
    in the hierarchy, processing was terminated.
    Short description of exception condition:
    Specified destination is not open.
    For detailed documentation of the exception condition, use
    Transaction SE37 (Function Library). You can take the called
    function module from the display of active calls.
    How to correct the error
    You may able to find an interim solution to the problem
    in the SAP note system. If you have access to the note system yourself,
    use the following search criteria:
    "SAPLCRFC" or "LCRFCU20"
    If you cannot solve the problem yourself and you wish to send
    an error message to SAP, include the following documents:
    1. A printout of the problem description (short dump)
    To obtain this, select in the current display "System->List->
    Save->Local File (unconverted)".
    2. A suitable printout of the system log
    To obtain this, call the system log through transaction SM21.
    Limit the time interval to 10 minutes before and 5 minutes
    after the short dump. In the display, then select the function
    "System->List->Save->Local File (unconverted)".
    3. If the programs are your own programs or modified SAP programs,
    supply the source code.
    To do this, select the Editor function "Further Utilities->
    4. Details regarding the conditions under which the error occurred
    or which actions and input led to the error.
    System environment
    SAP Release.............. "640"
    Application server....... "TXTPDSAP"
    Network address.......... ""
    Operating system......... "OS400"
    Release.................. "5.3"
    Hardware type............ "0065000655EC"
    Character length......... 8 Bits
    Pointer length........... 64 Bits
    Work process number...... 35
    Short dump setting....... "full"
    Database server.......... "TXTPDSAP"
    Database type............ "DB400"
    Database name............ "TXT"
    Database owner........... "R3TXTDATA"
    Character set............ "en_US.ISO8859-1"
    SAP kernel............... "640"
    Created on............... "Dec 11 2008 23:06:45"
    Created in............... "AIX 1 5 00538A4A4C00 (IBM iSeries with OS400)"
    Database version......... "DB4_52"
    Patch level.............. "263"
    Patch text............... " "
    Supported environment....
    Database................. "V5R2, V5R3, V5R4, V6R1"
    SAP database version..... "640"
    Operating system......... "OS400 2 5, OS400 3 5, OS400 4 5, OS400 1 6"
    Memory usage.............
    Roll..................... 696832
    EM....................... 16759712
    Heap..................... 0
    Page..................... 32768
    MM Used.................. 1383120
    MM Free.................. 3483600
    SAP Release.............. "640"
    User and Transaction
    Client.............. 000
    User................ "DDIC"
    Language key........ "E"
    Transaction......... " "
    Program............. "SAPLCRFC"
    Screen.............. "SAPMSSY0 1000"
    Screen line......... 6
    Information on where terminated
    The termination occurred in the ABAP program "SAPLCRFC" in
    The main program was "RADBAT01 ".
    The termination occurred in line 22 of the source code of the (Include)
    program "LCRFCU20"
    of the source code of program "LCRFCU20" (when calling the editor 220).
    The program "SAPLCRFC" was started as a background job.
    Job name........ "RDDGEN0L"
    Job initiator... "DDIC"
    |    Job number...... 00032101    
    Kindly let me know the immediate fix. Thanks!

    Hi Nick,
    I would say, you are having a slight missperception of this forum ... it should not replace your basis ressources in your company.
    What you are doing is pretty complex (and the mixtrure of SPAM Update AND Basis SP seems to be wrong to me) and therefore, it will not be possible, to help you, just based on such a short dump.
    Volker Gueldenpfennig, consolut international ag - -

  • Job getting cancelled with Tbale_illegal_statement dump

    Hi Experts,
    i have a background job scheduled for a standard transaction SARA .it is getting cancelled and giving the following error:
    Information on where terminated
    The termination occurred in the ABAP program "SAPLCKMLLAARCH" in
    The main program was "RKSARCDL ".
    The termination occurred in line 253 of the source code of the (Include)
    program "LCKMLLAARCHF01"
    of the source code of program "LCKMLLAARCHF01" (when calling the editor 2530).
    The program "SAPLCKMLLAARCH" was started as a background job.
    The line it is giving Dump Is >       INSERT handle_tab.
    I have tried to debug the transaction but the execution is not ata all going to the program
    SAPLCKMLLAARCH where it is giving dump.Propably because that program is running in Background.
    So please let me know how I can fix this issue..Please

    Hi Prashanth,
    Were you able to resolve the issue ? Because, i am also facing the same problem, when I am triggering the Delete step for CO_CCMAST archiving object.

