Latest wine doesn't work with ie4linux

downgrading to wine-0.9.36-1.pkg.tar.gz solved the problem

You could try to build wine-0.9.38 with makepkg from /var/abs/extra/x11/wine. The last package is faulty in the extra repository. It was built without font support and possibly other dependencies as well. But the PKGBUILD should have all dependencies.
You can read the other wine posts in forum. If it doesn't work for you, you can alwas revert to 0.9.36. And you can always add a comment to the bug for wine in the bugs page to put some press on the developer to try to fix his build.

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  • Latest EyeTV doesn't work with remote after installing latest candelair, 1.20 no option in preferences to activate snow leopard?

    After upgrading to Snow Leopard my mac remote no longer works with EyeTV. Have checked EyeTV is the latest version, have also installed the latest Candelair which other users have advised needs to have snow leopard activated in the preferences but on my version there is no mention of this in the preferences pane.
    Just lists...
    Driver version 1.20 installed
    The remote control infrared receiver is enabled
    This computer only works with the remote with ID 27 (after I paired it)
    Issues with your remote?
    Can anyone advise?

    So, I figured it out myself. Way back in time I had set up some ipfw rules that I had completely forgotten about, which included this:
    01000 allow ip from to me dst-port 5900 in
    Since I switched to the AEBS, of course the IP range changed to 10.0.1.x, so ipfw was blocking it. Problem solved.
    Now I just need to figure out why my AEBS keeps crashing..

  • Latest Quicktime update doesn't work with older versions of Safari.

    I have an iMac with Panther 10.3.9. I've downloaded and installed all the updates regularly. That last update of Quicktime doesn't work with Safari! All I get is the big Q. Any ideas?

    Welcome to Apple Discussions
    Check your Quicktime settings in System Preferences>Quicktime>Advanced panel.
    Mime settings>make sure nothing is checked in the Miscellaneous box.
    Advance panel>Enable Flash ought to be selected.

  • Horizontal scrolling doesn't work with ItemsStackPanel in ListView(GridView)

    In Win 8.1 App Store Project I have a ListView with fixed width and listen for ContainerContentChanging event because of performance issues.
    When ListView width is less than content width, horizontal scrolling doesn't work. If we change ItemsStackPanel to VirtualizingStackPanel, horizontal scrolling works fine. But ContainerContentChanging doesn't work with VirtualizingStackPanel.
    Is it possible to make horizontal scrolling work with ItemsStackPanel?
    Here simple example to reproduce this problem:
    <DataTemplate x:Key="ContinuousViewItemTemplate">
    <Border Width="800"
    <Border x:Name="root" Height="800" Background="{Binding}"/>
    <Style x:Key="ListViewStyle1" TargetType="ListView">
    <Setter Property="ScrollViewer.HorizontalScrollBarVisibility" Value="Visible"/>
    <Setter Property="ScrollViewer.HorizontalScrollMode" Value="Enabled"/>
    <Setter Property="ItemTemplate" Value="{StaticResource ContinuousViewItemTemplate}"/>
    <ColumnDefinition Width="100"/>
    <ColumnDefinition Width="500"/>
    <ColumnDefinition Width="500"/>
    <ColumnDefinition Width="100"/>
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    <SolidColorBrush Color="Cyan"/>
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    Hi Mikhail Maksyuta,
    Welcome back!
    Yes, you are right! I have reproduced it on VS 2013 professional.
    I will report it as bug, Thanks for your valuable suggestions!
    If you have any other questions about this, please feel free let me know!
    Thanks again!
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  • IPhone original doesn't work with Belkin TuneBase FM after 2.0.1 update

    iPhone original doesn't work with Belkin TuneBase FM after 2.0.1 update

    Firstly, XE isn't the same as 10gR2
    It was released a bit later and had some fixes that were in later 10.2.0.x patchsets (and also had some different security settings). Maybe they should have gone with
    Second, the embedded PL/SQL gateway was okay for XE, but isn't supported for Apex on the Standard/Enterprise Edition until 11g. It doesn't mean it never works, but it does mean that you shouldn't rely on it.
    That said, there are other issues with so I'd recommend going for the latest patchset anyway.
    Thirdly, if you get the XDB login dialog box, something has gone wrong. For the embedded PL/SQL gateway, XDB is acting as a virtual webserver. Generally what should happen is you connect to the webserver (XDB) and request a page (the APEX login page) and XDB should give it to you, no questions asked.
    If it asks you to login then the XDB webserver is running but is trying to get authorisation before it gives you the page. [By the way, if it does prompt for a username/password, it is expecting a database username/password, not an apex one or an O/S one] I'd suspect something is wrong with the setup.
    What happens if you ask for a simple image like

