Know any Good Flash Training DVD's For Sale?

Hi, I am looking to purchase some good flash training videos
for building sites and animation. I was wondering if anyone could
recommend any.

It may be more practical to get a membership to or We have found software updates are frequent and
the membership allows us to keep up with new versions. Our old
"videos" sit on shelves and the cost of a few DVD's was alot more
than one year membership to one of these services.

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  • Any good book/training cds/dvds for oracle BPM studio developers

    Is there any good book/training cds/dvds for oracle BPM studio developers, where every topic is discussed very clearly along with step wise examples?
    Thanks & Regards

    You can also look at some of the sample projects. These contain example of how to handle many common problems in creating BPM projects.
    Here's a list of the projects:
    These are contained in the <BPM_HOME>/samples directory.

  • Can anyone recommend any good books on leaning actionscript for flash?

    Can anyone recommend any good books on leaning actionscript
    for flash?
    Intermediate level
    I have been using flash for about 2 years more as a hobby
    than anything else, some websites etc but now I realise I am going
    to need to learn more actionscripting to do what I want, I have
    come to terms with the simple stuff like goto – basic
    variables – load mov – enough to programme up website
    I ideally want to learn more about the dynamic side of flash,
    mostly for designing user interfaces and websites etc
    I’m after a book that doesn’t get too heavy too
    fast yet I’m a little past the more basic functions
    Any thoughts?

    You appear to be stuck on iOS 4.2.1. That means up really have a 2G iPod. A real 3G can go to 5.1.1
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  • Any good APEX training class in NJ?

    I'm a newbie to APEX. I'm at the point that I think I could use some serious APEX training.
    what's your thought on APEX training? Did you folks just pick it up by yourself? How? BTW, the thousands of pages of User Manual/Advanced Tutorial do NOT help much, sometimes, they could be even confusing.
    Any pointer to any good APEX training classes in NJ is appreciated. For some reason, APEX training in NJ is not on Oracle University's schedule. Or any other alternative? via video?
    Thanks much,

    I took the first two courses on APEX from DBCON ( It's an online course which I'm not a huge fan of normally, but these two courses were helpful for me. The courses also included the "Pro Oracle Application Express" book which has also been helpful for me:
    Disclaimer: I have absolutely no relationship with DBCON whatsoever. Just my two bits.
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  • Does any one know any good books to learn oracle 9i?

    hi guys
    Does any one know any good books to learn oracle 9i?

    to practice SQL and Database management systems But in general the user not mentioned that he is looking for Oracle 9i Series - he wants to learn SQL & DBMS
    For DBMS i suggest with Korth and Sudarshan

  • Does anyone know any good free games or apps?

    im loooking for some free games which are good i like action games so if anyone knows any good games please tell me

    It all really depends upon what you want. Since you are asking for free games, just download them and try. It does not cost anything.

  • Any good workflow tutorials out there for those moving from iPhoto Aperture

    Any good workflow tutorials out there for those moving from iPhoto to Aperture 3?
    Especially those that deal with using a laptop and off-line storage of photos.
    Cheers, Andrew.

    There is no reason to not port a number from another provider (unless leaving a contract early and being charged the ETF) for if one does decide to switch back to their previous provider within the first 30 days after making the switch, the previous provider will take one back with welcome arms and the same phone number can be used this way.
    Your way required getting a new phone number which can't be changed or potted after the fact for single line account.

  • Any good book or e-book for Developer 6i(beginner's level)?

    Can somebody tell me any good book or e-book for Developer 6i(beginner's level)? Is there any link to Developer 6i?

    Also look at Demo forms for 6i
    The forms 6i demo is downloaded from oracle website:
    and if you change your idea about using current release Forms 10g, you can walk here:

  • Are there any new All-in-one printers for sale that use the CLI-221 cartridges?

    We have a MX870 Printer that needs to be replaced but new cartridges were just purchased from Canon.  Are there any new All-in-one printers for sale that use the CLI-221 cartridges?

    The MX922 (known as the MX926 in Australia) is supported by 10.10 and Windows 7. Whatever site you were looking at may not have updated their details. Here is a link from the Canon Australia web site showing the drivers and applications for this model for 10.10.

