Logging correct user name when creating users

I wrote a function that creates users through a portlet in version It works fine except for logging who created the user. The schema where the functions and procedures are used gets updated in the wwsec_person$.created_by_dbuser field. The created_by field comes up as 'PUBLIC'. How can this field be updated through an API. The add_portal_user procedure has a p_db_user parameter, but that doesn't appear to work; whatever I put in that field doesn't show up anywhere.
How can I pass the user_name who's creating the user in my function so it updates the wwsec_person$.created_by field? Or please tell me if it can't be done; then what does the add_portal_user.p_db_user param do anyway?

Every portal user is mapped to a DB schema. Many portal users can be mapped to one DB schema. The p_db_user is the name of the DB schema. The portal user has the DB privileges of the p_db_user or DB schema. The created_by is automatically taken to be the DB schema of the portal user logging in.

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  • Set "Contractual User Type" when creating user in AS ABAP

    For our productive landscape we use "mySAP ESS" user-types, see "Licence Data" in SU01 or table TUTYP.
    In IdM 7.1 SP3 I have not seen any option for reading or setting these kind of values.
    Is there any way to use this parameter in IdM? How?
    Will it be implemented in future releases?

    Hi Michael,
    The connector supports this setting:
    Just uppdate the configuration with these attributes, and valid values.
    (This sample is from a toSAP-pass)
    # UClassLicType                  %MX_LICENSEDATA_LIC_TYPE%
    # UClassSpecVers                 %MX_LICENSEDATA_SPEC_VERS%
    # UClassCountrySurcharge         %MX_LICENSEDATA_COUNTRY_SURCHARGE%
    # UClassSubstituteFrom           %MX_LICENSEDATA_SUBSTITUTE_FROM%
    # UClassSubstituteUntil          %MX_LICENSEDATA_SUBSTITUTE_UNTIL%
    # UClassSysid                    %MX_LICENSEDATA_SYSID%
    # UClassClient                   %MX_LICENSEDATA_CLIENT%
    # UClassBnameChargeable          %MX_LICENSEDATA_BNAME_CHARGEABLE%
    Best Regards,

  • Record of the user name that created a payment proposal (F110)

    I would appriciate your help with a question I have regarding the payment proposal process (F110).
    I am trying to find where the system keeps a record of the user name that created the payment proposal.
    I saw this field only in the table REGUA (Change of payment proposals: user and time),
    but I didn't see it for regular payment proposals (not in REGUH and REGUP).
    In general, My goal is to be able to check that the user who is creating the payment run is different from the user who created the payment proposal.
    Thank you in advance.

    In F110, display the payment proposal log. Shift+F7.
    in the heading line 'ob log overview for job'  you can see the job name.
    say  'F110-20110104-FR4NA -X'
    if it is F110-20110104-FR4NA -X / 05170400, you have to take the part before the slash that is F110-20110104-FR4NA -X
    Go to SM37, enter this in the job name. Enter * in the user id. Enter the date , on which payement run was done.
    Then execute. YOu will see, who has run the proposal or payement run in the resulting screen.

  • Documents that are park in FBV0 do not update with the new user name when

         I need to find out why documents that are park in FBV0 do not update with the new user name when any changes are made.  Also when we park using MIR7 and make changes to the documents at a later time the document updates with the new users name.
    Requesting you to please suggest what could be the reason.
    Earliest reply will be highly appreciated,
    With regards,

        I have checked this in system. I posted one Parked invoice using T.code FV60 and there i appeared my name because i created. But after some time one of my collegue changed the reference and text field with his login i.d. But still in the invoice it is showing as my name whereas if we go to the environmnet, there in the changes we can see what are the changes done and it is appearing my collegues user i.d. But in the main invoice it is still appearing my name.

  • When creating users in apex,how can i limit pages depending  the user?

