Licensing issues ...

Hi ,
i would like to know whether, will there be any licensing issue if we sell an application which has been developed using Adobe Flex..

Short answer no.
Long answer:  Adobe Employees are not authorized / allowed to give legal advice regarding licensing, so it is up to you to discuss specifics with your own legal counsel in conjunction with your own business model / licensing agreements.

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  • Adobe acrobat 9 pro installation/licensing issues

    I installed my licensed copy of Acrobat 9 on a new Windows  7 system.  Acrobat launched but would not open files and shuts down on attempt. Message is "Licensing for this product has stopped working" with subtext "You cannot use the product at this time. You must repair the problem by uninstalling and then reinstalling this product or contacting your IT administrator or Adobe customer support for help."
    I doubt any of you have a solution, so I simply remark on what transpired as a warning and complaint:
    1.  I went to Adobe databse and found that a patch was provided to correct installations/licensing problems on windows 7.  I downloaded it and installed per instructions.  It did not resolve the problem.
    2.  I uninstalled/reinstalled several times. no resolution.
    3.  I called customer support and was outsourced to someone who knew little and first sent me to a kb article having to do with 'expired licensing' even though I clearly informed them that the message and the fact had nothing to do with expired licenses.  They finally referred me to kb405970 on "Licensing has stopped working".  I tried all of the applicable solutions (methods 1-6) and none of them worked.  Now I will have to wait until tomorrow (though I had pressing work to do today) to contact support again.  I fear I will get another outsourced tech who knows little and wastes more of my time.  Such is Adobe's way of supporting paid and licensed product users.
    I understand and sympathize with Adobe's wishes to protect its products from piracy.  However, I expect and paid for a product which works on major and supported operating systems like windows 7. I also understand that if MS or Mac put out a new OS or version, it may require certain adjustments or updates on Adobe's part.  What I do not understand (or have patience with) is that 1) Adobe failed to provide a patch that works; 2) that it then sends me to an outsourced customer service tech who didn't have the knowledge to correct the problem and gave me the wrong information to begin with*. What I finally got was the kb article with a series of multi-step instructions for several methods, none of which worked.  This is an unprofessional and unethical response to those of us who have paid for our product and expect it to work under reasonable conditions in a supported environment.  This is not an acceptable good-faith effort to resolve issues for which Adobe should take full responsibility.
    If any of you do happen to have a real solution (or had a similar problem) do let me know....
    *The first thing the outsourced tech wished to do was get onto my machine via a remote connection, before anything was tried other than giving them the error message and have them provide me with the wrong information. It became clear that this person had less knowledge than I do (which isn't saying much) and there was no way I was going to permit a clueless techie to crawl around in my machine and fiddle with settings.  That is simply asking for trouble. I'm perfectly capable of opening panels and following instructions myself. DC should be the last thing tried; not the first.

    Bill,  I tried as you suggested - installed every update from 9.1  through 9.3.4.  The 'license not working message persists'. The only change was that now Acrobat will not close and must be forced to shut down from the taskbar menu.  I appreciate the suggestion though.
    Called Adobe (Manila) again, within the hours given on their contact page for installation and licensing issues, and was told "It's Sunday, nobody here can help you".  Finally, after an hour of hammering got them to get me a supervisor (their script says to tell the customer there "Is no supervisor available on Sunday"  -  Finally the "supervisor", Alvin, suggested I need a new serial number and left me on the line while he called someone else to get on. Cameback and informed me that he couldn't get one, I'd have to call Monday (how's that for having solutions?)  Result: wasted more time and had more delay on my project.
    Conclusion:  Adobe has become obsessed and 'piranoic' about piracy and licensing to the extent that they put that first and client/customer needs second (if that).  After reading a lot of online 'Adobe Sucks'  forums, I'm inclined to believe Adobe is shooting itself in its own foot and is not going to be a reliable method of presentation/document transmission in the future - service and support is an integral part of software and other concerns such as piracy or licensing need to be transparent to legitimate users.  Sad that they spend so much time on this, when they need to be fixing real problems.  As well, these outsourcing Philipines companies are poor substitutes for good support - they are so scripted and obsessed with regulations over solutions that it is clear that only the most persistent users will get anywhere with them.  As a frontline of contact with after-sale clients, they are going to cost Adobe a lot of potential business in the future, whatever their short-term savings.  Too bad. Adobe used to be a leader in the market.
    Next round:  Calling Manila again this am. to be continued...

