Linking Excel to a Disco report.

I want to link an Excel sheet to a discoverer report i.e. in a discoverer report, I want to provide a link (URL) pointing to an excel sheet.
Any ideas as to how I can do it ???

Your code seems to be fine. Looks like there is some problem with your report. Are you able to run the report
Please try a simple one with department like this. It works fine for me.
mdeptno NUMBER;
Rep_Url Varchar2(2000);
mdeptno := p_session.get_value_as_number(
p_block_name=> 'DEFAULT', p_attribute_name=> 'A_DEPTNO');
Rep_Url :=
This code I have entered in the success section of the form.
If even this does not work, then there is a problem in your build.

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    Is it possible to embed discoverer viewer into Portal page. I know one way, I can achieve this in older versions by using <IFRAME src="worksheet url"></iframe> as HTML portlet. But, the problem here is that, our Discoverer viewer is SSO protected. So,I don't want user to single sign on again, as they have already have done that when they got into portal.
    My second question is , I have developed Page-Detail report in Disco plus, also I have Drill to Detail in the same report. Drill to Detail is created using "Manage Link" option. When I deploy this report into Portal using Disco Portlet provider, firstly in portal it is not showing the Page Item, also the Drill through link also is not showing.
    Any help on the above questions would be greatly helpful.

    Firstly thank you very much for your response.
    The Disco report I have is a Discoverer Plus report with Drill to Detail to another workbook(developed through manage link). But this Drillable link is not showing in the published Disco portlet. Are you saying that it should in the published disco portlet? .. As posted in previous response , I know this would work from Analyze link(which basically lauches viewer)..
    But users would like to see this drillable link in the report in portal page itself(which means on the published portlet itself). To achieve this only, I used Iframes in Html portlet and showing the Discoverer viewer url. It works fine, but only thing is each time user naviges to portal page, it executes the report which takes some time. I am trying to avoid the execution process. I think one solution is I can just schdule these Disco reports and that way it will not query the database each time. I was wondering if there is any other solution maybe I am missing

  • Can we create Multi Tabbed excel Sheet using Crystal Reports 2008

      We want to create a Crystal Report which will export the output as multiple Tab's ( we can use sub reports).  Can we create a Multi Tabbed excel Sheet using Crystal Reports 2008 ( not  Crystal reports Basic 2008). Please share any information/links on how to do that.
    Also if it is not supported please let us know which version supports it.

    At least one of the 3rd-party Crystal Reports Desktop Scheduling tools listed at: provides that functionality.  It allows you to burst a single report so that each Group at level 1 becomes a separate tab.  You can control the tab names (and tab colors) via fields/formulas inside the report.
    You can also automate the process of exporting to (and also replacing or appending to) specified tabs inside existing workbooks.

  • HTML links from Full Check Accessibility report do not open the corresponding PDF links

    I regularly generate full Check accessibility reports for the PDF user guides I create in MSWord. However, when I click the links in the HTML file/report generated, they are supposed to link/highlight the corresponding errors in the PDf file. Instead, I get an error message that "There was an error opening this document. Bad parameters."
    How can I get the links to work so I know which section in my PDF has the error (inaccessible items).

    I understand you are creating HTML reports and then using them to find errors/view the PDFs. 
    Is this a new problem or  have you always had problems with the links?  If it's a new problem, what has changed on your system?
    Can you view other PDFs in your browser? 
    Have you moved any of the files since you created the report -- as you may know the HTML report references a specific lcoation on your hard drive and if you moved the PDF after creating the report, it may not be able to find the file.

  • Excel Output For Standard Report In R12

    Hi Experts,
    My Client wants Excel Output for Standard Reports ( ex:-Open Purchase Order Report (by cost center)_xml)
    I changed the default output to Excel in Template of xml publisher administrator Responsibility.
    Now it is showing the Excel output, but The layout of report is not same as layout which in text output of standard report.
    Please guide me is there any solution to develop the reports layout in ms-excel using xml file rather than rtf template.