  • Know any good sales app for iPad?

    I'm intrested to know if theres an app out there for the iPad for salesman.
    Stuff like cataloging the customer by number, address, name ect', taging a quats for that customer, punching in an order i just made, and most importantly sync that informatiom to a cloud with usernames so the office can see it instantly, something free, or atleast cheap (not like Repzio who wants absourd amount of money for their app)
    Ill be happy to know if there's anything like this out there.
    Thank you for your time!

    See my post on the following link-

  • Do you offer any device like a dvd reader for my iMac?

    I'd like to watch a series of DVDs i have and i'm only able to do so on my laptop. Does anyone knows about it?

    i bought a samsung external cd and dvd burner earlier this year after an extensive look for an external optical drive under $150
    i found that on the cheaper end (as in under $120 in Australia) it was hard to find a dvd player whose company OFFICIALLY supported use with macs (in case there were any problems).
    Samsung do list there drives as mac compatible - that was a very good thing for me and my choices. Mind you i've never been too impressed with samsung phone support service when it comes to my wife's galaxy s2 and the two times i called them, but that's another story
    i picked up a cheaper samsung (about $35) which is the se 208db. i have used this to rip (so far) 150 cds and there has been no problem. it can be a little noisy in that process, but nothing too major. i' m assuming you won't be playing yourdvds on very low volume. I picked that one up as i thought if it fell apart or had any major dramas for my use, it would only be a loss of $35
    and i must say that at $35 i dont expect this to last a few years with heavy use but i'll be stoked if i can burn all 800 cds that i am planning to and get more than a good year out of it - i think there is a 6 month or 12 month warranty on it (i can't remember) but hey, it's only $35. so 6 months of major heavy use is a happy minimum for me and more than one year of heavy use is a bonus
    there is also a samsung se506ab - this is also a blu ray PLAYER (not burner). this was my second option - at around $100
    i also looked at philips options but they didn't have that MAC support that i was looking for for piece of mind
    others here wil say all external drivers will play with macs however i know there have been a few instances found here and other forums where people have had a few issues and the companies washed their hands of the problem
    when you get an idea what might be what you are looking for also look at the reviews on amazon - always useful
    i also believe the apple optical drive is over priced (by quite a bit) (eg compared to the samsung se506ab which plays blu ray and the reviews on its reliability are not as good as i would hope for - but know if you end up with a problem, apple will replace it
    peter t

  • A good Flash E Commerce solution for AS2 and 3.0

    I have a client who will want an e commerce area for his site. Does anyone recommend a  good Flash based program out there that will allow you to constuct an e commerce solution in both AS 2  or  3 . I know that is a lot to ask for but at this point I really need something that will not break my budget, I can use easily multiple times with different looks .

    the only difficult part is the back-end securing transactions.  you can off-load that responsibility to a third party like paypal and make your own custom shopping site.

  • Recommend any good flash books...

    I want to learn how to connect flash CS3 to databases/dynamic
    information etc....Can anyone recommend any good books. I just
    bought Flash and PHP Bible but don't think much of it (it keeps
    referring to a companion website that doesn't exist - the book only
    came out this month). I want to learn how to connect databases with
    flash, get dynamic content and things like that. Have any of you
    guys used such a book that you thought was great?

    There are a lot of good online tutorials and such. If you
    really want to do
    it right, learn to use AMFPHP, a remoting gateway for PHP.
    It'll make your
    life much easier if you do any fair amount of database work
    with Flash. I
    still use LoadVars for simple forms and such, but for
    anything bigger I use
    AMFPHP / remoting.
    Dave -
    Head Developer
    Adobe Community Expert

  • Any Good suggestions on docking station for tmt2

    I just ordered my hp tm2t and waiting for delievery. In the meantime, I wonder if there is any good docking stations that comes with a stand and even audio speakers. I notice HP has a docking bundel that has everything that  I want, but based on wt i read so far, it sucks, so it would be nice if anyone knows of a good alternative docking station. THanks

