Link on a pivot table to see the data behind summary figures

I need your support because I am not sure if what I need to do is possible.
I have a flattened table and I have created several pivot tables and slicers based on it. Once I have created the scenario I want to analyze (using slicers), I get some summarized figures in the pivot table. What I need is a way to put a link on those figures
to allow me to see the data associated to them.
For instance, if after applying some slicer I get one figure 3, another 2 and grand total 5, I need to see the 2, 3 or 5 records behind them filtered in the existing data (not just double-click and create a new worksheet) .
Thanks in advance for your comments,

Hyperlinks in pivots are not supported.
There is some limited drill through functionality built into pivots, but you can't do a lot to configure how it behaves.
If it is enabled, which I believe it is by default, you show be able to double click on a aggregated total and a new sheet will pop up with the underlying records.  If your measure is a relatively simple aggregation and the underlying data is a
flat file then this should work pretty well.  The results can be unexepected if the measures are complex or there are a lot of underlying relationships in the model.
The other possibility is to use the pivots ability to collapse/expand fields. If you can put the row ID for the individual records into the rows of your pivot beneath what ever aggregated row you are currently displaying, then you should be able to expand
into the rows and see the lower levels of the "hierarchy".  By default, all rows in you pivot would be collapsed, but then a user could click the little plus sign next to the row label and expand it to see the underlying records.

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    There is no link from VBRP to BSEG directly.
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    Leon Lai

    Hi Visakh,
    Thanks a lot for your reply.
    It works fine for me, and your query gave the foll. results which are exactly what I wanted:
    I cant understand reason behind requirement like this
    It is rather difficult to explain my rationale in this forum.
    In brief, I am developing a kind of relationship map for all documents in a chain of transactions.
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    It is quite remarkable that you have correctly answered my question, even though you could not understand my rationale. 
    Best Regards

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    Talk to your abaper on how to use the BAPI  'BAPI_CREDIT_ACCOUNT_GET_STATUS'
    This will show you the information you want
    Short Text
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    This method enables A/R summary data to be determined. A/R summary data contains all the data regarding credit that is required to be able to conduct an operative credit check when entering orders.
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    Hi annerose,
    This problem has appeared in a few other threads. It's caused by installing Release 2 Raptor over Release 1 Raptor without first deinstalling Release 1 Raptor . So what you need to do is:
    1) Back up any important Raptor files, e.g. connections etc.
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    Hi Jay,
    its so simple,
    please goto the manage aggregates screen and copy the technical name of the aggregate and add
    /bic/exxx  xxx is the aggregate technical name, and for f fat table use /bic/fxxx, and go to se16 and enter the table name and thats it ur data is with u.

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    since you didn't specify, are you recording in a single take?
    (Let the page FULLY load. The link to your answer is at the top of your screen)

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    Kind regards,

    Shay Shmeltzer wrote:
    Can you post an image of your screen so we can see how it looks like?
    If you delete the JDeveloper\system11. directory - does your IDE get back to the right way of displaying the data control?Hello,
    Many thanks for your reply, kindly find attached screenshots for the two installation of Jdeveloper 11g I have (release 1 & 2), it shows clearly that the “Data Control” is available for release 1, but not available for release 2, even we are talking about the same application!
    Regarding the “JDeveloper\system11.”, I’m not sure if I have it (attached a list of directories installed), I was not able to find it under my installation directory, therefore I can’t answer your question, but please advise if it could be the reason, how I may have it, do you think there is something wrong with the installation? I noticed that some persons having the same problem before me, so what was wrong, and how they solve it? I appreciate any help please, many thanks.
    P.S. regarding the attached files, sorry I don't know how to attach files to my reply (you may email me at [email protected] so I can send you the screenshots through email, if you please), any help regarding that too will be appreciated.
    Directory     Location
    o.adf-faces-query-and-lov-dt.     E:\Oracle11MW\Middleware\jdeveloper\jdev\unit-tests\system11.
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    Datasource / tables in the source system
    Go to RSA2 (DS Repository) in your source system and display your source system.
    If Extraction Method is 'V' - you are lucky and you see table name where data is taken from.
    If it is F* - function module is used, and you have to go thru its code to see all the tables it uses and logic how data is
    Ext. Meth   Short text                                                                               
    V                 Transparent Table or DB View                
    D                  Fixed Domain Value                          
    F1                Function Module (Complete Interface)        
    F2                Function Module (Simple Interface)          
    Q                 Extraction Using ABAP Query                 
    A                 DataSource Append                           
    Since you have the extract structure and the extractor, you must have some transaction like the Extractor Checker RSA3. If so
    then execute ST05, switch on the trace and execute the extractor checker. Once the extractor checker presents the results
    switch off trace. The clcik on Display trace and you will see all the tables that were hit by the extractor checker to
    retrieve data and present it to you.
    Hope this helps.

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    Hi, I installed owb and created a test mapping and deployed it successfully. It inserted few rows in my table. How can i see the data which was inseted other than SQLplus.
    Can i view data trough any OWb reports or do I need to use discoverer or report tools to view the data.

    Hi Sam,
    SQL Plus is one route, the other is indeed Discoverer or any relational query tool. For 10gR2 we are adding data viewers so you can see this directly in OWB.

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    Hi Gurus,
    I have attend for one interview and faced one question is that how can we see the finance related data in r/3?
    they asked the same question.
    can you please let me know how we can see the data for perticular module like HR,FInance...
    Points 'll be assigned..

    For Finance the standard datasources are
    Go to R/3 lbwe
    select these datasources
    click on manage
    you will get a window with fields. here in the right hand corner there is a drop down which giives table names
    Goto RSA3 and give the datasource name

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    How are you getting to full screen mode? I assume you are using Full Screen mobile add-on?
    Try the following instead:
    * Download Firefox Beta (v22) from google play
    * Navigate to about:config
    * In the search bar look for "dynamic"
    * Toggle '' to 'true'
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    Now when using Firefox beta the navigation/loading bar will disappear automatically when you scroll down a page and will reappear when you click on a link.
    Please note that this is an experimental feature so there may be some issues. But I think it works better than the add-on. The feature will eventually come to the standard release version of Firefox for Android.

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    [related thread|]
    in the example above,
    "market" is put on the "rows"
    "brand" is put on the "columns"
    "value" is put on the "measures", and set "Show Data As -> Percent Of -> Row" for measure "value"
    the table of the pivot table shows correct computed data
    but why does not the chart show by computed data (percentage)????
    is there any setting to show in term of percentage.
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    When you chart pivoted results, what type of chart are you using? You may not be able to display marketwise % in a bar chart. You may want to try out the pie chart where you can display marketwise % values.

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    I guess you mean the target table in BW, correct?
    First replicate your DSource in BW
    Open your TRules. In tab Transfer structure/Datasource locate your field in the right pane (should be greyed, not blue); move it from to the left (to the transfer structure); reactivate and reload.
    You should now see the field in your PSA table.
    hope this helps...

  • How SID table will get the data?

    Any one can please let me know, how the SID table will get the data. I am not able to trace.
    Thanks in Advance.

    SID will not have data it will only contains data
    when the masterdata loads it will also create corresponding SID's  which can be later used to link master data table to fact table

Maybe you are looking for

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