Logic keeps losing controller assignments???

I have an Axiom 49 with it's transport buttons assigned to various logic functions. I have assigned these in the key command section by "learn new assignment" Every so often these commands stop working altogether as if Logic "forgets" them. When I look at the learned command line it still shows the assignment but it isn't until I "relearn" the exact same assignment that it works again. This is extremely frustrating. Does anyone know why this happens and if there is a workaround? Thanks.

don'tforgetyourtowel wrote:
This may work for your controller assignment issues. I haven't tried that specifically but it definitely works for solving problems with midi ports changing depending on what you have hooked up when you boot Logic.
The CA (Controller Assignments) are "Pre", regarding the Logic Physical Input in Click & Ports layer, so this will not solve the "Input Floating Ports" problem I guess... I think a little tip using IAC bus can work cause once IAC is activated it is a MAC constant virtual port.
*The IAC Tip*
1. Cut the "Sum" cable from the Physical Input and cable the IAC (Bus1) port to the Monitor object (1) - see the pic below. You can name the Monitor (IAC Bus1 IN) etc.
2. Cable all physical ports to the "Sum Physical Ports" Monitor object (2).
3. Create an Instrument object (3), assign its port to IAC, set its midi channel to "All" and cable from "Sum Physical Ports" Monitor object (2).
4. Create a new Fader in the Environment and cable it to the IAC Instrument as shown (4).
5. Move the fader of your external controller you plan to learn to see what is its CC# and channel# in the "Sum Physical Ports" Monitor. (You can skip this step if you are familiar with the physical fader/knob hardware CC assignment previously).
6. Select the virtual fader (4) labeled as "Temp Learn" in the environment and set its output CC definition number and midi channel to match your external controller you plan to learn in the inspector.
7. Save your new midi setup as a Logic template song.
8. Press (Command+K) to open the Logic CA expert dialog. Do the standard "learn" procedure to learn any channel strip or plugin parameter but instead of moving the external controller fader/knob you must move the virtual environment fader labeled as "Temp Learn" (4). This way Logic CA will be learned from the IAC bus (you will see that in the CA expert dialog). After this "Dummy" learn process you can tweak the physical controller - done!
The method must solve the "Input Floating Ports" problem cause all CA assignments will be learned from the IAC port which is constant (non-floating until you may decide to switch it OFF in the Mac AMS).
The other good side is if you decide to move your Logic Preference file ( i.e CA) to another machine - all assignments must work this way ( I did not try yet but in theory it must work ).
Another advantage is that you can patch lots of interesting "Transformer Gears" between the "Sum Physical Ports" Monitor (2) and the Instrument IAC port (3). In other words you can use the Logic Environment as an advanced "MIDI JUNCTION" engine serving its midi processing to other apps, CA etc...

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    I'm assigning key commands to the pads on a Korg microKontrol in the Key Commands window, using the Learn New Assignment button (as per the Control Surfaces Support document) but Logic (9) is automatically storing these assignments under the Pots zone, in the Send mode section, and not in the Pads zone, under Pads User 4, 5 etc. 'Expected behaviour', a bug, or something I'm doing wrong?

    Excuse the uneditedness of my post.
    Apple communities didnt load my editied version, and not sure how to edit or even deleate a post.
    Basically need to know how to have Logic remember my controller assignments,.
    If IAC is the best way to do this, then how do i engage the IAC bus when in "learnmode".

  • Logic Express 9 doesn't remember my controller assignments

    I'm using M-Audio Axiom 25 and UC-33e with Logic Express 9. I know how to use the midi learn function, and I'm able to get everything working until I quit logic and open it up again. After that, the previously working assignments won't work, even though logic shows them in the controller assignments window and shows that some midi data is coming in. I've been searching the forum and m-audio forum as well, and they said, that the problem must be with logic. Apparently I'm not the only one with the problem.
    However I managed to get the key commands work (with Axiom 25, not UC-33e) by exporting them, but I'd also like to be able to use the knobs etc.

    I was never ever able to get Logic 8 to remember my controller assignments for very long or at all. Nor was I was ever able to find a solution to the problem despite all my efforts to try.
    My solution was third party. I purchased a Novation Remote SL which uses Automap. As aggravating as it was to have to do this, it solved my problems permanently. Automap is Novation's software that maps itself to Logic as well as to many if not most audio units. It also perfectly controls transport functions without a hitch.
    I felt a bit non plused that such a simple feature in Logic was never very reliable. I haven't tried it since upgrading to Logic 9 since I'm still happily using the Remote with Automap. Hopefully someone can provide better help other than simple explaining how to set the learn function up in Logic. The manual explains that just fine. A better explanation as to how to keep it working or get around the bugginess of it would be more useful - and that I was never able to find.