  • ORA-20001: The printing engine..Is this related to a BIP licensing issue?

    Hello all,
    The error "ORA-20001: The printing engine could not be reached because either the URL..." happens in 2 cases:
    1. When our BIP is down or being bumped
    2. As an APEX administrator, in workspace environment settings, the print server is set to OFF.
    I'm thinking that this is a licensing issue but I need some clarification on what is causing the error, because all we are trying to do is bring up a PDF report that a user can open or save. BIP is not involved at this point. Is it because the report was developed using BIP that APEX needs BIP up? How does APEX even know the report was developed using BIP? Were are using APEX and BIP
    The error happens when a user clicks on a PDF icon that calls an "After Submit Process". The following is the code and the report that was created in BIP is loaded into APEX with a "Named Columns (RTF)" layout type.
      l_xml                         clob;
      l_template                    clob;
      l_request_blob                blob;
      l_response                    blob;
    begin up a stored proc to populate l_xml with report data
      -- Fetch template
      select page_template
      into   l_template
      from   apex_030200.wwv_flow_report_layouts
      where  flow_id = :app_id
      and    report_layout_name = 'pdf_report';
      -- Convert CLOB to BLOB
      l_request_blob := wwv_flow_utilities.clob_to_blob(l_xml);
      -- Call unsupported and undocumented APEX function
      l_response :=
          p_report_data   => l_request_blob,
          p_template      => l_template,
          p_template_type => 'rtf',
          p_output        => 'pdf'
      -- Set correct mime type and download response                                           
      owa_util.mime_header('application/pdf', false);
      htp.p('Content-length: ' || dbms_lob.getlength(l_response));
      htp.p('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="Claim_details.pdf"');
      apex_application.g_page_text_generated := true;
      apex_application.g_unrecoverable_error := true;

    (excerpt copied here, for you convenience)
    7. Enabling Network Services in Oracle Database 11g
    By default, the ability to interact with network services is disabled in Oracle Database 11g release 1 (11.1). Therefore, if running Oracle Application Express with Oracle Database 11g release 1 (11.1), use the new DBMS_NETWORK_ACL_ADMIN package to grant connect privileges to any host for the FLOWS_030100 database user. Failing to grant these privileges results in issues with PDF/report printing, specifically, you will get the following error message:
    ORA-20001: The printing engine could not be reached because either the URL specified is incorrect or a proxy URL needs to be specified.
    Follow the steps mentioned in the Oracle Application Express Installation Guide, Enabling Network Services in Oracle Database 11g. Also refer to the troubleshooting section in case you receive an ORA-44416: Invalid ACL error after running the previous script.

  • REgarding licensing issues involvng 'Computername' and the use of UpperCase4 vs Lowercase Letters

    Does any one know if it would cause problems for the Office 365 software license to be displayed as licensed to an ALL CAPS name like 'MY-FAVORITE-PC' but the computer itself shows the computer name to be 'my-favorite-pc"?
    If it does, which one should I change?  A couple of people here have had this same problem (which usually occurs when they change to using a different PC for their account) I have to Deactivate their Old PC namer and then install the licnse to
    their New OC using whatever name it has.
    On more than one system, this has resulted in various odd "failure to contact Microsoft server" issues when activating.  The problem continues for 7 days and then their copy of Office starts showing reed warning bards and eventually gets totally
    However, if I uninstall the office, deactivate the license, and reinstall it once again, it install just fine and acts ok but invariably at some point, the same thing occurs.
    On one of them I noticed the difference in the case of the letters used in the computer name and the license name.  On others I am wondering about various software add ins for Outlook or some other 3rd part application causing the problem.  Whatever
    it is, it gets extremely annoying.  Officer 365 apparently must run an activation sequence almost constantly while Office 2010 (and I presume 2013) ran it once and were done with it.
    Searching Google I have found too many  possible reasons along with a lot of people who have had the same problems but no one seems to have the 100% solution.   This has only started happening since we switched to Office 365 and only
    seems to occur on systems that are changed out to different ones with the same User's 365 Account which is in good standing  and has 5 available licenses of which only one is in use.
    In the case of the caps vs lowercase I also wonder if changing the name to CAPS on their PC would create additional problems on its own?

