Latest FireFox update (v15.0.1) breaks sorting on Google Sites

When using Google Sites feature in Google Apps, the sort feature in the list template page does not work. If you try to sort a list, you get a "server error" message which displays at the top of the page.
This problem is new to v15.0.1 of FireFox. Older versions of FireFox, Internet Explorer 8, and Chrome do not currently have this problem.

I have setup a temporary Google Apps test site where you can see this error for yourself:

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  • The latest Firefox update, which I have installe on my macbook Os 10.68, seems full of bugs

    I am so fed up with the latest version of firefox. It is incredibly slow, when I enter one url in the web bar it will send me bouncing off to a random address that is on my bookmards toolbar. Before the latest firefox update, I had already noticed it had become ridiculously slow. I read some support articles and it suggested uninstalling some add ons and reinstalling them. I did so, i even got rid of the ones I felt I no longer needed them. It fast slighter faster for maybe a day, then just as slow again. In the mean time, I installed google crome browser, b/c I have a blog with blogger, and there are just some things you can't do with blogger unless you're using Chrome. By accident, I discovered there were several things I could all of a sudden do online that I couldn't do with Firefox (reply to messages on a forum I post on, access a free menu planning feature on Canadian Living Magazine's website).
    After their latest update, everything has gotten worse! That's when it got even slower, and started bouncing me around the web. I even cleared the cache, which was incredibly annoying since I had so many places all over the web that I had set to be automatically signed in to, and I spent an entire day having to recover all these passwords, and clearing the cache did nothing to fix the problem in any way. I will wait two days for a response from this forum. The only reason I haven't ditched Firefox completely is because of it's adblock feature. The adds on Chrome drive me nuts. If I have not received any suggestions that seem worth my time and energy, I'm uninstalling Firefox, and might consider returning to it when they come up with a new update.

    Well, that's pretty made my decision final. I'm ditching firefox for good. The only reason I was willing to use it at all, was because of Ad block. I already tried uninstalling, disabling add ons, like I mentioned previously. The whole proceeding with Firefox safe mode thing sounds like way too much trouble than it's worth. Since I already have Safari Browser, that came with my Macbook, and I need Chrome Browser for using Blogger, I'm uninstalling Firefox and I'll just use those two. Chrome Browser annoys me enough of the time that I don't want to use it as my primary browser. Safari is fairly good though, especially if I only use it occasionally, that means if runs very quickly. Thanks for the advice. It's too bad. When I started using Firefox about 4 years ago, I loved it. Now it drives me absolutely crazy. I'll just start gathering all my passwords that are stored in Firefox and then uninstall it.

  • Auscompgeek: latest Firefox update has caused a conflict with Norton 360

    Latest Firefox update has caused a conflict with Norton 360 "Web Safe" feature when using Yahoo search - no icons visible, i.e., green check mark for OK, gray for not enough info in Norton user data base, RED for unsafe
    "Web Safe" feature functions in Firefox if Norton tool bar search is used (powered by ASK) - functions in IE8 when Yahoo search is used.
    Problem is isolated to Firefox / Yahoo search.
    No prior history of similar problem.
    == Operating system ==
    Windows 7

    Result from - WOT link is :

  • Help!!!!! Incredimail MY START has taken over my computer!!! How do I get rid of it permanently???? Started with latest Firefox Update

    Since the latest Firefox, Incredimail My Start has taken over my computer! I do not have Incredimail, I do not want Incredimail. I want to ENTIRELY get rid of it altogether forever. Please give me the instructions. I cannot find it as an add on or a plug in -- I do not know WHAT it is but whatever it is I DO NOT WANT IT ON MY COMPUTER!
    Thanks so much in advance! Please hurry! This is driving me crazy. I have set Google as my home page, but every new tap I add, is Incredimail MyStart. I DO NOT WANT IT. This started with the latest Firefox update.

    Sometimes a problem with Firefox may be a result of malware installed on your computer, that you may not be aware of.
    You can try these free programs to scan for malware, which work with your existing antivirus software:
    * [ Microsoft Safety Scanner]
    * [ MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware]
    * [ TDSSKiller - AntiRootkit Utility]
    * [ Hitman Pro]
    * [ ESET Online Scanner]
    [ Microsoft Security Essentials] is a good permanent antivirus for Windows 7/Vista/XP if you don't already have one.
    Further information can be found in the [[Troubleshoot Firefox issues caused by malware]] article.
    Did this fix your problems?

  • Outlook request sign in and password every time i open it. It did not happen before the latest firefox update

    Before the latest Firefox update around 5-6-14, I didn't have to sign in and give a password to open up Outlook from the Firefox default page. Now even after I sign in to Outlook and checking the box to stay signed in, after a few hours, i have to sign in and give the password to open Outlook. It is a Firefox extension or something that has changed. Please do not refer me to Microsoft help as they have a scripted help for this problem that doesn't work.