  • Learned controller assignments often get stuck in Logic.... (?)

    Hey guys, when use hardware controllers for controlling parameters of softsynths in Logic, I find that the software knobs often get stuck while moving them. I can not see a pattern to this behaviour, but it happens if I learn assignments within Logic, or using my Novation remote SL and other controllers with templates.
    Is this a known issue. Anyone else getting it?

    Yeah the whole controller assignment thing has me
    baffled. It seems to be geared towards specific,
    permanently installed "control surfaces".
    Not really - you can completely create your own multi-layer control surfaces, it's just that doing a complete control surface, with bank shifts for controlling track groups and so on is a fair amount of work, and takes some getting to know the controller assignments window, and the terminology like "modes" and "zones" etc
    However, the level of control it gives you is great, and if you want examples, you can for instance load a Logic Control controller surface into Logic and examine the way all it's assignments are configured.
    If you want to be more sure you can set up a
    transformer object to map midi cc's to your synths.
    I find it's way better (for me at least) to develop my own control surface support. I use a Korg MicroKontrol and found the default controller support to be rather clunky and not ideal for me, so I've developed and been refining my own control surface support which suits my needs perfectly. It's takes time and is an ongoing process, but is highly useful.
    I just wish some of the flaky behaviour was fixed, but my fingers are crossed for future versions...
    In any case, if you want to map a fader to a softsynth parameter, just hit apple-L, click on the onscreen control, and twiddle you fader. Assignment learnt. Do this for the parameters you want, turn off learn mode, and twiddle away with perfect automation.
    Don't also forget the automation quick access as well - assign your mod wheel to this, and you can select any parameter of a plug and quickly use the mod wheel to control it or write automation etc.

  • Why does Logic Pro 9.1.8 Fail to respond to Controller Assignments?

    I have recently bought the Akai MPD32 and am currently using it with Logic Pro 9.1.8. I spent 2 hours mapping Controller Assignments to various knobs and sliders e.t.c. and they all saved. I backed up the preference files from the Library in case I needed to replace them for some reason. After a few times of closing and opening Logic the assignments no longer work! They are still displayed in the Controller Assignments window but do not respond to the movements I am making on the controller. I have tried replacing the preference files which doesn't seem to work. All my MIDI devices are connected before I start Logic and the MPD32 is on the same preset as when I assigned the controls.
    I was hoping someone could help because I was hoping on an easier workflow but it seems impossible at the moment.

    I backed up all 5 Logic files in the Preferences folder after setting up and assigning the MPD32.
    I deleted the files and replaced them with the backups but it still refuses to behave. I had all my midi devices linked to the correct ports and my assignments were under MPD32 Port 1, when the assignments failed the MPD was still in 'port 1'.
    This is quite a pain in the backside and I don't want to have to do this multiple times a day.
    Anyone got any other suggestions?

  • Logic crashes on entering 'controller assignments' window

    Hi, I hope someone can help me with this. When I want to enter the controller assignments window in the preferences menu, Logic Pro 7.1 crashes, telling me it will save the song I'm working on. I want to assign controllers to use my Novation ReMOTE SL25 for controlling various Audio instruments.
    Any ideas about how to solve this?
    Thanks in advance!
    G5 dual 2.0   Mac OS X (10.4.4)  

    i did now
    its kind of ironic that there's no help available through apple's website for a rather elaborate implementation in their own software...especially when considering Apple wrote the driver for the C4

  • Why doesn't Logic Pro X remember controller assignments when I switch patches?

    I'm trying to work with setting up External Controller Assignments with my Akai MPK25. I'd like to have Knob 1 map to the 1st Automatic Smart Control knob I can see (like Timbre or Cutoff or whichever is leftmost) OR have Knob 1 always map to the same paramater (Timbre, Cutoff, etc).
    I'm able to successfully set them up on a single patch but the moment I switch to a different patch, Logic completely forgets the assignments. And if then I switch back to the original patch, the assignments are also ost. If I toggle "Compare" in the Automatic Smart Controls window back and forth, Logic loses the assignments. But oddly, it remembers one or two (out of eight potential paramater assignments).
    How do I get Logic to remember these assignments?
    Here's a screenshot of my window: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uqzqen6etkh0uxf/Screen%20Shot%202013-11-24%20at%205.02 .43%20PM.png
    Thanks so much in advance.

    No, no need to chase any pur.
    You can clickhold that No Output slot and assign an output.
    ...but for that to work you need to have chosen your audio hardware in the preferences, of course. And while you're at it, make sure you also have all Advanced Tools enabled.

