Keynote transitions do not appear on external display

I am practicing for a big presentation. I have a Macbook Pro connected to a Toshiba LED projector.
I have a beautiful Keynote presentation completed with great transitions, however I have 2 issues:
on the secondary screen for the audience:
1. no transitions appear. The slide just advances to the next slide with no transitions appearing. Why would that be?
2. The picture size for the viewing audience is too small. I'm not sure how to adjust that. I did go into screen displays, but I haven't found the correct setting yet.
I really am concerned about those transitions not appearing.I really want those. Anyone know how I can fix that?

There are a few things you should check:
1) In the Keynote Preferences/Slideshow Preferences window: be sure that the button "Present on Secondary Display" is checked. This puts the presentation onto the projector and should show your transitions as you have created them.
2) Same window, check the box marked "Scale slides up to fit display."
3) To view the "presentation preview" on your own computer screen, check the box "Use alternate display to view presenter information" in the Keynote Preferences / Presenter Display Preferences window. Check the other boxes as you prefer. I recommend checking the "Ready to Advance Indicator" box because this very useful feature lets you know the status of Builds and Transitions.
4) In the System Preferences / Displays window: Check the button marked "Detect Displays." This should set the optimum resolution and screen size automatically for the projector your are using.
5) If the image is still too small, the projector may have a "zoom" control which will change the size of the projected image on the screen. OR, you may need to reposition the projector farther from the screen; this will increase the image size.
Good Luck.

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    I just upgraded to Version 7.2.0. The new full screen mode is fabulous. But, when the video starts, it moves the QuickTime window from my giant, external monitor to my laptop monitor. Is there some way to view video in full screen mode on my external monitor?
    MacBook Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.10)  

    Here's a solution I thought should work for QuickTime(not pro):
    When you plug in an external monitor and choose to extend your desktop there is an extra tab in the "Display Settings" window for "arrangement". So, obviously on this page you can arrange your screens and decide which side you want your external monitor to extend your desktop on. Also, you can hold and drag the menu bar giving you the option of putting the menu bar on your external screen. So, one would think that the display that has the menu bar on it should be used as your default display. So, you would also think that QuickTime Player, when put into full screen mode, would use your "default" display to go into full screen. This seems logical, and possibly even desired behavior from a computer.
    However, this is not the case. When I gave this a try no matter where you put your menu bar the QuickTime Player will always open its full screen mode in your MacBook Pro's display. What I propose is some how (though I'm unsure of how to do this) contact apple with a feature request that would allow you to explicitly set a default display and to have all applications use that display for when it goes into full screen.

  • MacBook Pro not automatically recognizing external display

    I have an ACER 2216W LCD display connected to MacBook Pro with DVI cable. When I first plugged the ACER display into MacBook Pro, the ACER started right up -- nice plug and play. I disconnected DVI to bring MacBook Pro to school, and when I reconnected it at home, I received a "NO SIGNAL" error message on the Acer. I sent the Acer to their tech support in Texas after receiving no support from Apple (in Canada) and it tested fine on their PC. (They do not support Mac). When I attach the display, or turn it on, MacBook Pro screen goes blue and comes back quickly, as if it is trying to id the display. When I push "Detect Displays," I get nothing. System Profiler is not showing an external display. Any ideas -- is there a start up command I can try? Thank you! My Photoshop homework is building up.

    MacBook Pro forum:
    Probably more people there would know the ins and outs of what you are trying to do.

  • Native resolution does not fill entire external display

    I've got one of the original MacBook Pros with the Mobility Radeon X1600 hooked up to a Samsung P2350G display (it's a 23" LCD panel.) The native resolution on the display is 1920x1080.
    The display has inputs for both VGA and DVI. The DVI port however is used by a desktop PC already, so I use a DVI to VGA adapter on the MacBook Pro, and use the laptop panel as a secondary display.
    The problem is that when I set the external display to its native resolution, I get vertical letterboxing and some flickering along the edges of the image. It does not horizontally fill the whole display as it should. I have tried the same adapter on the PC and it worked fine (though with rather spotty image quality.)
    Resolutions that are lower than 1920x1080 work fine and fill the whole display properly. I'm not exactly sure what the issue is. The laptop is only semipermanently attached to the large display so I can live with a reduced image quality there, but the flickering, slightly distorted image is just not acceptable right now.

    Sounds like it might be a sync issue. Have you tried powering the monitor off and then back on with the MBP connected to it? How about just temporarily disconnecting the DVI cable from the desktop PC and using that to plug into the MBP.

