List Item Problem!!!!Urgent

List5 : list item
List6 : list item
Two visaul attributes: default,color.
I ahve problem when using the code(down),when i click on each element in list it
highlight it,but problem when I scroll down in the list it highligh all wha is the problem,whay it highlight all elements???Thanks for help
total_list_count number;
i number;
double number;
double := 0;
i := 1;
total_list_count := Get_List_Element_Count('list6') + 1;
while i < total_list_count loop
if :list5 = Get_List_Element_value('list6',i) then
     double := 1;
end if;
exit when double = 1;
i := i + 1;
end loop;
if double = 0 then
total_list_count := Get_List_Element_Count('list6');
total_list_count := total_list_count+1;
end if;

THe most user-friendly way would be to remove elements from all other lists when they are chosen once. You would have to have a WHEN-LIST-CHANGED-trigger on all listitem and populate the the listitems accordingly.

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  • List Item problem in oracle forms

    I am using list item in oracle forms 6i and facing one problem. I am populating list using following built-in.
    Create_Group_From_Query( )
    The problem I am facing is when list gets populate it keep the cursor at last element of list with null value. I want cursor to go at first item in the list. Is this thing is possible. The list item I am using is pop-list. In combo its showing list perfectly but I have to use pop-list only. Please help to come out of this problem.
    Thanks in advance

    Hi Shweta,
    Please post your query in Oracle Forms discussion forum.

  • .... List Item Problem

    I want to populate list T List with the values from the database
    I want that whenever user select a date, all the record with that date is displayed in the T list from which user can select and click on the record and that record will displayed in the Fields .
    I have created a list and a recordgroup
    recgroup:= create_group_from query('gname','select createtime,stlong from cc_hist where stid like %1063')
    and then i use
    status is a number variable
    status:= populate_group('gname');
    Now i user
    Populate_list( listname,gname) where gname is the record group name.
    but this procedure is not working
    then i use
    Recgroup varchar2(100);
    Recgoup:='select ......... query)
    No error is shown rather i recieve a message in the task bar of Forms 6i
    that " Module built succesfully"
    But not a single item is shown in the T List..
    why is this..
    Is there any other way to popluate the list
    i want ot show at least 2 or 3 columns in the same list is it possible..
    Kindly reply urgent...
    Thanx alot ..
    best regards

    sorry man.. No use giving either group id or grouop name thats not issue..
    why is not creatign the group ..
    The main issue is that ..
    here is the code i m using ..
    --listid item:=List_item('List6');
    rg Recordgroup;
    pop number;
    rg:= Create_Group_From_Query('rcg','select st_city,to_char(st_cit) from site');
    -- clear_list('List6');
    well i have searched and found that if you create groups to populate item in the list box.. you need to add extra column for the value of the list item.. for each element.
    thats what i tried to do. but still i get the error.
    FRM41072 etc that cannot create record group..
    i dont know what the hell is the error..
    Kindly tell me How to populate my list..
    its an imp module and user will select stid and i will create group based on that stid and then populate result in a list item.. T list..
    Kindly reply me urgent so that at least i know how to do this..
    best regards
    thanx alot...

  • List item problem - couldn't pick a value

    Dear professionals,
    i used Andreas's code to dynamically populate list item ( and it works fine (nice work Andreas)!
    My problem is that i couldn't pick any value from list - I see many values, but there is now way to choose any of them. (video and picture are here:
    Also, i spotted that it's not possible to use Combo-box property along with encapsulating procedure - the form is just not opened...
    I'm using JRE 1.6, 10gR2 (10.1.2) F&R...
    Does anyone know why is that ?
    Thanks in advance,
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    Andreas Weiden wrote:
    You didn't show us the query you use to populate the list. I would guess that all entries have the same value for the VALUE-column of the select, so that they are all "identical" from the value.Andreas bravo ! :))
    Yes, you're right - my select statement looks like this:
    select a value, "Word" label
    from emp;I'll fix it tomorrow - thx once again, generic procedure is excellent !

