Layout of iviews.

Hi everyone,
i want to change the layout of the iviews being displayed in the page.
can anyone provide me any document or help related to layout setting.

If you want to change the size of the iview, you can do it in the property of the iview itself. If you want to change the page layout other than that provided by SAP, you can customize it.<a href="">Creating a Customized Page Layout Template</a>
Ganesh N

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  • How can I show the number of version of document in the layout set iview?

    I have enabled the version of KM folder.
    I add the "rnd:icon,rnd:displayname(contentLink+rnd:action,contentlength,col:rating,rnd:collaborationstatus,modified,enhancedcollection,rnd:numberOfDocs" in document properties, but I would like to show the number of version.
    What is the property name of version number?
    Thank you for every answering,

    Hi Boonma,
    Pls refer to the thread.

  • Reg: Custom Page Layouts and Custom iView Templates

    Dear Gurus,
    Can you please guide me with the Business Scenarios on when will we be creating Custom page layout?
    Any links which helps is creating them.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Pramod,
    The only purpose of a page layout is to layout the iviews in a page according to your needs. It could be for WPC or regular portal pages as well. For this I can't think of any other business scenario.
    However, a template in general is like a blue print.
    You can create an iview template, layout template or a page template by setting the property "Is a Template" to YES for any iview, layout or page.
    So, in general:
    If the standard delivered components do not serve our purposes. we create custom components and deploy them onto portal as .par applications.
    Then from the .par deployed onto the portal,
    1. We can directly create an iview (or) create an iview template first and then create iviews using the template.
    2. We can directly create a layout (or) create a layout template first and then create layouts using the template.
    If you create something (iview/page/layout) as a template, then it could be used as a blue print to create similar objects in the future.
    Templates are generally created for ease of use and to maintain standards in the future.

  • Difference between portal component and portal service?

    Hi I am kishore...
             I worked on portal components but not on portal services... Would anybody tell the difference between the portal components and portal services...? What is a portal service..?
               How we know which one to choose in the scenario.?
        Thanks in adavance

    Hi kishore,
    A portal component is custom Java code that is executed according to user requests, and generates HTML output for display on the client.
    Portal components:
    Page builder, which assembles pages
    Admin tools, such as logger, which is comprised of user interface messages.
    Technically, the page is also an iView. A page includes iViews or pages (nested) and Layout components
    There are two different isolation levels (iView types)
    Embedded: iViews’ html is embedded as part of page html. iViews are called synchronically on the server, and retrieved in one response, to  the client (this is the page response)..  Each iView reloading reloads all iViews on page.
    URL (Isolated): iViews are fetched by an IFRAME element in an “own” request. One response for the page followed by additional request-response for each iView (depending on browser 2-4 requests simultaneously).
    Portal Services:
    A portal service is a component that offers a globally accessible function in the portal. 
    A portal service act as the middleware, that is, interfaces that are enabled to exchange procedures and data. They offer functionality to portal components, and other services.
    There are two groups of portal services:
    Portal services (part of the PRT)     
    iView service
    Application Repository
    System Landscape
    Role, pages, worksets
    Web Services
    Unification service
    Portal services (external to the PRT)     
    Client Eventing                 
    URL generator
    JCO client service
    Hope this helps.
    Atul Shrivastava

  • Installing the Business Package for CRM 4(60,2_3)

    I am importing the BP for CRM 4 and getting some errors while importing it.
    Error 1:
    I get a lot of errors for the profiles that is not deployed... Like the profile navigation, default, xmlform and so on.. I.E:
    261 / 1125 - Migration of: /
    16.06.2006 10:59:45 PCD lookup for : portal_content/ did'nt find target : Child not found: at portal_content/ no iView template is available
    16.06.2006 10:59:45 WARNING: IView was not migrated successfully due to the following reason: com.sapportals.portal.contentmigration.iview.ExportedIViewException: The PAR file: containing profile: 'navigation' was not deployed prior to IVU handling, no template iView can be created ,path searched : par:/applications/
    16.06.2006 10:59:45 SEVERE: Object was not migrated: Import of iView: Failed !
    Time for object 0 Milliseconds
    Error 2:
    The overview page doesnt work, because of the iview Links that is added to it. I get this:
    Portal Runtime Error
    An exception occurred while processing a request for :
    iView : pcd:portal_content/
    Component Name : null
    Page could not create the iView.
    See the details for the exception ID in the log file
    This could have something to do with the error
    This could have something to do with the warnings i get with like this:
    525 / 1125 - Migration of: /
    16.06.2006 11:01:22 Page was created successfully!
    16.06.2006 11:01:23 WARNING: IView [portal_content/] was not found, Reason: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Child not found: at portal_content/ [Root exception is javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Child not found: at portal_content/], not adding it to page
    16.06.2006 11:01:23 WARNING: IView : portal_content/ was not created in pcd, cannot be added to page
    16.06.2006 11:01:23 Page layout name is
    16.06.2006 11:01:23 Added iView to page in Container :, iView
    16.06.2006 11:01:23 Added iView to page in Container :, iView
    16.06.2006 11:01:23 SUCCESS: Object was created successful. page id :, page title : Comparison to Competition - YTD
    Time for object 1203 Milliseconds
    But anyway.. I have followed the installagion and configuration guide for this BP, and activated the contex service and uploaded the and with additionalDeployment and so with the support package..
    Anyone got any tips for this?