  • Excise tab not appearing in GR display

    After creating the Goods reciept, when we display the GR document the excise tab is not appearing. While creating only the excise tab appears and can enter all the excise details. But if want check the values entered in the display mode of the GR, we tab does not appear.
    Please let me know if any customising setting needs to be done so that this tab will appear in display mode also. We are on ECC 6

    As per my understanding ......
    While Doing MIGO, Excise Tab appear at header level in Excise Tab and also at Item Level.
    But when u post part1  only, then Excise Entries also found there.
    But after posting Part1 in MIGO and Part2 in J1IEX,
    while going to back MIGO Document, Exicse Does not appear there becoz u post only part1 not part2.
    u can observe there entries like this
    During GR
                                        Material Stock            Dr.
                                        GR/IR clearing                        Cr.
      During Excise Invoice Credit           
                                        Cenvat Account          Dr.
                                        Cenvat Clearing                     Cr.
    Hope Clear U !
    Pardeep Malik

  • MBA not always recognizes external display after sleep

    I have a 2011 MBA and use it on a external display (Dell 2709w) with the lid open. The issue with this MBA is that after sleep it often (every second time I wake it up) doesn't show anything on my external monitor. In order that the external monitor works again I have to plug the DVI cord out and in or press recognize monitors under monitor settings.
    I also did a PMC and SMC reset but both did not help.
    I have also done a complete reinstall witch did not help as well.
    I also did a test with a MBA from a friend (exact same model) and his always works with the external display after sleep while mine only works every second time.
    Could this be a hardware defect? sound pretty strange to me, but who knows...

    I have managed to make the Apple Hardware test by just pressing "D" while restarting. The test, however, did not find any error - but this does not surprise me as I think it only tests the ram.

  • Flash not supported on external display?

    With my MacBook, I use an external display all the time. It works perfect, exept that most of the 'in-browser' videos and all flash items (lots of them in recent websites) just aren't shown on the external display. So, whenever it happens, I have to drag the screen over to my MacBood display for it to work. Is this a driver issue? (external display is a Samsung SyncMaster 172v)

    Very strange issue,
    A screen is not aware of the content which it displays.
    not sure what the problem is there!
    So if you drag the window to the macbook screen the content plays?

  • Images in Photoshop and Lightroom not matching on external display

    On my external display the same image viewed in Photoshop and Lightroom is diplayed differently.
    My set up:
    Macbook pro running Mountain Lion (10.8.4), DVI connected NEC Spectraview 271. Photoshop CS4 and Lightroom 5. Both displays calibrated using Spectraview 5 software and an Eye one pro puck. Photoshop working space is Prophoto RGB and is set to preserve embedded profiles. I'm using Andrew Rodney's and Bill Atkinson's test images to try and figure this out.
    With the same image displayed in Lightroom and Photoshop on the Macbook screen they match perfectly. If I drag the Lightroom window across to the NEC it changes (as you would expect - richer colours & higher contrast). If I drag the Photoshop image across to the NEC it also changes but no longer matches the Lightroom image (cooler colours).
    So, I don't really know whether Photoshop or Lightroom is displaying correctly, and whether they or the OS are to blame. I had assumed it was Lightroom as the image is more pleasing but this obviously isn't necessarily the case. What is clear is that somewhere there is a difference between how Lightroom and Photoshop are converting the image numbers for monitor display on the NEC.
    Does anyone know how to find out what display profile Lightroom and Photoshop are using?
    Is it possible they are both using the same profile but one is not using the NEC hardware calibration? (Seems unlikely as I assume it would be impossible for the NEC to be using different internal look up tables at the same time)
    Could the OS be tripping up one and not the other in some way?
    Could the X-rite software (which I don't use but is installed) somehow be interfering?
    Anybody able to shed some light?
    Thanks for any help,

    I'm having trouble with Lightroom 5 soft proofing with reds too.  To rid my propossed print of a gamut warning I must totally desaturate or change my paper profile to glossy (or both).  This is odd because my monitor is calibrated, I'm using the correct paper profiles etc and when I ignore the gamut warning my prints are looking good. This isn't helpful to you but at least your not alone....

  • ITunes movie purchases will not play on external display - HDCP auth error

    Well, I'm surprised there hasn't been more of a storm over this one already but I expect there will be.
    Just got a new MacBook last week and finally found a mini Display Port -> VGA adapter so i could use my 19" external display. I rented a movie from the iTunes store yesterday and when I tried to play it on my external display, it gave me a warning/error that the display was 'not an authorized HDCP display' and it would not play. Plays fine on the small MacBook screen, just nothing external. To make it even worse, i tried all the movies that I have purchased from the iTunes store with the same result... NONE of them will play on anything but the MacBook's small 13" screen. This is crazy unacceptable.
    Has anyone else run into this yet or have any ideas of something I may be overlooking in order to get purchased movies to play on an external display?

