Lightroom 3 Help file corrupted???  Help!

After using LR 3 since upgrade the help file says, as of today, it was improperly installed and not available.
How do I reinstall just the help??
I've checked all the possible Adobe on-line resourses and even tried to call .. wait time is beyond my capability at this time .. I am at Photoshopworld in Orlando.  Johhny L, exec. Vp. of Adobe addressed us this morning but I don't think he has ever had a problem getting help from his company.  the Lab guru was here with what to expect .. great show.
But, I need h-e-l-p ... please?

If you're on windows, try uninstalling "Adobe Community Help" and reinstall it from here.

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    Kindly close the thread if your query is resolved now.

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  • Speicherort für Lightroom 3 Mac offline help files?

    ich habe hier CS6 Design Standard, Lightroom 3 und Adobe Help 4.0 (Air) installiert; CS6 ist erst vor einigen Wochen dazu gekommen (davor CS3).
    Die LR3 Offline Hilfe (HTML) wurde von Adobe Help automatisch geladen und unter /Users/Shared/Documents/Adobe/Help/de_DE/Lightroom/3.0/Using automatisch abgelegt. Die Offline Hilfe wird aus dem Hilfe-Menü von LR3 heraus aber nicht gefunden. Ich meine, das hätte vor der Installation von CS6 funktioniert.
    Kann es sein, dass der oben angegebene Speicherort der aktuellen Version von Adobe Help für LR3 nicht korrekt ist? Kann mir jemand sagen, wo die Offline Files abgelegt sein müssen, damit LR3 sie findet?

    Habe ein wenig in meinen TimeMachine Verzeichnissen gestöbert und den korrekten Speicherort gefunden:
    /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Help/de_DE/Lightroom/3.0/Using
    Jetzt findet LR3 seine Offline-Hilfe wieder

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    I then installed the very useful "Archive.qlgenerator" plugin ( which allowed me to at least see inside the zip file using OSX's "QuickLook" feature. Lo and behold, all the files that were supposed to be in the zip file are indeed in there, as they should be. The problem is not that the zip file is empty, the problem is that it has become corrupted somehow.
    So, what I need to do is either "fix" the corrupted zip file, or alternately find some way to extract the needed files using brute force.
    Following tips given on various forums, I tried using OSX's "zip" command in terminal ( and I was able to use it properly, but unfortunately neither the "-F" nor the "-FF" commands were of any helping in "fixing" the zip file. The "-F" command incorrectly said that the zip file was empty and that there was nothing to fix; the stronger "-FF" command came back with
    Could not find:
    Hit c      (change path to where this split file is)
        s      (skip this split)
        q      (abort archive - quit)
        e      (end this archive - no more splits)
        z      (look for .zip split - the last split)
    or ENTER  (try reading this split again):
    ...but none of the options produced any result. Pressing "z" gave me
    Could not find or open
    ...which means that even "-FF" could not get past whatever problem had corrupted the file.
    So: is there any built-in way for Mac OSX to fix or extract the contents of a zip file corrupted like this?
    Alternately, is there any third-party shareware or freeware that will do the trick?
    (I don't want to have to spend big $$$ on a commercial program since all I need to do is open a single zip file. And there is no way to contact the zip file's original creator, so I can't download an uncorrupted version.)
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    When I try your first suggestion in Terminal ("unzip -t /path/to/file"), I get this message:
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      End-of-central-directory signature not found.  Either this file is not
      a zipfile, or it constitutes one disk of a multi-part archive.  In the
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    When I try your second suggestion ("unzip -l /path/to/file"), I get the exact same error message. (And yes, I am fixing "/path/to/file" to be the correct path to the actual file).
    And no, it is not really part of a multi-part archive. (Or at least it wasn't supposed to be; only one zip file is available, and there was only supposed to one.) Perhaps the zip was mis-encoded in the first place, so that the person who created it accidentally did something wrong which the unzip applications are interpreting as this file being part of a multi-part archive; but even so, all I have is this one file, so I need to fix it as is, or extract its contents as is, since I have no way to contact the original creator to do it right this time.

