Kindly give authorization object for mrp type in material master

Hi friends,
Kind tell me what is the authorization object for MRP type in material master.
Your help is considered more important.
thanks in advance

check your authorisation objects here:
Go to PFCG --> Environment (at menu bar) --> authorization objects --> Display...
Here see for MRP and MM for material managament in the tree structure...

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  • Kindly tell me authorization object for MRP type

    Hi friends,
    Kind tell me what is the authorization object for MRP type in material master.
    Your help is considered more important.
    thanks in advance

    Hi Willaim,
    There is no standard authorization object for MRP type.

  • Authorization Object For Order Type in Tcode KO88

    Dear Sir,
    In Tcode KO88 , we want that an users must be able to use only a specific type "Order Type" . But we do not know which is the authorization object for this .
    I look forward for the kind help from SAP Expert as how can we put restriction based on "Order Type" in Tcode KO88 .
    B V Mittal

    check your authorisation objects here:
    Go to PFCG --> Environment (at menu bar) --> authorization objects --> Display...
    Here see for MRP and MM for material managament in the tree structure...

  • Authorization Object for Storage Type

    Hi Experts,
    We want to restrict the goods movement based on storage type. Does anybody know what authorization object we can use to implement that?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    At PFCG, go to authorization profile you want to restrict, look for M_MSEG_LGO Authorization Object, at the storage location field assign it. If you only want to restrict it for few user use, remove those from unauthorized user profile.
    Hope it might help.

  • Authorization object for additional data of material

    in our Authorization there some user they can use MM01/MM02 only for specific
    Maintenance Statuses - object M_MATE_STA (say L - Storage, X - Plant stocks, Z - Storage location stocks).
    We also want, that this user are not allowed to change some additional data, but i don't know, if there
    is some Authorization object.
    Has anyone an idiea?
    Regards, Dieter

    Have a look at M_MATE_MAN. Help text below:
    This object determines whether a user is authorized to maintain material master data at client level.
    Data at client level includes fields that cannot be maintained for each organizational unit (for example, for each plant or sales organization). It includes the following data in particular:
    Material descriptions
    Long texts (except sales texts and the material memo)
    Units of measure
    However, it does not include the objects of other applications that you can assign to a material when maintaining the material master record (for example, document assignment or classification) since separate authorizations can be given for objects of this kind.
    Even if a user does not have the authorization to display data at client level, the following data is still displayed for the material nevertheless:
    Material descriptions and base unit of measure
    Deletion flag on the initial Flag Material for Deletion screen
    Defined fields
    Fields Possible values Meaning
    ACTVT 01 User may create data.
    02 User may change data.
    03 User may display data.
    06 User may change deletion flags.
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  • How to find out Authorization Object for Plant

    I have to implement an Authorization check for Plant in My Report Program.
    Is there any transaction which can help me to find out Authorization Object for any field like Material and plant?

    Using SU21 u can create Authorisation Object.
    The ABAP command AUTHORITY-CHECK is used for performing authorizaton checks in programs.
    check f1 help on AUTHORITY-CHECK for the syntax.
    check these links

  • TCode for collective changes in inspection type in Material Master

    Can any one tell me the TCODE for mass changes for inspection type in Material Master.

    you can use MM17 or through LSMW or create a BDC through ABAP.
    qsm sap

  • Authorization Object for Material Type

    Hi All,
    Is it possible to restrict the user from creating the material master based on Material Type. If yes then what is the authorization object for the same.

    Dear Mahendra,
    You can definitely restrict a end-user to only particular Material Type thru Authorizations.
    Authorization Object: M_MATE_MAR
    This can be done thru authorization management. Consult your Basis person or follow this:
    SU01 - Enter the user Id & select display button. Now click on the Roles Tab & note down the role assigned to this user Id.
    Go to T-Code - PFCG - enter the Role name & select the change icon.
    Click on the Authorizations tab page. & then Click on Change Authorization Data.
    Now expand the menu tree of Materials Management: Master Data & further expand the menu tree of Material Master: Material Types. Now click on the change icon next to Authorization Group & select the required Material Type that you want to authorize the end-user.
    This is how you can give authorizations only for a particular Material Type. 
    Hope this helps.. .
    Give point if useful...
    Jignesh Mehta

  • Authorization object for manual condition type in sale order

    Hi experts
    I want ask them, If exist an authorization object for manual Condition type (KOMV-KSCHL) in the sales order (VA01/VA02), that the user don' t can create neither modify the sale orden with a specific manual condition type (payment term) by stardard way.
    Best regards
    John Angulo

    HI John,
    I would be surprised to know that someone uses the Payment terms as a condition in the Pricing procedure for sales orders. The payment terms define when the customer agrees to pay, (15, 20, 45 ,....days or 5 years or 10 years....whatever it be)
    this detail for what i know is in the sales order header,and ideally has nothing to do with the Item level material price conditions.
    its ok, If you mean something else by payment principle you can have a conditon type restrcited such that manual entries on the condition are not possible. this cane be done in SPRO customizing, i am sure your functional consultants would know what to do (SPRO->Sales and Distribution->Basic Function->Condition Types), in the tab "Changes that can be made" have a value that says manual Processing is not allwowed
    The ABAP route mentioned above is for a different scenarion and i dont think it is necessary for your requirement

  • Authorization object  for PLANNING PLANT

    Hi all,
    My client has different Planning plant & Production plant.
    If I need to give access to GR for order (MB31), how do I know the authorization object for the Planning plant.
    User should be given access to MB31 to the Planning plant & NOT to the Production plannt.
    Any idea where we could find the authoriz. objects for a particular field?
    Pls advise.