  • Controller Assignments Deleted After Crash

    I know this topic was brushed on briefly in a previous thread a while back, but I haven't found any real working solutions to the issue.
    I have spent lots of time and labor programming complex assignments for multiple controllers in expert view of the controller assignments window for the various soft synths i use. And then they just get deleted if Logic crashes with no way of recalling them. This is extremely frustrating.
    I need these assignments to be permanently saved for the music I make.
    I know that backing up the library file described in the Control Surfaces Manual does nothing. I just can't believe there hasn't been a solution/bug fix to this issue. This can be a major issue for a lot of people.
    Any ideas?

    I've been bitten by this bug many times myself, so I've learned to keep a clean copy of the control surface prefs file on hand so I can just drag it back into place in case of a crash - takes a matter of seconds to be back up and running.
    Here's what you do. Set everything up the way you want, then quit Logic. Then create a copy of the control surface pref file and keep it somewhere safe. Next time Logic crashes, drag the copy (actually a copy of the copy!) back into your Prefs folder and you'll be good to go.
    The file you're looking for is called "com.apple.logic.pro.cs" and it's in your [user] > Library > Preferences folder.
    Hope that helps!

  • Controller Assignments fun.....automation controlling the WRONG ch strips!

    Hello all,
    Further to L8 deleting an entire zone of Controller Assignments and my backups not in fact, having backed up my CA setting, I am rebuilding the Zone.
    As a perfect example of just how BAD the CA aspect of L8(.01) remains: I have a brand new environment with 32x Audio Channel strips and 8x Aux Channel strips.
    I have successfully mapped controls from my Axiom61 in groups of 8 to audio channel strips 1-8, 9-16, 16-24 but when I do EXACTLY the same thing (learn automation) for channels 25-32 and then exit learn mode, my Axiom is controlling AUX Channels 1-8 and NOT Audio ch 25-32!!!
    I mean I have clicked on each audio ch fader (25-32) assigning controls for volume, pan and solo precisely the same as for the previous 24 channels yet Logic assigns these last controls to the WRONG ch strips - ie Aux channels 1-8!
    WHY? Pourquoi? Porque? PLEASE!
    Is my environment screwed? Is this something to do with L8 deleting my Zone yesterday?
    Thank you all....

    It depends on how you are learning them. An assignment to a particular channel strip can be done a number of ways - accessing only audio channels, accessing audio objects by an offset, accessing channels based on the current fader bank offset and so on.
    What are your assignments set as? If you are assigning them as fixed audio objects, you shouldn't run into this. If you can provide more details as to your assignment parameters, I can have a look and see if I get the same behaviour, or see what's going on.
    Note: couldn't you keep all your controller assignments issues to one thread? - it makes it easier to keep track of things and keeps them self-contained with all the relevant info, rather than having related isues split across multiple threads.

  • Have the Controller Assignments been fixed?

    Ok, while I'm waiting for mine to arrive, if anyone out there is familiar with the (many) bugs in the handling of controller assignments, can they tell me whether these have been fixed in LP8?
    Or are the same issues still there?
    A reliable controller assignments window is the one thing I've most wanted since the dawn of LP7...
    Cheers mateys!

    Controller assignments includes quick access, control surfaces and now MIDI key commands in addition to the learn controls functionality. The whole nine yards of wax enchilada balls.
    My specific problems relate to th controller learn to plugins functionality, and basic buggy operation of the window itself (for instance, clicking on cancel in one of the reassignment warning dialogs will just delete all of your assignments.)
    Ok, here's a long post - I haven't exhaustively through this stuff with LP8 yet (too depressing) but I did verify that the core bad behaviour still exists identically to LP7.x...
    Ah slippery haddocks, I would post the feedback I sent to Apple, but I can't find a local copy - I posted it to OSXAudio so I usually retrieve it from there but the site is down at the moment - when it comes back up, I will get it and post it...
    As a quick general example, I have eight sliders I want to map to softsynth controls - let's say the GB synths, because they have limited controls. So I open the first one, and map the eight controls to my eight sliders. Cool. Works fine. I then load up the next one, and map those eight controls to my sliders.
    This is cool, because whatever GB instrument I load in the instrument slot, my controller will control the 8 parameters I want.
    I keep going. At some point (which is random), the odd learned control will just stop working - ie, after I've learned maybe 6 or 7 instruments, a random control on a previous instrument just won't respond. If you try and "fix" it by relearning the control, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it just means other controls randomly stop working.
    Worse still, when you twiddle a control to see which parameter it's assigned to, the incorrect assignment is called up in the controller assignments window, so you just don't have a clue what's going on.
    There are plenty of others, but basically, setting up controller assignments works for a few simple things, but it corrupts and becomes a major pain very quickly.
    It's a shame, because I was developing an awesome controller config, where I had buttons on my controller that would switch modes between mixer, instrument, plugin settings and so on, and I always had the most important parameters of all my plugs under my fingertips.
    Except for Logic's randomly flaky corruption which rendered the whole thing pointless (as you never knew what was randomly going to stop working).