    1.When creating users in apex,how can i limit every user in the pages he can run or see depending on the user profile ?
    2.Are the user that is created in apex also a user in DB ?
    Thanks in advance

    Yoel -
    We're talking about end users of applications you develop in Application Express, not users that login to the development environment.
    You do not have to use Application Express to create user accounts for your application. Your apps can authenticate using SSO, LDAP, or other methods. If you use Application Express user accounts, that is only for convenience which may not be convenient in the long run if you have to manage those accounts, but that's up to you.
    These Application Express accounts have no relation to database accounts. This situation is slightly different when using the XE database.
    Your application's authorization logic determines which users can access the application, pages, or other components, that is, it is not the user account properties, per se, that control application access but rather the application's determination about the properties of the authenticated account in use that allow it to control access. For example, you don't create an account and give it attributes that say this user can access application ABC and pages 1,2, and 7. Instead, you might give that account properties like SALES MANAGER ROLE and the the application would allow only users with SALES MANAGER ROLE (whatever that means) to access certain pages.

  • HT4528 How do I reset my iCloud user name when my email used before is no longer active? Also my iCloud was never verified with my old email on my iPad is I am stuck.

    How do I reset my iCloud user name when my email used before is no longer active? Also my iCloud was never verified with my old email on my iPad is I am stuck.

    Hey Dorekelly,
    Thanks for the question. It sounds like you wish to change the email address associated with your Apple ID and iCloud account. The following resource should guide you through this process:
    Change your Apple ID
    Afterwards, be sure to read about updating the features and services that you use with Apple ID:
    Apple ID: What to do after you change your Apple ID
    Matt M.

  • Itunes is not authenticating my User Name when I try to remove Parental Control

    Why is iTunes store unable to "Authenticate" my User Name when I try to unlock the Parental Control? This started after I downloaded the latest version 10.5

    See Here  >  http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1808
    This will not necessarily work if the Device has been Modified.

  • Display name not getting generated When creating user thorugh GTC

    We are using GTC flat file as a trusted source. We see that display name not getting generated. And same thing happening when creating a new GTC mapping.
    previously when we ran with few test user got created with display name through GTC flat file , Suddenly we see this issue display name not getting generated through flat file recon.
    Manually user creation has no issues.
    Please let me know if you have any idea about this issue.

    Don't use GTC... GTC is inflexible and buggy technology... Nothing guaranteed... Rather create your own custom trusted recon code...
    For more details
    26 Known Issues of Generic Technology Connectors

  • Insufficient privileges when creating user logged in as SYS

    I'm working on Enterprise Edition, Advanced Security options, Label Security a and Database Vault installed. (for testing purposes)
    I'm creating a new user being logged as SYS using this sentence:
    However, the command fails with the message "Failed to commit: ORA-01031: insufficient privileges . You do not have enough privileges to perform this operation. You must have the appropriate system and object privileges to create, edit, or drop database objects or objects outside of your schema."
    Please note that I'm working on a fresh DB install and I have also installed Database Vault in this instance for testing purposes, but still haven't configured any realm or command rules on it.
    Is it possible Vault is the reason why I am not able to create a new user?
    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi, It seems I've found it.
    After you install Database Vault and associate it with your SID, SYS user is revoked the CREATE USER system privilege.
    Only a user with the DV_ACCTMGR role may create, alter or drop a user. This is done in order to separate responsabilities in your database. A SYS user cannot grant himself this role or the DV_OWNER role.
    (If interested, check page 10-4 from http://www.oracle.com/pls/db111/to_toc?pathname=server.111/b31222/toc.htm)

  • Programmatically changing user preferences when creating an InfoView user in code

    Post Author: rickp101
    CA Forum: .NET
    I am very new to BO (using Business Objects 11.5) so bear with me if I am not clear or seem to have no idea what I'm talking about.
    As a .NET Developer I have been asked to work on a project that involves creating new BO users and logging them in from an ASP.NET application (in order to mimic a single sign in system from another piece of software). I have found most of the information I require for this in the .NET SDK. However there is one function the client would like that I have not been able to find a solution for, and that is to change the users document viewing preferences.
    Within InfoView, if you go into user preferences, under the General tab there is the following option:
    For each document, show me ...
    descriptionownerdateinstance countactions and description (if selected) initially not hidden
    I think by default all of the boxes are checked however the client only wants the description showing for each user when they are set up. Is this something that can be modified within the code when the user is created or is each user going to have to change this themselves manually once logged in?
    Any help will be much appreciated.

