Linking a footer to another page on your Master page?

I would like to have a Terms and Conditions link, along with some others that are all on the bottom footer of the Master Page. How do I create this and link it? Do I have to creat child sites under each page I make and link to it some how?

1. In your Master page create the text "Terms and Conditions".
2. Place the text in your footer area.
3.Select the text and check the "Footer" radio button to assign the text as a footer. (located on the top tool bar)
4 Select the text and link it to the Terms and Conditions page you created. (locate the box beside the word "Hyperlinks:" on the top tool bar, select the box and drop down will appear with all the pages you created, select the page and the text will be linked to that page.)

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    I'm doing a multi-page brochure and I've got all my master pages set up. on the odd pages applied with master page 'A,' a colored rectangle appears when I print that is not on screen on my master page 'A,' nor is it an object on those pages. it also appeared on a pdf that i sent out.
    I can't get rid of it! I've tried to delete the master page 'A' and create a new one (made a copy of a master that didn't have issues), then applied that to the odd pages. no luck.

    Thanks Al, you've been a busy ID user over the years. Me, I've only been using it for a couple years and I always seem to learn something new every day. Thanks for your help, and I'll continue to read further into the threads. There's always more than one way to skin a cat, we all know that, so there are multiple ways to fix the problem at hand. Some of my spreads hold large photos that actually go right through the spine of the spread, and yet the two pages of the spread can actually have 2 different master pages applied. So, I've got to figure out which way is best..whether its moving the master page items away from the spine or if splitting up the pages is better (not exactly sure how that will work yet with large spread photos). I'll look into it more later, when I have more time. Right now I'm on deadline (monthly magazine), and for a quick and easy fix, I can switch master pages off and just copy the master items over to each page spread where I need them.
    and thanks for the tip on I didn't know they existed....and now I do, thanks! (too many websites...too little time!

  • Unable to set site master page and system master page separetly in SP 2013

    How to set site master page and system master page separetly in SP 2013,even setting different master pages through code or UI.Always only  single custom master page is getting applied for both.
    Thanks & Regards, Krishna

    Check below:
    Normally on Masterpage setting of publising site the second option is for Settings page and 1st option is for site.

  • Auto-number page objects from master pages

    Hello all! I'm trying to set up a photo contact sheet template in InDesign so that we can get rid of the one we're using in Word that's rather...clunky. The only caption underneath each photo will be a simple, basic number that increases sequentially. There are six photos per page. I dove into numbered lists for the first time and figured out how to make the numbered captions work on the regular document pages, but I am trying to avoid creating the caption text box objects there because these contact sheets could be anywhere from 10-40 pages, and it's much easier to just create a slew of new pages from a master page.
    When I transfer the number captions to the master page, the numbers are correctly sequenced when a single new document page is created from that master...but any additional document pages have the same sequential numbers (e.g. 1-6)! Is there a way to get around this?

    Peter, without threading, the individual text boxes on the master page do number correctly. They are empty text boxes except for an invisible character such as a hard return, and once I have the invisible character in place, the numbers appear.
    Because 1-6 already number and appear correctly, it doesn't make sense to me to thread them together, although I did try it including from caption 6 back to caption 1...this resulted in caption 1 disappearing and all the other captions reducing by increments of one (1-5).
    I'm not sure if I'm 'placing' my list incorrectly (that term doesn't quite make sense to me ~ I thought you define a list and then apply it directly or through a paragraph style?) or what, but do you have any other suggestions?

  • Hide Link in footer area of print out  after Printable page is clicked

    Hi all
    In iExpense after submiting the claim there is a printable page button appears by which user can get the print of the
    claim raised. But ont point is there ... in printout of the claim (hardcopy) .. in the footer area of the paper .. a
    link appears i.e.
    my client doesn't want that link in print out of the claim but I am unable to find that link in my OAF page...thant link
    only appears in printout.
    Is there any idea to hide that link in printout..
    Please help...
    Amit Jaitly

    Hi Amit
    Have you got any solution to hide the link in printable page.We also have the same type of requirement where we have to remove TIP from printable page.
    Your help will be highly appreciated.

  • Hierarchical Master Pages - modifying a master page which inherits another

    I am not able to delete items on a new master page (after applying a previous master page) unless I go to that previous master page and delete the items there. I've heard there is the ability to override attributes from hierarchical master page sets. Could I be missing a step?

