JSP newbie question

I am trying to interface a service using JSP and servlets. I am getting a couple of difficulties, i would appreciate any help.
I am using Tomcat 4.1 and Java 1.4.2. I initially have a jsp that has a form, the action is my servlet and the method is post. Among the things i submit in form I have an
<input type=file name="thename">
which i later try to retrieve in the servlet as:
Object o=request.getAttribute("thename")
This doesnt seem to work (always null) and don't know what to use instead.
At some point i want to show status information back to the user at a certain refresh rate. How can this be done. If i output from the servlet html code with <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="10"> i get an error at the first refresh attempt.
Thank you for any help,

Yes sorry, it is parameter.

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  • Javascript !--ipt tag in jsp    newbie question

    My jsp engine and/or the server is mangling javascript's <script> tag. Any ideas?
    I'm using Tomcat 4.0.3 and JDK 1.3.1_01. Will appreciate any help.
    Original jsp:
    <SCRIPT language="javascript">
    // javascript code
    As seen by browser:
    <!--IPT language="javascript">
    // javascript code
    The intermediate java source code produced by the jsp-compiler looks fine, e.g.:
    out.write("\r\n\r\n<html>\r\n<head>\r\n\r\n<SCRIPT language=\"javascript\">\r\n\r\nfunction test()\r\n{\r\n\talert(\"testing\");\r\n}\r\n\r\n</SCRIPT>\r\n</head> etc.
    Tried several other ways of generating the script tag. Result so far has been the same as above.
    <%= "<script ...>"%>
    <scr<%= "i"%>pt>

    Putting it inside the JSP comments <%-- <script> ... </script> --%>
    isn't working for me. Results in the entire javascript code not being outputted.
    By the way, if you notice the subject line, that's a similar phenomenon. I'd actually typed in "Javascript <script> tag ..." in the original subject line...
    Any other ideas?

  • Jsp newbie having trouble using JSP's with Jdev 10.1.3

    Have been bashing my head for about two hours with this, if anyone can help will substantially improve my life.
    First off apologies if question is stupid or obvious I am a jsp newbie.
    Have been experimenting with using the Jsp Taglibrary for tabbed panes in a browser.
    I have followed all the installation instructions but in JDeveloper when I build I get the message
    Error(18,2): method setJspContext(javax.servlet.jsp.PageContext) not found in class org.ditchnet.jsp.taglib.tabs.handler.TabConfigTag
    Any idea what jar file I'm missing.
    I'm a bit lost, thanks

    Sorted my problem.
    Rebuilt project, works fine now, no idea what was going on (just generally!).
    Thanks for input Shay

  • Total Newbie Question ... Sorry :-(

    I know it's a windows thing, and I am now converted to Mac but I gotta know this because it's doing my head in. It's a complete stupid green gilled newbie question.
    When installing new programs on a Mac can you create shortcuts to the programs on the Dock? I did what I THOUGHT it would be, i.e I made an Alias and stuck it in the dock, but on rebooting my Mac later on, in place of the shortcuts where 3 question marks which when clicked on did absolutely nothing???
    Windows XP Pro Desktop, Macbook Pro, 60GB iPod Video   Mac OS X (10.4.5)   OS X

    You aren't installing something from a dmg file are you? The dmg is a disk image – kind of a virtual CD. So when you double click the dmg and then get the little disk/hardrive/custom icon on your desktop that is the same as if you had mounted a CD. You then need to drag the application off of that "CD" into your application folder. Then it is truly installed.
    You can then "eject" the icon your your desktop. This is what happens when you shutdown and without remounting the image your dock shortcut can't find the original.
    Just a thought.

  • Newbie Question. just installed IE7.. how do I set up a local host to preview sites?

    Sorry for the newbie question... but it's been a long time since I have done this

    Just define your site in DW as always.  For a static site, that's all you need to do.

  • Newbie Question about FM 8 and Acrobat Pro 9

    I have some dcouments that I've written in FM v8.0p277. I print them to PDF so that I can have a copy to include on a CD and I also print some hard copies.
    My newbie question is whether there is a way to create a  PDF for hard copy where I mainitain the colors in photos and figures but that the text that is hyperlinked doesn't appear as blue. I want to keep the links live within the soft copy. Is there something I can change within Frame or with Acrobat?

