Link beteen cost centers and activities

We have 180 + cost centers and I want to have 100 + activities.. I want to link these cost centers & activities..Eventually what should happen is when processing transactions with a CO object (cost center, internal order, WBS) in AP posting, recurring entry, depreciation, PO ect the value should also hit the activities at the time it hitting the cost center
I just want to know whether a link can be maintained in the cost center master data to link an activity..

the linkage of cost centers and activity types is done in cost center / act. type master data using the field "cost center category". if you set cost center category to "X" in the cost center, the cost center can only "use" act. types with cost center category "X" (or * which is a wildcard).
In act. type master data you can key in up to 8 different CCtr categories, which allows you to limit activity type "test" to be used for cost center category X and Y and Z.
The possible combinations can be seen in act.rate planning (kp26). Planning is only possible for the combination of cost center / act. type given by the linkage described above.
Best regards, Christian

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  • Is it possible multiple line items debit & single line item credit and different cost centers and different profit centers in fbcj

    Hi all ,
    I have a requirement to Post Cash Journal Document using FBCJ tcode.
    Is it possible multiple line items debit & single line item credit and different cost centers and different profit centers
    for exp:
    pk   GL a/c   description       amount   cost center  profit center
    40  400101  telephone exp   500        1403            P 1000
    40  400101  telephone exp    100       1404            P 2000
    50  200100  cash in hand      600-                             
       This is My requirement  is it possible in fbcj
        Please suggest me.ASAP.

      This you can do it in two ways:
    1. Make three header under top Product A, 2nd Product B ( as Billing element) and third as Common expense ( only cost). Now 1st & 2 nd WBS, you have to have sales order linking with individual lint item, for third you will accumulate all the common expense till the period end then make a reposting of the same in desired proportion to both products WBS hierarchy
    (This is if you want to have a track on the common expense as planning, budgeting & control)
    After this reposting, run RA for individual billing element and hence you will all the complement detailing and control over Revenue and expense with respect to Product A and Product B individually.
    2. If you don't want to maintain that kind of detailing the common expense and keep track of it through project, then have cost centers accordingly and make an assesment/ distribution with respect to expenses accumulated at those cost centers for the period to the respective WBS under each product. Then execute the period end processes for the project.
    You can try with have two more line items in the costing sheet as an overhead against common expenses with respect each product.
    I hope this should help you.
    Avisek Bhardwaj

  • Link between Cost centre and G/L Account

    Hi All,
    Please provide the Link between Cost centre.
    ie., Please provide me the T.code or Table where we will get link between Cost centre and G/L Account.
    Please let me know.
    Nagaraj S

    Please note that Cost Centers are maintained to capture costs, i.e. P & L items of GLs you have created.  These items would have been created as a Primary Cost element and the costs
    are passed to to the cost center through account assignments.  You can see these GL A/cs created as cost elements -  Cost Center-wise, period wise for which various standard  reports are available.

  • Link for Cost Center And Work Center.

    Dear Experts,
    Can you Provide me the Link for Cost Center And Work Center.

    Dear Experts,
    I got the answer for the Link Between Cost Center And Work Center.
    By using CR03   T Code we can see the Display Work Center : Cost Center Assignment Screen will appear.
    we need to select the costing tab, We can find Cost Center .
    Thanks & Regards

  • Cost Centers and distribution rules

    I need to allocate costs to profit centers and would like to have the costs be allocated first to the department cost center then distributed to product profit center by %.
    Example:  An invoice is first allocated to the sales department, then the distribution rule will allocate the cost between 4 product lines (33 % chemical A, 33 % chemical b, 17 % chemical c and 17 % chemical d).
    How would I setup the profit centers, cost centers and distribution rule to accomplish the above task.
    Thank you,

    Hi Fred,
    I assume you using 8.81?
    1. Administration - General Settings - Cost Accounting : Tick "Use Multidimensions" option
    2. Financial - Cost Accounting - Dimensions : Tick "Dimension 1" and "Dimension 2".
    Give proper description to each dimension, in your case maybe "Department" to Dimension 1 and "Product" to Dimension 2
    3. Financial - Cost Accounting - Cost Centers : Create your intended cost centre, "Sales" cost centre with dimension "Department", "Chemical A" to "Chemical D" with dimension "Product"
    4. Financial - Cost Accounting - Distribution Rules :
    As for your intention to allocate the invoice to Sales Department, since you want to allocate it 100% to Sales Department, you don't need to create a distribution rules, since B1 will automatically create a distribution rule with 100% allocation for each cost centre you created.
    As for your production cost allocation, create a distribution rule with your code "DR-P01" as an example, choose dimension "Product", set the Total with "100". In the detail section, choose each cost centre (Chemical A to D), enter respective value and click "Add" button.

