Keynote master objects locked when dragged onto page?

Why can't I edit the objects on the page after dragging the master slide onto the Slides panel? It says 'The object you are trying to select can only be edited in the master slide'. I have another Keynote file where this doesn't happen.

I was successfully able to implement a rowset in a page bean.
Here is how I did it.
Drop VIR > State on page (creates stateDataProvider and a row set in the session bean). This step is optional. It is just one way to force the dialog box to appear in the next step.
Drop State on page again, a dialog box appears.
Select Create Page 1 radio button and click OK (creates stateDataProvider1).
Drop a Table component on the page. The table displays dummy data.
Bind the Table component to stateDataProvider1.
Get rid of stateDataProvider and the session bean's stateRowSet. (Right-click on the nodes in the Outline window and choose Delete)
Run the project. The table displays the data.

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  • Audio in source but not when dragged onto timeline

    I have just been editing some video taken with a dslr, and the audio is there in the source, but not when dragged to the timline?
    I see there is an option to select drag video or audio only, but I cannot select the audio.....
    Any help with tis please...?
    Kind Regards

  • Files locking to a grid when dragged onto desktop?

    Hi all,
    Something that's been bugging me for ages I wonder if anyone can help with.
    If you open a finder window and drag, say a jpeg from the window to the desktop
    —is there any way you can stop the file from flying off into the corner of the screen?
    Sometimes the file seems to disappear completely!
    Any ideas how to get the files to stay where you're placing them?

    It "disappears" into the upper right of the screen, sometimes. If you have anything open that covers that part of the screen it appears the file has disappeared. It's a known bug. It may have been fixed in 10.7.5; it appears to have been fixed in Mountain Lion.
    If you wish to change how icons are displayed on the Desktop simply click anywhere on the Desktop then press COMMAND-J. You can select the icon display order in the dialog including Snap To Grid.

  • Folders & apps are locked when moved onto the 2nd home screen

    I'm hoping someone can help me. My little boy has a Playbook and he's moved a folder full of games from his home screen onto the 2nd home screen (when you swipe it across to the left).
    When the folder has moved over it's now locked. We can't open it or move it back onto the 1st home screen.
    I opened his Facebook on his first home screen and it opened fine but I've tested it and swiped that also onto his 2nd home page and that app is now locked and won't open or move.
    Could someone please let me know why it's doing this and if I can move them back across??
    Thanks in advance

    Hello NicRichardson, 
    Welcome to the forums. 
    Have you tried doing a reboot of the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to see if that corrects the issue? Also what version of software is currently running on the BlackBerry PlayBook? 
    Come follow your BlackBerry Technical Team on twitter! @BlackBerryHelp
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  • Sequence explodes when dragged onto timeline (Premiere CC)

    I am using Premiere Pro CC
    When I am dragging a just-created sequence (by nesting clips) back to the timeline or any other timeline, all the clips appear separately, and not as a single object (the nested sequence).
    Is that new behaviour in Premiere CC or is there a setting to control that behaviour?

    Great function. But there's one little trouble i'm getting here...
    Film was shot in double-system. I synced all shots with audio using Select all > make multiclip > based upon timecode > renamed my multiclips (shot-scene-take).
    But when i drop any of those multiclip in a timeline, wether the "Insert and overwrite sequences as nests or individual clips" button is toggled or not, i get the original source name for the video (A001_C01_xxxxxx), not the renamed "shot-scene-take" name.
    I noticed that for regular sequences, when toggled, the function will allow to keep sequence's name... Any way to keep this for a multiclip?