    How comes the text is blue in the first place? I guess the cross-reference formats use some character format which makes them blue? There are many options:
    Temporarily change the color definition for the color used in the cross-reference format to black.
    Temporarily change the character format to not use that color.
    Temporarily change the cross-reference definition to not used that character format.
    Whichever method you choose, I would create a separate document with the changed format setting and import those format into your book, create the PDF and then import the same format from the official template.
    - Michael

  • Domain name settings - Newbie question

    Sorry for a newbie question!
    I am already pointing a domain name to web hosting for email account. Now, I need an application server to run ERP software and Oracle, and installing Solaris and Oracle need a domain name.
    If I point my domain name to the server, how do I receive emails from web hosting???
    Install an email server to the application server instead? What can I do if I want the same domain name? Any option?

    Setting up a mailserver and making sure it doesn't suddenly turn into a spambox is not something you do with the use of a few commands. I suggest to dive into the Solaris admin guide on docs.sun.com and read up on e-mail and network services.
    If that is asking too much of your time you'll be better off getting your ISP to handle all this for you.

  • Domain Name settings in Solaris - Newbie question

    Sorry for a newbie question!
    I am already pointing a domain name to web hosting for email account. Now, I need an application server to run ERP software and Oracle, and installing Solaris and Oracle need a domain name.
    If I point my domain name to the server, how do I receive emails from web hosting???
    Install an email server to the application server instead? What can I do if I want the same domain name?

    Your questions are completely off-topic for the forum.
    These SunOS forums are for questions on <i>"how do I install my OS"</i>
    You particular question is in the <i>"how can I install Solaris while using the CD drive"</i> forum.
    So, if you had a question on how to edit the /etc/inet/hosts file to establish a FQDN on the computer, then it might be appropriate for the forum.
    Unfortunately, I don't have a clue on where to redirect you, except perhaps to the Sun Java Enterprise System suite of applications?

  • Newbie Question:  How much computer do I need?

    Newbie Question:
    I would like to use MainStage 3 in a live performance environment to play bars, parties, etc.  I'm not looping, using it to playback recordings, processing outboard equipment or vocal processing.  I want to stop carrying Rolands, Nords, Korgs, etc and get to a controller and a rack with a Mac Mini in it.
    I tested a download of Mainstage 3 on my home Mac Mini (late 2012, 3.5 Ghz i5, 4GB RAM, 500GB drive) and it seemed to run fairly well.  $30 well invested so I trekked forward... I purchased a Mac Mini (late 2009,  2.52GHz Core 2 Duo, 6GB RAM, 128GB SSD) for $200.  I started to do more elaborate keyboard setups to see how the CPU would hold up.  It typically runs from 30% to 50% of capacity (CPU and Memory)  It actually boots and runs better than the i5.  I hear the occasion gitch, but it actually seems to be getting better in time (or I'm rock and roll deaf.
    I got a rack, an Airport Express, a Radial USB interface and a Nektar Panorama P6.  It's starting to get expensive, but I'm emboldened by the actual quality for the sound and the flexibility of arranging for live performance.  What used to take me two and three keyboards to play, I can now fit on one performance patch.
    OK, now the question... am I at the limits of this little Core 2 Duo?  Should I upgrade the i5 with more RAM and a bigger SSD and use that?  Should I get a new(er) i7 and bite the $1,500 bullet for the additional RAM and SSD?
    I see that most of you are running pretty nice Macbook Pros with i7 and lots of everything.  My needs are modest; am I OK? 
    BTW, I want to run a Mac Mini in a box because I don't want to carry a laptop out in the open.  If I was doing bigger shows I wouldn't care but I play some rowdy bars and constantly have folks hanging off me while I'm playing.  It's fun, but hard on gear.  If you can't drop it or dip it in beer, it won't last long where I work.
    Matt Donnelly

