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I'm running Acrobat 8 Standard and recently installed Firefox 3.6.  Links in PDF documents are now opening in IE, even though Firefox is set to be my default browser.  I've looked for a setting that controls this but there doesn't seem to be any.  Is this a new problem with FF 3.6?  I'm not having this problem with any other software containing embedded links (MS Office, Outlook, IM, etc.).
This only happens when I'm running Acrobat standalone.  When using the Firefox plug-in links open in the same FF tab.

Is Mail the only external app that has that problem?
I remember having a similar issue and that was caused by an add-on who was messing up with the Firefox behavior.
If this is the case, you should see the same behavior when opening links from other apps.
To resolved, you have 2 options. Either use Firefox Reset ([[Reset Firefox – easily fix most problems]] ) or try to use Safe Mode ([[Troubleshoot Firefox issues using Safe Mode]] ).
Firefox Reset will reset the majority of your Firefox settings (including the add-ons) while keeping the most important information safe (Bookmarks, etc). In the other hand Safe Mode will allow you to test Firefox with a clean profile and then it will allow you to disable all the Add-ons. If that solves the issue, you should activate the add-ons one by one until you find the one it's causing the problem.
I hope this helps you.

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  • Ince updating my firefox browser whenever i click on an internet link in an email it does not open on firefox although my mac switches to the firefox window as this is my default browser- what to do? Previously this has always worked without a hitch...

    ince updating my firefox browser whenever i click on an internet link in an email it does not open on firefox athough my mac switches to the firefox window as i have this set to be my default browser- what should i do?

    I have the same problem, and I also wondered if Google toolbar has anything to do with it. There GMAIL was set as the default mail application at first. I have removed that setting, but Firefox 4.0.1 continues to use GMAIL instead of Outlook which is my selection for mailto handling.

  • Skype chat links are not opening in firefox on Mac

    I have Mac book pro running OS 10.6.8 "Snow Leopard", skype 6.15 (335), and my default browser is Firefox version 32.0.3.
    Recently I experience a problem when someone send me a link it dose not open in Firefox, actually it switch to Firefox when I click on the link on Skype chat but no new tab is opening. I have to right click the link and then choose "Open URL" to get the link.
    If you have any suggestions please help.
    Thank You

    I had a similar problem on a website when a particular page was writing on the screen. This particular page later discovered contained a code that disabled anything from being clicked on or selected etc. It was as though there was an invisible windows in front (literally there was). I removed the code and everything went back to normal.
    Nothing wrong with Firfefox, Windows or Ubuntu. Incidentally, windows Internet Explorer v8 didn't have a problem since it was not up to date to handle the new CSS code. :)
    Here's the code that prevented anything on the page from being clicked:
    <div id="FirebombOverlay" style="display: block; position: fixed; left: 0pt; top: 0pt; width: 100%; height: 100%; margin: 0pt; padding: 0pt; outline: medium none; background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% transparent; z-index: 999999;"></div>
    Most likely it got injected there without the user being aware of it. This was injected back in march 2012 so since then the browsers did not pick it up and just plainly ignored the code until new browser updates got installed to handle the css code.
    I have no idea how it got there but my best guess would be a silent plugin of which I have no idea which one.
    The above code is some form of style sheet code that puts a layer in front of the page. It would be put into good use in stopping people from selected the page contents or to do damage to there site. You can perhaps put it over images from stopping people downloading using browser right click save image command.
    I hope this would help those who are having the problem.

  • I recently upgraded my Mac to OS 10.6.5. Now the links in my incoming emails will not open in Firefox, but they will in Safari. What do I do?

    there is nothing more to add.... links from a wide variety of sources simply do not open up firefox and open the website like they used to. I can copy the links and paste them into firefox and they will open.

    this answer does not help at all. It tells me how to change my mail client for outgoing mail. I use iCal from mac, which is the default mail program, and it works well for me. The problem is with INCOMING mail that contains clickable links that will not open the page in firefox. When I click them nothing happens. iCal and Firefox used to play together just fine; now firefox doesn't answer when I click a link sent to me and received in my iCal.
    Thanks for your help.

  • Links in Mac Mail will not open in Firefox. This recently became an issue.

    When I select a hyperlink in Mac Mail the courser changes shape but will not open in Firefox, my default browser. I have used Mail with Firefox for a couple of years & it worked fine, until now. I can change the default to Safari & it works fine with Safari.
    Also periodically Firefox hangs up & I have to force close it. That started to happen only recently too.

    The operating system has to have information about what the default browser is in order to open a link in a browser.