    Hi Questorfla,
    For the Office 365 software license issue, I recommend you can post in dedicated Office 365 Forum to get a better response:
    If there is anything else regarding this issue, please feel free to post back.
    Best Regards,
    Anna Wang

  • Have the Adobe Muse CC (2014) licensing issues been resolved?

    Have the Adobe Muse CC (2014) licensing issues been resolved?
    I am patiently waiting for some word on whether I can go ahead a install the new version of Muse CC (2014) software on my systems without running into the quagmire that so many are experiencing.  I simply can't afford to run the risk that I will be stuck with a "trial version" for the next 30 days without some assurance from Adobe that they will be able to solve the problems in that time frame. It would be nice if adobe would send out an email that explains the situation to all of it's users so we know what's going on and when the issue is resolved. Collectively we all pay a lot money for these "updates", so I don't think it's to much to ask.
    Kind Regards,
    PS: Please reference this forum discussion - Muse CC 2014 wants Serial Number, though i pay monthly for muse

    A screenshot of the error when a site is opened. I've reinstalled, restarted.. etc. Thanks! J

  • Acrobat 9 - Upgrade Computer OS from Windows XP to 7 - Licensing Issues?

    I have a Lenovo laptop that came with Win XP and Acrobat 9 Standard pre-installed, but they gave me the Acrobat installation CD with product key on the back.   So after I wipe the HD and insall a new OEM version of Win7 SP1, can I simply install Acrobat from the old CD using the product key, or will I have licensing issues from the re-installation? -- JClarkW

    >>The only issue might be if there had been an activation and you did not deactivate it first.<<
    I'm sure I would have activated it, to get updates if nothing else, but how do I tell?  If so, how do I deactivate it before the OS replacement? -- JClarkW

  • Please clarify the following license issue

    Please clarify the following license issue
    Oracle 10g se license requirement while using a power 6 P520 machine with 2-core 4.2 GHz processor card,4 memory DIMM slots. Are we entitled for paying for one oracle 10g SE license?
    many thanks in advance

    When you read through that thread, did you see where I linked to and quoted the licensing definitions
    Processor: shall be defined as all processors where the Oracle programs are installed and/or running. Programs licensed on a processor basis may be accessed by your internal users (including agents and contractors) and by your third party users. For the purpose of counting the number of processors which require licensing for a Sun UltraSPARC T1 processor with 4, 6 or 8 cores at 1.0 gigahertz or 8 cores at 1.2 gigahertz for only those servers specified on the Sun Server Table which can be accessed at , “n” cores shall be determined by multiplying the total number of cores by a factor of .25. For the purposes of counting the number of processors which require licensing for AMD and Intel multicore chips, “n” cores shall be determined by multiplying the total number of cores by a factor of .50. For the purposes of counting the number of processors which require licensing for all hardware platforms not otherwise specified in this section, a multicore chip with "n" cores shall be determined by multiplying "n" cores by a factor of .75. All cores on all multicore chips for each licensed program for each factor listed below are to be aggregated before multiplying by the appropriate factor and all fractions of a number are to be rounded up to the next whole number. When licensing Oracle programs with Standard Edition One or Standard Edition in the product name, a processor is counted equivalent to a socket.
    It appears that you fall under the "not otherwise specified" category because you're not dealing with an UltraSPARC T1 (multiplier 0.25) or an AMD/ Intel chip (multiplier 0.5) so your multiplier would be 0.75.
    0.75 * 2 cores = 1.5 processors which would have to be rounded up to 2 processors. If you had 4 total cores, you would only need a 3 processor license.

