Live!Cam Voice: video but no sound

I've installed the Live!Cam Voice, updated the driver too but I cannot get it to work. I does record the video, but there's no sound.
I've checked the sound settings both on the Live!Cam and windows. The Live!Cam settings are set to record using Live!Cam, whereas the windows sound settings, in control panel are set as follows:
Realtek AC97
Sound recording
Live!Cam Voice (mic)
The strange thing is that the Live!Cam microphone DOES work if I use it with Windows Accessory Sound Recorder.
Has anybody got an idea why there's no sound?
Thank You
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I am having the same problem. I am using windows Vista and have tried?recording sound in other applications and it works fine, just not when trying to record in LIVE! cam. I jbought this cam 2 months ago and just now find out it does not work when I need it the most. I am due to give a video presentation in two weeks and will probably have to buy a new cam, what a dissapointment!

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    HI all,
    I wish i never uninstalled my web cam....never had it working since.
    I;ll put you all in the picture....Dell, Win XP Pro, SP3, and trying to install Live cam voice.....
    Unfortuantely i think i have misalid !! the main CD it came with.
    I have installed the drivers ( the most up to date ones ) and application package on the creative web site for XP.
    The application seems to freeze, the web cam works, but when it tries to install the drivers, it halts for ages on the wdmaud.drv to c:\windows\ trying to install that driver section for over an hour now, if i disconnect the usb end ( which i will do now, it says its installed ok and finished ) but not not recognise the audio section. It shows up ok and fine on the video web cam, and also as i mention above the application seems to freeze adhock.
    Advice given from ireland on the phone,
    1) try tips from website shut down anti virus and firewall etc ...done that no use !
    2) uninstall, install the files from the CD
    3) uninstall.... install from the web app and drivers ( which i have already done )
    4) try from another PC...i have not got another PC!!!!!
    Does anybody have any other tips...please help

    Yeah, I hear ya! There is such a tremendous delay between sound and video that it looks like a bad kung-fu dub :womansad: I bought 5 of them for may office and they are horribly poorly synched. What's up?

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    I bought creative live cam voice and I cannot get it to work with WINDOWS LIVE MESSENGER as it always crashes and gives the error message "the program has stopped working". Im using vista 64 bit and all the latest drivers.
    I did get it working for a short while with MSN 7.5 but microsoft now prevent that version being used and when you try and install it windows insists on downloading live messenger instead.
    Help please


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    Help please,
    We are using the "live cam voice" model, with our computer (Vista 32bit), that appears to work OK, but after a few minutes we get the BSOD! We have tried un installing and re-installing drivers without any effect.Has anyone had this problem and if so how did you fix it.

    Thanks for your response. I have tried 3 ports so far, all with the same outcome. One of my sons had it happen to him on another computer (XP SP2) using this webcam . As to programmes open at the same time, I am not computer literate and have no idea what programmes were running on each occasion.We use the webcam for Skype and apart from that I may also have IE open and perhaps Outlook Express. Over and above those CS4 sometimes.
    If I cannot resolve this, can any one suggest another webcam please.

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    I have attached my Live Cam Voice to my brandnew Vaio Notebook which runs Windows Vista Home Premium and installed the latest drivers from the Creative website. The cam works fine, until I put the laptop to sleep mode and waking it up again. After waking the PC up, the cam is not recognized anymore and I need to restart the computer.
    Anybody experienced similar problems and (hopefully) has a solution? Thx.

    Did you ever solve this problem? I have a similar problem on my desk top running Vista Home. I couldn't get the Vista driver (download from this wesite) to load so resorted to trying the XP dri've. This seemed to work until Vista put the machine into "Sleep" mode. After coming out of Sleep mode I eith have to restart the computer or disconnect and reconnect the webcam.

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    firefox plays video, but no sound. when I type about:plugins in location bar, it shows the firefox default plugin is not enabled. When I look at my plugins, it says it is enabled. I have uninstalled 3.6 and re-installed with the same result. Why do I have no sound. Computer plays I-tunes and all other sounds, just no web browser sounds.

    Glad you seem to have sorted things out.
    The warning about the warranty is light hearted, I think at one stage it warned "here be dragons" but also intended to make us think as it warns that making changes may produce problems.

  • I have m4v files that have subtitles and sound options they play fine on my computer in itunes and but  when i watch them on my apple tv there is video but no sound ... why ?

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    Mov is a container format, you'd need to look at the codec used by the movie file inside the container to know whether it will work with the Apple TV or not.

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    Options for when an iOS device gets locked because of forgotten passcode:
    Restore (and reset passcode) on your device by connecting it to the last computer to which it was connected:
    iTunes: Backing up, updating, and restoring iOS software -
    If you cannot connect it to the computer to which the device was last connected (or the device was never connected to a computer) you will have to use recovery mode to completely reset the device, losing all data:
    iOS: Unable to update or restore - - recovery mode (e.g., cannot connect to computer last used to sync device, iTunes still asks for a password)
    If recovery does not work there's:
    DFU mode:
    How to put iPod touch / iPhone into DFU mode - -dfu-mode/

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    So i have some Tv show on my MacBook, and when i go to watch them there is video but no sound. Quicktime prompts me that i need to download a codec but not which one. Which onw do i need?

    Tried that, it said i needed DivX, but i already have that. What else could i use?Try watching it in VLC. If it plays, check the audio info and see if it is more specific. What is the file extension -- .divx or .avi? What DivX component do you have installed? Do you have Mac "non-native" audio support (like AC3) installed? Until you can supply more information, I can only guess at possibilities for you to check and evaluate. You might also try opening the file in a conversion application like FFmpegX and see if he A/V formats are recognized/convertable to a fully supported QT compression format. As a last resort, consider a "rule of thumb here" -- if a format doesn't work, don't support its use.