  • List item problem in Forms 6i

    I have two table columns that should appear as list items in the application. The items are placed in a data block is filled by a master-detail-relation. The table columns have the type varchar2(60). If I create text items of that size for the two columns, the query works fine. But changing them to list items causes FRM-40350. Any ideas to help me solve this problem are appreciated.
    Best regards,

    Hi Francois,
    thank you for your contribution. I know, that I have to use record groups to populate the poplists. That's not the real problem. In fact, querying the block containing the two list items fetches no records if the two items are designed as list items and not as text items. Can you give me some hints on that ?
    Best regards,

  • List items problems in oracle forms 6i

    Hello friends,
    I am using list item in oracle forms 6i and facing one problem. I am populating list using following built-in.
    Create_Group_From_Query( )
    The problem I am facing is when list gets populate it keep the cursor at last element of list with null value. I want cursor to go at first item in the list. Is this thing is possible. The list item I am using is pop-list. In combo its showing list perfectly but I have to use pop-list only. Please help to come out of this problem.
    Thanks in advance

    I have a question related to this post...what if you want the first item on the list to be the null record - but have it at the top of the list - like all other drop downs I've seen? I'm running on forms 9i
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  • List item problem in oracle forms 6i

    I've 10 test filed, in-front of each text field there are 10 list item (separate list item)
    for each list item element list is given below
    Customer name
    Delivery date
    Delivery Time
    Delivery Session
    Expected received
    Actual Received
    Fresh Received
    Rate per liter
    Debit Amount
    On text fields I am fetching records from another file. User will map the list item with text item.
    What i want to check is, list item should not get repeated. i.e suppose I've run time display like this
    text item
    list item
    on text filed B- DELIVERY DATE is assign and at text field D again DELIVERY DATE is assign. I want to avoid this thing and prompt the user regarding the same. How should I go about this? Should I design a button for validation, if yes then what should be the code? or should i go with WHEN-LIST-CHANGE? if so, then what should be the code?
    my design time display is like this
    list item
    please suggest something
    Thank You

    THe most user-friendly way would be to remove elements from all other lists when they are chosen once. You would have to have a WHEN-LIST-CHANGED-trigger on all listitem and populate the the listitems accordingly.

  • List item problem in oracle form

    i have list item that is populate from table. e.g list item contain issued,received,forward to finance,cancelled,
    if i insert in the issued in table thats values will be shown in list item but not selected means disabled which means that this value once inserted in the table for that record.
    after that when recieved is inserted for that particular record this means that issued and received is disabled in list item....
    i want such dynamic list item which that is shown all values in list item but that values once insert in table these value is disabled in list item not selected by user for particular record...

    We can't disable the lov field but we can eliminate such field from lov by using GTT:
    Re: How to update the LOV without commit

  • List Item Problem(Urgeng!)

    Hi all,
    I have one list tiem(Combo Box) and I have some element in the list like:
    What I want to do is when my user press B from keyboard the list will show or sort the item starting with B first and and rest of the item. Can I do it? Please reply.

    no chance. When your focus is in the item you cannot change the elements on key-pressed. This is a feature that forms has only in LOV's. Maybe you should use a LOV instead.
    try it