    Hope you have raised an OSS message side-by-side so that SAP can help you out if there is something very basic missed during installation.

  • Importing CRM 4.0 PCUI 602

    Hey !
    I am importing PCUI and getting this error:
    76 / 1125 - Migration of: /
    05.07.2006 16:22:04 WARNING: Object was migrated with WARNINGS: PortalNavigation iView was ignored, no iView based on this PAR file should be created
    Time for object 16 Milliseconds
    This error makes a lot of warnings due the rest of the import like:
    522 / 1125 - Migration of: /
    05.07.2006 16:24:08 Page was created successfully!
    05.07.2006 16:24:08 WARNING: IView [portal_content/] was not found, Reason: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Child not found: at portal_content/ [Root exception is javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Child not found: at portal_content/], not adding it to page
    05.07.2006 16:24:08 WARNING: IView : portal_content/ was not created in pcd, cannot be added to page
    05.07.2006 16:24:08 Page layout name is
    05.07.2006 16:24:08 Added iView to page in Container :, iView
    05.07.2006 16:24:08 Added iView to page in Container :, iView
    05.07.2006 16:24:08 SUCCESS: Object was created successful. page id :, page title : Overview - Orders from Customers
    Time for object 1000 Milliseconds
    Can someone help me out with this?
    Best Regards
    Kristoffer Engh

    This issue is that of a portal. While migrating the Business objects it is not completely done. Please try importing the Business package necessary from this site and to work with it.
    Hope this helps you,

  • How can i change the Layout of the standard Discussion iVIew

    Hello all,
                 Most of my questions still remain unanswered.But this time i hope i will get some satisfactory reply. I want to create a Discussion iView(not Discussion group or Admin Discussion Group iViews) . However i am not getting the layout used here.I want to remove buttons like "Add To Favourites" Subscribe TO Discussion" and also ,once you click on any topic ,on the second screen commands like "Send To","Subscribe" etc .I want this to look simple as per requirement.How is that possible? Where exactly can i find them ? If there is any xml file ,where to find the XML file ?I do not know how to use NWDS ,as i work in KM and Collaboration area .SO if there is anyone who can guide me from configuraion point of view.I can also open the XML file and do the changes but how to execute it I do not know.Thanks in advance for any valuable input.
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    Hi Arijit,
    try these links
    hope this helps you

  • How to Change Layout for Detail iview.

    Hi KM Gurus
    I need to know , where to change the Layout set for Detail Iview.
    Briefly saying....
    1. In KM under /documents ,i have a Folder by the name "MY_FOLDER"
    2. On click of the "Detail" wedge -
    > we get by default the screen of layout similar to [View -->Overview ]
                  All i am looking is , instead of Overview, i want the Feedback layout as default on click of the "Detail" wedge of Folder.
    Note : take a note on  MY_FOLDER ---> Details --> View --> Overview / Feedback..
    Any pointer on this would be highly appreicated...

    Hi Kumar.
    An Overview is hardcoded as default (initial) screen of the Details Dialog Box.
    Thereby, out of the box KM Configuration allows you to:
    define which areas appear in the standard overview in the right-hand screen area. You can also change the sequence of the areas. For example, you can always display feedback at the very top, and hide public comments. For more information, see [Overview in the Details Dialog Box|]
    use an alternative Details dialog box in place of the standard Details dialog box. For more information, see [Alternative Details Dialog Box.|]
    Best regards,
    Aliaksandr Zhukau

  • "CUSTOMIZE LOCAL LAYOUT" missing in iView

    Hi all,
    I created a SAP transaction iView for PO create(me21n).
    For PO create we have "Customize local layout"(It is the last one in the tool bar) option in ECC6.0.
    I couldn't able to get that option through iView.
    Do we need to make any setting changes or won't we get it through iView?
    Appreciate your help.

    What did they tell you to do?  We are encountering the same issue.

  • How to find programatically where the iView is present in page layout

    Hi all,
        I have a iView (Abs Portal comp) in the page which has wideNarow layout . i have a requirement to find where the iView is loaded in the page i.e ) either in Wide column or Narrow column . Based on that i want to reduce/increase the size of the content in the iview.
    How to do it ? Any ideas welcome

    select owner,name,type from dba_dependencies where referenced_name = 'TABLE_NAME'
    and referenced_owner = 'TABLE_OWNER';For example:
    SQL> select owner,name,type from dba_dependencies where referenced_name = 'EMP'
      2  and referenced_owner = 'SCOTT';
    OWNER                          NAME                           TYPE
    PUBLIC                         TABLE1                         SYNONYM
    SCOTT                          SELECT_EMP                     PROCEDURE
    SCOTT                          EMP_DEPT_VW                    VIEW
    SCOTT                          PP                             SYNONYM
    SCOTT                          EMP_MV                         MATERIALIZED VIEW
    SCOTT                          EMP_VIEW                       VIEW
    6 rows selected.
    SQL> However, keep in mind DBA_DEPENDENCIES stores statis references only. If your code references table in question in dynamic SQL you will have to parse DBA_SOURCE and in some cases, even that will not give you all answers.