  • Links from emails do not open in Firefox

    Recently when I click on a link (usually from an email), it will not open in Firefox. Although I am taken to Firefox, the new link doesn't open, instead I just see the windows that were already open. This was working before. I reinstalled Firefox which seemed to fix the problem for a week or so, but now it's not working again.
    I checked and Firefox is set as the default browser, and there are no security problems in the error report. I am running version 3.6.12 on a MacBook Pro using Snow Leopard

    some say its to do with uninstalling chrome which i have just done.. there is no simple fix to it... well depends how computer literate you are i suppose... some suggest reinstalling chrome in order to resolve it.. i am not sure that i wouldnt make matters worse if i tried to fix it. see:

  • Whenever I double click on any htm or html document it will not open with firefox it gives a message window saying "Windows can not file path please type correctly" (not extact these words)

    I installed new version 4. Whenever I double click on any htm or html document it will not open with firefox it gives a message window saying "Windows can not file path please type correctly" (not extact these words) .. It was working when old firefox was there..

    I tried it again using "save link as", and this time it actually worked! I just now downloaded several more using the "save link as" option, and it works perfectly. Thanks. Problem solved.

  • I use Earthlink mailbox, and I want my email links to open with Firefox, but they open with Internet Explorer; how to fix?

    I am using Windows XP 2002 operating system; Earthlink mailbox program for email with AT&T Broadband.
    I want to have Firefox as my default browser, but my email links open with Internet Explorer. I have followed the Firefox help page to set Firefox as my browser, but the problem remains.
    Do you know how to fix this? Is it a problem with Earthlink?

    I have Microsoft Outlook also with Firefox and can open just about every link, url, company page, etc via the email links. First, make sure you have noted the email as NOT JUNK so that the links are activated by Outlook. Second, Firefox needs to your default browser for the links to open in Firefox rather than IE. There are some links from Microsoft that may ignore the default and open in IE but not all anymore. I have a Sony laptop which ignores the default browser and opens all of its support information from its VAIO software loaded on the computer in IE. Besides that though, over 95% of my items will open in my default brwser selection, which is currently Firefox.
    Go to this link to make sure Firefox is your default browser.
    Or this link to make any browswer of your choice the default.
    Hope this helps.

  • Images loaded fine in the previous version of firefox, but now do not open in firefox 5. It is our business' website. it opens and looks fine in explorer and other browsers.

    Images (actually graphics) loaded fine in the previous version of firefox, but now do not open in firefox 5. It is our business' website. it opens and looks fine in explorer and other browsers. However, please goto (using Firefox 5)and look at how the top menu bar has a black box surrounding it and the bottom menu also has this black bar. It is not supposed to be there, if you view the site from IE, you will see what it is supposed to look like. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

    You can modify the pref <b>keyword.URL</b> on the <b>about:config</b> page to use Google's "I'm Feeling Lucky" or Google's "Browse By Name".
    * Google "I'm Feeling Lucky":
    * Google "Browse by Name":

  • SAP Management Console (5NN13 port) does not open in Firefox or IE browser.

    Hi ,
    Title: SAP Management Console (5NN13 port) does not open in Firefox or IE browser.
    Iam not able to see the pop up window SAPMC when i run the following in firefox browser but it works fine in my colleague's computer:
    I tested the same sap system with this address and it works fine - http://hostname:5NN00
    Iam sure that something has to be changed in my browser but dont know what. Please help. Thank you.

    Dear krishna,
    even if your thread is closed:
    If you get this error in firefox you just have to install java plugin.
    Please find documentation [here|].
    Best regards,
    Edited by: Alexander Foerster on Dec 2, 2011 12:44 PM

  • Website Not opening in Firefox or Chrome

    So my website will not open in Firefox or Chrome, only safari.  Why?
    It also opens slowly... 8sec load... in Safari.  My videos are on no preload and my images are web safe sizes.

    What are the contents in you website. Please share the url of your website.

  • External URL links from T. Bird E mail program will not open in Firefox. Why not ?

    I switched browsers from Opera to the latest Firefox. I open my Thunderbird email program, attempt to link to a newspaper article URL or a link to any other site and FireFox does not open. I'm using Windows XP(SP3), Thunderbird v.8.0 and Firefox 8.0.1. I've tried modifying the profile, i.e. deleting parent lock and mime types.rdf files, as suggested in various places, unchecking read only attributes in folders, etc. but nothing has effected a change.
    No problems in opening links with my old browser.