  • Problem with List Item in oracle forms

    Hello Experts,        
                         I am new in oracle forms and i am using oracle forms 11g with weblogic 10.3.5 at windows 7.
    I have 3 database tables say(tbl_city,tbl_state,tbl_address).
    Now I have made an oracle form having data block tbl_address with base table name tbl_address. In the form there are two list: one(list_state) for State_Name & State_ID and another(list_city) for City Name & C_ID display.
    Here I want when I set State_name to ASD then List item list_city should be populated with the values having State_NAME=ASD not of State_Name=XY or None.I have tried it to make but not succeeded.I have made a procedure to populate list_city list item as:
    -- here item_nm-->List item Name,  sel_val & sel_val2 for selecting C_ID and C_NAME,   tablNm---->tbl_CITY,  whr for where condition,   mtch--->selected value of list_State(list item in form)
    PROCEDURE list_item(block_nm varchar2,item_nm varchar2,sel_val varchar2,sel_val2 varchar2,tablNm varchar2,whr varchar2,mtch varchar2) IS
    group_id RecordGroup;
    group_name varchar2(10) :='abc';
    status NUMBER;
    query1 varchar2(350);
    item_name varchar2(20);
    match varchar2(50);
      group_id := find_group(group_name);
    if not id_null(group_id) then
    end if;
    --if whr='' then
    --    match:='0';
    --    end if;
    query1:='select '|| sel_val || ',TO_CHAR('|| sel_val2 || ') from '|| tablNm ||' where '||whr||' = '||mtch;
    group_id := Create_Group_From_Query(group_name,query1);
    /* Select statement must have two column*/
    status := Populate_Group(group_id);
        when others then
    I am not  able to guess what trigger  in oracle forms should be used to populate list item(list_city). Please help by giving useful suggestion.
    Thank You

    979801 wrote:
    If I use LOV in place of List Item,Then I have to populate a LOV at run time.How could I maintain a record group n attach to LOV at run time?
    On my previous post I have mentioned record group as follows:
    select * from tbl_state where s_id=:tbl_address.s_id;
    If :tbl_adress.s_id chaned during the time of run, then output values of list_city (LOV) is also changed.

  • Problem passing value from List Item to List Item

    OK I will try to explain what I am trying to do. I have a Form that List Item at the top and they cascade from left to right. When I get to the BPOST_TAG I choose the Bpost then move to EPOST_TAG to choose the Epost. The EPOST_TAG should show all the Epost that go with Bpost you already chose, but it only showing 1 or 2. Below is the example of how should work!
    1 77 80 025 030
    ------- The Return Values Should be as below-------------------------------------------------
    Sy Co Route Dir Bpost Epost Miles Descrption
    1 77 80 1 025 026 ? ?
    1 77 80 1 026 027 ? ?
    1 77 80 1 027 028 ? ?
    1 77 80 1 028 029 ? ?
    1 77 80 1 029 030 ? ?
    1 77 80 2 025 026 ? ?
    1 77 80 2 026 027 ? ?
    1 77 80 2 027 028 ? ?
    1 77 80 2 028 029 ? ?
    1 77 80 2 029 030 ? ?
    The top 5 List Items are based on the first Data Block (PMISCURR) and the bottom 8 columns are based on the second Data Block (PMISCURR1).
    I have PRE-QUERY on the first Data Block (PMISCURR), below is code for the PRE-QUERY.
    Wh_clause VARCHAR2(200);
    IF :PMISCURR.SYSTEM is not null then
         Wh_clause := 'SYSTEM = '||:PMISCURR.SYSTEM;
    END IF;
    IF :PMISCURR.COUNTY is not null then
         Wh_clause := WH_CLAUSE ||'AND COUNTY = '||:PMISCURR.COUNTY;
    END IF;
    IF :PMISCURR.ROUTE is not null then
         Wh_clause := WH_CLAUSE ||'AND ROUTE = '||:PMISCURR.ROUTE;
    END IF;
    IF :PMISCURR.BPOST_TAG is not null then
         Wh_clause := WH_CLAUSE ||'AND BPOST_TAG = '||:PMISCURR.BPOST_TAG;
    END IF;
    IF :PMISCURR.EPOST_TAG is not null then
         Wh_clause := WH_CLAUSE ||'AND EPOST_TAG = '||:PMISCURR.EPOST_TAG;
    END IF;
    OK It's just not my day I can't even get this line-up! :)
    Edited by: Monty on May 5, 2011 2:58 PM

    Simply get the current item value in a When-List-Changed trigger:
    current_value := :block.listitem ;Francois

  • URGENT: Creating LIST item during design time.

    Hi All,
    Is it possible to create LIST item [with MultiSelect option] during design time. The Developer guide has only programmatic implementation. So, Please let me know, whether its possible or not.