  • Permanent Licensing Issue

    I am trying to use an old VMware image that contains Planning, but I am having licensing issues.
    Steps taken already
    1) I went to and download the new license file.
    2) Then went to the license manager (LMtools.exe) and was successful starting and stopping the license server and re-reading the license.
    3) Then went to the Configuration Utility and Activated the Product to change the Deployment ID to "Temp-0004" within System 9 BI+, Analytical Services, Financial Management and Planning.
    Where I see the errors
    1) In my debugging of the issue, I tried starting the Hyperion Planning via command line. Planning starts up fine but no longer accepts the requests.
    Error Text: "CLS0000017 No unexpired licenses are available for your product. No further requests to the server will be processed."
    2) Also within workspace when I go from Navigate -> Application -> Planning -> PlanApp1 I receive the follow error when I try to login.
    Error Text: "A problem with Hyperion System 9 Planning license was encountered. Please see the log for details."
    Any suggestions?

    I'm attaching the instructions I put together about a year ago -- your mileage may vary:
    Instructions to update the 9.3 Demo Drives to new license files.
    copy HS9_MasterLicenseFile.lic C:\HYSL\common\LicenseServer\Licenses
    move C:\HYSL\common\LicenseServer\Licenses\NA_HYSL_Demo_Disk_beckett_01_18_2007_ga.lic C:\HYSL\common\LicenseServer\NA_HYSL_Demo_Disk_beckett_01_18_2007_ga.lic.bak
    Copy HS9_SA_MasterLicenseFile.lic C:\HYSL\common\LicenseStandalone\Licenses
    move C:\HYSL\common\LicenseStandalone\Licenses\NA_HYSL_Demo_DiskSA_beckett_01_18_2007_as.lic C:\HYSL\common\LicenseStandalone\NA_HYSL_Demo_DiskSA_beckett_01_18_2007_as.lic.bak
    Execute the Hyperion System 9 Foundation / Configuration utility
    Active the following Products using the default Deployment ID which is *
    Hyperion System 9 BI+
    Analytic Services
    Hyperion System 9 Financial Management
    Hyperion System 9 BI+ Enterprise Metrics
    Hyperion System 9 Performance Scorecard
    Strategic Finance Server
    Verify the DEPLOYMENTID in C:\HYSL\BIPlus\common\config\
    Ensure the DeploymentID matches below exactly.
         #License keys for BI+
         #Wed Feb 13 21:05:27 EST 2008
         [email protected]
    Start Planning
    If Login provides license error, perform below steps:
    1) Run: C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\80\Tools\Binn\isqlw.exe
    2) Connect as Windows Authenticated User
    3) In SQL window:
    use pln
    4) Highlight the two lines and press F5 to execute the SQL update.

  • T440S to T440s - program and data transfer, OS licensing issue

    Obviously not able to open these critters up. I have a new T440s that I would like to transfer my programs and data to.  Is there a program out there that can do this without having to pull out the hard drive to image?
    My current one has Windows 8.1. The new one has Windows 7 with the Windows 8.1 recovery discs.  Issue is, I believe that the Windows license is tied to the hardware?  Therefore I would have to make a recovery disc set of Windows 7.....then use the Windows 8.1 recovery discs then move my programs and data over. 
    Windows Easy Transfer does not look like it can do the best job.
    I thought about bringing it to the store for them to swap the drives but then worried alot about the whole licensing issue.  (not to mention the possible loss of my warranty) Unless if it is done professional and the license could be stripped out of the existing drive and new drive moved to new machine....perhaps a way to get the license keys from the new system somehow.
    Thanks in advance.

    If you look at the bottom of the machines, and they both have the Windows 8 sticker, your machines are licenced and the product key is embedded in the BIOS.
    You can use this program: ProduKey to view and write down your keys, but if you use either the Recovery disks or a WIndows 8 Pro retail DVD to reinstall Windows, your key will be picked up automatically by the installation.
    For migration of your files, programs and settings, you could simply clone your current WIndows 8.1 installation onto the new drive using, assuming your installation is UEFI and thus your HD is GPT partitioned, Macrium Reflect, which many users here have had a good experience with. That would save you time from having to reinstall Windows on the new machine as well and all you'd have to do is to enter the embedded Windows key of your new machine to activate it.
    Macrium Reflect
    That's at least one suggestion, but there are many ways to go about this.
    Hope this helps.
    ThinkPad W540 (20BG) - i7-4800MQ/24GB // ThinkPad T440s (20AQ) - i7-4600U/12GB
    ThinkPad T440p (20AW) - i7-4800MQ/16GB // ThinkPad Helix (3698-6EU) - i5-3337U/4GB
    ThinkPad W520 (4282-W4Q) - i7-2720QM/32GB // ThinkPad T400 (2767-W1C) - P9500/8GB
    ThinkPad T61 (7665-CTO) - T7700/4GB // ThinkPad T60p (8741-C2G) - T7400/4GB