  • AT-AO-10 doesn´t work with Windows 2000

    I have an AT-AO-10 board that doesn’t work with Windows 2000. I have reserved two IRQs for legacy devices (non plug and play) in BIOS. The AT-AO-10 has got assigned these IRQs, a DMA and a base address that are free, and there aren’t any hardware conflicts, but the board doesn't pass the MAX's text.
    In Windows 'Information System', the board is shown in 'Forced hardware', but I don’t know that is a problem.
    If the board is unplugged, error messages are the same.

    You didn't mention what version of the NI-DAQ driver you are using over there. Anyway, my suggestion to you is to uninstall the NI-DAQ driver you have installed, remove the board, reboot the machine, download and install the latest NI-DAQ version (6.9.3) from NI web site.
    Try the installation with the new driver, and if that is still not working, the best bet is to try the same installation on a different machine to double check if the hardware is not defective.
    Filipe A.
    Applications Engineer
    National Instruments

  • I have lightroom 4 and it doesn't work with d4s raw images? what can I do?

    i have lightroom 4 and it doesn't work with d4s raw images? what can I do?

    That model begin to be supported only in the very latest version of Lightroom, version 5.4. You will either need to upgrade Lightroom, or else use the latest version of the free Adobe DNG converter (version 8.4) to create digital negative copies of your raw images. Then you can import those DNG files into the Lightroom that you have now. The choice is yours.

  • Flash player doesn't work with explorer 9

    Hi. I need your help. I installed the latest flash player version for Explorer 9
    operating system : 32bit
    windows 7 home premium
    I ve had this problem after installing Norton Internet security although I ve totally removed it.
    but it works with other browsers like firefox and  chrome. Only the flash doesn't work with explorer 9.

    Enabling Flash Player in Internet Explorer 9
    ActiveX Filtering in Internet Explorer 9

  • X-Fi 2 doesn't work with BBC iPlayer

    My X-Fi 2 doesn't work with BBC iPlayer content.
    I've no idea whether it should or not, - but just for info as some people will be wanting to know.
    I can load the files by dragging and via Centrale without error messages, but it just won't play the .wmv files (which work on the X-Fi ).
    Firmware .0.0

    JohnZS wrote:
    I might be wrong, and if I am wrong then could someone correct me, but as far as I knew, Creative Cards do not support Windows Server 2003. I maybe wrong, have you tried the latest BETA driver (see exciting news thread)John
    In windows 2003, the driver works if I limit the total ram to 4096MB by adding /Maxmem=4096 in boot.ini file.
    The /maxmem parameter limits the physical memory available to Windows.
    Specifies the maximum amount of physical memory available to Windows. Enter a decimal number that represents the amount of memory in megabytes.
    This parameter actually limits Windows to memory addresses less than or equal to the specified value. Because some memory within the remaining address space might be reserved for nonsystem use, the actual memory available to Windows might be less than the amount that you specify.
    The /maxmem parameter is supported only on Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, and Windows 2000. On Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP, use /burnmemory to limit system memory more precisely. On Windows Vista and later versions of Windows, use the removememory or truncatememory parameters with the BCDEdit /set command
    You can use this parameter to test a driver in low memory conditions. For example, you can use this parameter to limit a computer with GB of memory to 256 MB of memory.

  • Sound Blaster omni 5.1 doesn't work with Yosemite 10.10.1

    Hi all! My SoundBlaster omni 5.1 doesn't work with Yosemite 10.10.1 (installed driver for Yosemite 10.10). Equipment in system is displayed properly, like "Sound Blaster Omni Surround 5.1". And SB is set as active. Volume controller is active (system shows volume adjustment). But there is no sound on output (either) and mic doesn't catch the signal.With MS Windows 8.1 it works good. Therefore I suppose problem not in hardwear, most likely in drivers.Does anybody have the same problem?