    Yes, it has to be done programatically only. There is no property in the Property pallet to do this declaratively as of now.

  • Problem filling list item with values

    Hi all,
    We have a master detail form
    block A (master) contains an item, this item is in the record group's where-clause used to fill a list item on block B (detail block) (database item)
    we fille the list item in a pre-record trigger on the master block
    this works fine but when we navigate through the records in block a we intermittently get the following error :
    FRM-41337 : cannot populate the list from record group;
    any solutions
    how should we filll our list item, in which trigger (when-new-record-instance of master block doesn't work correctly, the list item only gets filled after clicking it twice)

    The probloem is you cannot delete the elements from a listitem if there are records in the block which depend on the entries. You have to find a trigger which fires when the block is "clear". Without having forms at hand, i would suggest to use the ON-POPULATE-DETAILS (should already be there) and adjust the code so that the listitem is filled before the execute_query is done.

  • NOT urgent. LOV that excludes list item that is already selected

    I have a mutiple record block with a LOV item. I want the LOV to display only list items that have not been selected in the other records. The form do not commit after each record, so I cannot use a databse query to exclude the list items that have already been selected.
    The only way I could think of is to go through the data block and build a LOV that excludes the list items that are in the records. This seems like a lot of work for a simple task.
    Is there an easier way in doing this?
    Any help will be appreciated.
    - Clayton.

    Hello Clayton,
    you don't need to commit. You could try to post your records to the database.
    But make sure you do a rollback when the user doesn't want to commit.
    This will release you from the 'hard work' ;-)

  • Open a SharePoint List item in Modal Pop up in SP 2013 fails after you filter or sort the list

    Sorry for the long post. This has been killing me. I had this script working perfectly fine in SharePoint 2010 (online) and basically i have a source custom list (list A) with a hyperlink column and a Destination List with say title and my name.
    Source List (list A) looks like this with these 2 columns
    Title    Test Link
    A         Link 1
    B         Link 2 
    C         Link 3
    Each of these links link to the actual list item in the destination list, so for example, link 1 is/sites/2013DevSite/Lists/Destination%20List/EditForm.aspx?ID=1
    So basically i want anytime the Link are clicked that point to another list's item to open in a modal dialog and the script below worked perfectly fine in SharePoint 2010 (online)
    <script language="javascript" src="//" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script language ="javascript" type="text/javascript">   
    jQuery(document).ready(function() {
    jQuery('a[href*="EditForm.aspx"]').each(function (i, e) {
    // Store the A tag's current href in a variable
    var currentHref = jQuery(e).attr('href');
    'href': 'javascript:void(0);', 
    // Use the stored href as argument for the ShowInModal functions parameter.
    'onclick': 'ShowInModal("' + currentHref + '");'
    function ShowInModal(href) {
    SP.UI.ModalDialog.showModalDialog({title: "Edit Item", url: href});    
    All it does is find the href tags for that particular value Editform.aspx and the pop modal works in SP 2010 online. So the site page is designed in such a way there is a content editor web part with the reference to this javascript file and the sharepoint
    list is right beneath it and this worked perfectly opening in modal windows in SP 2010.
    Since migration to 2013, this is what exactly happens
    1.) when you come to the site page, the modal works,
    2.) If you filter or sort on say the Title or Test Link column in Source list (lets say you select the Value A), the script does not fire at all, if i hover over the hyperlink, the who hyperlink is shown and does not open the hyperlink in the modal pop up.
    - This is important because i want to be able to sort on a particular item...
    Could someone please let me know what am i doing wrong and why is this not working when i sort the list. Thanks for all the help.
    Once again i am trying to open a sharepoint list item in Sharepoint 2013 from another list using Jquery

    A ListItem has its own unique row id so in all likelihood, an insert with the same data will result in a new list entry. The Lists Web Service however, has an UpdateListItem method which will take an update request. [refer ]
    There is another note in the conference (marked answered) to your List Item Update problem. Probably worth a try too. [refer ]

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