List item problem in oracle form

i have list item that is populate from table. e.g list item contain issued,received,forward to finance,cancelled,
if i insert in the issued in table thats values will be shown in list item but not selected means disabled which means that this value once inserted in the table for that record.
after that when recieved is inserted for that particular record this means that issued and received is disabled in list item....
i want such dynamic list item which that is shown all values in list item but that values once insert in table these value is disabled in list item not selected by user for particular record...

We can't disable the lov field but we can eliminate such field from lov by using GTT:
Re: How to update the LOV without commit

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  • List Item problem in oracle forms

    I am using list item in oracle forms 6i and facing one problem. I am populating list using following built-in.
    Create_Group_From_Query( )
    The problem I am facing is when list gets populate it keep the cursor at last element of list with null value. I want cursor to go at first item in the list. Is this thing is possible. The list item I am using is pop-list. In combo its showing list perfectly but I have to use pop-list only. Please help to come out of this problem.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Shweta,
    Please post your query in Oracle Forms discussion forum.

  • List items problems in oracle forms 6i

    Hello friends,
    I am using list item in oracle forms 6i and facing one problem. I am populating list using following built-in.
    Create_Group_From_Query( )
    The problem I am facing is when list gets populate it keep the cursor at last element of list with null value. I want cursor to go at first item in the list. Is this thing is possible. The list item I am using is pop-list. In combo its showing list perfectly but I have to use pop-list only. Please help to come out of this problem.
    Thanks in advance

    I have a question related to this post...what if you want the first item on the list to be the null record - but have it at the top of the list - like all other drop downs I've seen? I'm running on forms 9i
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  • List item problem in oracle forms 6i

    I've 10 test filed, in-front of each text field there are 10 list item (separate list item)
    for each list item element list is given below
    Customer name
    Delivery date
    Delivery Time
    Delivery Session
    Expected received
    Actual Received
    Fresh Received
    Rate per liter
    Debit Amount
    On text fields I am fetching records from another file. User will map the list item with text item.
    What i want to check is, list item should not get repeated. i.e suppose I've run time display like this
    text item
    list item
    on text filed B- DELIVERY DATE is assign and at text field D again DELIVERY DATE is assign. I want to avoid this thing and prompt the user regarding the same. How should I go about this? Should I design a button for validation, if yes then what should be the code? or should i go with WHEN-LIST-CHANGE? if so, then what should be the code?
    my design time display is like this
    list item
    please suggest something
    Thank You

    THe most user-friendly way would be to remove elements from all other lists when they are chosen once. You would have to have a WHEN-LIST-CHANGED-trigger on all listitem and populate the the listitems accordingly.

  • List item display in Oracle forms 10g

    I have created the list item with pop-list in forms.When i retrieve the data using record group in the list item ,i need to display two column data in single list item i.e emp id , emp name .
    select emp_id,emp_name from emp where mgr_id = 100;
    i tried this query in record group but its coming emp id only, not name .
    Can u tell the solution as soon as possible

    In List Item, the First column will show in the list, and the Second column will be stored. To show both columns in list, u have to concatenate both fields and make it as first column. And i think you have to save the EMP_CODE, not EMP_NAME in database.
    So the record group will be
    SELECT EMP_ID || ' - ' || EMP_NAME EMP_NAME, EMP_ID FROM EMP WHERE MGR_ID = 100; Or you can use LOV to display multiple columns.
    If this answer is helpful or correct, please mark it. Thanks.

  • Problem Querying Oracle Forms Using a Date Field and a Format Mask

    We are experiencing a problem with Oracle Forms that I was wondering if you can help me with.
    We have several Forms that have single database blocks assigned to Oracle tables. The Forms are queryable and one of the fields we’re querying on is assigned to a field on the base table which is Not Null and has a Type of DATE. We are storing date/time information in this field on the database table. The item on the form is set up as a Date field with a Maximum Length of 7, a Format Mask ‘MMDDYY’ and having a Query Length of 10.
    We’ve seen a discrepancy in how these fields are used to query the base table block. On some user’s computers they are able to enter a 6 digit date followed by the % sign (e.g. ‘091808%’) and they get the expected results. Other users get ‘FRM-40301: Query caused no records to be retrieved. Re-enter’. Do you know why we are experiencing this difference?
    - The Oracle Database version we are running is Release
    - The Forms Developer version that we’re experiencing the problem with is

    There is no obvious reason that I can see.
    Version 4.5 is very old so you might have problems calling Oracle Support. If you can reproduce the same problem o0n 10.1.2 you should call have them analyze the problem.