    Details like websites remembering you (log you in automatically) are stored in a cookie.
    *Create a cookie 'allow' exception to keep such cookies, especially in case of secure websites and when cookies expire when Firefox is closed.
    *Tools > Options > Privacy > "Use custom settings for history" > Cookies: Exceptions
    In case you are using "Clear history when Firefox closes":
    *do not clear the Cookies
    *do not clear the Site Preferences
    *Tools > Options > Privacy > Firefox will: "Use custom settings for history": [X] "Clear history when Firefox closes" > Settings
    Note that clearing "Site Preferences" clears all exceptions for cookies, images, pop-up windows, software installation, passwords, and other website specific data.
    Clearing cookies will remove all specified (selected) cookies including cookies with an allow exception that you would like to keep.

  • Adobe Acrobat plugin worked before latest Firefox update. Now it crashes. Everything updated...still doesn't work.

    The latest firefox update occurred and suddenly my adobe acrobat plugin crashes. I've updated everything including my still doens't work.

    Perform the suggestions mentioned in the following articles:
    * [ Clear Cookies & Cache]
    * [[How to clear the cache#w_clear-the-cache|Clear the Network Cache]]
    * [[Using the Adobe Reader plugin with Firefox]]
    * [[Opening PDF files within Firefox]]
    Check and tell if its working.
    -> Update All your Firefox Plugins
    * '''When Downloading Plugins Update setup files, Remove Checkmark from Downloading other Optional Softwares with your Plugins (e.g. Toolbars, McAfee, Google Chrome, etc.)'''
    * Restart Firefox

  • Since latest Firefox update, other web sites will load but Netflix will not. Netflix will load in Internet Explorer.

    Since latest Firefox update, other web sites will load but Netflix will not. Netflix will load in Internet Explorer.

    Does it matter whether you use www? Will the sign-in link open:
    When you have a problem with one particular site, a good "first thing to try" is clearing your Firefox cache and deleting your saved cookies for the site.
    1. Bypass Firefox's Cache
    Use Ctrl+Shift+r to reload the page fresh from the server. Any difference? If not...
    2. Clear Firefox's Cache Completely
    orange Firefox button ''or'' Tools menu > Options > Advanced
    On the Network mini-tab > Cached Web Content : "Clear Now"
    3. If needed, remove the site's cookies in this dialog
    While viewing a page on the site, right-click and choose View Page Info > Security > "View Cookies"
    Then try reloading the page. Does that help?

  • Silverlight (Netflix) not working after latest Firefox update

    After the latest Firefox update (34.0.5), I can't get Silverlight to work on Netflix. I get a black screen with no error codes.
    Netflix has a checklist of things to do if you get a black screen (, and I've done all of these things several times -- manually removing Netflix cookies, uninstalling and reinstalling Silverlight (and I used a Fix-It app on the Microsoft website to troubleshoot), disabling ad blockers and virus software, and scanning for malware. I've done all of these things, and nothing has helped. I can play Netflix videos in Chrome, but I think there's no reason why I shouldn't be able to use my preferred browser, especially since I was able to do it without incident up until Wednesday night.
    I had two chats with Netflix tech support. Neither were much help, but the second person suggested that I uninstall Firefox entirely and then reinstall. I don't really want to do that. I'm not really that tech-y, and I'm afraid of losing my settings. Honestly, I would cancel Netflix before doing that.
    Has anybody else had this problem? Are there any OTHER workarounds or suggestions of what I can try to fix this problem? Also, is it possible to be prompted when there's a new Firefox update.. and not have it automatically updated without my permission? I can't, by any chance, roll back to the version when everything worked fine?

    ''tenderprey [[#answer-668426|said]]''
    So, it sounds like there's a compatibility problem. I didn't realize that Firefox accesses Silverlight in a whole different way. Do you think Firefox needs to be updated/patched to be able to work with the Silverlight plugin again, or does the plugin need to be updated to be compatible with the latest version of Firefox?
    First of all, I´m not a IT guy...just a fan of "firefox".
    Regarding your question, since this issue started with the 34.0.5
    version of "firefox" it´s my opinion that it´s "firefox" the one that
    should be updated/patched to work again with "netflix".
    to fix such issue.

  • The latest Firefox update, installed this morning 6/21/2011, disabled McAfee. After installation, a window appeared stating that McAfee was not compatible and couldn't be enabled. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE! Please let me know how to uninstall this update.

    The latest Firefox update, installed this morning 6/21/2011, disabled McAfee. After installation, a window appeared stating that McAfee was not compatible and couldn't be enabled. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE! Please let me know how to uninstall this update.