    Hi Alex,
    Thanks for your replay.
    Generating the new rtf template which is same as standard layout is difficult task for us. Actually we have 120 reports which have same requirement.
    Is there any other solution for this . please guide me
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  • Getting a report in excel format from oracle report builder 10gDS release2

    I want to get a report in excel format from oracle report builder 10gDS release2.
    Is there ne method by which minimum effort is required for changing already made reports .
    I have searched for it on internet :-
    Example, given in the last of the page opened from the above url, is not working.
    Can neone plz explain the example and how to use it
    Thanks & Regards

    Ok, for the release 2 its quite straightfoward, in your calling form you would have something like this code:
         pl_id ParamList;
    repid REPORT_OBJECT;
    v_rep VARCHAR2(100);
    v_rep_status VARCHAR2(20);
    v_repsrv     VARCHAR2(100):= 'yourreportserver';
    v_serv varchar2(50) := 'yourservername' ;
    pl_id := Get_Parameter_List('tmpdata');
    if not id_null(pl_id) then
    Destroy_Parameter_List( pl_id );
    end if;
    pl_id := Create_Parameter_List('tmpdata');
    Add_Parameter(pl_id,'DESTYPE' ,TEXT_PARAMETER,'Screen' );
    Add_Parameter(pl_id,'PARAMFORM' ,TEXT_PARAMETER,'NO' );
    set_report_object_property(repid,REPORT_DESTYPE,CACHE );
    set_report_object_property(repid,REPORT_DESFORMAT,'SPREADSHEET' );
    v_rep := RUN_REPORT_OBJECT(repid,pl_id);
    v_rep := substr(v_rep,length(v_repsrv)+2,10 ) ;
    I have plenty of reports being formated to excel with this same method so it should work for you, the only diference with my previous code is this line.
    set_report_object_property(repid,REPORT_DESFORMAT,'SPREADSHEET' );
    The rest remains untouched.
    Hope it helps.

  • Error while download the data to an Excel sheet for ECC report from EP

    Hi experts,
    I had created a report program which will download the data to an Excel sheet using SAP OLE object
    For this report i had created a tcode too. The report which i developed is perfectly working fine in SAPGUI. But if i download the data to an Excel sheet for the same report throught SAP EP.I am getting the  error that "Error in excel downlaod"
    I analyed by putting dubigg point and it throws exception while calling Function module.
    The excpetion is " OLE object id not found".
    Can any body gives a light on this why i'm not able download the excel in ep?

    (by the way I came here to ask my question and is my first time visit but...)
    The problem is obvious: How do you expect OLE handler can "touch" the local PC Excel through a web browser? I believe that is not possible. That means (at least for me) that I have to create the whole documents before I return them to the user. That is why I use XML Office documents generation or you can try to hack some Export to excel features of ERP reports.
    Regards Otto

  • How to hide edit link for  some rows in report? (according to value of col)

    How to hide edit link for some rows in report? (according to value of column)

    Hi siyavuş
    You can do this by taking the edit link off the report and putting it into your report SQL.
    Use something like Select CASE WHEN (condition)  THEN
    'Put your edit link in here as an html Anchor like<a href="(target)">Edit</a>'
    END edit_link
    FROM test_table tthope it helps,
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    This allows forum users to quickly find the correct answer.

  • Link column from an interactive report to insert a row in a tabular form

    Hi, I need your help, i'm new on APEX and i really need to make a "link column" from an "interactive report" to insert a row into a "tabular form".
    I mean that when you click the "link column" instantly create a new row in the Tabular form with the information of the linked row on the interactive report. Its something like that.
    I really appreciate your help.
    Ricardo Capuz

    Hi Ricardo,
    You can use the following code as per your requirement (this is just an example),
    (In this case IR report is in Page#1 and Tabular form is in Page#2),
    On Page#1, Create a hidden item (i.e 'P1_ID')
    IR Report query as like the below,
    select empno,
    empno "copy"
    from empUse the below JS code in Page HTML Header section,
    function f_insert_row(pSub)
    Edit  Report Attribute -> copy column -> Under Column Link
    Link Text: Select your column name (i.e. #EMPNO#)
    Target: URL
    URL: javascript:f_insert_row(#EMPNO#);
    Then create a process to insert like below,
    insert into emp_test (select * from emp where empno=:P1_ID);
    END;Process condition as * Request=Expression1* in Expression1 as 'ADD'.
    At last, create a branch to Page#2, Check 'include process success message' and with the same condition as * Request=Expression1* in Expression1 as 'ADD'.