    Hi Andrew,
    The latest drivers release on 4 Nov, 2014 can be found here.
    Please download/install it and let me know if you still have the same problem.

  • Keyconfig doesn't work with FF 24.0. Is there a way?

    I have just completed rebuilding my PC from a hard disk format. In doing so, I loaded the latest FF 24.0.
    Part of my essential application was a script that used keyconfig to cause Easy Copy to send page source to the clipboard, where the script parses it. Unfortunately, keyconfig does not work with FF 24.0.
    The write-up for Easy Copy starts to explain how to make it act on a key combination, rather than on mouse action without using keycopy - but then says how it doesn't need to, because it's too much effort, and besides - keyconfig exists and does the job - which, I agree, it used to, very well - but it doesn't any more.
    What to do? If there is no other way, can I get a downgrade of FF that works with keyconfig?
    There is a new add-on, key config (note the space), but it doesn't do what keyconfig did.

    The first time I loaded it was through the FireFox Add-ons tool, so that was the natural mechanism to use to do it again. Even now, it is listed on the tool - but a notice comes up saying that it doesn't work with FF 24.0. Before getting help from you, I was on the point of downgrading FireFox to be able to use the add-on with an older version.
    Another solution to my problem (possibly a better one) would be if the writer of Easy Copy would give instructions for making a key combination to cause his add-on to respond to the keyboard without the intervention of keyconfig - hence only one add-on would be needed instead of two. He has made hotkeys for two of his functions - to copy the URL to scratchpad, for example, but there is no hotkey to copy the page source. I was going to suggest it on his web site, but it doesn't accept input.

  • LG 42-inch LCD TV - 42LS5700 Doesn't work with Apple TV?

    I saw a posting on Amazon that states this LG doesn't work with the third gengeration Apple TV. Is the 3rd generation the latest? If so is this true?

    I was hoping someone out there with both the TV and the Apple TV would confirm it doesn't work. As the OP of this thread I did know about the posting, but wondered if the reviewer there just didn't set it up right.
    LG's support has been a disappointment so far in that I attempted to post a question on their forums and it was rejected. Oddly they said it didn't meet their posting requirements.
    I've kept the LG boxed and may send it back.

  • Synchronisation of photos from Aperture doesn't work with iPad4 and Apple TV

    IPad4 with IOS 7.1.1
    ITunes 11.1.5
    Doesn't work with Aperture!
    I couldn't synchronise my albums after upgrading Aperture to the latest software version, both for Apple TV and iPad2/iPad4.
    Recovery of Aperture Mediathek doesn't help.

    Could there be a relationship with the fact tha wifi syncing with itunes doesn't work too?
    Also: I installed vlc remote last week which also gave connection problems. After manual input of ip adress and port it worked fine. Still I don't understand why. I have just a regular home network. Moreover apple remote combined with itunes just doesn't work still.
    Any hints?

  • Trying to load illustrator 6cs onto new mac and the old activation code for my ill cs doesn't work with it

    Trying to load a downloaded version of illustrator 6cs onto new mac and the old activation code for my illustrator cs doesn't work with it.  Do I need a new code or am I missing something?  Same goes for my Photoshop cs.

    you need your serial number.
    if you purchased from or registered with adobe check your account,

  • Cinema Display (clear) with DVI/ADC box doesn't work with MacBook Pro

    Cinema Display (clear) with DVI/ADC box doesn't work with MacBook Pro when plugged in with a dvi to mini dvi cable. Any ideas what to do to make it work? I lugged the 23" 2500 miles into the wilderness and I need help

    Okay, here's an update: the DVI to ADC adapter does work with the Apple displays that I have tried, but it won't work with the Formac. I have tried multiple time to contact them, but to no avail... they don't even respond to threats of posting my opinion of them, which is this:
    DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM FORMAC! They make quality products, but their customer service is a big time joke! They won't take care of you.

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    We can advertise any .MSI to "all systems" and workstations can see them in the Software Center.  But when any Package (.exe) is advertised to all systems no one can see it in Software Center.  is that by design?  how do you see packages in the softw