  • Controller Assignments - Zones & Modes

    I've read all of the posts on controller assignments, and the manual, but am very confused. I have a M-Audio Radium 49. I want to control plug-ins, both synth and eq. I was able to control the selected track fader/pan/send. I was also able to set up assignments for eq as suggested on this site, but the mode keeps reselecting itself depending on which midi controller I touch (even when learn is deactivated) Do I have to close the assignments window for this to stop? If I do, how do I select between modes and zones. How do I select all of those sub-options? Are there any templates people share for midi controllers? How do I set this up easily, without multiple assignments etc. to different controllers?

    Yeah, I've been reading the Logic manual and trying to digest it all at the same time, I'm just trying to fully understand it so I can apply it to my current set up.
    Just for clarification... I have a little bit of an awkward setup as I have a padKontrol, keyboard, wiimote & balance board for my midi controllers.
    Would an idea be to set up the wiimote as a zone in itself, then like you said, have "transport", and whatever other functions I might add...
    Then for a separate zone, have the padKontrol.
    Right now it seems this sort of thing is best suited for a complete control surface, but in my case, treat all my controllers collectively as a control surface, then each individually as a zone?
    & yes, it does help the more reading and different views I see, the easier it is to fill in the gaps.
    I personally find examples one of the best ways to understanding
    Any other thoughts/ideas are more then welcomed.
    Thanks a lot.

  • I keep losing midi sound in my 49e synth

    I select it in the track channel but for some reason I keep losing the sound or don't know how to get the 49e sound back.
    I am new to Logic 8 and was wondering if there is an easy tip on keeping track of my 49e synth sounds and not losing them?
    Thanks so much for any help.

    Windows or Mac?
    Check the codec folder in PPro programs to see if the codecs are actually present.
    If on windows, run a disk check to recover any possible corrupt files, (it's happened to me before with files that mysteriously disappear).  If still no luck, then restore your PC using a recovery point to before you installed that additional software and see if that clears it up.

  • HT2845 why does my wireless mouse keep losing connection?

    Good morning,
    My wireless mouse keeps losing connection...my batteries are at 100% and the "discoverable" option is checked off.  Why is this happening?

    PRAM=parameter random access memory - reset like this:
    SMC=system management controller reset like this:
    Sometimes resetting these "fixes" odd problems - and it cannot hurt.
    To make a device a favorite, go to system preferences>bluetooth.  Highlight the device.  If detailed information is not shown, click oin the little gear>show more info.  Then click on the gear again and make the device a favorite.

  • How can I save controller assignments with a project?

    How can I save controller assignments with a project, so that I can use different controller assignments for the same synth in another project
    Let's say I am controlling a Logic instrument with MIDI and CC data sent from MaxMSP. I have created a composition and would now like to make another one, with new assignments of controllers, in a new project. Is it possible to save the first piece's c.a. with it's project, so that I can switch between projects and have the controller assignments switch accordingly? Is that something that's become possible in Logic X with Smart Control or another workaround?
    Thanks a lot for any hints!

    With standard instruments you can cable transformers before the objects translating incoming cc's to "fader" events.
    With the new plug-ins they've hacked into Logic (ultrabeat, sculpture) this isn't possible, so your stuck with the "controller assignments" window which to me seems to be aimed at dedicated control surfaces and autoloads. My experiences with the controller assignments window aren't good, as i've found it drops incoming messages quite often.
    Knowing how to do this(controller assignments per song) would give me a reason to open the controller assignments window again..Pretty useless to me otherwise.

  • Controller Assignments not working

    I have 2 midi controllers which I have assigned the endless rotaries and faders to control Logic bundled synths and 3rd party sofsynths.
    I have used the learn function to succsesfully control all softsynths with the hardware controllers, but usually when i reopen logic a day or 2 later the assigned functions no longer work.  This is perplexing, as all the learned information appears in the controller assignments expert view window.
    I am getting relly sick of constantly remapping.  Is this a fault in Logic 9 or am I dong something wrong?

    Hi did you fix your problem....?

Maybe you are looking for