  • EMIGALL Distributed Import Job for BP is getting cancelled in background

    When I'm restarting Distributed import and it's getting cancelled after some time with system error as "internal lock table overflow".
    I checked SM12 (while job was running) it's  showing 14,000 - 15,000 locks on table BUT000, even though EMIGALL is not updating that table as it's rerun of the old job. (Old job been cancelled due to network issue.).
    Can anybody please help me to understand why it's happening?
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Sagar,
    I think I can explain what happened in your system:
    During data migration the application encountered many errors and does not release the locks immediately. Remember: it is not the slave jobs that creates locks but the called application (through the service functio module). If the application enncounters an error (also when the business object cannot be locked due to a lock table overflow) it returns the error and the load program writes it to the error log. The saved error message is not always directly related to the lock table overflow situation. Often it is saying: object already locked by user xxx).
    The master jobs uses also locks to block the configuration of its profile against concurrent access (exclusive access). If a user blocks the profile temporarily during an update of the profile, the master job waits until the update operation finishes. This last usually only very few ms. If the master encounteres a 'lock table overflow' situation it cancels - as designed be the developer.
    The simple solution is that you should avoid a lock table overflow situation and/or that the lock table must not be too small.
    Sagar,  I might also be that you find also the error 'lock table overflow' in the system log. Please check.
    Kind regards,

  • Job in background is getting cancelled

    Hi Abapers,
    I have created the program to display data. It works fine when I execute it from SE38.
    But when I execute the same program in background, It gets cancelled.
    Can any one give me the reason & what can we do for this?
    Hemal Shah

    Hi Hemanl ,
      Since you are executing the program ins background i assume that it is not an interactive ALV , so i would suggest you not to use a container on the screen and use the default screen provided by sap.
    Here is the steps you need to folllow
    1. Delete the Screen you created to display the ALV.
    2. As the screen in deleted so no custom container is required , hence remove the code to create the custom container .
    3: When you create grid object give the parent i.e. the parameter I_PARENT the value
    Rest of the coding with the gird as the original one .
    Make these changes and execute your program and see,

  • Problem in SM:EXEC SERVICES job.

    Hi Experts,1. SM:EXEC SERVICES  job is getting cancelled in our solution manager system,
    After checking the job log I found out that Job is getting cancelled with ABAP dump SYNTAX_ERROR
    2. I checked for the ABAP dump and found that job is getting dump when trigerring Standard SAP program
    RDSVASCEW_DBORA____________060. I checked for any OSS notes in service market place but could not fix...
    3. I tried manually doing syntactical check for the program but it is getting syntax error in
    INCLUDE report "/1CAGTF/IF_LOGFUNC_000498" not found.
    If some body could advice on the issue, it would be great help !! Thanks
    Let me know if I need to provide more details on the problem.
    Regards, Amber S

    Ruediger Stoecker wrote:
    > This is not required for the mentioned dump. The dump pattern is well known
    > Just follow the instructions of SAP Note 727998 (which has been already recommended above). It's the standard answer and it's always recommended. It will solve the SYNTAX_ERROR.
    If the dump pattern is well known, the reason behind the dump or to replace service definitions should have been explained.
    Some of the programs (e.g.'RDSVASAEW_ROOT_____________027', 'RDSVASAEW_DBORA____________032') used in the SAP Solution Manager cannot be generated anymore. During the attempt to generate them, the system generates the following error: 'GEN_TOO_MANY_CBS, generation error: Too many DATA control blocks generated', 'Field "OMS_VERSIONS000910" unknown'.
    Check this note.

  • Job is getting cancelled in CPS

    We have implemented CPS on SOLMAN, and  when we were submitting a job for one of the SAP system and we are using Job chain method for submiting the job.
    Job is getting cancelled with the below error,please find the below error and log.
    Failed to create the job in the SAP system
    BAPI exception while calling BAPI_XBP_JOB_ADD_ABAP_STEP: E XM 034 Internal problem (function BAPI_XBP_JOB_ADD_ABAP_STEP) [BAPI_XBP_JOB_ADD_ABAP_STEP, , , ]

    This message is most of the times thrown when the parameters you specify for the job to run are inconsistent. Possibly a variant name that does not exist or is missing, maybe a printer/sap user name/application server name that does not exist in the target system.

  • Job getting cancelled

    Hi All,,
    We have a job" UPC_BUNDLE_EXECUTE" which is getting cancelled everyday
    here ar
    Job started
    Step 001 started (program UPC_BUNDLE_EXECUTE, variant &0000000000000, user ID )
    Global planning sequence was terminated with errors
    Job cancelled after system exception ERROR_MESSAGE

    I have already checked... but no dumps exits..
    but this job is getting cancelled daily...
    can anybody throw a light on this...
    appreciate your guidance

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