  • How do i disble edit menu's delete item on the oracle forms 11i

    How do i disble edit menu's delete item on the oracle forms 11i
    i have an oracle form that i created using standard template, i am able to disable the edit.clear button but cannot disable the edit.delete button.
    Pelase help.

    Hi user6010265
    Welcome here :)
    but unfortunatly u mis-choose the right forum pls follow the following link they might be more helpful than us..
    Transfer alert in 11i

  • List item problem in Forms 6i

    I have two table columns that should appear as list items in the application. The items are placed in a data block is filled by a master-detail-relation. The table columns have the type varchar2(60). If I create text items of that size for the two columns, the query works fine. But changing them to list items causes FRM-40350. Any ideas to help me solve this problem are appreciated.
    Best regards,

    Hi Francois,
    thank you for your contribution. I know, that I have to use record groups to populate the poplists. That's not the real problem. In fact, querying the block containing the two list items fetches no records if the two items are designed as list items and not as text items. Can you give me some hints on that ?
    Best regards,

  • How are listbox and radiobutton items working in oracle forms?!?

    Hi all.
    I need some help over may be a standard case in every real project.
    and table TOWNS -> TOWNID, TOWNNAME
    And i have a standard oracle form with text item person name, listbox item with many towns (from TOWNS table) and the town of the concrete person is selected when the form is inited, after that we can change it by selecting other town and saving it to db.
    The same is with matrial status but lets make it as radio group with 3 buttons married, not merried, divorced.
    So my questions is how to populate the listbox(radiogroup) for 1 person by selecting data from other preferenced tables. And most important how this data is populated in the list box for example i.e. every town name is indexed in some way or what. I am a java developer and for example in java the control listbox item has two attributes the name(string) that is displayed in the listbox and a index binded for that name, and i work with indexes and show strings. I read about LOV but couldn't understand how to "index" the populated values. Is it possible.
    And please can you give me some example of how to load (populate + set current town), change and (if it is possible) "index". The same case appears to be valid with radio buttons and check boxes.
    You could give me some tutorials too, i cant find simple and focused on the problem examples.
    Thank you.
    Best Regards.

    well here is what i done for now.
    First I created recordGroup with query SELECT GENDER, GENDERID FROM GENDERS (I want to select all genders and place them in listbox)
    After that i created Listbox and on triger when-new-form i placed this code:
    END IF;
    Imagine i have a main form PERSONS that displays general information about many persons (the data is retrieved from PERSONS db table). The form PERSONS displays PERSONID, PERSON FIRSTNAME and PERSON LASTNAME. When a user double click on some row from the PERSONS FORM( i have tabular datablock that displays the person data) other form 'PERSONS_DETAILS' must be displayed with detailed information about the selected person. The data about the selected person is loaded well but i want gender to be listbox and the user can change it if he wants. So i have TABLE GENDERS 1:N with PERSONS and the table has GENDERID AND GENDER. When the user double clicks on single person i must populate the list with all possible genders from the GENDERS table and set the gender of the selected person. How to do that?
    P.S.: The example with gender is not very good because it could be only male female, but don't worry about it. You may think about gender list as townlist :)
    It finds me the GENDER LIST and populates it. After that i take the personId (that is global variable and comes from previous form) and displays all the data for the person with id personid.
    When i compile the form it gives me :
    FRM-30351: No list elements defined for list item.
    List GENDER
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  • List item problem - couldn't pick a value