    It's the normal behavior of hierarchical master pages. Check this out:

  • Import multiple Word docs to multiple pages with same master page?

    Hi, I should start by saying I have no scripting experience.  However, I am wondering if there is a simple script available for the following issue:
    I have set up a master page with three linked text boxes. Right now, I use Cmd+D to select a word file, and then Shift+click in the first box to place the text on the page. But I have 125 pages that are exactly the same layout, just different Word files to be imported. I could repeat this process 125 times, but I am wondering if there is a way to tell InDesign to create 125 pages using Master Page X and import one file for each?
    I am using InDesign CS5 v 7.0.4 on Mac OSX Snow Leopard v 10.6.7
    Thank in advance for any help you can offer,

    I was able to import the word documents as long as there was only one text frame on the master page. However, when I created multiple text frames (the text in the word document needs to flow from frame 1 to frame 2), it always imported into frame 2 and skipped frame 1. In case it is helpful to understand what I mean, I attach two screenshots. The first (sans text) is the master page, and the second is Page 1 after running the script. I added the labels Frame 1 and Frame 2 to Page 1, not the Master, because otherwise the text gets imported into the frame with the words "Frame 2". I suspect I have to label the frames in InDesign and then add something to the script that says insert into the Frame 1, but I'm not sure how to do that.
    It wasn't clear from your narrative in June that the text frames were linked, and that the text needed to flow between frames.
    The script, as implemented, only overrides one text frame, (textFrames[0],  which is the top-most text frame in the stacking order), and then places the text in it. Clearly that's not correct for your scenario.
    You mention 3 frames but only mention flowing between 2 frames.
    Anyhow, it sounds like you want the script to override all 3 text frames, and then to place in the first textframe.
    The first is easy, the question is really what should happen when there are more than 3 text frames -- should it override all text frames, or only some. You could specify which ones with a Script Label, or you could do something more clever. For the moment, let's just override all text frames.
    Then you have to specify which one to place into. You could just select the frame you want and Arrange > Bring To Front. Or we could specify frames[2], which should be the 3rd-from-the-top (after frames[0] and frames[1]). I'll do the latter, but feel free to keep the script the same and do the former:
        i, frames;
    for (i=0; i<p.length; i++) {
        frames = p[i].appliedMaster.textFrames.everyItem().override(p[i]);
        frames[2].place(new File("/path/to/page"+p[i].name+".doc"));

  • How do I create an underlying master page for my master pages (without messing them up)?

    I created a Muse site long ago, and wanted to fix my SEO easily overall by better analytics among other things.
    Perhaps I am doing this the wrong way but I was thinking I could create a master page that I could just drop the html I needed into, and thus not fuss too much with my other pages. The problem is I already have master pages that my site is based on (before you could do this), and it would be much easier to have those master pages stem from one source (a Master master page?).
    Everytime I try to do this it changes my current master and final pages. Anyway I can create and invisible master so this doesn't happen?
    What should I do instead?

    Your intructions were my plan untill I realized that in doing so, it changed the backgrounds etc of my current masterpages. I realize that this is a lack of planning due to my very rusty design principles, and something I wouldn't have done in my day job if the features had been in place. (so thank you for the new features!) 
    While I realize I could probably fix this by recreating the site with a uniform underlying Primary Master Page feeding into my Secondary Master Pages, I was trying to create a master page that in effect wouldn't change a thing in the other subservient masterpages (thus allowing me freedom to create groups of pages with common analytics or any other types of code).
    Simply when I take your suggestion, things change... can I do this without making things change?
    Not sure if this makes sense. I am trying to avoid coding or a overhaul b/c of time constraints.

  • Insert Page Name in Master page

    I was wondering if there was an easy way to insert the page name inside a master page, something like indesign's variable ?
    If i want this exactly like the widgets (drag and drop a box, it places with editable attribute of pageitem::menu), i'm ok to type and paste some html.
    (I also wonder how to use the widgets.muse file to build my own, but that's another question i guess)

    Thanks, this sounds like just what I'm after. However…
    I feel pretty silly asking this, but I can't understand the Adobe Help files on overriding a master item.
    It lists a two step process:
    Make sure the master item can be overridden -this seems to be fine. After selecting the inserted File Name in the master I can see a tick next to Allow Master Item Overrides On Selection in the Pages panel menu.
    Override specific master items on a document page - this is where I get lost.
    Firstly I can't select the items on a regular (non-master) page. Am I meant to select them on the master page?
    Secondly the help file simply says "Change the selected master items as desired." How do I change them. There's no explicit instruction, and I can't for the life of me work it out.
    More generally (if this does happen on a master), do I need to make this change on every document in the book, or can I simply make the change on the Style Source and then synchronise the remaining files?

