Keynote in Pasive (or Active) 3d

I have been using Keynote for a while to create great looking 3D protestations.
Creating a master Keynote and tweaking it to create Real 3D look. Left eye and then Right eye. Then exporting as quicktime.
Taking in to Final cut with a custom sequence IE 1280 x 720 = 1280 x 1440.
Moving Right on top and left to bottom. Exporting as a WMV and using Stereoscopic viewer on the PC to view with Geforce 3D.
All very time consuming and very easy for todays hardware to do. (We live a 3D GPU age).
I have alot of features I want to add to Keynote to enable 3D to become alot easier.
A way of moving object in a 3d space (Not 2D)
Make the transitions to look like true 3D.
Exporting right and left eye (Right on top and left on the bottom) from 1 presentation.
Jump between Left eye, Right eye and Central (Central would only be be used for 2D presentations and proofing).
I know this is very specialist but I how this could even benefit 2d presentation with moving object on the Z axis.
Please someone on the Keynote team contact me. This is a game changer (Now that powerpoint 2010 does good transitions)

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    Seems there is no easy solution. The resolution of the video output isn't high enough, which means I'll need to start with a larger output resolution. That would bring the video up to probably half a GB in size... way too large to share via the Internet. And though Automator will daisy chain .mov files (though there is a rough transition between them) to play in sequence, it won't daisy chain Keynote files. And the rough transition between .mov files makes me believe that even it this did work for Keynote through a script activating hyperlinks, it would not be a seamless transition.
    So we'll just mark this one as a good feature to include in Keynote 10 and I'll just have to deal with editing all the slides in one big file. Thanks for your suggestions, gbdoc

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    answered in
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    If you exported the Keynote to HTML then you have a HTML page and a folder with images.
    Nothing you can do with in iWeb.
    You can store the stuff on the webserver and make a link to it in iWeb.
    Or you can embed the page with a [IFRAME element|] in the HTML Snippet (see image). I use OBJECT to annoy MSIE users.
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    [Start here|] and follow the link to iFrame for lots of inspiration.

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    Hence the wording:  "That’s why iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote are now free with every Mac and iOS device."

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    Hi Kumar,
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    In Node A --> You start with ASCS + SCS installation as below
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    2.) Central Services Instance (SCS) -- Consists of Msg. service & Enqueue Service (Should be installed after installation of 1.) (Same Shared Disk)
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    I need the presentation within the next week so any help would be appreciated. I used a PowerbookG4 and OS10.4.11

    no pc. sorry.  My frustration comes from the fact that it used to run just
    fine several updates ago, and i can not thing of what I have changed if
    anything.  i felt that if i could just get to a dialog box I might spot a
    setting problem. but it just come back "have run into a problem will file a
    report with microsoft, close program"

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  • How can I transfer the application Keynote from my old computer to a new one and get rid of it on the old computer?

    My MBP from 2008 is being retired by my university and they gave me a new MBP.  They transferred everything from their image and all my iWork documents were transferred.  However, since I added Keynote, Numbers, and Pages, they did not transfer.  He said they cannot transfer them since they are not part of their image and active directory.
    How can I get the iWork apps to my new computer and disengage them on the old computer without paying another $60?
    Thanks so much for any advice.

    If you installed them from a DVD, you need to install that DVD onto the new computer. If you got them from the Mac App Store, redownload them from there for free.
    Having previously purchased an application on DVD or from the iTunes App Store does not allow a free download of it from the Mac App Store.