  • Cost centers and profit centers mapping

    Hi Friends,
    I'm through with defining cost and profit centers. How do I map the cost centers and profit centers. I've gone ahead and assigned the cost elements to cost centers in OKB9, giving 2-Business area mandatory.
    I'm just done with defining the profit centers, but i dont have an idea how do I map the profit centers.
    pls suggest.

    found it

  • Table for Cost Centers and Org Units

    Hi All,
    How to retrieve the list of Cost centers and the associated Organization Units?
    My HR user is in need of such list...
    Can anyone help me out....????

    I dont think you can associate a cost center with org unit, it is normally associated with position/person.
    You can check table PA0001 to get the cost center and org unit for a personnel number.
    Is this your requirement ?

  • Cost centers and budgets filtered by functional locations

    Hi All,
    I need report containing cost centers and budgets filtered by functional locations.

    Please find the logic below & try it at your system-
    Here cost center group is not possible (also i not checked it so do it on your own simultaneously i am trying the same).
    Use Table BSEG-> in bseg give the cost center-> with the help of cost center find the account number (field HKONT)-> take this GL account number & got to table COEP-> in this give the GL account number at field 'offsetting account' (field GKONT) & you will get the line item.
    Try it & let me know if you have any question.

  • Report of projects across cost centers and vice versa

    Hi friends,
    Do we have any standard report of Projects across Cost Centers and vice versa?
    In our case, it is statistical cost center postings and real project postings. How can we get a standard report of Projects across Cost centers ?
    thanks in advance,

    Refer the thread
    Reports on Statistical WBS
    In the report CJI3- Actual Line Item Report, pull in the field Partner Object in this case it would be Cost Centre (where actuals are posted)

  • Assignment of cost centers and profit centers

    Hi Friends,
    can anybody give me a series of steps of assignment of cost centers and profit centers, like I know there is a T.code 3KEH, but I really dont know the chronological (step by step) order of steps to be followed to assign the cost centers to profit centers, as profit centers cannot be directly posted to and as the postings.
    And above all when I see the info about 3KEH, it says we need to assign only balance sheet items there and not cost items.
    Basically I've not studied Profit center accounting Properly and so I'm facing this problme
    If there is any documentation on this can anyone pass this on to: kiransandhyaATyahooDOTcom

    Hi Sridhar,
    Thnx for replying. I've gone ahead and defined cost and profit centers and did what you have told me to. Now this is where I'm stranded. How do I map profit and cost centers so that the we get the right kind of reports.
    Basically, my question would be: say for eg: if we are defining Company, Co.Code, before completing with Global paramters, there are a series of steps that we need to complete, right.
    Like wise, I just wanted to have a series of mandatory steps that I need to follow where the cost centers and profit centers mapping is done, atleast if I have the steps with me then I can go ahead and check the logic as to why should I define a particular step.
    Like I mentioned I happened to see some information about 3KEI, so before going to 3KEI or 3KEH, are there any other steps that I need to follow.
    I need to get the cost center and profit center reports, so that is what I'm looking for, and what do i need to configure, before getting to that point?
    I dont have a great insight into PCA, and I was not a part of the controlling configuration, but because a person has left in between the project, I'm supposed to do this and that is the reason why I dont have much time in doing R&D, and thats the whole reason why I'm seeking inputs which would actually minimise my time of R&D, once I'm able to convince my people, then again I can sit back and try to improvise my self.

  • Do we have a General Ledger report that combines both cost centers and WBS?

    Do we have a General Ledger report that combines both cost centers and WBS?

    Have you tried FAGLL03

  • How to extract cost centers and their number of appendant assets to internal table?

