KI235 - can post without cost object if select "continue" in profit segment

Hello all,  I have a GL account where cost object is required.  This works correctly and KI235 error message is given.  However, if I go into the profitability segment and select CONTINUE - even though no cost object is assigned, SAP allows posting to the account without any cost object.  
This seems to be a bug in SAP but I couldn't find any OSS notes related to it.  We are on ECC6.0 and did a support pack upgrade in April.
Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
Regards,  Cheryl

Hi Sridhar,
   you´re right I have the same incidence but when I try to use an automatically derived, doesn´t work  If I use a standar batch input.
   In my case is with the electronic bank statements.
   thanks for your help.

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    Dear All,
    I've problem in general posting or in FBCJ (cash journal) ....
    When I try to make journal  : Debit Expense  and Credit Cash in F-02 or in FBCJ then I chose Post an error appear " Cannot be posted to cost object, please check your entry " ..
    Because GL account "Expense" assigned to cost element, I need to fill cost object ... when I filled it with Internal order or WBS, the error appeared , but there was no error when I filled with Cost center ....
    For your info there was no problem with Field Status Group ( I thought ) cause I ticked with Optional entry for WBS and IO ...
    Beside it, I've assigned the company code in Controlling Area and Operating Concern ...
    Network in WBS was in optional
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    David Sindhu
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    Hi Alex,
    The posting key was 40 and there was no problem as I choose Optional ..
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  • Cost assignment-Multiple cost objects being selected by default from the EP

    I have created an expense report from the Portal and entered the cost object - a WBS element and saved the report. Now, when I check in table: PTRV_SCOS, it shows me the cost object assigned are - both - the WBS Element as well as the Cost center. This is incorrect as there should be only one cost object - either the cost center or the WBS element. However, when I book the expenses from the backend, it works fine. Only the WBS or cost center is displayed in the table mentioned above. Anyone has any idea as to why this is happening?
    Many thanks in advance for your efforts.
    Cheers guys.
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Best regards,
    Tanmay Dhingra
    Edited by: Tanmay Dhingra on May 17, 2011 10:05 AM

    Hi All,
    First of all, thanks for your responses..
    Right, about the issue, what I explained here was that I am indeed assigning only one cost object: the WBS element. The issue was that even though I am assigning only the WBS element, it was also assigning the cost to the cost center by default. I did some R&D and found the solution to the issue (I was also asked to look for OSS notes but was not satisfied that this issue needs an OSS note to be applied so tried my solution). The issue was in table: T788M (allocate costs to variable account assignment). Here, I created an entry and called it USERGROUP_2 (just a random name) and assigned the variable cost objects (only the WBS and the Cost center) to be displayed. In the next step, I assigned this usergroup to the country in quesion feature (TRVCO). By doing this, I tell the system that only these cost objects are to be considered when an employee wants to assign the cost object. If the system sees that there is no value from the drop down to choose from, it picks up the default cost object (cost center). This was a simple issue that I had to rattle my brains on... but the solution I mention above worked like a hot knife going through butter...
    If you guys face this issue, please try this else feel free to get in touch with me on my number below.
    Once again, thanks for your responses.
    Best regards,
    Tanmay Dhingra
    +91 880 6666 606

  • Internal order for AUC with cost center - 'Please Select proper plant code'

    Hi All,
    User is getting error 'Please Select proper plant code', while inserting 'cost center' in field 'Responsible CCtr' for new Internal order which is for AUC.
    In Devlopment server also when we try to create asset through internal order we get same error.
    For your information this is new Plant, profit center and cost center for which we are trying to create internal order for AUC.
    If we try to post without Cost centre entry is saved. But we want to add cost center.
    Please help to resolve.

    If it is a custom message then please check whether any Validation or USer exit is maintained for the IO master data. If yes, then update the cost centre accordingly.

  • General Cost Object

    Hi there,
    Anyone familiar with the General Cost Object out there please? (referring to KKC1  - under "Intangible Goods and Services" from the SAP menu.
    I am looking to a further dimension (cost object) to breakdown/attribute costs; a cost is now attributed at a GL account, a cost center and an internal order; for some reason i need to have a further cost objective; i found the "general cost objective" and thought of them as a solution altought they are indicated for "intangible goods and services" which is not my case...
    *So far..*
    I have created cost object with Tcode KKC1, quite straightforward and posted a journal to a GL account / Cost center / Cost Object (I left to one side the internal order for the time being)
    *Issue 1*
    - the KKC1 is asking for a Profit Center as part of the Cost Object master data (mandatory field);
    Question: can this field be customisable in the IMG and be left blak? we have a 1 to 1 association betwen CC and PC, the same cost object should be used on many CC;
    *Issue 2*
    When I try to build the report in report painter to extract the info from the journal using Table CCSS, the 3 caracteristics ( GL account, Cost Center, Cost Object ) are not available whithin the same report; I can only extract GL and Cost Center or Cost center and Cost Objct; same problem using KSB1 ( single posting for cost center ) or KKCS (single posting for cost object)
    *Question*: is there a table or some setting i am missing in creating a report painter to extract simulaneously values by GL, Cost Center and Cost Object?
    *General Question*
    Is there any other "object of CO" i can use to achieve the goal highlithed above?

