List Item in Oracle forms

Hello, I am using oracle weblogic 10.3.5 with oracle forms 11g at windows 7 platform.I have an oracle form with a list item(database item). Now I have attached a record group from another database table to populate list item.My list item is by default set at null value but I want  to show a particular value in list item as when new instance  of list item is occurred:
|                 ABC                                    |             
it is a list item.It has 4 values as
Name          Value
' '                    NULL
A                    1
B                    2
ABC                3
D                    4
and when list item instance is loaded then I want to show the ABC (able name) and  3 (value) in list item.
thank You
regards aaditya

Block Level Trigger: When new record instance

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  • Problem with List Item in oracle forms

    Hello Experts,        
                         I am new in oracle forms and i am using oracle forms 11g with weblogic 10.3.5 at windows 7.
    I have 3 database tables say(tbl_city,tbl_state,tbl_address).
    Now I have made an oracle form having data block tbl_address with base table name tbl_address. In the form there are two list: one(list_state) for State_Name & State_ID and another(list_city) for City Name & C_ID display.
    Here I want when I set State_name to ASD then List item list_city should be populated with the values having State_NAME=ASD not of State_Name=XY or None.I have tried it to make but not succeeded.I have made a procedure to populate list_city list item as:
    -- here item_nm-->List item Name,  sel_val & sel_val2 for selecting C_ID and C_NAME,   tablNm---->tbl_CITY,  whr for where condition,   mtch--->selected value of list_State(list item in form)
    PROCEDURE list_item(block_nm varchar2,item_nm varchar2,sel_val varchar2,sel_val2 varchar2,tablNm varchar2,whr varchar2,mtch varchar2) IS
    group_id RecordGroup;
    group_name varchar2(10) :='abc';
    status NUMBER;
    query1 varchar2(350);
    item_name varchar2(20);
    match varchar2(50);
      group_id := find_group(group_name);
    if not id_null(group_id) then
    end if;
    --if whr='' then
    --    match:='0';
    --    end if;
    query1:='select '|| sel_val || ',TO_CHAR('|| sel_val2 || ') from '|| tablNm ||' where '||whr||' = '||mtch;
    group_id := Create_Group_From_Query(group_name,query1);
    /* Select statement must have two column*/
    status := Populate_Group(group_id);
        when others then
    I am not  able to guess what trigger  in oracle forms should be used to populate list item(list_city). Please help by giving useful suggestion.
    Thank You

    979801 wrote:
    If I use LOV in place of List Item,Then I have to populate a LOV at run time.How could I maintain a record group n attach to LOV at run time?
    On my previous post I have mentioned record group as follows:
    select * from tbl_state where s_id=:tbl_address.s_id;
    If :tbl_adress.s_id chaned during the time of run, then output values of list_city (LOV) is also changed.

  • How to Handle Automatic Skip Property of Item in Oracle Forms through Custom.pll or from other methods

    Hi All,
    How to Handle Automatic Skip Property of Item in Oracle Forms through Custom.pll or from other methods.
    This is a enhancement requirement.
    When ever user enter value in field 1 then automatically cursor should go to next field.

    Hello Bobb,
    You can create a trigger(when-list-changed) for each list item where you could:
    1.recreate the record groups and then use POPULATE_LIST so you can hide the selected values. In forms builder online help there are some good examples about create record groups dynamically.
    or can perform a validation instead of hiding the selected values. If the values is already selected the display a message 'Value already selected....'
    Second option is much faster(only an 'if clause')
    Hope this helps.

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    I have designed a form for a content type on an existing SharePoint list.  When I ran the initial wizard, I selected
    Manage multiple list items with this form which is great, exactly what I want.
    But, there are some columns in this content type that I do not want repeating and have them moved them outside of the Repeating Section but I am getting the below error.  I can't seem to find a way to create a new non-repeating group though.  Any
    advice on how to do this?