    Upgrade your browser to Firefox 8 and check

  • Would it be too much to ask for Firefox to ignore the "www" when sorting history by site?

    Like it says in the topic question. Would it be too much to ask for Firefox to ignore the "www" when sorting history by site? IE ignores the "www", but not Firefox. It's a real pain to have to look in two places rather than one for a site I previously visited.
    Other than that my migration to FF has been great.

    Hi, as far as I can infer, that term means it's not loading any resources until needed, opposite of this...
                     Sets a bit in the mach header of the resulting binary which tells dyld to bind all symbols                when the binary is loaded, rather than lazily. man1/ld.1.html
    Load resources lazily.
    You should never load a resource file until it is actually needed. Prefetching resource files may seem like a way to save time, but this practice actually slows down your app right away. In addition, if you end up not using the resource, loading it wastes memory for no good purpose. programmingguide/PerformanceTuning/PerformanceTuning.html
    And, higher OS versionsare even worse with Bonjour/mDNSResponder, but might see this...

  • I have MAC OSX 10.7.5. Is there a way to get latest firefox update? It says it is not supported?

    I cant imagine that you don't have an update that works for my MAC. Please tell me how

    Hello ourhouse2u, the update is for 10.7.5 as you said OR as system details said 10.5 ?
    For 10.5.8 intel mac, [ Firefox no longer works with Mac OS X 10.5]
    16.0.2 is the latest version(for 10.5.8),see in the above link '''Option 3: Continue to use Mac OS X 10.5 and Firefox 16'''
    for 10.7.5 you can use the latest, BUT first fix your user agent because is corrupted by Fast Browser Search ('''FBSMTWB''') and that identifies you as Firefox/3.5.2
    see your user agent:
    User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.5; en-US; rv: Gecko/20090729 Firefox/3.5.2 GTB5 '''FBSMTWB'''
    you must reset user agent, see how to do that : [ Firefox is showing the wrong User Agent]
    see also :
    for latest firefox version : [ Download Firefox in your language]
    thank you

  • How do I uninstall the latest firefox update?

    I just updated to the latest version of firefox 13.0.1 and the update is not working correctly. Many websites do not display all the page and I need to get rid of this latest update. I need to go back to the previous version. How do I do this? This adversely affects my ability to conduct business.

    Uninstalling the latest version of Firefox is not at all recommended as it contains serious security fixes.
    However, i can try to help you out so that the websites you are having problems with display properly, and you can continue using the latest Firefox.
    First, I would suggest you try reading [[Websites look wrong]]. It has some basic steps you can take to see if it will help the pages you are having difficulty with display properly.
    If that doesn't work, try to reset Firefox. [[Reset Firefox – easily fix most problems]]. It will fix alot of problems you are having with Firefox in general.

  • Latest Firefox update removes all my add-ons/extensions

    I have Win XP Pro SR-3 & Firefox 28.0. I wanted to update to the latest Firefox version by going to Help/About/Check for updates. However, the new version does 2 things that I can't change:
    1. It removed the sidebar that contained all my extensions & I can't find them. Can I restore the sidebar?
    2. The color of the new tabs that are not active is the same color as the strip that they're on, so their very hard to read. Can I change the color of inactive tabs...or better yet, the strip that they're on?
    I also have a 3rd general question. I had a lot of trouble getting to this forum. I had to go to a question that I asked a year ago & then ask a new question. I also couldn't logon to Mozillazine & don't know the difference between that forum & this one. Could you please enlighten me & tell me what the easiest way to first search & then ask a question?
    Thank you in advance

    While Mozilla is one company, it has several independent web sites.
    If you want full access to a site, you need an account for each.

  • After downloading the latest Firefox update,my homepage or any website I try to open is blank,and the tab says "untitled"

    Any page I try to open is blank, tried using Chrome and it works fine.

    This was not a Firefox update, but a piece of malicious software you have inadvertently downloaded from a site called which is impersonating Firefox. I discovered this as soon as my Zonealarm firewall requested permission for "Golds" to access the internet. Golds??!! However I couldn't find a file with this name installed on my computer.
    You should delete the file you downloaded and do not allow internet access to any suspicious program. You should also scan your PC immediately for any virus, malware, etc. Best of luck.

  • Cannot access my webmail thru moonfruit since latest firefox update

    I have been using firefox to access my business webmail for about a year. Firefox updated about a month ago and I can no longer access my webmail. The message that pops up when trying to access webmail says to contact my host provider which is moonfruit. I contacted them and they said the problem was with firefox since I can access the account thru IE.

    Look for an updated version of that Yahoo Toolbar, one that is compatible with Firefox 4.0.1.

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