    question 1: if the cost object is used for different cost center/profit centers, assign the general profti-center to this cost object (or Dummy PRCTR). Even if its possible to leave it "blank" it does not solve your problem.
    question 2: don't know, but sounds not so easy...
    question 3 (general question): No
    I used cost objects once for the same reason you are describing it and it was helpful, but I never had the issue with report painter...
    BR Christian

  • Can we post to two real cost objects?

    how many cost objects can we use at the time of posting? and how many real objects can we use at the time of posting? as far as my knowledge we can use one real object. but in one interview , the interviewer said that we could use two real objects? if he is correct, please give clarification on this.
    Thank you for your valuablt time and valuable answer  in advance

    You can always do manual reposting like you pass Journals in FI. Or for that matter when you do allocation of expenses using Distribution.
    Basic idea is you cannot debit 2 cost objects for the same expenses at the same time. as long as you follow the accounting principle of debiting one cost object & crediting another, that is allowed.

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    Try to calling the function in this way
    *      I_INTERFACE_CHECK              = ' '
    *      I_BYPASSING_BUFFER             =
    *      I_BUFFER_ACTIVE                = ' '
           i_callback_program             = 'YOURREPORT'
           i_callback_pf_status_set       = 'SET_PF_STATUS'
           i_callback_user_command        = 'USER_COMAND'
    *      I_STRUCTURE_NAME               =
           is_layout                      =  ls_layout
           it_fieldcat                    =  fieldcat
    *      IT_EXCLUDING                   =
    *      IT_SPECIAL_GROUPS              =
    *      IT_SORT                        =
    *      IT_FILTER                      =
    *      IS_SEL_HIDE                    =
    *      I_DEFAULT                      = 'X'
           i_save                         = 'A'
          is_variant                     = gt_variant
          it_events                      = event_tab
    *      IT_EVENT_EXIT                  =
    *      IS_PRINT                       =
    *      IS_REPREP_ID                   =
    *      I_SCREEN_START_COLUMN          = 0
    *      I_SCREEN_START_LINE            = 0
    *      I_SCREEN_END_COLUMN            = 0
    *      I_SCREEN_END_LINE              = 0
    *    IMPORTING
    *      E_EXIT_CAUSED_BY_CALLER        =
    *      ES_EXIT_CAUSED_BY_USER         =
             t_outtab                     = tb_output
            program_error                  = 1
            OTHERS                         = 2.
    ENDFORM.                    " LISTA
    are two form like this.
    FORM set_pf_status USING rt_extab TYPE slis_t_extab.
    ENDFORM.                               " SET_PF_STATUS
    FORM user_comand USING r_ucomm     LIKE sy-ucomm
                             rs_selfield TYPE slis_selfield.
      CASE r_ucomm.
        WHEN '&CPR'.
    I hope it can help you.

  • Revenue Posting to Cost Center & Pforfitibility Segment (Object Numbers)

    Dear All,
    I have tested a scnario, i.e., Can we post Revenue to the Cost Center?
    1st Case:- I tried to post Revenue to Cost Center & it was done.  The Cost Center was updated Stastical Posting.  ( Here i had entered Cost Center Manually, no other object was entered except Cost Cneter)
    2nd Case :- I have done the same way but i have entered PSG manually. 
    But here my doubt is :  in COEP Table both documents were updated Object Number AOXXXXXXXXXX10610.  Which is Recon Object Type.  In 2nd case i have entered PSG but in 1st case i have entered only one Cost Center but how the system was updated the CO Object Number AOXXXXXXXXXX10610

      As per note 41103 under point 6, revenues posted to cost centers will only be statistical. The category types 11 and 12 are revenue based cost elements.
      As cost centers can carry revenues statistically only, the system has to create a reconciliation object automatically. It is just a generated object (containing charactersistics like company code, plant, business area, profit center,...) and this object is necessary to create as the real posting must be made. Otherwise, CO and FI would get out of sync.
    If only costing based COPA is active reconciliation object ("REO") is posted to if there is no real account assignment for the revenues (no CO-PA object/no revenue order or any other object which can carry revenues->please see note 106968).
    Thanks & Regards

  • Can real estate post without a tax code?

    Hi there
    My client has a number of G/L accounts which have the flag/indicator "Posting without tax allowed".
    How can I configure the SAP REFX tax codes to post using no tax indicator.
    If you leave the tax code blank in the config, it reports that the sales tax is "inconsistent".