  • Acrobat X - Word with linked Excel-Sheets is blank

    Hello Acrobats,
    the following problem occurs using MS Office 2007 on Win XP with Acrobat X PDF-Maker:
    A MS Word document has a linked Excel-Sheet inserted.
    The PDF maker is used to create a PDF with no tags or PDF/A specification.
    With Acrobat 9 no problems occured.
    Now, with Acrobat X the following happens: The part, where the Excel sheet is positioned, only a black frame is shown with a "play"-button (as shown below).
    Does anybody know how to avoid this problem?
    Thanks in advance

    Hi ,
    This is a known issue and this will be fixed soon in the next sub-release of Acrobat X . Till then ,as a workaround , you can copy paste the contents of the 'linked' file to your word file ,instead of linking the file , this will produce an equivalent PDF .
    Thanks for your feedback .

  • How to generate Excel files in Oracle Reports

    I've already built a JSP using oracle reports and Deploy on the report service. I also add a button to the left of the JSP.The next thing I want to do is:when user click on the button, the system will prompt a excel file contains the same content as the JSP file.
    Can anybody teach me how to do? Thanks very much

    Hi Ni,
    It may not be possible to see the output of the SAME report in Excel as well. You will have to design another report which can open in Excel. You can follow this demo:
    Then you can add an action to your button so that it opens the new report in a new browser window. This new browser window will open MS Excel and show the report inside Excel.
    The reason that you can't output the SAME report in HTML as well as MS Excel is because we use page contentType to specify the application that the browser should open the document in (the application can be MS Word, MS Excel, etc). For example,
    <%@ page contentType="application/" %>
    But we can only specify one contentType for a JSP, so the report can either be viewed as HTML or inside MS Excel.

  • Importing Word Files With linked Excel files

    I have a word document with linked excel files that appear as linked images in word. When these images are clicked it opens it up in Excel where I can edit them which is fine. However, I would like to import the word doc into adobe indesign with editable tables - not images. Is there a way I can do this?
    Importing, exporting, converting. Nothing seems to work besides manually bring in the separate excel doc in one by one but that will be very time consuming at my end.
    Thanks for any feedback.

    AFAIK, that won't work. InDesign doesn't support OLE.
    You may need to convert those Excel tables to Word tables before placing into ID.

  • Step- by- Step on How to Load Excel data into Crystal Reports?

    Hi Friends,
                      Can anyone send me a Step- by- Step on How to Load Excel data into Crystal Reports? Pls help me. Thanks in Advance.

    It's also important to 'prep' the excel file prior to connecting to it.
    Give the data tab a meaningful name
    Make sure the column headers are unique and that every column has a header
    Delete any blank tabs
    If you have trouble with Excel changing the data type of a field (say, a social security number you want to be a string value rather than a number so you don't lose leading zero) an alternative would be to save the spreadsheet file as a CSV, create a schema.ini to specify the data types for each column (example below) and use the same steps to connect except instead of choosing Excel 8.0, scroll to the bottom and choose Text.  You have to make sure the CSV file is in the same folder as the schema.ini file that defines the columns.
    Schema.ini example:
    Col1=SSN Char Width 9
    Col2=LAST_NM Char Width 25
    Col3=FIRST_NM Char Width 25
    Col4=DOB Date
    Col5=STDNT_ID Char Width 10
    Col6=SORTKEY Char Width 10
    Col7=SCHOOL_NM Char Width 30
    Col8=OTHER_ID Integer
    Col9=GRADE Char Width 2
    The filename in the first line needs to have the []  brackets around it, but I couldn't get it to display in this forum correctly.
    Edited by: Eric Petersen on Jan 27, 2010 9:40 AM

  • LINK Excel.Sheet has issues with Non-English Office

    In non-english office when we issue
    LINK  Excel.Sheet.12 command, the range parameter is causing "Error! Invalid Link" error (¡Error! Vínculo no válido in spanish).
    Example if we do:
    {LINK  Excel.Sheet.12 C:\\Temp\\Text.xlsx  Test!R1C1:R2C2 \a \f 4 \h}
    We get invalid link error (in spanish).
    But when we remove the range parameter:
    {LINK  Excel.Sheet.12 C:\\Temp\\Text.xlsx  \a \f 4 \h}
    It works. This of course by default links only the first sheet by default. Anyone knows if this is a bug in Office for non-english? We are using Office 2010.

    Hi V.C.A,
    Based on your description, it seems that your issue was related with the field link feature of the Word, and this forum is mainly discussing about the Word development questions related to VSTO, VBA and .etc. For your issue, I will recommend you going to
    the forum below for help:​
    Thanks for your understanding.
    Best Regards,
    We are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time. Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.
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