Lightning to 30 pin connector not charging my nano from my dock

Is it just me, or does the Apple Lightning to 30 pin connector not pass charge correctly?
I bought a new iPod Nano a few weeks ago, not realising I would be getting one of the new Lightning connector ones, so when I ordered my iPad from Apple I also bought a Lightning to 30 pin connector so that I can properly use my JBL dock (which is quite old, bought it with my old 5th Gen iPod). Although it's great that it connects and allows me to control the iPod with the remote control and is a **** of a lot neater than dangling it by a cable from the headphone jack to the RCA input on the dock, I'm getting really frustrated by the fact that I'm not getting any charge being passed through to the iPod from the dock. This was one of the best things about having a dock, not only could I play my music with a good quality sound from the speakers, I could also play it all day long without worrying about the battery consumption as it was being charged at the same time. Now, if I've been using the iPod at the gym through the week, I find that I'm having to take the iPod off the dock and charge via a wall charger or my laptop - the latter allowing me to rever to the old way of hooking the iPod to the dock via headphone jack. It's really annoying that I've spent so much money on something that doesn't do everything I'd expected of it. I'm wondering if it's faulty or if it's the age of the dock - which I haven't used with an iPod for about 5 years!
Has anyone else had this problem?

Have you tried resetting the dock by removing it from power?  What about resetting the iPod Touch? To do this, press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons together long enough for the Apple logo to appear.

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  • My 30-pin dock is connected to my lightning to 30-pin connector which is connected to my iPod touch 5g. But my iPod will only charge, and will not play music through my dock.

    My 30-pin dock is connected to my lightning to 30-pin connector which is connected to my iPod touch 5g. But my iPod will only charge, and will not play music through my dock, only through the iPod's internal speaker. Help please!

    Have you tried resetting both the iPod and dock? To reset the iPod, press and hold the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons together long enough for the Apple logo to appear.
    To reset the dock, unplug it and plug it back in.

  • My Lightning to 30-Pin Connector will only play music through my iPod dock, and will not charge my iPod touch 5th gen.

    My Lightning to 30-Pin Connector will only play music through my iPod dock from my iPod, and will not charge my iPod touch 5th gen. Help me please.

    Have you tried resetting the dock by removing it from power?  What about resetting the iPod Touch? To do this, press and hold both the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons together long enough for the Apple logo to appear.

  • Lightning to 30 pin adaptor giving no sound when connected to docking station

    lightning to 30 pin adaptor giving no sound when connected to docking station

    I am always amazed in these forums by the number of people who think they are helping by asking obvious questions about the problem with no clue what the real issue is or how to help.
    That being said:
    I had the same problem after upgrading.
    Could boot your tablet, should fix the problem.
    1. power off the unit.
    2. Power on by holding the power button and volume up button at the same time.
    3. using the volume up and down button as a right and left curser, selectt the Android icon and press the power button.
    4. this will cold boot the system and the various dock functions should return.
    Warning: Selecting anything else but the android icon will reset the device to factory defaults and wipeout all your info.

  • Lightning cable USB connector not charging

    My lightning cable shows up as accessory not charging in my vehicle.
    Old cable worked just fine. Anyone else experiencing same problem?
    Possible causes?

    I have a hard time believing that my two lightning cables, and my brand new lightning to 30 pin cable are all disfunctional.
    Especially since my two cables worked perfectly up until yesterday, and my adapter didn't work properly out of the box, only after the other two started failing.
    The pins on a lightning cable are assigned by the firmware of the phone. I think that's the real issue. A new cable may help temporarily, but won't work for everyone in the long run.

  • Lightning to 30-pin adapter not working w/iHome/iPhone 6.

    Lightning to 30-pin adapter is not working correctly with iHome/iPhone 6.  When I plug phone in the music and time update will work but it won't charge the phone, unless I turn my phone around but then music won't work.  I've only had my iHome for a year and used it with no problem with my 4S.  Now that I have the iPhone 6 I decided to get the adapter so I wouldn't have to spend money on a new iHome.  I thought I just had a bad adapter, at least that's what they told me in the Apple Store.  So I exhanged it at Best Buy, where I bought it, and got another one.  Very disappointed that I have the same problem.  Anyone else have this problem?  Did I just wain't $30.