  • How to view corrupted word files, please help?

    Can't view doc corrupted file .How to recover unsaved documents WORD? how to view corrupted word files, please help

    It could be Word or even Windows that is having the problem. Before you start trying to restore a backup or repair a file, try opening other documents.
    Try opening your "corrupt" document from another computer. Also you can try to make a copy of corrupted files. (It could work) :
    But if nothing helps, you can try to recover it by using DOCX Viewer Tool Download free demo versions of this software from website: It’s
    gonna help.

  • Help files missing after upgrade to Lightroom 3

    Dowloaded the upgrade, installed it, reinstalled it... help files missing... message is .. Cannot display help..
    Use Lightroom 3 on Win 7 professional at 64bit...
    Please help...

    Solved problem by finding a folder in CS5 Photoshop set up files..  under the folder payloads.. and installing setup file for Adobe Help from there.. also installed updates from Adobes website for Media Player and Air...

  • Lightroom 3 offline help file location?

    I'm sure this has been answered 2 million times already in this forum but various searches ("offline lightroom help file") don't get me very far (I have found the URL for 2.0 though...). Checked the Lightroom FAQ and release notes too.
    Any pointer will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
    (shame on Adobe for making it so hard to find something so essential - what about a direct link to download this from the help menu?)

    Top right corner of linked page Click on pdf symbol to download.
    It's also worth noting that when connected to internet above is the page you get taken to when you click Lightroom Help in the application Help menu or hit F1

  • Lightroom 2 Help files

    I deleted my usual browser Mozilla because it seems to be causing a processor problem.But the help file in Lightroom 2 would no longer work.Reinstalled Mozilla, help files back OK.But same problem with processer.
    1) Can I change Lightroom so that it will work with anothe browser ie Internet Explorer. If so how
    2) Can the Mozilla issue be addressed

    The files should open with whatever is designated as the default browser. Check to make sure that IE is now your default browser and then try accessing the help files again. If they open in IE they you can delete the other browser.

  • "the help files for Lightroom were not properly installed"

    I get the above-mentioned error when I try to access the help file. What to do?
    I saw that the same question were raised earlier this year but remained unanswered.
    When I check for updates, I am informed that my software is up to date.

    Basically, Adobe are moving (or in many instances have already moved) away from Help files being installed on your hard disk. The basic Lr installer no longer includes Help documents, instead it should take you to the page I shared with you earlier.
    Hopefully, above helps, otherwise, the folowing excerpt from Adobe Community Help Known Issues page explains futher. It's not specific to Lightroom but does try to 'excuse' the problem you're seeing.
    Issue: Local Help is not available
    Adobe plans to offer PDF reference files for download in June 2012 and apologizes for the inconvenience. If you are encountering error messages, such as "Adobe Help Viewer is not available. Please reinstall the application,"  see the separate troubleshooting document:
    Online Help is updated and provides a comprehensive reference. Online Help for every Adobe product is available at
    In almost all cases, there is NO need to reinstall the CS product application or the Help Manager.  The error strings are outdated and incorrect. See the troubleshooting document referenced above for more details and steps to resolution.

  • Hello, I have downloaded os x mavericks, but download failed many times and file corrupted. Now i'm trying to download again but in app store its showing as downloaded and after hiding the purchase there is no unhide or re-download option. Plz help me.

    Hello, I have downloaded os x mavericks, but download failed many times and file corrupted. Now i'm trying to download it again but in app store its showing as downloaded and after hiding the purchase there is no unhide or re-download option. Plz help me. Thanking you in advance.

    If it is hidden, follow the steps in this KBase
    If you have it in the Applications folder, trash it before attempting a new download.

  • Offline Help Files for Lightroom 3.5?

    I understand that these offline help files do exist, but I'm unable to find them.
    Online help files are totally useless with the Broadband speed available in the sticks where I live!
    Will some kind soul please help?

    There's a link in the upper right corner of the LR help screen that lets you see a PDF of the help file.
    Once you have that showing in your browser, there's a "save" button. The PDF is about 10 megabytes, but you only have to download it once.

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