    Dear professionals,
    i used Andreas's code to dynamically populate list item ( and it works fine (nice work Andreas)!
    My problem is that i couldn't pick any value from list - I see many values, but there is now way to choose any of them. (video and picture are here:
    Also, i spotted that it's not possible to use Combo-box property along with encapsulating procedure - the form is just not opened...
    I'm using JRE 1.6, 10gR2 (10.1.2) F&R...
    Does anyone know why is that ?
    Thanks in advance,
    Edited by: adnanBIH on Jul 5, 2011 8:33 AM

    Andreas Weiden wrote:
    You didn't show us the query you use to populate the list. I would guess that all entries have the same value for the VALUE-column of the select, so that they are all "identical" from the value.Andreas bravo ! :))
    Yes, you're right - my select statement looks like this:
    select a value, "Word" label
    from emp;I'll fix it tomorrow - thx once again, generic procedure is excellent !

  • Problem installing Oracle forms and report in windows 7

    I have a problem while installing Oracle forms and reports in windows 7 64 bit
    The error is : [as] [ERROR] [] [] [tid: 20] [ecid: 0000IY5_e_EApIRMyYAhMG1BuDGr00000B,0] [[ Error Executing workflow.
    So I Google for it and found that this is version mismatch (May be I am wrong) and it tells that I have to install WLS - 10.3.2 with ofm_pfrd_win_11. (1 to 4)
    But I am unable to get wls version 10.3.2.
    For better understanding I am listing my installers :
    (I) Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
    (II) (Oracle 11g) win64_11gR2_database (1 & 2)
    (III) ofm_pfrd_win_11. (1 to 4)
    (IV)wls1033_generic.jar , wls1033p_generic.jar , wls1035_generic.jar
    (VII) ofm_wc_generic_11.
    (VIII)jdk-6u38-nb-7_2_1-windows-i586-ml , jdk-6u38-windows-x64
    (IX) oepe-wls-indigo-installer-
    After the installation while configure the forms reports, I am stuck while creating domain.
    steps I follow is :
    (i) Install Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit
    (ii) (Oracle 11g) win64_11gR2_database (1 & 2)
    (iii) wls1033_generic.jar
    (iv) accessbridge-2_0_2-fcs-bin-b06
    (vi) ofm_pfrd_win_11. (1 to 4)
    Please any body help, for the installation of oracle forms and reports.
    I have a formatted Windows 7 Ultimate
    Where I have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader
    IIS server from windows installer
    Now I want to know the exact procedure so that i can run the forms and report in my machine.
    This is my first installation of Oracle forms & Reports, so please do not pre assume about my understanding (Like "to install this he surely did this environment settings" )
    Please specify all the steps
    Furthermore if Another software I have to download then please tell me.
    And I will be grateful if you specify the mistakes in my side.
    Looking forward with anticipation.

    Solved, Thank you

  • Field selection problem in Oracle Forms

    I am using an application created in Oracle 6i Forms (patch 11).
    Mouse navigation in the forms do not work properly.
    Since a field is selected and some string is typed then first character is always ignored hence it is necessary to press a key like before typing required string.
    I'm using Java VM 1.4.1 on client-side,
    The same application works well when I'm using Oracle JInitiator.
    does anybody know how to work around the problem ?

    Hi, again and thanks for the patience. I am using the oracle plugin all the time and it works. But I need to use the application on different computer where the oracle JInitiator could not be installed. There I am trying to use the Sun Java Plugin Version 1.4.2_06 (build 1.4.2_06-b03) which shall be compatible. Since last time I asked again the provider and I found that the application is pure Oracle Forms 9i application which doesn't need Java when it is run on the computer where the application is instaled. The Java plugin is then used to show the forms and to provide the comunication between clients and application server. Probably it is clear to you however I am not a developer but poor user only. I have also tried to play with the application to find how it works (or doesn't works). It seems that the problem is exactly with mouse navigation. When tab or enter is used then it works fine. But when a form field is selected by mouse then a character is typed and i can see it. But when I continue with the writing the first character is overwrite. Sometimes when there is a list of records row by row and I try to get to next row using the mouse the application tells me that some bloody key is not valid but using the key down I can easily go ti next row. To tell the truth I don't like mouses at all so it is no problem to me but other users do not know how Tab works :-)