  • Object flickers when dragged

    i'm trying to write an app in which i can drag swing components around using mouse. i modified the LayeredPaneDemo in teh swing tutorial as a test.
    the component i'm trying to drag is aJPanel, since it's a container, it can contain other components, so when i drag it, all components within teh panel should move all together - i registered teh mous listener on teh panel.
    for this test. the jpanel has a button with icon, and a label.
    but whe i drag the panel, it flickers badly, and i sees 2 panels.
    however, if i register teh listener on the button, the flickering will dispear, but only teh button will be moved around, teh label stays at the same spot. thx in advance.
    import javax.swing.*;
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    public class DragTest {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            JFrame frame = new JFrame();
            frame.setSize(new Dimension(400, 400));
            Dimension screenSize = Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit().getScreenSize();
            int x = screenSize.width/2 - frame.getSize().width/2;
            int y = screenSize.height/2 - frame.getSize().height/2;
            frame.setLocation(x, y);
            Container c = frame.getContentPane();
            c.add(new Draggable(), null);
    class Draggable extends JPanel{
        private final JButton dukeButton;
        private final JPanel p;
        private final ImageIcon icon;
        public Draggable(){
            //Create and load the duke icon.
            icon = new ImageIcon("images/dukeWaveRed.gif");
            dukeButton = new JButton(icon);
            p = this;
            dukeButton.addMouseMotionListener(new MouseMotionAdapter() {
                public void mouseDragged(MouseEvent e) {
                    p.setLocation(e.getX(), e.getY());
                    //dukeButton.setLocation(e.getX(), e.getY());
            this.add(dukeButton, null);
            this.add(new JLabel("hello"));

    i got it! the problem was that i wasn't translating the event corrodinates correctly. the e.getX() and getY() merely returns the x,y location within teh panel, after i do:
    p = this;
    this.addMouseMotionListener(new MouseMotionAdapter() {
                public void mouseDragged(MouseEvent e) {
                    p.setLocation(p.getX()+e.getX(), p.getY()+e.getY());
            });it moved smoothly =o)

  • Master Objects in Page layout

    It seems from a number of archived posts that Master Objects dont work when in page layout mode. The help menu says its possible but doesnt say how.
    I think this should be considered a bug as Page layout needs master as much as word processing.
    Any thoughts?

    I was hoping to use Pages for a relatively simple newsletter. Today, I started trying to learn Pages. What a disappointment! I wish to prepare a simple multi-page newsletter. master pages, and the ability to place small master objects such as logo's are important. The job really needs to be done in layout mode. And the Pages' limitation that there be one and only one page in each section of a layout document is a show-stopper. This seriously cripples the utility of master objects, and thus the whole Pages program.
    To make matters worse, the Apple documentation is, I believe, very misleading. It clearly implies one can do things such as have different master object positioning in facing pages of a layout document. But, it appears one simply cannot do this with any degree of ease. (I've copied relevant text from the Pages Help documentation below, so you can judge for yourselves....)
    Apple: you need to update this program, and until you do, you need to be sure the documentation accurately reflects what the program can and cannot do.
    Someone please let me know if I'm wrong!
    From the pages help menu: "You may want to add watermarks, logos, or other background images that appear in the same spot on every page of your word processing and page layout documents. These repeated graphics are called master objects.
    If your document is divided into sections, you can put different master objects in each section. Within a section, you can put a different master object on the first page of the section and on right and left pages in the section. See Setting Up a Unique Format for a Section’s First Page and Formatting Facing Pages in a Section for more information."

  • Cannot see items move when dragged

    All of a sudden I cannot see objects move when dragged in Photoshop CC Mac. They wind up in a new position when dragged but I just can't see them move as I drag them. This would seem to be a preference but do not know where to change it.

    When confronted with unexplainable Photoshop behaviour restoring Preferences (after making sure all customized presets like Actions, Patterns, Brushes etc. have been saved) is an option: t-issues.html

  • Safari locks when opening PDF

    Need some help. Been looking for updates for Safari for windows no luck so far.. Now need the help of experts... Safari locks when opening a page that opens a PDF file. Is some-one able to help with info?
    I know I'm bad windows....

    Safari (3.1.1) crashes each time I open a pdf file, even when i just access it from a local drive. I use adobe acrobat 8.1.2. Reading pdf files via Safari used to work fine until a certain Acrobat update a couple of months ago.
    The behavior is that when I open any pdf file, it will display for about 5 seconds, and then shut down all the Safari Windows and Safari itself. When Safari is not loaded, clicking on the pdf will open Safari, and then shut it down after 5 seconds.
    Please help? and thanks!

  • Make a movieclip visible when an object is dragged onto it

    i am ridiculously new to codeing in flash (or any program) and am trying to make a movieclip only visible when a object is dragged onto it, can someone show me the code for that?