    Goods Receipt for Production Order: Movement Type            M_MSEG_BWF
    Goods Receipt for Production Order: Plant                    M_MSEG_WWF
    these are the authorisation objects with activities as  ACTVT and WERKS
    Maintaine the values for ACTVT  as
    01 Create or generate,
    02  Change
    03 Display
    04 Print, edit messages
    and maintaine the values WERKS   (ur plants 4 which u want to give authorisations)
    and BWAR ( movement types 4 which u want to give authorisations)

  • Authorization object for plant on selection-screen

    Hi All,
    I need to cehck the authorization object for plant on sleection screen..the palnt is select-options.
    I have written the code
    Declaration of local constants.
      CONSTANTS : lc_i(1)  TYPE c VALUE 'I',
                  lc_eq(2) TYPE c VALUE 'EQ'.
      REFRESH : r_werks.
      LOOP AT s_werks.
        IF s_werks-low IS NOT INITIAL.
          AUTHORITY-CHECK OBJECT 'M_MATE_WRK'                "Check if the user has autorization for the plant.
                               ID 'ACTVT' FIELD '03'
                               ID 'WERKS' FIELD s_werks-low.
          IF sy-subrc NE 0.
            r_werks-sign   = lc_i.
            r_werks-option = lc_eq.
            r_werks-low    = s_werks-low.
            APPEND r_werks.
      LOOP AT s_werks.
        IF s_werks-high IS NOT INITIAL.
          AUTHORITY-CHECK OBJECT 'M_MATE_WRK'                "Check if the user has autorization for the plant.
                               ID 'ACTVT' FIELD '03'
                               ID 'WERKS' FIELD s_werks-high.
          IF sy-subrc NE 0.
            r_werks-sign   = lc_i.
            r_werks-option = lc_eq.
            r_werks-low    = s_werks-high.
            APPEND r_werks.
    My doubt is will the authorization will check the plants in between 1001 and 2001..suppose i have pplants 1001,1002,1003,1004,2001..Now will the above code will check for all the plants or only 1001 and 2001 if i specify in the select-options.

    Hi Raj
    First no need to LOOP AT s_werks and check s_werks-high as it will always be present only once in the table s_werks.
    Do this
    SELECT werks FROM t001w INTO li_werks
    WHERE werks IN s_werks.
    LOOP AT li_werks.
    *check your authority thing here and fill the range

  • Mandatory Authorization object for the BO user

    Dear All
    I am facing some problem for the BO user.
    can you let me know what are mandatory Authorization object for BO user to run the dashboard without error.
    Fast reply appreciate.

    Dear All
    i am working for Analysis Authorization.
    i included Analysis Authorisation object  to the user.
    S_RS_AUTH  BI Analysis Authorizations in Role.
    when i checked in the BW side its working fine.
    when i checked the user in the BO side.
    filter values are coming correct, but the values in the column are not showing.
    its throwing an error.
    kindly help me to solve this issue.

  • Adding authorization object for "Function Group"s ?

    Is it possible to add any authorization object for any function group ?
    We have an issue i.e. whenever user "XYZ" is getting some Windows Excel related error whenever trying call an excel report from BW server. System log related to "XYZ" user shows that -> User "XYZ" has no RFC authorization for the function group "ABCD". The RFC authorization object is S_RFC.
    Function Group you can check through SE37->GoTO->Display Function Group
    Now is it possible to add authorization for any "Function Group" ?

    You give authorisation for all function groups by giving auth object S_RFC a * value in field RFC_NAME
    However I do not recommend this as giving wide access to RFC's can bypass a lot of the security you have implemented for the users.
    In this case, add only the function group that the user requires in this instance into S_RFC

  • Authorization Object   for  Transaction code XSLT_TOOL

    Hi Friends
    When i try to use transaction xslt_tool the following error appears "You are not authorized to use transaction xslt_tool".
    Can anyone give  the Authorization object  for  transaction  xslt_tool,

    Give access to the transaction in PFCG. 
    Then use SU53 to highlight any additional access required.

  • Authorization object for "set TECO" and "undo TECO"

    We want to control the authorization for "set TECO" and "undo TECO",but we can't find relevant Authorization object. Is there any Authorization object  for these two functions? If there's no Authorization object for them ,then how can we achieve the same result? Thank you very much!

    Under one user ID the auth object B_USERSTAT will have the authorization key in which user will be responsible to change the TECO user status.
    One user will not have any authorization key under B_USERSTAT Auth_Object.
    Hope it's will give you help.
    Vishal Kr. Sharma

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