  • How to disable copy option for a text item in oracle forms

    Hello experts,
                  I am using oracle forms 11g with weblogic server 10.3.5 at windows7.I have a text item in my oracle form and I have to disable to being copy from a text item in oracle forms.Actually I have to make two text item.First text item to type a password and another text item is also to type password.Here I want that the data from first text item should not be copy through the use of mouse or keyboard shortcut key.
    thank you

    Thank You To reply, Actually doing so as you said,My problem would not be solved.This would hide data in text item than I will not be able to copy that but in my case the data should not be concealed.Actually I have to make a Form to  User registration and here is a strictly boundation to have a right email address of user.There would two text items for this purpose as: N_User_Email------> to type email address in text item.Here user would not be able to copy text written from N_User_Email R_User_Email  ------> to type email address again as in N_User_Email.

  • How to make list item as text item  in oracle forms 6i

    Hello all,
    I created one form with one list item named "Country".. This list item shows country name for the particular employee in the employee table.I created this list item as database field. In the enter query mode i search an employee , This should act as item text.. Suppose i want to add an employee in enter query mode then i fill all the necessary fields,and
    when i click "country" list item it should display all the country names from "country_tab" table..So based on the situation
    this should act as list item and item text.. Can i Do this ?.. Pls help me.

    hai Andreas Weiden,
    I simply explain my requirement:
    I want to insert data and quering data by using single form...So, I created one form with data block. This form created from employee table.I have one text item in this form named country.This is database item.
    Ok ,Now the actual problem comes.I press "Enter query" in tools menu,Then enter one employee number in employee_no field.after i press
    Execute query In tools menu. It shows all the details corresponding to that employee..
    Note: here "country" text item also shows employees country.
    Right, Now i have another requirement. In the same form I want to insert a new employee. For that
    I planed to changes country text to list item [ because when  insert i can easily pick up one country .it
    reduces typing work ] . I have another table "COUNTRY". Using this table, i should populate country list item..
    So, the country item should act as both text item [When quering] as well as list item [ When inserting ]
    Is there any idea ti do this ?
    If this not possible then what is the alternative ?
    Pls suggest me..

  • List menu in oracle forms

    hi every body,,
    i face problem in dropdown list, i want to create employee list take date from database(daynamic) and another list it inclouded department number, when i change any list it will effct to seconde list.
    plz, help me if also you can provide me with any web or book or examples it cove my request.
    thanks lot..............

    modi wrote:
    thanks for your response,
    i read this example but i have some question for this :
    1- i create this trigger on display item or list item ?List item
    2-when i write rg_name VARCHAR2(40) := 'country'; this meaning my list or display item 'COUNTRY' name?yes it's country name...
    3-when i write 'SELECT country_name NAME, COUNTRY_ID VALUE FROM COUNTRY ORDER BY 2');
    this meaning i will display two column in list country_name NAME and COUNTRY_ID VALUE ?yesss
    4-when i write POPULATE_LIST('BLOCK3.COUNTRIES', rg_name); this datablock name and item name?yes list item name will be populated from the dynamic record group created from the query
    Sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry for this questionNever mind am willing for more... :)
    u Most Welcome :)
    Amatu Allah

  • List item problem in Forms 6i

    I have two table columns that should appear as list items in the application. The items are placed in a data block is filled by a master-detail-relation. The table columns have the type varchar2(60). If I create text items of that size for the two columns, the query works fine. But changing them to list items causes FRM-40350. Any ideas to help me solve this problem are appreciated.
    Best regards,

    Hi Francois,
    thank you for your contribution. I know, that I have to use record groups to populate the poplists. That's not the real problem. In fact, querying the block containing the two list items fetches no records if the two items are designed as list items and not as text items. Can you give me some hints on that ?
    Best regards,

  • Check Box item in oracle forms

    Hello experts,               I am new in oracle forms. I am using oracle forms 11g,weblogic server 10.3.5,oracle database 11g at windows 7 platform. I have a simple data block from base table.there is a tabular form is selected, It has four rows(records). Now I have to make 4 check boxes adjacent to records in data block in another data block.Now I have to make functionality in which only those records should be inserted into database table for which corresponding (in front of the record) check box is checked. Thank you regards aaditya.

    Commit_Form built-in function commits all the available data base fields.  So you have to use separate insert into statement to complete your task.
    for i in 1 .. 4
         if :chk_box='Y' then
              Insert into <table_name>  values(field1,field2,....);
         end if;
    end loop;

  • How to validate a text item/display item in Oracle forms 9i?