  • Licensing issue by using Applications AC and PC

    The SAP GRC 10.0 solution comes as bundled solution for AC, PC and RM. While downloading the SAP GRC 10.0 all the three components are downloaded but in a dormant state.
    With the release of GRC 10.0, Access Control and Process Control are offered as an integrated solution, both at the data layer and at the user interface layer. This new unified platform enables increased harmonization of key master data.
    GRC 10.0 is a harmonized platform. Although maintenance of data within AC and PC is similar in 10.0 as it was in previous releases, there are some key differences. The following master data is shared between AC and PC for the release 10.0 integration scenario.
    u2022 Organizations
    u2022 Business Processes
    u2022 Business Subprocesses
    u2022 Controls
    SAP GRC System Add-ons:
    Access Control, Process Control and Risk Management are contained in one ABAP add-on u201CGRCFND_Au201D
    SAP Backend System Plug-ins:
    A. GRCPINW: NW Function Modules hold the AC functions for ERP systems without HR (former non-HR RTA)
    B. GRCPIERP: PC relevant features are contained in the plug-in GRCPIERP, for example, for running automated controls and the HR relevant functions for AC (former HR RTA)
    There are multiple activation points for AC, PC and RM:
    u2022 SAP GRC SPRO -> activate the Application. However
    u2022 When we go for the Plug-ins (GRCPIERP) installation in backend systems with HR function module it also brings in the PC relevant features.
    u2022 Mitigating Control definition based on Organizations
    I had activated the Application AC and PC for some time assuming that PC is required to create the Mitigation Control and Organizations. However I just realized that Mitigating Control and Organization can be created even without Activating PC, which does nothing but removes the additional features of PC.
    My Query:
    u2022 Kindly let me know if I can still use PC to create and assign Mitigating Control as a shared resource for AC and PC or I have violated Licensing issue by using Applications AC and PC when I am supposed to use just Access Control.
    u2022 How is shared resources in SAP GRC 10 dealt in terms of Licensing of Applications in SAP GRC 10.
    Thanking you in advance.

    all the new pc's we've purchased for a time now, don't have a Win7 CoA product key attached, even though they come with Win7 downgrade rights, so your strategy to use the CoA pkeys for the Win7 install on the new machines might be flawed.
    We don't buy HP, and I'm in Australia, so I'm not sure if this will be the same for you.
    Also, the OEM image that you would use to re-deploy/re-image with, may need to be different for varying models (OEMs might include different drivers, or other checks or blockers, in their image and OOBE scripts), and, the embedded OEM "master" product key/certificate
    could vary (or not align) across model types/generations.
    Ours do have the SLIC table in firmware and the OA markers, and we use VL Win7 Enterprise anyway, so our 40,000 machine fleet means VL and Software Assurance as a part of our EA + Select is an (expensive) no-brainer really.
    The other thought I have for you, is the re-imaging rights that are bestowed when you have a VL agreement (and therefore, are not bestowed if you don't have one). Because we do have a VL agreement, I've never dived into how it might be worked if we didn't
    have VL.
    If you do look at a VL agreement, I'm told they start from as few as 5 machines. And, if you purchase new pc's, you have the option to enrol the new pc's into Software
    Assurance within 90days of purchase, which I imagine would save you some cost, compared to attaching SA to them at a later time, presumably requiring you to pay full ticket price for that.
    I'd recommend you get some advice from an MS reseller, even if only to work out what the various options/costs might be.
    (Please take a moment to "Vote as Helpful" and/or "Mark as Answer", where applicable.
    This helps the community, keeps the forums tidy, and recognises useful contributions. Thanks!)

  • Lightroom 4 from US, is there a license issue?

    I recently received a box unit of Lightroom 4 from US, is there a license issue if I install it in Singapore as I recide in Singapore. Are there any restrictions?

    A LR licience allows install on 2 systems as long as the software is only used one at a time.
    Adobe has NO restrictions on where the systems are upon which it's software is installed.