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    Show no video but has sound what do I need to do to fix this?

    Try a reset. Press & hold the Power and Home buttons simultaneously, ignoring the red power off slider, until the Apple logo appears. Then release both buttons. This should not affect any content on the iPad, it is similar to rebooting your computer.

  • Live Cam Voice on HP DV8305 -- Video image very slow

    I installed Live! Cam Voice on my HP DV8305 succussfully, it works, but the video image is very slow. it needs about 30sec to capture a frame, sometime just stucked. I changed the Display Adaptive Driver, used differrent USB IF, checked my CPU and Memery usage, my HD space, use differrent IM -- skype, MSN, .... Any one can help?

    As further information, the issue seems to be with the exposure setting. When I turn auto exposure off, then set exposure down as low as it will go, the picture darkens, but the frame rate goes up. I don't have this problem with my Logitech QuickCam Orbit -- I'm not sure if the problem is with the firmware, or if the CMOS sensor in the Live! Cam Voice is just smaller.

  • Live Cam Voice OR wireless connection; not both

    My new Live! Cam Voice blocks my wireless Internet connection. The Webcam works fine for taking photos and making little videos. But if I'm online, and plug the Webcam into a USB port, my connection is cut and I cannot restore it. Unplug the Webcam and sometimes the connection comes back, or if not I have to restart my computer, and it comes back then.
    A previous Logitech Webcam worked perfectly.
    Any ideas?

    Below was copied from a post by: cjasonwilson on this forum and Worked on my live!cam voice product.
    When I followed the direction on this I found only:
    LowerFilters value inthe file - I deleted that and all is well in wonder land!
    Thanks to Cjasonwilson for some great info, the only thing to work after 3 calls to creative, gatway and one of my buddies dack in FL. Thanks Again!
    I found a fix that worked for me and I hope it works for anyone else experiencing the same issue. I had to Manually delete the UpperFilters and LowerFilters registry values.
    To Manually delete the UpperFilters and LowerFilters registry values, follow these steps:
    1. Start Registry Editor (Regedit.exe).
    START > RUN > (Type) REGEDIT (and hit ENTER)
    2. Locate the UpperFilters and LowerFilters value under the following key in the registry
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\{6BDDFC6-80F-D0-BEC7-08002BE2092F}
    3. On the Edit menu, click Delete, and then click OK.
    NEXT: I went to my Device Manager in Windows XP > IMAGING DEVICES > CREATIVE WEBCAM LIVE! ULTRA then right mouseclicked and chose DISABLE. I Then Right mouse clicked again and chose ENABLE. Then Wallah! My webcam led cam on and the darn thing started working again.
    I came across a link to a similar problem regarding a CD-Rom Driver install issue returning Error Code 9. This was the same error code that I recieved when trying to re-install my webcam drivers. So I poked around the registry near a similar path (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contr ol\Class\) as mentioned in the article found at until I ran across an entry that said Imaging Devices in it.

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    Running the newest version of FF, Windows XP. Everything was working beautifully until I downloaded the ActiveX plugin when prompted a few days ago. Then the sound on YouTube got borked--I can see the videos just fine, but no sound at all.
    I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Flash, the Active X plugin, and Shockwave, to no avail. Can someone explain suggestions to someone who is in no way a computer person? Thank you!

    Hello, I am not familiar with FF, using IE6. But what caught my eye is you said you downloaded the active x plugin "when prompted"
    That is how I came to know there even was a F.P.10 update, a window popped up and said it was availabe and did I want to install now,
    later or remind me later. I said, sure, install now. LOL I have since resolved my problem.
    I know on the Adobe site, there is a download and install for Windows and one for FF.  Do you think the "prompt" installed on IE? I wouldn't think so, but it's a thought. I know you can switch back and forth from FF to IE
    Also it might be a good idea to go to and Adobe will tell you if you have installed F.P. & they will tell you the version as well.
    Like I said, not familiar with FF, but with IE, I had to go into manage add ons & update the active x of Shockwave Flash & Reboot.

  • Formating videos for ipod- video but no sound!!!!!

    ok i relize that a million questions have been asked about formating videos but i will make it million and one.
    i have some vides that i made with windows movie maker and i also have some from DVD's. i read in another question to download video ipod converter, and i did i am just lil confuzed, i know my way around these programs so can some just tell me in lamins term like you are talking to an forgner tell me what steps i need to convert it and be able to have sound with movie. i have the 30g ipod english, itunes, ipod converter, i just need the help

    OK as for your question, that is good. Itunes has the video and sound!
    Here is how we fix this, (I hope, right? lol) do you have your Ipod set to Auto sync? You know it is on, when you cannot edit anything on your ipod, it just copies everything on Itunes!
    Here is what you do if Auto-sync is on:
    To turn auto sync off:
    Attach Ipod.
    Open Itunes
    Click on you ipod icon (the little ipod picture under devices)
    The third button down will say: “Manage all music and videos”
    Click on the box and give it a, √
    Now you HAVE to drag and drop things (music, video, etc.) in Itunes to your ipod. Itunes will not do it automatically anymore. But if your computer crashes, your Ipod will not delete all of its music if you attach it again (because there is no music on Itunes).
    If you do not have sync on, write back and let me know. Auto sync is the main problem that cerate this.
    As for your question about dragging files to Itunes, make sure they are MPEG-4 format (Quick-Time) or they will not drop into Itunes.
    Let me know if it works. God Life

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    I've been able to play .avi files with sound and video before but for some reason this one file is refusing to play sound and only this one file. why would this be?

    Welcome to Apple Discussions!
    See this...
    iPod Plays Video But Not Audio - Muxed Files

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