Legend Text Wrapping

Is it possible to wrap the legend text for a combination chart? I am placing the legend at the bottom of the chart and have long series names that scroll out of the object box.

My current problem is similar to what was raised by Chris in September.
I report mass of data in the same stacked chart with different number of responses. The Legend, which was placed on the top of the chart appears always in one row regardless of 2 or 10 items (responses) are shown. In many cases the Legend line/band runs out of the object.
Line break on items does not help as they just break one item but not the full legend "band" into two lines. I supposed it will wrap automatically but it does not do so.
Do you have any idea / solution / tip for me?
It would be highly appreciated!
(I am on Engage 2008)
Cheers, Peter

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    All the icons in my Text Wrap window have disappeared. The tab/pallet is still there, but empty. The pop out still lists “Show Options” and “Apply to Master Page Only” are still there, but grayed out. Thanks in advance for any help!!

    Should have remembered that one.
    Thanks for the help!
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    Text Wrap Options have Disappeared ID CS4

  • Text Wrap options not showing in InDesign CS3

    Using InDesign CS3 on a Mac 10.4.  I've had this problem for a couple of months now and it's getting past the point of annoying.  When I open my text wrap options pallete it's blank even when I expand options.  I can see the text wrap icons in my header panel, but I no longer have options to change the right/left/top/bottom margins.  Just a general "add wrap" and "remove wrap".  Is there any way I can get my pallete back?  I've tried defaulting my tools, but still it does not show up.  I don't know what to do to get it back.

    Did you try resetting preferences? While pressing Shift+Option+Command+Control, start InDesign. Click Yes when asked if you want to delete preference files. If you don't get the message about deleting preferences, you weren't fast enough.
    http://livedocs.adobe.com/en_US/InDesign/5.0/help.html?content=WSa285fff53dea4f86173837510 01ea8cb3f-6d1e.html

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    Dear All,
    The options in the Text wrap panel have suddenly disappeared and the "show options" selection is completely greyed out...Text Wrap is completely blank.  I'm working with Adobe InDesign CC.  Any suggestions?  The options were there yesterday, but gone today!
    Small Town Gal

    Doesn't sound like it's the right folder. You need to be in your user library, ~/library/ or hard drive/<your user name>/library/. I'm not a Mac user so I can't really guide you through the steps to get there beyond what's in the help tpoic and the tread information in the prefs post. You need to be very careful reading the path information -- there are very similar, but different paths listed for the two files.

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    Hi... I guess I do not know how to set up the text wrap in reflow to follow the size of the container that it is in...
    I have created a text box with the text the size I want and the width and hight of the box is correct... While editing the text it wraps correctly... But the moment I un-select the the text it ignores its container and overflows... Basically goes from being vertical text back to horizontal... I tried the different overflow options in the layout tab but no luck...
    Here are some images for reference... This one is correct and following the wrap (but only happens when i am editing the text)
    But then when I deselect the text... The wrap goes away and this happens... Even though you can see the container is still the same width...
    My plan is to have it be vertical for desktop browser sizes and then be horizontal for mobile and tablet... I was really hoping it was as easy as setting the size of text box... But it is not seeming to work...
    Thank you for any help!!!

    Just tried adobe direct support via chat to get help on this.... OMG I wanted to blow my brains out... So very very unhelpful and a complete waste of time.... They had no idea and said moderators on the forums would be better support... I explained that I had asked this question on there several days ago.... Getting so over adobe... WOW!

  • Text wrap not working properly CS4

    Despite trying numerous times over last few days, reviewing multiple tutorials to make sure I know what I'm doing, I simply cannot get the text wrap options to work properly. In SOME instances (not all ... why?!?) I can select text wrap, but when I try to make further adjustments (wider margin or switch to object wrap, for instance), it simply does not allow selection. The choices once I'm in the text wrap box are grayed out (margins, contour box, etc) as not available. WHAT is going on?! Do I have defective software? Is it me? I've even reinstalled the whole CS4. <aarrggh> I am SO frustrated!

    Things like this are almost always attributable to user error.
    If you're new to InDesign I'd suggest investing in Sandee Cohen's Visual Quick Start Guide: http://amzn.to/ggnCUx
    More details, screenshots, etc would help us, though.

  • Text Wrap not working in Muse (CC 2014)

    I'm attempting to wrap text around a slideshow.  I have already inserted the slideshow in the text box, used the wrapping options to justify to the left, with the text running to the right and beneath the slideshow.  In the design layout, it shows up perfectly.  However, in the preview tab as well as previewing on the web, the wrapping does not show.  The slideshow simply appears over the text, with the text running behind the slideshow.  Any ideas on how to fix this problem or is it simply a bug that Adobe needs to eventually correct?  Thanks for your help!
    All my best,