    Post Author: Ted Ueda
    CA Forum: .NET
    The InfoView settings aren't documented, unfortunately, but with sufficient trial-and-error, you'd be able to determine the correct values.
    The settings are stored in the SI_DATA property 'desktopsettings' for a User object - you can have a look by logging onto 'Query Builder', accessible from the admin launchpad, and entering a query of the form: "Select SI_ID, SI_NAME, SI_DATA From CI_SYSTEMOBJECTS Where SI_KIND='User' And SI_NAME='<username here>'".
    You'd see that, if you've specified the properties manually in InfoView (the property is not there by default) that it consists of '&'-separated key=value entries. 
    You'd retrieve the value via Enterprise .NET SDK call User.GetProfileString("desktopsettings"), and set new values via User.SetProfileString("desktopsettings", <new string value here>). 
    The specific values you're interested in are booleans dv0=1, dv1=1, dv2=1, dv3=1, and dv4=1.
    Ted Ueda

  • What is the user scope when created with the API?

    I noticed that users created with the Adobe Connect API for my meeting/account are always listed in the Administration -> Users and Groups area.  Which probably means that a user's login is only valid for my meetings.  So if they wanted to register or join a meeting controlled by someone else, they would have to re-register or be re-created by that admin.  Is this correct?
    I'm trying to confirm this so that I know how to register a user on my website.  It would be ideal if my website would register the user and also log the user in without the user having to enter a separate password (my website would generate and store the password).  If the API creates a user only for my meetings then this is not a problem.  The user will just always have to go through my website to get to the meeting.  However, if the user created by my Adobe API account can be used to access/register in another person's meetings on Adobe then this approach is not so good because the user would need to know their password.

    yea, guest registration is not an option as I need to restrict access to the meeting.
    My main concern is that another Connect account holder can change the user's password.  If this ever happens, my website would have an old password and would be broken because it wouldn't be able to log the user into their meeting.  This may be a rare case, but the website will be charging for these meetings/webinars.  If the user can't get in at the time of the meeting....  i'll have a lot more problems.
    I guess I'll just need to provide a way for the user to change or enter their own password. 
    Thanks for the info!

  • ID User name when provisioning new user account in R/3 System with CUP

    Is it possible to configure somehow a rule in CUP for ID user names to be created in the backend system when direct auto provisioning is done?
    Example: User_A creates a request for a new account in System SAP S1.
                   Such user will be created in S1 under ID "XXXX_User_A"
    Many thanks in advance. Best regards,

    if you want building rules for new users you can user Netweaver Identity Management.
    But I completely agree with Dylan - you really really want to try to have a SINGLE user ID in your systems for a person.
    That's not only helpful for compliance, it's also useful for technical enhancements like Single Sign-On and many other things.
    I usually try to link ActiveDirectory to CUP and retrieve user data, including the UserID from there.

  • User name when commenting

    I have acrobat 8 pro installed on a window 7 64 bit pc. when i add comments to pdf files the comments are show Owner not my user name ,the name I inserted in prefrences. I unchecked the box to always use login name and it still marks the coments as owner. How can I fix this besides creating a new user?

    May be an issue with AA8 on Win7. I used AA9.3.3 and got it to work, but not quite as expected. I selected the options in the comment and selected properties>General. I was able to set the author. At the bottom of the window is a selection for making the options the default. I checked that and future comments had the new name.

  • Needed validation when creating user for employee in HRUSER transaction

    hi All,
    I wanted to put validation in HRUSER TCode  when we are creating user for an employee by selecting exit module for user name and password
    in my scenario I want to remove the first alphabet of user name that is P and with that I want to set a default password can anyone suggest me includes.
    Please find the attached snap.

    Solved it for myself
    refer the link:
    Dear all,

  • I don't want firefox to remember my user name when I sign in my gmail account

    Every time when I type the first letter of the user name, the whole name automatically appears. I prefer to type in every character myself to prevent other user of my computer to know my user name.

    A. Delete the Password:
    B. Add Password Exception:
    1. Go to Facebook and log in. When Firefox asks you if you want to save this password, select '''Never for this Site''' . See the attached screenshot.

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