    Hm, how many Apple users did I see scorning Vista and its content protection madness; agreeing with Peter Gutmann's searing critique of Vista[1].
    And here we are now with Apple users who have spent thousands of dollars on Apple hardware (30" Cinema displays are not cheap!), buying films legitimately through Apple's store only to find themselves screwed when they just want to watch the film!!!
    The deeper questions we should be asking is if Apple have done anything to enable end-to-end encryption. Vista made significant sacrifices to efficiency and stability to get there, what has Apple done to our OS? We have no technical details on this yet, but wouldn't Apple be improperly implementing HDCP (in spirit if not letter) if it didn't force end-to-end encryption from source to final destination, most of which has to go through your system?

  • Why do presenter notes appear on both displays?

    On previous presentations I have used presenter notes successfully, but this time they are appearing on both displays or neither. What am I doing wrong please?

    Many thanks, Gary.
    I do have Mac 10.6. I followed your link to Mirror Displays in Snow Leopard and then to Mac Help on "Displays".
    The solution is that the "Arrangments" tab only appears when the projector or second display is actually connected to the computer. So now I have unselected Mirror setting and all works fine. (Its a mystery how it got set since last year, but that doesn't matter.)
    Because of the layout here, when I am connected to (cable) internet I am out of reach of the projector, so did not discover the solution earlier. Thanks again.

  • T440 will not operate 3 external displays

    I'm using a T440 model 20B7000XUK and I'm connected to a Thinkpad Pro Dock I have 3 external displays connected as follows:
    Lenovo Display LEN L193pC connected by DVI
    Lenovo Display LEN L192p connected by VGA
    Lenovo Display LEN LT2252pwA connected by DP
    the DVI display will not work when the DP display is connected. is there any way to get all three displays working?

    I have tried to connect it to my TV with my mini display port to DVI and a DVI to S-video and nothing...
    I don't know what your DVI to S-Video adapter looks like, but unless it's a boxy converter device, it won't work. You need a converter box to create an analog S-Video signal from a Mini-Displayport's digital-only output. The converter boxes I'm familiar with require VGA input rather than DVI input, but there may be others I don't know about. If you are using a simple DVI -> S-Video adapter such as the one offered on the Apple Store, it won't work with your MBP to deliver S-Video to a TV set.
    ...and I have tried to connect to a projector at my work with the mini dislay to DVI cable to VGA and nothing.
    A MDP > VGA adapter and a standard VGA cable are what you need for that. Converting first to DVI and then from DVI to VGA makes the setup unnecessarily complicated and may be the reason why it doesn't work for you.

  • My macpro does not recognize an external display

    my macbook pro does not acknowledge or recognize when I pulu in an external display.  It used to recognize it.  I have had this computer for 3 months.  What should I check for?

    Hey pdgrobs,
    Thanks for the question, and welcome to Apple Support Communities.
    The following article provides relevant troubleshooting information for your issue:
    Apple computers: Troubleshooting issues with video on internal or external displays
    Matt M.

  • Default Keynote 6 themes not appearing

    It's been five months since the standard 6 Keynote themes are not displayed to me.
    I have other iWork software like Pages and Numbers but it's all right with them
    So I can only choose the themes that I created myself. Since the Mavericks this is happening, now I have installed the Yosemite.

    This not correct behaviour,    Delete Keynote and re-install from Mac App Store

  • Finder dialogues not appearing with external HDD plugged in - 10.5.6

    Hi there,
    I'm having an issue with Finder when I have my external HDD plugged in. When trying to delete files and empty the trash, nothing happens because the dialogue box which usually appears to confirm the delete is not appearing. When I pull the HDD out the dialogue appears...
    Can anyone help with this?
    Thanks in advance.

    Has been temporarily solved by creating a new user account but still do not know why this is happening?

  • Aperture fullscreen not working with external display

    I have a Macbook Pro, however when I am using Aperture and have my 23" display connected, it won't let me use fullscreen mode on the display even though it has the Aperture window there. The display simply become black and Aperture starts up fullscreen mode on my Macbook display instead.
    Why is this? How can I get Aperture to do fullscreen on my external display?

    To choose what the secondary monitor will display you have to click on the button on the bottom left of the screen (with a monitor on it).
    Unfortunately Aperture won't allow you to choose which is your primary or secondary display, you'll have to do it in System Preferences - Displays, then in the arrangement section drag the top bar from one to the other. That will make your external monitor primary for all the applications.

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