    my aim is to get an internal table with all my selected cost centers and the number of their appendant assets to pass this to a SmartForm.
    The result would be something like:
    cost center
    number of assets
    What I did so far: I made up an SQL statement, which I tested in the transaction DBACOCKPIT (Performance -> Additional Functions -> SQL Command Editor), which works fine and gives me exactly what I need.
    The SQL statement is (slightly simplified, and exemplarily only for costcenters 100000 and 100001):
    select costcenter, count( assetnr ) as numberofassets from
         ( select anlz.kostlv as costcenter, anla.anln1 as assetnr, anla.deakt, anla.aktiv from anla
              join anlz on anla.mandt = anlz.mandt and anla.bukrs = anlz.bukrs and anla.anln1 = anlz.anln1
              where anlz.kostlv = '0000100000' or anlz.kostlv = '00000100001' )
    group by costcenter
    Now, I want this SQL statement to work in my ABAP code. To match the requirements of the ABAP Editor (SE80), I
    - replaced all the point delimiters (.) by a tilde (~),
    - removed all commas,
    - added "into costcenter_assetcount" to store my result in an internal table.
    So in my ABAP code the SQL looks like this (alias assetnr inb the first line is printed in red):
    select costcenter count( assetnr ) as numberofassets from
       ( select anlz~kostlv as costcenter anla~anln1 as assetnr anla~deakt anla~aktiv from anla
           join anlz
             on anla~mandt = anlz~mandt
             and anla~bukrs = anlz~bukrs
             and anla~anln1 = anlz~anln1
           where anlz~kostlv = '0000100000' or anlz~kostlv = '00000100001' )
        into costcenter_assetcount
    group by costcenter
    Checking my code, ABAP Editor gives me a syntax error pointing to the SELECT of the subquery (it's in German, because this is my default language setting). After my first FROM, ABAP seems to expect a table name instead of a subquery.
    Programm Z_FIAA_ASSETCOUNT        @0A\[email protected]
    "SELECT" ist im ABAP-Dictionary nicht als Tabelle, Projektions- oder     
    Datenbank-View deklariert.
    Isn't it possible to use a SELECT subquery after my FROM in the ABAP Editor?
    What would be the best practice to put the data in an internal table?
    Looking forward to your comments!

    I think, You make it to complicated, try this:
    select anlz~kostlv as costcenter count( distinct anla~anln1 ) as numberofassets
       from anla
            join anlz
              on anla~mandt = anlz~mandt
              and anla~bukrs = anlz~bukrs
              and anla~anln1 = anlz~anln1
            where anlz~kostlv = '0000100000' or anlz~kostlv = '00000100001'
       group by anlz~kostlv.

  • ALE Link for cost centers

    I need to send the cost centers from one system to another. I want to use BD16 (IDOC) for the same but both these systems have different controlling area. BD16 works only when both the sender and receiver have same controlling area.
    Can you please suggest me how can I still transfer the cost center to another system which has different controlling area?

    Based on your post, I think you should have the INBOUND IDOC configuration in the legacy system done.
    My suggestion is:
    1. Find the process code for the INBOUND IDOC, there should be a FM binded with this process code
    2. Usually, SAP INBOUND IDOC FM will have enhancement in side, in other word, user exits
    3. Once you found the exits, you may implement the code to switch the controlling area to the right one
    On the other hand, considering the cost centers are master data, you may try the change pointers.
    As I remember, there are some convertion rules you could set up.

  • SAP Security - Cost Centers and Profit Centers

    Hi All,
    We want to have the ability to restrict roles on cost center and profit center per the cost center/profit center owner. For example, we only want to allow users whom own cost centers to be able to see the cost centers they own. The problem that I am faced with is that I do not want to restrict via cost center authorization object because this would essentially lead to every user having their own individual role.
    I did notice that each cost center has a user ID field that you can assign and maintain. I was thinking if it was possible to create some customization where this is checked against the uid logged onto the system but not sure if this could be done without modifying each program. Does anyone have any thoughts on how to restrict via cost center and profit center?
    Thanks in adavnce

    did you check if a view could help in your context?
    What I mean is this: create a view on top of your basetable where some predicates like
    user = basetable.userid-column
    is used.
    This view has to be granted to all users and the basetable should NOT be granted at all.
    If you do not want to change all applications, you could rename the basetable and create this new view with the old basetable-name to allow the unchanged applications to work.

  • How to maintain (or change) cost centers and maintain account

    Hi everyone.
    I have a problem which seems to be hard to solve. I have some
    purchases which should be distributed on quantity or percentage basis.
    Although these purchases are bought on a regular basis their
    distribution on cost centers differs from time to time. so, I want to
    make these purchases with scheduling agreements and maintain their
    cost centers distribution in goods receipt (migo). I know that these
    kind of distributions in receipts can be made in service purchases but
    with services it's not possible to make scheduling agreements.
    any help will be highly appreciated. thanks in advance.

    Hi Cemal,
    Create PO with account assignment category K & in account assignment tab select distribution on quantity basis or on percentage basis.
    Here you can define the percentage for multiple account assignment.
    Even though you can change the ratio at the time of service entry sheet also.
    Hope it will help you.

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