Launching Air Help from PDF?

Hello all,
We have a AIR help application that is installed with our software. This help app has many bookmarks in it and our application can open it in a context sensitive way.
We are considering creating a "quick start" guide as a .PDF  that, instead of being a reference is more of a "how to". However, it would be really nice if we could make links inside that .PDF to launch the AIR Help application in a similar way to our application.
I'm not an expert at Acrobat or AIR, but rather the programmer who wrote the code to launch the help from our application (which is written in C++). Could somebody point me in the direction I need to look in order to launch our AIR Help from the .PDF? I see there's a way to add a javascript link, but all the JS code I've seen seemed pretty cumbersome if one were to attempt to add it to every single contextual link. And given that they are both Adobe products, I feel there must be a more built-in way to do this.
Thanks for your time!

Hi Tim,
I was wondering if you have figured out how to launch Air Help from a PDF?
I am having to do the same thing but not having much success finding a solution.
Thank you,

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    Is there a specific way that PDF links can be create for above requirement?

    Not possible. URLs are delegated to the OS which does with them what it's
    set up to do.
    The link itself (and Acrobat/Reader in general) has no way of interfering
    with that.
    On Thu, Dec 11, 2014 at 7:51 AM, sigirisetti <[email protected]>

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    Did you try ...
    location.href = url

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    Hi everyone,
    I am so glad to have forum like this, hoping that sharing your experiences will help a little bit further.
    Just recently I have tried to generate an browser based AIR Help in combination with merged projects. By the way, Peter Grainge's tutorial was very helpful here, thanks Peter!
    My project also contained a single PDF file in a baggage container. After I had published my file, I had noticed that it was not possible to open the PDF in any way.
    So I tried the same using the Adobe AIR Help Application and there the PDF worked. Now I was wondering whether I did something wrong or do I need to be aware of something.
    Personally I don't mind using the Adobe AIR Help Application, the only disadvantage I had discovered beside the local installation, is the the document spacing seemed to be a little odd. Actually there was no space between the border and the content. With any other single source output there is, including the browser based AIR help.
    I didn't find any similar problems on this forum, but maybe any of you has a little hint for me.
    Thanks and greetings from Germany,

    PDF should work from browser based AIR Help. Try a different file.
    See the AIR topics on my site about the margins. In short, you create a copy of your CSS and just change the body tag margins in Notepad. Use the ordinary CSS when you are working or creating other outputs, use myproject_AIR.css when you generate the help.
    See for RoboHelp and Authoring tips

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    As of early this year, we could no longer launch our Air application from Chrome. Now Safari (with Mavericks) has Sandboxed Flash with their browser and it will no-longer launch our application.
    Does anyone have any helpful advice (beyond building our own plug-in)?

    For the Chrome issue, I added instructions on how to manually enable an exception so that the plugin could run. The easier way to get it working is to have them install an Air app from the browser using a Flash badge. This didn't work for us since our app needs a native installer. Another option is to have our user install another Air app from our site. The exception is created for the site and the Air plugin so even though it would be a different app, once they allowed the plugin on our site, we could launch the natively installed app after that.
    I just discovered the Safari sandbox issue on Mavericks. I haven't tried either of these approaches on Safari yet. Is it the AdobeAAMDetect plugin in Safari settings that needs to be allowed? from-the-website-

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    Hi to the group...
    Not 100% sure if this is proper forum to ask this, if anyone knows a better one please point me to it via ([email protected])
    Ok. Trying to see if my working .AIR app will run on my pals Samsung Tablet (before I buy one for myself)...
    Dropped the 'AIR' file onto the SD card (I can see it (the AIR file, size correct) via the fileBrowser app but clicking it does nothing.
    Of note AIR is installed in background of the device and it is running.
    Cant see/find an 'Adobe AIR launcher?' icon' anywhere (only see Adobe PDF browser).
    In all my web searching I see 10000 developer related tutorials re: creating an APK file / converting to APK file using Flash Professional ect.  Not what I am looking for...
    I think I am missing something very basic here is there a launcher for AIR apps on Android?
    TIA //GregH

    Thank you for your post.
    You cannot throw directly from your external device, however you can once that file is transferred to internal memory.
    please review this guide for instructions on how.
    How to throw (send) music, video or picture files to a DNLA compatible device.,66/kw/34563

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    Everytime I click on help I find that PSE 7 wants to open my browser to apparently consult the help file on the web.  This seems absurd when I understand that all of the same data is available in the PDF file.  How do I get the program to stop looking up the web?

    If you have already downloaded the PDF help files, then there is no use of clicking help links in the application. This will ultimately retrieve you the same information that is already in the PDf files.

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    I am able to generate and install AIR Help for my context-sensitive app no problem.  Also, I can use the installed files without running the installer, i.e., I can take the already installed files, copy them  "under" my application on another machine, and they will run, apparently without incident. Because this seems to work, I now have a programmer who does NOT want to run the installer to distribute our AIR Help files; he wants to just copy them in.
    This doesn't sound kosher to me. I would think the installer modifies the registry, and don't know what else it does.  However, I need solid reasons why we should not use this method.  What is the official Adobe position on using this method?