  • Changing Layout and RFC used in MSS Attendance Overview iview

    Hi There,
    We are using HTMLB based MSS iviews and need to change layout and information on Attendance overview screen. We got required PAR file and i can create a project based on this PAR as well.
    Now i see so many errors due to missing import, even com.sapportals.html* based import statements are indicated as error..
    If i have missed out something during import of this par file, how can i correct it now.
    Thanks a lot for your suggestions.

    thansk Prakash,
    Finally directed them to server files.. and it did the job )
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  • UWL iview layout - move buttons/userdecision position

    Currently in EP7.0 SPS 12 the layout of our UWL preview is:
    I have the requriement to move the buttons/userdecision to the to the top? Can anyone provided details on where and how this is configured?
    I have looked at the iview config and cannot see a setting to alter the layout, but only to limit the visible components. As i have removed the attributes section as that content is displayed in the UWL table.
    The aim is to reduce scrolling within our UWL that has long task descriptions, by moiving the button position.

    Thanks for the response.
    There is no issue in creating/altering views (DefaultView etc), but this only handles the table layout, and not the work item details layout. Which is what I am looking to alter. The default DefaultView from uwl.standard.xml (below) has no config and I am unable to find the uwl_confiuration.dtd element that will alter the order/layout in which components (subject, attributes, description, attachments, userdecision, actions etc) are ordered/displayed in the work item details screen.
    Page 16 of the linked pdf shos the sections that Hauge mentions you can choose to display or not, but not the order in which you can display them.
    Universal Worklist with SAP NetWeaver® Portal - D. Hague
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  • Page layout problem when using more than 3 iviews(with Tab Strip controls)

    Hello Experts,
    I am using MS Visual Studio 2005 and PDK 2.5 for .net.
    I have created four iViews where two iViews are having TabStrip control which are dynamically added to iView.
    When I add iViews to the page and view page  ,I am not able to see the content of iViews having TabsStrip controls.
    But I can see contents with individual iView.I am using 3 columns layout for this scenario.
    I have tried all possible layouts available in EP.
    How should I placed iViews in page so that contents of iviews having Tabsrtip control will be displayed.
    Any help appreciated
    Sunil Pawar

    Hi Sunil,
              Try changing the isolation property of iView to URL(Isolated) from Embedded-->Save .Now assign these iViews to the page.
    For more info,
    <a href="">Isolation Property</a>

  • Reduce the size between two Iviews in Layout Page

    Hi All,
    I want to reduce the gap between the two iviews in the layout page of my portal.
    For this i have downloaded
    and i got two .js files
    1) WAandNavPanel.js
    2) light_navpanel.js
    So now in which file i have to change the size.
    Awaiting Replies.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Dhruv Shah

    better to keep backup of those two files before modifying.
    see modificationusing first jsp file in which u mentioned.
    How to change navigation panel default (initial) width?
    Remove/hide expand/collapse icons
    Points are welcome if it is helpful
    Koti Reddy

  • How assign own customer iView tag layout to your iViews

    HI all,
    I try to create a customer lay-out for my iView. When I search over sdn I find a lot about how to create a tag lay-out for your iView. I followed the instructions in the blog and sap help and I up loaded the created par file in the portal.  What next. I can not find any sample or instructions how to combine my new created layout to my iviews. Can some one explain this to me?
    Kind Regards,

    HI all,
    I try to create a customer lay-out for my iView. When I search over sdn I find a lot about how to create a tag lay-out for your iView. I followed the instructions in the blog and sap help and I up loaded the created par file in the portal.  What next. I can not find any sample or instructions how to combine my new created layout to my iviews. Can some one explain this to me?
    Kind Regards,

Maybe you are looking for

  • Regardin function modul

    what is the function moudle is used to get the long text in the report for purchase orders and sales orders say clearly

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    Hallo, ich muss hunderte Visitenkarten erstellen auf denen ein personalisierter QR-Code oben sein soll. Laut Adobe Neuerungen in der CC 2014 InDesign, soll es nun einen 'Erweiterter QR-Code-Generator' geben mit dem QR Codes automatisch erstellt werde

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    Hello, My 2 server farm distribution switches are running in "hybrid" mode, with CAT OS on the switch and IOS on the MSFC. My server team is asking to block traffic to a specific server that is load balanced using Cisco's CSM load-balancer which is a

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