  • Create a blank page without custom master page applied,left navigation,top navigation

     i am having a requirement where in i need to a  show a report- which is actually a  3rd party tool's custom web part -. this web part is a report which has lot of metadata. so customer doesnt want to see the custom master page
    or left navigation, top navigation, right nav in this page.
    is it possible to achieve a  blank  web part page that doesnt have custom master page applied- i mean  this page should not inherit the my custom master page- and just add the custom web part here.
    help is appreciated!

    3 ways.
    1.use a blank page using sharepoint designer
    2. remove applied master page for an existing page
    3 use &isdlg=1 on your URL ( to hide the top of the master page elements )
    Romeo Donca, Orange Romania (MCSE, MCITP, CCNA) Please Mark As Answer if my post solves your problem or Vote As Helpful if the post has been helpful for you.

  • Presence indicators not working on pages using custom master page

    I have a SP 2013 publishing site. I crated a custom master page using Randy Drisgill's starter master page for SP2013. All good so far. Then I created a page to hold a people search (refinement, search box and search results web parts). The search results
    show the staff info and photo but the colour to the left of the image is not there. They are all white. Also when you hover over the image you don't get the popup to send an email or start an IM.
    I initially though it must have been an issue with some of the javascript that my custom master page has included such as jQuery. Swapping back to the Seattle OOTB master page the presence indicators appeared, but it took a long time after the swap - like
    the JS was cached and when I swapped back to my custom master page the presence stuff worked for a little while before disappearing again.
    Then in IE developer tools I noticed that if I set it to use 10 instead of Edge the presence indicators always work. As soon as swapping back to Edge they die.
    So I'm confused as to whether it is a conflict with jQuery or some other JS on my master page or if it is that the IM presence indicators don't work in Edge.
    Has anyone had a similar experience and found an answer?

    No my master page does not have that in it. That is in Randy's 2010 starter master page but not in his 2013 one.
    The issue appears to be this line in the master page which was forcing IE to use Edge rendering engine which the init.js code must not be compatible with.
    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge,chrome=1">
    Switching to using IE 10 works.
    <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=10" />

  • Can't select text boxes with Type Tool to write in on pages, only on Master Page

    I'm unable to use the Type Tool to select the tax boxes on a document page in Indesign CC. I can select it on the Master Page. I can write on the Master Page. If I apply the Master Page afterwards, the written text from the Master Page appear on the document page, just as it should. But whenever I try to select a column on a document page, all the Type Tool does is draw a new text box (which I can select and write in). What's up with that? I applied the Master multiple times. If I can write on a the Master Page, why not on the document page?

    Individual master frames can be overridden on a document page by holding down Cmd + Shift (Mac) or Ctrl + Shift (Windows) and clicking on them with the Selection tool.
    Empty master text frames are generally more useful for placing external text files and having them flow from page to page than for typing, and they need not be overridden to do that -- just move the loaded cursor inside the frame.

  • Setting a page as a master page

    How would I set a page that I created as a master page? I would just copy and paste everything to the master page, but I created a pretty elaborate slideshow widget that I cannot seem to be able to copy (how would I copy and paste a widget?).
    Thank you.

    Do the following steps to make the most accurate move of content from page to Master.
    > Open the page and do Edit > Select All (Ctrl + A)
    > Do Edit > Copy (Ctrl + C)
    > Open the Master Page and do Edit > Paste in Place (Ctrl + Alt + Shift + V)

  • How do you  go back a page  to your original page

    how do you go back a page

    If your talking about Safari, you can just click the back arrow button.
    Or if your talking about a previous page you had opened that isn't in that particular session, touch the button that looks like boxes stacked on each other.

  • Am unable to drag color sample to master main page design in Build Out Your Master Page section of Katie's Cafe

    I see the color sample in the Library but it doesn't respond when I try to click and drag

    Can you replicate the behavior with all pages or is it with some specific page ?
    What are the page contents that you are using on page ? Please post some screenshots which would be help for understanding the issue.
    Try to re-import the library and then test out.

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