    If you are still looking for an answer, there are tools to help you do exactly what you are trying to do.  I had to solve this same issue last week trying to add both Apple Lossless and FLAC to my WMP library on a Win 7 x64.  It should work on 32 bit version too.  For me, converting to a lossy format such as MP3 or AAC was not desirable as their audio quality is too low for a high end home audio system.  I have a second lossy library to use on my iPhone with earbuds. 
    So far with only a week's experience to draw from this is working well.  It is a two part solution:
    Add a DirectShow component that supports the media playback you want.  For Apple Lossless the open source one I found was DC Bass:  I had to also install madFlac 1.10 which you should not need to do if you only have Apple Lossless.  If you have any FLAC, you will need to add this:
    Install WMP Tag Plus which works as a WMP plug in.  It allows WMP to read the file tags to treat your files as music rather than "other media"; also supports reading other tag data (song name, genre, etc) on the files
    Step one will let you play your music while step 2 will help you organize the WMP library.  I have not tried to update tags from WMP yet, so I am not sure if that works.  I use Tag&Rename to update metadata in tags.
    I hope that helps.

  • Does Apple have any good way of managing iPhones for business?

    I finally broke down and allowed iPhones into our company when Apple introduced the ability to provision phones like phones (e.g. don't have to teather them to a computer to set up).  This and the "business" management tools opened the door, so we got about 30 of them.
    Apple is now going backward.  When a phone comes into our shop, we have to load up iTunes and get the phone to sync before we can do simple things like wipe the phone or troubleshoot "why did my bluetooth quit working".  All of their "enterprise focus" seems to be around security and app control, with nothing I've seen for the day-to-day keeping things running.  (Not saying app control and secuirty are unimportant, just not enough).
    Does Apple have any good business management tools that I'm missing?  I know about MDM, but too much setup for a relatively small number of phones.  Besides, my understanding is the MDM only does app management / security policy.  Right now we use Apple's stand-alone configurator.  Fine for pushing policy and apps, but useless for troubleshooting and day-to-day management (like resetting a phone back to factory configs).
    Also, is my carrior correct that Apple will not allow them to replace phones that have gone bad under warranty?  They told me for the iPhones we have to physically take them to an Apple store for troubleshooting / replacement even after 100% identifying the issue!  That is an hour (at least) wasted to send one of my folks to the store.  I know we don't just have a bad carrior, becaue they happily send out replacement on other brands after troubleshooting over the phone.
    I actually do like the overall look/feel of the iPhones.  But unless Apple becomes much more corporate-friendly, I can only recommend that companies refuse to purchase any iDevice.  BYOD, sure...but when you buy tens or hundreds of phones stick to Android, Blackberry, or even (sorry) Microsoft based devices.

    Does not seem to work that way for us.  We plug the phone in, and the first thing iTunes does is say the phone needs to be "authorized for this computer".  It also states that the phone can only be authorized for x computers.
    It then goes through it's jig while we wait, and finally comes up with the phone.  Only then can we try to wipe / update the phone.  We do stop the sync process, that automatically starts wanting to run.  Maybe has to do with a version difference between what you use and what we use.  I did notice that an older version of iTunes seemed a bit friendlier, but would not support our iPads.
    However, when we were troubleshooting the bug where wireless / bluetooth quits working it was quite a bit more difficult than this for a phone a user handed us.  Troubleshooting steps required that the phone be "restored" in iTunes.  However, iTunes insisted on our providing a password that neither we nor the user knew.  Maybe just learning curve, but it took about an hour before we were able to get that phone to a point where we could reset it.
    Here is a sincere question for you, since you say you support a fleet of phones.  Do you really NOT get annoyed when your tech has to take a iPhone to a computer with iTunes, plug it in, and work from there whenever there is a user issue that needs to have the phone wiped back to factory standard?  This compared to being able to punch a few buttons on a different phone, right there in the users office, then hand it back to the user and say "your are fixed".
    My only assumptions are that IT staff want to solve issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Requireing a tech to deal with iTunes for simple procedures is not, IMHO, "as quick and efficient as possible".

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