    Hard to tell from the screenshots. A couple nuances of text wrap that may be unexpected:
    1) If you select an item with text wrap and move it up or down in Design view, that will move the item but will not change the area that is knocked out for text wrap purposes. Thus text can overlap on object that has text wrap applied if the item has been moved up or down while in the text flow.
    2) Where an object is inserted in a flow is important. Generally it will provide the most predictable behavior if the graphic is inserted at the very start of a paragraph. If a graphic is inserted in the middle of a paragraph and text wrap is applied, exactly where the graphic will appear will be dependent on how the browser line breaks the text of the paragraph before where the graphic was inserted. A change in line breaks can result in the graphic appearing a line higher or lower in one browser versus another, since every browser has it's own text layout engine.
    Assuming neither of the 2 points above fit what you're seeing, it's probably most expedient to send us the .muse file along with a link to this thread for context at [email protected] and a note to let us know where to find the problem situation within the file so we can see the exact situation and settings for what you're encountering. If the file is larger than 20Mb you'll want to send it using a service such as Adobe Send, WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc. Thanks.

  • Text Wrap not working

    I thought to create a text wrap you simply created a polygonal shape, selected it, and chose "Text Wrap" from the Options menu.
    In a new draw document, I am creating a text frame, filling it with text, creating a polygon, and with it selected choosing "Text wrap" > "Irregular," but the text does not wrap.

    Hi Timothy,
    Click on the text frame to select it, then go Options > Frame Links
    Wrap in Draw documents will work only if the text is in a frame to which Frame linking has been applied. It's not necessary that the frame be actually linked to a second frame.

  • Text Wrap Contour Options Not Available in CS6

    So I just started using CS6, and I know from CS5 that there used to be the "Dectect Edges" option when trying to do a text wrap around an object shape. Every time I try to text wrap like this in CS6, the "contour options" menu is "greyed out," and I can't adjust my text wrap. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have a screen shot below. It is happening in all of my CS6 documents, around PSDs and objects created in InDesign.

    In your screen shot you have the text frame selected. That would disable the contour options. You want to select the object that you want the text to wrap around, not the frame that holds the text you want to wrap.

  • Can the text wrap tool options be reinstated?

    I may have inadvertenly hit some keyboard code to remove the options, though I certainly don't remember doing so. There are no options displayed at all, only a box that can be checked or unchecked to use the text wrap on the master pages only. I have tried it both ways, and checked the master pages for possible boxes, but there is nothing. Has anyone else ever encountered this? I appreciate your help! Thanks so much -

    What version of ID are you using? What OS?
    Your description is a littel vague but it sounds like you've opened the Text Wrap panel flyout menu and all you see is the option to limit wrap on a master page object to other text on the master page. Is the panel itself blank?
    If that's the case, see Replace Your Preferences

  • Contour Options in Text Wrap?

    I am new to CS6 Indesign. However, I have gone through the Classroom in a Book by Adobe and I have searched the Lynda.com site. Please help me find the answer.
    I made an object box. I put a large letter G in the box. I inserted and anchored the box in a text box full of text. I selected the object box and turned on text wrap. I selected wrap around object shape. I want the letters in the text box to wrap around the edge of the letter G in the object box, but contour options is grayed out so I cannot use those options. Why would contour options be grayed out and unavailable, and how do I accomplish my task?
    Thank you,

    Ask in the ID forum.

  • Problems with Text Wrap

    I'm new and getting more and more frustrated trying to wrap text around a couple of images in InDesign.
    I saved my picture file as, Save for Web & Devices in Photoshop, and in the text wrap options I clicked "wrap around object shape" and under contour options I chose Detect Edges. I don't know what I'm doing wrong and all of my searches for possible errors are coming up short.
    Does anyone know what I could be doing wrong?
    Thank you so much for your help!

    Err, is this related to scripting somehow? You know you are posting in the scripting forum?

  • Formatting options with text wrap

    We are running BPC MS v10 and gave users the ability to enter comments with our input forms this year.  I am pulling the comments into a summary report using a local member which works fine.  The problem is I want to format these cells and use left alignment with word wrap enabled in order to view the full comment in each cell.  When I select any of the cells in the comment column the alignment and text wrap options are both "selected" in the Excel ribbon but it is not wrapping the comments onto the next line.  I have to uncheck the wrap text option in the ribbon and reselect before it will actually wrap to the next line.
    Has anyone else experienced this issue?

    loulou6 wrote:
    Hi Jerry
    It was a word document that wasa emailed over to me, is there any way I can reformat the document to clear any unseen formatting issues. Trying to avoid retyping the whole document,
    Many thanks
    Not trivial, but you could Select All, Copy to get the entire imported document onto the Clipboard. Then open a New Pages Word Processing document and then Edit > Paste and Match Style. The new document will match the defaults in the template. If you find that you will be doing this often, make a custom template for this use.

  • Text Wrap Menu Missing

    My text wrap menu does not show up as a choice under the Windows tab.  Does anyone know how to get it?

    Should be here. If missing try resetting your preferences.
    Though this is Mac, PC location should be same

  • Text Wrap Options Don't Appear

    Weird thing happened to me today. I can't use my text wrap panel. None of the options are appearing. What am I doing wrong? I've restarted the program and restarted my computer. Please help.
    Thank you,

    Try restoring your preferences:

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