    Rule of thumb: newer and faster is better. But, depending the complexity of your needs you may be OK with an older Mac. Some glitches that happen in a live performance are due to loss of communication with USB or Firewire inputs, so make sure they're secure. I recently upgraded from a 2010 Mac Mini 2.6 dual core with 16 GB RAM, which was used live for nearly four years, to the latest Mac Mini 3.0 i7 with 16 GB RAM and a 500 GB SSD. I was getting an occasional stuck note with the older one. The new one is rock solid. Some of my patches may have up to a dozen channel strips mapped to three keyboards. The Mini is mounted in a rack next to a MOTU Ultralite Hybrid. It is a good idea to map a panic button on your keyboard to controller # 123(all notes off). Also, you might want to invest in a battery backup power supply(APC, Cyberpower, etc.-$40-$60) to protect your Mac against power loss, which can damage you hard drive.

  • Multiple version of JRE in company..How to manage? (newbie question)

    Greetings..this is a newbie question
    We have 48 versions of JRE running in on XP IE6 in our company.
    Some version beat up other JAVA applications.
    It's a mess.
    How can anyone manage this many versions?
    Can we consolidate down to a few versions?
    I saw some posts on changing the JRE dynamically or perhaps using a wrapper with a product from "sourceforge".
    Are these viable?
    Thanks in advance

    We have 48 versions of JRE running in on XP IE6 in
    our company.
    Some version beat up other JAVA applications.
    It's a mess.can you elaborate on how some versions "beat up" other apps?
    How can anyone manage this many versions?you don't, each computer should periodically upgrade (IMO) but you shouldn't care. if you do, tell your users to load the latest version
    Can we consolidate down to a few versions?sure
    I saw some posts on changing the JRE dynamically or
    perhaps using a wrapper with a product from
    Are these viable?i have no idea what this is, but I have doubts about your problem, if it exists at all

  • Newbie question - XML version, searching by artist

    Probably quite a common problems - apologies for newbie questions.
    I've changed the URL of my MP3s in my XML to a new location and refreshed my feed. Is there a way of seeing what version of the XML iTunes is using? (it takes around 24 housr to refresh, right?)
    Also, when I'm searching for my podcast by author it's not coming up (<channel><itunes:author>) - is there a reason for this or a way to get it to show up when people search for the artist, other than doubling it in the title? (This works by the way, but I'd prefer not to!)

    you can do it in just one loop, going through all the image
    tags in index_content and for each tag fill the values of all four
    for (i...) {
    get the appropriate child of index_content
    first_array[ i ] = value of first tag
    second_array[ i ] = value of second tag
    no need for multiple loops.
    flash has functionality for xml files, but it helps to write
    a little wrapper around it, to simplify programming, especially if
    you work with xml a lot.. I wrote my for work, so I can't show it
    to you, but it's not very complicated to do

  • Newbie question: ""dynamic"" casting

    Hello all,
    I have a quite newbie question. I have this class hierarcy:
    in some part of my code I have this:
    if (object1 instanceof A){
    if (object1 instanceof A1)      {A1   object2 = (A1) e;}
              if (object1 instanceof A2)      {A2   object2 = (A2) e;}
              if (object1 instanceof A3)      {A3   object2 = (A3) e;}
              if (object1 instanceof A4)      {A4   object2 = (A4) e;}
              if (object1 instanceof A5)      {A5   object2 = (A5) e;}
    Is there any way to do this type of casting just in one line? I mean, I just want to cast object1 to the class it is instanceof. If it is instance of A1, I want to be casted to A1, if it is A2 to A2, etc...
    Thanks you in advance.

    kamikaze04 wrote:
    In fact I know what object1 is on execution time,Which doesn't help your compiler at all, when it's task to link and verify method calls.
    because the code posted at the top is working well, i just want to avoid repeating that if's for all the new classes Ax I will create. Big "code smell" here.
    In other words if i had from A1 to A200 i dont want to have 200 if's to cast it to the class it is and then execute it's method.You could call the method "doMagic()" and make it abstract in A. Then you can implement it in all Ax classes and would never have to worry about casting in the first place, because A.doMagic() would automagically do the right thing. Polymorphism.