    Something like the following might work (not tested)...
    movieclip.alpha = 0;
    object.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, dragObject);
    function dragObject(evt:MouseEvent):void {
          stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE, checkObject);
          stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, endDrag);
    function checkObject(evt:MouseEvent):void {
              movieclip.alpha = 1;
          } else {
              movieclip.alpha = 0;
    function endDrag(evt:MouseEvent):void {
          stage.removeEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE, checkObject);
          stage.removeEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, endDrag);

  • Image locked onto page?

    Hi, I inserted an images on to my Pages document, and now I can't seem to be able to do anything with it! I can't select it, I can't move it, I can't even resize it!
    What is happening?

    The only thing I can think of as a reason your directions wouldn't work, Dennis, is if the image has been set to the section master or has been locked.
    If it doesn't get any handles at all, go to Format > Advanced & select Make Master Objects Selectable, then click outside the layout & drag toward the object.
    If it gets Xs on the corners, the object is locked. Go to Arrange > Unlock.

  • Looking for 'music player' widget to play songs dragged onto iWeb page

    Has anyone found a 'music player' widget that can be embedded into an iWeb page, and that can then load and play the songs that have been dragged onto that page?
    I have found several such widgets that can scan a URL for mp3 files, and I have successfully embedded each of those widgets into an iWeb page using the HTML Snippet, but none of them could find the mp3 files that I dragged onto the page, even though I supplied the widget with the URL for that page.

    Wyodor, I just wanted to let you know that I am having a lot of fun with the WimpyPlayer, and I like the skin you sent me. Thank you so much.
    I've been playing around with it. I had to reduce the height of the widget to fit on my webpage, but when I did, the text became too small to read, so instead, I went into the skin's jpeg and cut out the midsection of the playlist area. Then I had to readjust the playlist's number of lines displayed and its slider size to fit. I also changed the color scheme to match my webpage, and some of the Help tags. All in all, it looks great, and I am very happy with it.
    The one feature I miss from when I was using iWeb's built-in QuickTime player is the ability to have a photo (such as an album cover) displayed with the music. Do you happen to know of any music players that enable you to attach a photo with each track or album?

  • HELP. How do I lock a line to a shape so it will auto extend when dragging the shape?

    How do I lock a line to a shape so it will auto extend when dragging the shape? I cant figure out how to turn this feature on and off.

    Edit: JET got there first but I believe your problem is not as complex as he would have you believe :-)
    Complex? What is simpler for the user than being able to connect pre-shaped text frames (not limited to Illustrator's silly Convert To Shape options) with rules, and then be able to move the text frames and have the rules auto-adjust (automatically avoiding other objects, automatically reshaping right-angle bends, etc. etc,) accordingly. What's "complex" about drawing a flowchart?
    One can properly construct a dozen such diagrams in a program that provides proper connector lines in the time it takes to fuss and twiddle with Illustrator for such a simple task. FreeHand, Draw, Canvas, Visio all provide connector lines features.
    The diagramming features in the draw module of Open Office is as good as any of them for the purpose of mundane decision tree diagrams, org charts, and flowcharts; and OpenOffice can be had for free. The same is true of Inkscape. You can download and install either one in less time than it will take to build a single typical such diagram in Illustrator. Using such tools is vastly more intuitive for a beginner than futzing about with Illustrator's "direct selection" routines.

  • Pages, Numbers and Keynote won't update.  App Store says update was applied, but when I open Pages/Number/Keynote, the version of  it shows the old version.

    Pages, Numbers and Keynote won't update.  App Store says update was applied, but when I open Pages/Number/Keynote, the version of  it shows the old version.

    When you updated, the old version remained on your Mac, in a subfolder within Applications named iWork '09.  Any icons you have on the Dock still point to that old version.  Try opening the Numbers that is located in your main Applications folder, not the one in the subfolder. If that works, then drag that one to the Dock.

  • TS2518 Help, I had aperture open and working on a image and did not have a battery in and bumped the power off. As a result it will not open my master, it is locked. when I try to open that Library  it says There was an error opening the database for the

    Help, I had aperture open and working on a image and did not have a battery in and bumped the power off. As a result it will not open my master, it is locked. when I try to open that Library  it says There was an error opening the database for the library. I have tried every thing. I updated the other libr but now it will not open the main to update. What do I do?

    Try starting Aperture with the command and option keys held down.  You'll get 3 options.
    Try each, starting at the top, in order, checking after each to see if it fixes the issue.

Maybe you are looking for