    In about:config, is set at -1.
    Yes, Firefox is already open when I click on the link embedded into an email message. If I copy and paste the link, it opens the web page with no problem. Also, if I right-click on the link in the email (usually embedded behind a button) and select "Open Link Behind Mail," it will also open the web page, however it does not jump to a Firefox window, I need to go there manually.
    If Firefox is closed when I click on the link in the email message, the browser will open with the linked web page.
    Here are all my settings:;3;true;-1;2

  • Incredimail Links will not open in Firefox, how can I fix this?

    <b>E-mail links in Incredimail (secondary client)</b><p>
    When I click a link in Incredimail nothing happens if'f Firefox is set as my default browser; whether FF is already open or not. </p><p>
    If another browser (i.e. Chrome, Opera, Idiot Explorer) is set as default, the links work fine.
    Issue started with FF22. Worked OK with older versions.</p><p>
    Links in Thunderbird (default [work] client {whether default or not}) operate properly at all times.</p><p>
    Links in Incredimail (personal client) work unless FF is default. makes no difference if InM is temporarily set as default.</p><p>
    Can I add other tags to this question? i.e. Incredimail, links </p>
    Solved it myself, see reply below.

    I got the links to work. But it's <b>aggravating,</b><i> first time.</i> <p>
    Need to open Incredimail as a sub-process of Firefox.</p>
    From the FF "<u>F</u>ile" menu, select "<u>O</u>pen file" .
    Then locate the "Icmail.exe" file and select it. <i>Please note that FF may or may not open the file automatically</i>. <p>
    If it does not, then click "save file" (in original location) and overwrite existing file. Next Click "<u>T</u>ools" , "<u>D</u>ownloads" and open from there. Links will now work. </p>Use last step next time.

  • Apple Mail links will not open in Firefox. The address bar and page are blank.

    I have just upgraded Firefox to version 4.0 and when I receive an email with a link in it, the link will not work. Firefox will load but the page is blank and the web address bar will sometimes show the link and sometimes not. If I cut and paste the address from the email it will not work.

    In preferences there is a setting for RSS that lets one choose which program is the default RSS reader. Whichever program is set to be the default RSS reader is used by to open any urls in mail messages.
    I really like my Mac but this is the most un-userfriendly, un-"it just works" thing I've run across in the 23 years I've been using Macintosh...

  • Links to id's and named anchors within a page in an iframe do not open in firefox

    In order to force layout of my liquid website, I use i-frames to display content . It is all on my sight, and I am not displaying pages from other sights. The links to sections of pages from within the same page do not work in firefox.
    I have had this problem before with named anchors, and in moving up to html5 and in making my site accessible for people with dissabilities, I started using &lt;nav&gt; eliments... and changed from named anchors to links to ID's like this:
    In an unordered list I have these:
    <pre><nowiki> <li><a href="#s1">Subject 1:</a></li>
    They link to sections of the same page like this one:
    <section id=s1>
    <h2>Subject 1:</h2>
    <p>Blah blah blaaaaah, and bla bla!</p>
    Last time I researched this problem (a year or more ago), I was told that it was because of a security risk (something about being able to count views...and other peoples proprietary and copyrighted material), but the vaguely described reasoning made little to no sense to me nor many others, who can not even link to our own stuff. The Mozilla developers were rather abrupt and some were even rude in telling us to live with it, instead of trying to come up with a solution or work around, and closed the post and disallowed further posting.
    The problem still persists, and although I am not a programmer, I have a real hard time believing that it is impossible for Firefox to distinguish between links contained within a document and site, from those on different sights, domains and what have you.
    As far as I know, no other browsers have this problem, so if it is such a big security risk, what is to stop someone with malicious intentions, from just using M$ IE, to bring their evil plan to fruition?
    In keeping with "Making the web a better place": Please address this problem, and find a solution, workaround, or at least explain why it is impossible.
    Bob English

    Thanks again jscher2000,
    I know exactly what you mean, but I have had other page display problems with adjacent columns where one side does not display completely and seems to be conforming to the other ones height... hence the height settings and other tricks to force things to be acceptable.
    I am far from understanding code, and most of the solutions, including the one in the link you posted do not have the information a novice like me would need to implement them successfully. Most of them are written for people much more advanced. Without it telling me where exactly to put the code, point to it, what I can (and should) change and remove elsewhere because of it... I am at a loss. I don't know the basics, and have tried hard to understand them, but it is not like electrical circuits, physics and other things that I can understand naturally and with ease.
    I will look into it further in a few days, meanwhile I have to attend to my real work that doesn't even pay the bills completely: guitar building and repair, now that comes easy and naturally to me!

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