  • Variable accessibility: newbie question

    My next newbie question:
    The following two classes are in two separate files in the same a folder testClass2:
    package JavaDemos.testClass2;
    import java.awt.*;
    public class Sketcher {
        static SketchFrame window;
        static int widthXXX;
        public static int getwidthXXX() {
            return widthXXX;
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            window = new SketchFrame("Sketcher");
            System.out.println("output: width = " + widthXXX);
    package JavaDemos.testClass2;
    import javax.swing.*;
    public class SketchFrame extends JFrame {
        public SketchFrame(String title) {
        public void specialReport(){
            System.out.println("number " + widthXXX);
            //     System.out.println("number " + Sketcher.getwidthXXX());
    }They don't compile.
    I get the following error message:
    JavaDemos/testClass2/SketchFrame.java [23:1] cannot resolve symbol
    symbol : variable widthXXX
    location: class JavaDemos.testClass2.SketchFrame
    System.out.println("number " + widthXXX);
    1 error
    Why isn't widthXXX directly accessible from SketchFrame?
    Thank you again in advance for any help.

    Why isn't widthXXX directly accessible from
    SketchFrame?Because it's a class variable of another class. You have to refer to it as Sketcher.widthXXX.

  • Unix version of Netweaver Dev Studio, Newbie question

    I have a very silly newbie question.  Is there a unix version of netweaver developer studio and if so what is the path to the executable?
    Thanks in advance

    I don't think so.  NWDS is built on top of Eclipse which is an open source project by IBM.   Check out there site.
    As of right now,  I don't believe that SAP is offering a Unix version and I doubt that they will.
    Rich Heilman

  • SG200-08 Newbie Questions

    I have recently purchased the SG200-08 Smart Switch, but I have a few "newbie questions" about it as I get started using it.
    The on board firmware shows Is that the latest firmware to the switch?
    Do I need to enable IPv6 Auto Configuration and DCHPv6 in my switch settings to be ready for IPv6 as my ISP rolls it out down the road?
    How do I go about changing the switch's username? I was able to easily change the password, but having issues getting the username to change.
    Do I need to do anything about the LLDP-MED settings? What exactly is that?
    How do I confugure the System Time Settings so the switch functions in my time zone (USA Central Time)?
    Thanks a bunch for any assistance!

    Hi Nathan,
    My guess is that NAT is already on - you have one public IP address from your ISP. Your router will use NAT (network address translation) to allow multiple clients (and either dynamically assign them private IPs via dhcp or you set them statically) to connect to the internet using the one public IP. It also sounds like your RV042G is assigning both ipv6 and ipv4 addresses, and theres nothing wrong with that. Unless you have specific information re: ipv6 from your isp, however, I would suggest not worrying about it until you hear from them. Are your macs connected to the router via the SG200 switch? If so, it looks like its passing ipv6 just fine.  UPnP is something completely different - thats with opening ports like you mentioned - its a way that your devices can communicate with the router to automatically enable the proper port forwarding for the device/application.
    Regarding the username, create a new user account. I don't think you can edit the cisco user, but try deleting it after creating and testing a new user account..
    I'm not familiar with the Polycom system, but I would leave the settings as default unless you are using true IP phones (rather than an ATA adapter). From a quick google of the polycom device, I don't think you will gain anything from LLDP/CDP as the handsets use regular cordless phone freqs. With my setup, we use cisco IP desk phones and cordless wifi phones, CDP makes life easy as the cisco access point, wifi phones, cisco switch, and cisco desk phones (connected via ethernet) see each other and know what they're dealing with automatically.
    I don't see the SNTP setting for unicast / broadcast that you're looking at. For the switch to get the time from a sntp server, under administration -> time -> sntp settings, add a server, and then back on time-> system time, enable sntp server as the main clock source. What are you using as your sntp source? Do you have an internal sntp server? You don't need to enable dhcp on the sntp server.
    May I also point you to the two manuals, I think they may be helpful:  RV042G  & SG200
    Hope thats helpful.
    Please rate any helpful posts.

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