    Hello Everyone,
    I have a form in which we have to type in a product_id as shown below in the screenshot. And when we type in, it has to get validated.
    If it is valid then ok, else display a message saying not valid.
    How do we achieve it on a text box/diaply item in the form shown below.
    Any kind of help would be really appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,

    Just create a when-validate-item trigger for that text item and write the code inside to validate it.
    Hope it helps.

  • Buttons and text items on oracle forms 6i

    can i create dynamic buttons and text fields on oracle forms 6i.
    i mean when i insert record in database then automatically creat a button on form.
    Munawer hussain

    One physical button is enough for a series of "functional buttons" per amount of simultanious visisble buttons. You can change the button prompt at run-time depending on a certain condition. That same condition can also be used when executing the when-button-pressed (wbp) trigger.
    suppose you have 2 functions that you want to create buttons for: enter query and execute query. Only 1 button is visible at one time. In design time you create 1 button. In run-time, depending on :system.mode you set the button prompt to "enter query"or "execute query" and in the wbp trigger you write
    if :system.mode = 'QUERY'
    end if;
    Kind regards

  • How to save formula items in oracle forms?

    Dear All........
    I am nw in this forrum, can anybody plz tell me how to save forumula items in database, I also make that fields as a database field but it is not save in database. plz tell me. thx.

    Steps to take formula column value into database field, follow following steps:
    1. Draw a text field named "Formula_Cell"and set its properties which you want for formula. Now, goto its "Database" property set to "No".
    Now, goto its "Canvas" Property set to "Null".
    2. Now, in Pre-Insert or Pre-Update trigger use following code:
    Suppose database field name is AMOUNT then:
    If you want to mension block names with this then you may do.
    Remeber, Formula Column's property of Database must be set to No.
    Now, try to save I hope you will got a good solution...

  • [SOLVED] After post trigger go to the specific item. (Oracle Forms 10g)

    I have this layout
    and a post trigger insert and update
                    IF  :item1 IS NULL
              AND :item3 IS NOT NULL THEN
                        alert_id := FIND_ALERT('blank_alert');
                        SET_ALERT_PROPERTY(alert_id,ALERT_MESSAGE_TEXT,'Item3 must have a value.');
                        v_alert := SHOW_ALERT(alert_id);          
                        RAISE Form_trigger_Failure;
              END IF;My problem was as it fires, the cursor will be on the item1.
    I've already use
    GO_ITEMbut it was all illegal. The cursor must be in the item3.
    Don't question me why I do not set the item3 to required and why post triggers.
    It is just that. It is the requirement.
    Any bright Idea? Thanks!
    And even when-validate-item triggers. It must be post triggers.
    Is it possible? Thanks.
    Edited by: reppihsrow on Feb 19, 2013 6:02 PM

    timer_id                       TIMER;
    one_second                       NUMBER := 1000;
    <validations . . .>
    timer_id := CREATE_TIMER('timer', one_second,NO_REPEAT);
    GO-ITEMBright idea! Million thanks!
    Note: I have an typo error in my code. It should be
    IF  :item3 IS NULL
              AND :item1 IS NOT NULL THENAgain. Thanks!

  • Creating a Hidden popup text item in oracle forms to accept values

    Hi All,
    Iam facing with one issue iam trying to set window's position property and in the design i have four arrow keys for up down right and left now my requirement is that when ever i click a up button a pop up text should open up and ask to enter x coordiante value after entering the value it should shift that value to right or left whereever it is given and when i close my form and reopen again it should open at the last changed position that is it should remeber the last x y position and open at same position. Any suggestions would be highly Appreciated.

    I'm not sure which objects you want to move with your arrorw and popup? A textitem in the form?

  • List Item problem in oracle forms

    I am using list item in oracle forms 6i and facing one problem. I am populating list using following built-in.
    Create_Group_From_Query( )
    The problem I am facing is when list gets populate it keep the cursor at last element of list with null value. I want cursor to go at first item in the list. Is this thing is possible. The list item I am using is pop-list. In combo its showing list perfectly but I have to use pop-list only. Please help to come out of this problem.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Shweta,
    Please post your query in Oracle Forms discussion forum.

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