    Hi there
    StephenD1957 wrote:
    This post relates somewhat to my post to this forum a couple of weeks ago about running AIR Help from an application (which no one seems to have any input on).
    You seem surprised about that. You have to understand that virtually everyone is a newbee with respect to AIR help. Sure, Adobe hopes it will catch on, but the sad truth is that very few will adopt to a new help technology. Presently there are a very select few individuals with any real experience to offer. Everything is is pure speculation, trial and error.
    Cheers... Rick
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  • Air Help topic navigation links broken

    I've logged this as a bug, but was wondering if anyone else has run into this problem.
    When generating the "Air Help and Browser Based Help" output format (and uploading the browser files to the web server and installing the AirHelp application), the navigation links that appear above the help window and below the search bar/navigation buttons are broken. The example below shows the uni-pane template, but the problem occurs with all templates.
    Upon clicking the first or second topic link (in the red circled area), this displays "The page cannot be found" and the navigation links themselves disappear.
    I noticed that the problem only exists when the topics in the Project Manager are organized into subfolders. If all the topics in the Project Manager reside in the top-level folder, the links navigate properly. Also, the links are only clickable when in online mode, not in local mode. I've been unable to either disable the navigation links entirely, or make them un-clickable in online mode.
    I'm running RH9, Windows 7 (64-bit).
    Any help would be appreciated.

    I am not sure what the problem is at this stage but I don't think it is a bug as no one else has hit the problem.
    Please open one of the sample projects and generate some AIR help from that to establish the links work there. That rules out a bug and tells us it is something in your project. What it is will still need to be determined but we will know we are looking in the right place.
    Probably the first thing I would do is apply another skin and not make any changes to the default.
    Post back how you get on. I'm going offline soon but will pick up your reply tomorrow if no one else has waded in.
    See for RoboHelp and Authoring tips

  • Linked PDFs do not open in AIR help window

    I am creating a help system in RoboHelp 10 and outputting it as AIR help. The help topics include links to several PDF documents, which are stored locally (they are not on a server or Web site). When I click any of the links in the AIR help window, however, the window goes blank; the content from the PDF does not appear. No other windows open, either. How can I get the content from the linked PDFs to appear in the AIR help window? Thanks!

    Have you tried including the PDFs in Baggage Files?
    I'm not sure that is necessary without testing but it's worth a try. Post back to let us know whether or not that works.
    See for RoboHelp and Authoring tips

  • Launching an AIR app from another (when offline)?

    I have a pair of AIR applications that are meant to work
    together as part of an application suite. One feature is that a
    user should be able to click a button in APP_1 and launch APP_2 (if
    installed). To do this I created a "LaunchButton.swf" that loads
    "air.swf". This works GREAT when the user is online and "air.swf"
    is able to be loaded from "".
    I tried to copy "air.swf" locally and use that instance but I am
    guessing that it doesn't work due to security restrictions.
    If there are any AIR engineers reading this (Oliver?) please
    let me know if there is a solution to "Launching an AIR app from
    another (when offline)?"

    I think theoretically it shouldn't work, and doesn't by the
    response you give. Remember a functional work around isn't always a
    fix. What you've essentially done is loaded the air.swf into a
    sandbox bridge, bridging it between a web sandbox and an
    application sandbox, therefore you're able to call its methods
    without security errors. However, if the air.swf loads in another
    swf, maybe a helper swf, you won't be able to access any methods in
    that swf, neither will the air.swf. To my understanding, it's not
    grandfathered into the sandbox bridge, but retains its web sandbox.
    Before going crazy about the bad news I may have just given,
    wait until Ted returns to give you a response. I could be way off
    par here :) Good luck!

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    Any suggestions?  Did I accidentally download some update (I try to never download Adobe updates) possibly that 'cancelled out' my ability to print on my HP Laserjet 4 MV?   Any ideas would help. Thank you so much.

    I am sorry, but to get your issue more exposure I would suggest posting it in the commercial forums since this is a commercial printer. You can do this at
    I have provided the Product Support & Troubleshooting. Select your printer from the list.
    I hope this helps.
    Please click “Accept as Solution ” if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.
    Click the “Kudos Thumbs Up" on the right to say “Thanks” for helping!
    I work on behalf of HP

  • Using .pdf file as a hyperlink in AIR help

    Hello all,
                 I am trying to a use a .pdf file as a hyperlink for some topic in AIR help file. When I try to look at my reference(hyperlink), I get a blank screen as a response. I have attached a screenshot as an example. Any help in this regard would be appreciated.

    There are some things that only work in an installed AIR help rather than preview, not sure what you are looking at here.
    I am not at all clear on how you are trying to use a PDF as a link. Do you mean you have the PDF accessed from the help and the PDF has a link? Please explain.
    See for RoboHelp and Authoring tips

  • Help with exporting data from pdf form

    I have about 100 pdf forms that I created in adobe forms central and distributed as a pdf form (rather than on the web). I am trying to export the data into a spreadsheet but when I export it, the fields are all jumbled in the csv file, as in they are not in the same order. I need to export the data all together so I'm going to the forms menu and selecting "manage form data" and then selecting "merge data files into spreadsheet". I tried exporting a single file but that gave me something really weird.
    Please help, I have a deadline next week to analyze this data and can't make sense of it once it is exported to a spreadsheet.

    Would you please share your form with me and send me one of your pdf forms and some of the csv files?
    You can share your form by doing the following:
    1. Click on the “Share” icon on the bottom left corner.
    2. Click on “Add Collaborator” on the popup menu.
    3. Enter [email protected] under “People to share with”.
    4. Set subject to "Export data from pdf form"
    5. Click the “Share” button on the bottom right of the dialog.

  • Help!  I have converted a file from pdf to docx.  Now, how do I edit the document??

    So, How can I move my newly transformed docx into Word so I can edit it???

    Hi Janet,
    Here is a handy 'getting started' guide that may be of help. Also sometimes the coversion from PDF to docx will cause an 'image'. Clicking on the center will release the information for editing as well.
    Please let me know if this helps!
    Looking forward to hearing back from you.
    Regards, Stacy

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