  • Windows 2008 R2 RDS Licensing Issue

    I have Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 farm (with all of the application servers running Windows 2003) and I have just migrated from using a Windows 2003 server for the terminal services licensing to a Windows 2008 R2 RDS server for the licensing. We have
    a number of thin-clients that connect to the Citrix farm and provide a kiosk for users. We have 85 per device licenses however we are only using 15 of those licenses (plans were made but never implemented to use the rest), so we have 70 available licenses.
    The licenses are configured per device and as Windows Server 2003 licenses.
    After the migration to 2008 R2, the thin-clients connected to the new licensing server without any trouble at all. As I monitored the licenses on the new server, each thin-client was given a temporary license first and then at the
    next connection they got a permanent license. All of this I have been able to confirm through the event logs on the server.
    However, what I get in the event logs of the new 2008 R2 licensing server an event with event ID 21 that says:
    The Remote Desktop license server "ServerName" does not have any remaining permanent Remote Desktop Services client access licenses (RDS CALs) of the type "Windows Server 2003 - TS Per Device CAL". As a result, the Remote Desktop license server cannot issue
    RDS CALs of the type "Windows Server 2003 - TS Per Device CAL" to the Remote Desktop Session Host server "". To resolve this problem, verify that the Remote Desktop licensing mode configured on the RD Session Host server matches the type of
    RDS CALs installed on the Remote Desktop license server. If required, purchase and install additional RDS CALs as needed for this Remote Desktop license server.
    (Note I have removed the server name and IP address due to company policy.) I have confirmed that every server in my Citrix farm has its terminal services configuration set for "per device" licensing and I have also specified the name of the 2008
    R2 server rather than allow the servers to automatically find the licensing server. I have confirmed that my 2008 R2 server is configured for "per device" licensing.
    The IP addresses I have seen in the event log messages are the IP addresses of a Citrix server rather than one of the thin-clients, and so far every Citrix server we have has appeared in one of these event log messages. I have been able
    to determine that this event does not occur when a thin-client is connecting up nor does this event occur when I remotely log into the server.
    As I noted above we only have 15 thin-clients using the 85 licenses so we have 70 available licenses for the Citrix servers so why are we out of licenses? What is this message trying to tell me?

    Hi Bent,
    According the Event ID 21, I think you might have the license connection issues with RDS CALs. I suggest you analyze some relative services and
    make sure your network without any misconfiguration.
    Hopefully, there is an article describes how to troubleshoot this license issue on the terminal server.
    Event ID 21 — Terminal Services Client Access License (TS CAL)
    By the way, the license of Windows Server 2003 does not support to assign CAL to allow user to access the Windows Server 2008. You should buy a
    new Windows Server 2008 license to meet the requirement above if necessary.
    Hope this helps.

  • Adobe Error 150:30    Its a licensing issue I do I fix this?

    I just transferred CS4 onto my new mac but its telling me there is an "Error 150:30"   Its a licensing issue I do I fix this so I can use the program on my new mac? Is it even possible to fix? I don't think I have the physical software anymore its been so long since I have had this program!

    Klizb this often occurs when Adobe Creative applications are copied/transferred/migrated to a different computer.  Please make sure to run any available uninstallers followed by the use of the CC Cleaner Tool to attempt to recover from the transfer process.  You can find details on how to use the CC Cleaner Tool at Use the CC Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems | CC, CS3-CS6.
    If you need to download a fresh copy of the retail installation files they are available at Download CS4 products.

  • Export license issue-URGENT

    We need to cancel Outbound Delivery 1234566 due to a GTS Export License issue.
    This delivery was created before the GTS license was complete.
    This delivery is for a Military Sales Order 123456 to ABCD for Thales shipped from XYZ
    2 Proforma Invoices were created, 123456on 9/18 and 9301154276 and 9/24. 
    GTS License 100000000000000011 was updated on 9/24.  However, the delivery needs to be canceled in order for GTS to assign a Proforma to a license.
    The accounting document, F2 Invoice 123456 has been issued but not cleared.

    Use Transaction code /SAPSLL/CL_CP_CUS_EX to display the custom declaration in Customs management. Select the dcoument in change mode. In the menu path, there is an option for 'Cancel' or 'Request Cancellation'. Request cancellation option is used when the declaration has been sent out to authorities for permission and in the meatime, the user decided to cancel..
    For assigning the license, use transaction /SAPSLL/LCD_CHANGE in License determination of Compliance..