  • .... List Item Problem

    I want to populate list T List with the values from the database
    I want that whenever user select a date, all the record with that date is displayed in the T list from which user can select and click on the record and that record will displayed in the Fields .
    I have created a list and a recordgroup
    recgroup:= create_group_from query('gname','select createtime,stlong from cc_hist where stid like %1063')
    and then i use
    status is a number variable
    status:= populate_group('gname');
    Now i user
    Populate_list( listname,gname) where gname is the record group name.
    but this procedure is not working
    then i use
    Recgroup varchar2(100);
    Recgoup:='select ......... query)
    No error is shown rather i recieve a message in the task bar of Forms 6i
    that " Module built succesfully"
    But not a single item is shown in the T List..
    why is this..
    Is there any other way to popluate the list
    i want ot show at least 2 or 3 columns in the same list is it possible..
    Kindly reply urgent...
    Thanx alot ..
    best regards

    sorry man.. No use giving either group id or grouop name thats not issue..
    why is not creatign the group ..
    The main issue is that ..
    here is the code i m using ..
    --listid item:=List_item('List6');
    rg Recordgroup;
    pop number;
    rg:= Create_Group_From_Query('rcg','select st_city,to_char(st_cit) from site');
    -- clear_list('List6');
    well i have searched and found that if you create groups to populate item in the list box.. you need to add extra column for the value of the list item.. for each element.
    thats what i tried to do. but still i get the error.
    FRM41072 etc that cannot create record group..
    i dont know what the hell is the error..
    Kindly tell me How to populate my list..
    its an imp module and user will select stid and i will create group based on that stid and then populate result in a list item.. T list..
    Kindly reply me urgent so that at least i know how to do this..
    best regards
    thanx alot...

  • List Item Problem!!!!Urgent

    List5 : list item
    List6 : list item
    Two visaul attributes: default,color.
    I ahve problem when using the code(down),when i click on each element in list it
    highlight it,but problem when I scroll down in the list it highligh all wha is the problem,whay it highlight all elements???Thanks for help
    total_list_count number;
    i number;
    double number;
    double := 0;
    i := 1;
    total_list_count := Get_List_Element_Count('list6') + 1;
    while i < total_list_count loop
    if :list5 = Get_List_Element_value('list6',i) then
         double := 1;
    end if;
    exit when double = 1;
    i := i + 1;
    end loop;
    if double = 0 then
    total_list_count := Get_List_Element_Count('list6');
    total_list_count := total_list_count+1;
    end if;

    THe most user-friendly way would be to remove elements from all other lists when they are chosen once. You would have to have a WHEN-LIST-CHANGED-trigger on all listitem and populate the the listitems accordingly.

  • Creating timer problem in oracle forms

            I am using oracle weblogic 10.3.5 with oracle forms 11g at windows 7.I am trying to make a trigger but getting frm 40738 argument 1 to builtin GET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY cant be null error. I am using code at when-new-form-Instance trigger:
        timer_id TIMER;
        one_second number:=1000;
        st varchar2(100);
        timer_id :=find_timer('CLOCK_TIMER');
        If not id_null(timer_id) then
            timer_id := CREATE_TIMER('CLOCK_TIMER',one_second,REPEAT);
            end if;
            select to_char(sysdate,'HH24:MI:SS') into :EVENTS.CURRENT_TIME from dual;
            exception when others then
    and at  When-Timer-Expired trigger:
        timer_name varchar2(30);
    IF  timer_name = 'CLOCK_TIMER' THEN
          FROM   DUAL;
    END IF;
            Thank You

    The problem is that you have a local variable with the same name as the CONSTANT "TIMER_NAME".  Therefore, your call to GET_APPLICATION_NAME is passing the value of your Local Variable to the built-in instead of the value of the CONSTANT 'TIMER_NAME."
        timer_name varchar2(30);
    IF  timer_name = 'CLOCK_TIMER' THEN
    Change your code so your variable TIMER_NAME is unique (different) from the constant TIMER_NAME variable. A common programming standard prefix your variable names with the data time.  Following this concept, rename your variable to V_TIMER_NAME.

Maybe you are looking for

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