  • Trying to use Adobe Encore to create a manual advance keynote BD-ISO

    Hi All,
    I'm a media designer that produces corporate media content for a recruiting firm.
    I'm  trying to devise a way for presenters in our sales offices to run  standardized group interview and training HD keynote shows without the use of a DVD player or a laptop on their LCD screens.
    Laptops=  every manager needs an apple computer and keynote software to run the  content + its messy to have to manage wired connections to the mounted  LCD panels all the time.
    DVD Players= any updates that  are required to this content from time to time make the idea of  re-shipping physical DVD's logistically undesirable.
    Proposed Solution:
    Perminently  integrate a BD-ISO (menu) compatible HD media player into our office  setups that will run manual advance Keynote BD-ISO's (created in Encore)  where any new updates can just be downloaded from a central server in  the form of a Blu-ray master iso image by the end-user, dropped on their  USB flash drive, and played through the media player.
    Here's the workflow I've come up with (Problem to follow):
    1. Design a 1280x720 keynote presentation in Apple iWork's Keynote '09
    2. Export a timed (Intervals: 5 sec/between each slide & 2 sec/between each object animation) h.264 | 1280x720 | 29.97 quicktime .mov file
    3. Create Blu Ray Encore Project (1280x720, h.264, 29.97)
    4. Import .mov file as timeline
    5. Insert chapter markers at the beggining of every animation/transition (On diagram below- I'm talking about Ch. 3 & 5)
    6. Insert a second chapter marker directly before each of the  previous set of chapter markers as close together as encore will allow (On diagram below- I'm talking about Ch. 2 & 4)
    7. Set "end action" on each of the second set of chapter points (Ch. 2 & 4 below) to "Link back to here" so that the still image hold that occures after each "keynote animation" (thanks to the 2 sec hold time I set in the Keynote export- see step 2 above) is isolated so the playback loops on that chapter (which is a still frame because of the 2 sec pause between animations as set in keynote export).
    Note on this technique: Idea is to set up the timeline and chapter end actions so that the playback loops on a few identical frames that exist between the two "extremely-close-together" chapter points (creating a "pause" effect) until the end user hits "Next Chapter" button on remote to jump to the proceeding chapter that contains the next keynote animation or tranistion.
    (timeline->    ...---------------Ch.2<-- -->Ch.3(beggining of  animation)-------------------------------------(end of animation)Ch.4<-- -->Ch.5------------------------->)
    8. Set "First Play," "Title Button," and "Timeline End Action" to Ch.1  of the timeline (so it starts there when ISO is activated and loops  back to there at the end of the presentation).
    9. Export as "Blu-ray" Image
    10. Load iso file on a USB flash drive, plug it into BD-ISO (menu) supported media player, and run the ISO and Voila!! = HD Keynote presentation running from BD-ISO file on a media player. PERFECT SOLUTION....
    One of the most marketable (due to affordable price-point) BD-ISO (full menu support) media players is the HDX BD1. When I run the ISO file on this unit, it will play the first chapter, and pause and loop on chapter 2 like it is supposed to, creating the pause effect; But when I select "next chapter" it says "cannot_execute"- and I cannot proceed to the next transition/animation. I've previewed the setup in the encore preview feature and it behave's perfectly.
    I'd be quick to say its a hardware issue but I've checked out several YouTube videos with people demoing this exact media player running and navigating feature film BD-ISO's (selecting "next chapter" and all) without any issues at all.
    I've mastered something similar to this technique using DVDSP on SD DVD's, because DVDSP allows me to infinitley pause playpack ON each chapter point, not even needing the use of the "loop" feature I've set up in encore; But Adobe Encore doesn't offer a "pause" end action so I've come up with this as the next best thing. Although it doesn't play back properly on a full BD-ISO NAVI supported media player.
    1. Based on this setup, is there anything obvious I'm missing in Adobe Encore that would eleviate this playback problem on the media player?
    2. Is there another authoring workflow within Encore that would allow me to acheive Keynote motion graphic, manual-advance slideshows?
    Thanks for help in advance.

    Hi Chad,
    The most probable explanation is that Encore is creating incorrect navigation commands. It is well known and documented that Encore Blu-ray navigation works only for the simplest cases.
    This should be easy to fix using BluStreak Tracer, Rivergate Software's upcoming post-authoring solution:
    If you will prepare a small test case (1 GB or less) and post it on an FTP server, I will take a look and attempt to update it for you. You can contact me through our web site's contact page.

  • I cannot open Keynote and Pages in iPhone/iPad iOS 7

    After updating to iOS 7 and iWork for iOS, I'm no loger able to use iWork for iOS when iCloud is turned on.
    I've two apple accounts, one for Mexico store and another one for US store. A couple of yeard ago I purchased Numbers for iphone/ipad using MX account, and Keynote and Pages for iphone/ipad using my US account.
    Before updating to iOS 7, I was able to use iCloud for keynote, numbers and pages without any problem. All my documents were backed up on the MX account in iCloud. My iphone/ipad was logged into iCloud using my MX account all the time.
    After updating to iOS 7, I keep using my MX account for iCloud, but I'm no longer to open Keynote and Pages (which were purchased with my US account) when iCloud is activated for them.
    What's going wrong with apple?! I think iOS 7 is very buggy and it is the worst OS they have ever make available for users!!! Can't believe the amount of errors I keep finding in most of Apple apps!!!
    Please advice! Regards,

    This is the discussion for Keynote for Mac.
    Post this in the iOS discussion here:  Keynote for iOS

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