    Hi Joe,
    For Real Estate you can configure tax code  in the following customization path as given:
    Go to the t-code RECACUST:
    Accounting> FI Documents related to RE> Taxes> Assign Tax Codes.
    Here, you can maintain the combination of Country+ Tax Type + Tax Group + Valid From.
    So, you can maintain valid tax code with 0 VAT.
    The same can now be selected in the RE contract in the posting parameters tab.
    Thanks & Regards

  • FI posting performed for profit segment without cost element

    Dear Gurus,
    We have accounts defined as balance sheet account. There are no cost elements created for that account.
    Anyway we can perform postings for cost object profit segment.
    Why we 're still able to post for profit segment if there are no cost elements created?
    With best regards,

    To be able to post entries to Profitability segment, the GL accounts should also be a Cost element in CO of category 1, 11 and 12.
    Balance sheet accounts cannot be created as cost element exception is Material and asset accounts with Cost element category 90, though they cant be posted to Profitability segments.
    COPA is only meant with expenses and revenue analysis. Hence not possible.
    Ravi Kumar

  • How to populate the sales order as a cost object in cost element posting

    When posting sales to a cost element the error comes up stating Account ******** requires an assignment to a CO object.
    This comes from the sales (repair) order and I would like to pass the sales order and line as a cost object.
    Could someone please tell me where I would make the configuration to pass that into the accounting document?
    Thank you,

    unfortunatelly I don't have access to any CO consultants that could help me on this one. We are a small company so I am an unofficial CO consultant for time being
    Anyway, maybe I should post this one on the CO forum as well.
    I looked at the material master and I don't see the field for the GL account or cost element anywhere like you said. I do see the account assignment group and that's where my account determination procedure determines the right one to use, and it is trying to post to the account I need it to post but I get the above error, for some reason the sales order that I am billing for does not get passed at a cost object to this cost element account during billing.
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  • Cost object for raw material consumption posting

    the raw material cosumption posting is done in the background when the goods issue is done. so where do we assign cost object for the primary cost element of raw material consumption account. since we create primary cost element for raw material consumption account, it will expect us to give cost object, so where we assign cost object for the raw material consumption cost element

    since the raw material cost is relevent for cost accounting u need to maintain primary cost elment accounts.When ever u confirm goods, the rm issue will take place automatically and will be debited to either product cost collector or production order. so u need not to assign any cost object for these consumption accounts why bcoz issues will take palce aganist a production order or product cost collector which is a cost object .

  • If I buy a movie or music on iTunes or play google can post on YouTube without giving copyright?

    if I buy a movie or music on iTunes or play google can post on YouTube without giving copyright?


  • Can purchase order be cost object in any case ?

    My simple questions to you friends is ;
    Can Purchase order be a cost object in any case ?
    Plz reply

    You are mixing the terms. Cost object is a CO entity which is used to collect costs for further analysis. A classic example for it Cost Centre, Internal Order, etc. A purchase order is MM record, which could create CO document (commitment) if commitment management is activated for the controlling area. However, PO is not a CO object in any case.

  • Can Apple Mail be set up to reply to same address message was sent to without having to manually select?

    Is there a way to set up Apple Mail so it replies from the same address the message was sent to without having to manually select which email address I'm sending it from? I have multiple Gmail accounts that I forward to one main account and in Gmail it's possible to do this. It's great and super easy. Since I started using the Mail program, I'm constantly sending email from the wrong address and as far as I can tell (which doesn't mean too much) there is no way to prevent this in Apple Mail.
    Can anyone help, or at least confirm that there is no actual way to do this? It seems like such a simple option to have, and yet...I dont' see that it's possible.

    I'm thinking an Applecript might do it.  I am assuming you have all those email accounts set up in Mail so that you can send from them.  I'm no Applescript guru but I've thrown this together from some stuff found around the Internet. I doubt it is very robust but give it a shot and tell me if it does what you are asking. I'm sure it could be improved.
    This particular script replies to all recipients. Find the line with "and reply to all" and delete those words for a it to be a simple reply.
    If you haven't used Applescript, open the Applescript Editor app, copy the script from below, paste it in, compile it. Select an email message then run it. If this works for you, the next step is to create a service from it and give it a keyboard shortcut.
    -- Purpose of this script is to send an email response from the account
    -- that received the email.  This is mainly useful for mail that has been
    -- forwarded to another account and you wish to reply from the original
    -- account.
    tell application "Mail"
      -- must have an email message selected/open.
              set theSelection to selection
              if theSelection is {} then return
              set theMessage to item 1 of theSelection
              set theRecipients to the recipients of theMessage
      -- Search the recipients and find one that matches up with one of your email accounts
              set theSendingAccount to ""
              repeat with i from 1 to (count of items of theRecipients)
                        repeat with j from 1 to (count of email addresses of every account)
                                  if (address of item i of theRecipients) = (email addresses of account j as string) then set theSendingAccount to (email addresses of account j as rich text)
                        end repeat
              end repeat
      -- If a match was found, create a reply from that account
              if theSendingAccount ≠ "" then
                        set theOutgoingMessage to reply theMessage with opening window and reply to all
                        set sender of theOutgoingMessage to theSendingAccount
              end if
    end tell

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