    No-one from Apple here
    It is either a corrupt update to iOS
    or something in Honda that no longer likes iOS 8.3
    To eliminate an issue with iOS 8.3 basic troubleshooting
    Restore ,as new ,check iPhone functions if working correctly then restore your back up to get back to normal
    If still an issue you then need to eliminate the potential Honda side,2007 is very old technology compared to 8.3

  • Iphone4 wont connect to or play through accessories dock via 30 pin connector but charges ok??

    As the title states really!
    I can connect and play songs via the head phone jack but not via the 30 pin connector on the bottom. For example, when fitted in a dock (I have 3 different ones to try), FM transmitter or anything else through that 30 pin connector it wont recognise the phone to play songs, but the phone will charge fine through all of these and I can plug in into my PC and access itunes.
    Its not the end of the world, just frustrating as i cant use the docks for playing music, they are just really expensive chargers now!
    I would be greatful for any help or ideas, i cant find anyone with the same problem.
    Thanks, Emma.

    I'm experiencing the same problem now.  I cannot play any music through the doc connector on my iPhone 4.  Music plays through the headphone jack just fine.  I have the feeling that this is a software issue with the iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1.

  • Lightning to 30-pin Adapter not work properly with iPhone 5s

    Lightning to 30-pin Adapter (0.2 m)       with iPhone 5s working good with power adapter and 30-pin cable, but how iPhone at 100% power, I see message "This accessories is not working correctly".
    But with iPad mini 1 everything is OK.

    Bottom line, the iPhone case restricted insertion of the 8 pin adapter into the IPhone. Slide in cases with open bottoms have no problems but wrap around cases can restrict flush insertion due to insufficient access to the recepticle in the iPhone.

  • Power adapter not charging my nano

    I bought a Sonnet USB Power Adapter for iPod some time ago when I owned an iPod nano 1st generation. Now I have a 3rd generation nano. I went to Sonnet's website and noticed that the 3rd generation iPods are the only ones the adapter is not compatable with. I was just wondering if anyone knew why that is--it just makes me mad that I can't use the adapter anymore.
    here's the website

    You are confusing iPods here. The Sonnet page says it is not compatible with third generation iPods (released back in 1993). NOT 3rd generation nanos.
    The 3rd generation iPods were the first ones compatible with Windows, so they supported USB data syncing, but they still had to be charged off a Firewire connections since Apple had not yet implemented USB charging/power pins on the dock connector yet.

  • Ipad4 will not charge or sync from mac mini ????

    Everything in my mac mini has been upgraded. iTunes 11, os10.6.8
    When ipad is plugged into mac mini will not charge or sync with iTunes. Just purchased an ipod nano and it syncs and charges.
    iPad will sync with Kodak easyshare for photos. iPad has synced with icloud with iTunes purchased items.
    Have searched numerous discusions to no evail.

    Could be a bad cable or you are not securely connected.
    iPad not appearing in iTunes
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    Apple - Support - iPad - Syncing
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     Cheers, Tom