  • Having deactivation / licensing issues

    I recently bought a new Mac and used migration assistant to transfer everything. I am having trouble deactivating Flash Pro on my old Mac so that I can activate it on my new Mac - it keeps saying I have connection issues, even when I use Adobe's several methods to verify that I can connect to their https and activation sites.
    Tghe last step in troubleshoot this was to chart with an Adobe agent - see what transpired during my chat session below below - what started out as a request for connect assistance turned into a licensing issue! (I redacted the tech's name, the serial number and other personal info - if there is someone out there at Adobe that can helop me and needs this info, I will share it with them under separate cover)
    XXX: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.
    JD: thanks
    XXX: You are welcome.
    XXX: May I please have your email address registered with Adobe?
    XXX: Thank you.
    XXX: I understand that you are not able to deactivate the product.
    XXX: I will be glad to check and help you in this regard.
    JD: Yes. I am trying to do this on my old Mac so that I may activate it on my new Mac.
    XXX: May I have the serial number of the product you are referring to?
    JD: XXX
    XXX: Thank you.
    XXX: I require 2 to 3 minutes while I check on this activation error, is it okay if I put you on hold?
    JD: yes
    XXX: I see that the serial number you have provided is registered under different account.
    XXX: Can you please verify the email address?
    JD: I recently changed my email address to XXX but I don't think I changed this on my Adobe account yet.
    XXX: Sorry, The product is registered under different account.
    XXX: May I know where did you purchase the product?
    JD: I purchased it used on Ebay and had the license transferred to me in 2009. I've been using it ever since on my old Mac. When I log into my Adobe acct using XXX this product shows as mine.
    XXX: In this case I request you to contact the point of purchase.
    JD: I'm not sure why there is an issue - I successfully registered this software 5 years ago on your site and have been using it ever since. I shows up as mine on YOUR site!
    XXX: I see that the product is not existing in different account.
    XXX: Sorry for typo.
    XXX: I see that the product is existing in different account
    XXX: Ebay is not the authorized reseller of Adobe. In this I request you to contact the point of purchase.
    JD: Then it appears that you need to remove it from the other one so that it is only showing in mine. I own this software - it is in my hands! It is showing as registered under my name in my adobe account.
    JD: I bought it from a private individual and used Adobe' transfer of Adobe License form to put it under my name in 2009. I need you to elevate this to your supervisor. Like I said, I've had this software registered under MY ACCOUNT for 5 years!
    XXX: I see that the product is not registered in your account.
    XXX: Please login to your Adobe account and check it.
    XXX: The serial number you have provided is not registered in your account.
    JD: I'm in there now - logged in as Jerome DellaPietra via XXX. I own XXX, XXX, Flash Pro 9, XXX, XXX, XXX, and XXX. I'm looking at all of these in the "My Products" page
    XXX: Okay.
    JD: Both the numbers on my software and what shows in My Products page match exactly!
    XXX: Please see if the serial number you provided is existing in under your account.
    JD: YES
    XXX: I am sorry. I see that the serial number is not registered in different account.
    XXX: I double checked and see that the serial number is registered under different account.
    JD: Then remove it. I own this software. It is mine. I successfully registered it with Adobe 5 years ago. It is showing as one of my products
    XXX: Since you bought the product from the non authorized reseller we will not be able to see it in your account.
    XXX: You can remove it from your end.
    XXX: Is there anything else I can help you with?
    I gave up with him after that. I need someone at Adobe that can fix this for me. I own this software. It is in my hands! It shows up as mine on my "My Products" page! I still have the original transfer of license form showing the original owner! HELP!

    Hi, jwilder. Let's try to resove that. To verify, is it happening even if the battery saver is turn off? Did you check if all system apps are updated? To do this, scan the QR codes from here: Nokia Windows Phone 8 App Updates. You may also try deleting the non-functioning Wi-Fi network from the Settings > WiFi > manage(advanced) > Known networks, tap and hold on the network name and select Delete. From the Known network, make sure that the selected one is set to connect automatically.
    Keep us posted.

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