  • HP Probook 4510S says "Plugged in Not Charging," little help from tech support

    Hi there,
    I have a two year old HP Probook 4510S that has had a ton of problems. The most recent of which was an error message every time I turned on the computer saying "Batter is critically low" and it stopped charging and said that power was 0% (it continued to work though if it was plugged in and would die immediately if the plug was removed). I replaced the battery ($108), which took about a month to receive because HP apparently sent the store the battery that goes with the new model of Probook and said it would fit in the old model (it didn't and had to be sent back). When I finally got the new battery it worked for about a day and then I noticed that the message said "Plugged in, not charging" and when the charger isn't plugged in the battery seems to deplete rapidly. Now it's at 36% and not charging.
    I spoke to someone today at tech support and she said because it's out of warranty they couldn't help me, but that I should "try a friend's charger" to diagnose the problem myself, as though everyone has the same charger. When I said I didn't have access to another laptop to try another charger she just repeated that I need to try it on a different charger to see if it's a problem with the battery or the charger. But that if it's the battery and I provide them with proof of purchase they could replace that. The battery is brand new and doing the same thing as the last battery, so I doubt this is the problem. I said that I had seen messages all over the internet discussing this problem and that no one seemed to have the answer and she said "Those are on the internet, we haven't substantiated those claims." I'm shocked that HP doesn't seem to care that they get a bad reputation for offering so little help if a product is out of warranty. Because of this experience I doubt I would purchase another product from them, and I would warn others against it too. I've had more computer problems with HP than any other brand of laptop I've had or any of my friends/family have had. In the meantime, has anyone else had this problem? From the forums I've read it seems that occasionally people find solutions, but none seem to be working for me. Any insight would be much appreciated.

    I did a BIOS update on my ProBook 4530s and it took care of the problem

  • My ipod will not charge will either a Memorex docking station or USB port on Windows based operating system. It did work at first but even after charging overnight I get a low battery warning and turn off.

    I downloaded music from a Mac at my daughters house when I first got my Ipod several years ago and everything was fine. I continued to use a Memorex charging station (travel speaker). About 6 months ago it failed to charge on the docking station so I tried my USB port on my computer. It would not charge either but I also got a message saying I needed to reconfigure the Ipod to Windows (my operating system) but would loose all my data. Ouch! Any suggestions?

    I would charge it for at least an hour (vice the two minutes you did) and then try resetting it. I am afraid that there may be internal damage that is causing the problem and repair is the ony option. Apple's prices are:

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    Im very disappionted i just order a 30 pin lightning connector for $50.00 and just found out its not going to work with my Pioneer AVH-P8400bh addvanced app mode USB interface cable the reson i moved to I Phone was so I could use the advanced app mode in my car...both Apple and Pioneer are going to loose big unless they release a advanced app mode interface cable replacement for the i phone 5...own a Apple I Phone 5 and a Pioneer AVH-P8400BH..please help me get the word to Apple that they need to deal with this issue..very disappionted custumer..

    I have a Pioneer AVH-P4400 and the Pioneer CD-IU201V USB cable and I'm experiencing the same problem.  The problem started after upgrading my Iphone 4S to ios6.  With ios 5.x the app mode worked fine.  I could watch Youtube and use a nav app to mirrow on the the screen. 
    Does anyone know why App Mode doesn't work with ios6??

  • Best UK iPad 3 case supplier w/Bluetooth v3 rechargeable keyboard that uses standard Apple USB-30 pin connector to charge

    I know this has been the subject of some debate but I am getting a new iPad 3rd Gen today so have been researching iPad 3 cases w/keyboard over the last 3 days and I cannot seem to find a UK dealer / distributor for a (White pref.) iPad 3 case with an integrated bluetooth v3 rechargeable keyboard that DOESNT use micro USB to charge but DOES use the standard Apple 30-pin to USB cable. Is anyone using such a specific thing or know of anyone who makes such a thing and is UK based. Or someone that ships to the UK? I feel something like this shouldnt be expensive (i.e. >£75/$110)
    Thank you
    Was about to ask whether anyone tried this with their Stream 7/8, I hope you don't mind me putting this here since our goals are the same. So did anyone try this? I might do it soon, but I just bought an OTG cable, so maybe next time. It just requires a microusb Y cable and a female adapter, no dismantling/cutting/soldering necessary.

  • Lightning to 30-pin adaptor not compatible w 30-pin digital AV adapter?!

    We purchased the two subject adapters, along with an HDMI to HDMI cable for a friend with a new iPad.
    When we connected it to view pictures on our tv, we got that hideous message about not being compatible with iPad.
    The 'genius' at the Apple store said it would work.  I guess they were wrong.  Very aggravating.

    Have you gone back and explained to them the error of their ways?
    I would include the manager of the Apple Store in that conversation.
    You might ask the genius to purchase the cable that he suggest back from you. To me that sounds like a fair deal.

Maybe you are looking for

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