Logic Remote for iPad freezes on Smart Help

Mine just endlessly displays "Preparing Help Content Download" when I select smart help and nothing happens. Anyone else have this or have a fix?

Mine just says that Smart Help couldn't be downloaded, but it will happen next time Logic Remote is launched....which never happens.
I've still never seen Smart Help. Sorry no fix, but I'd suggest you report this to Apple:

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  • Logic Remote for iPad always gets disconnected from paired iMac..?

    I recently downloaded GarageBand 10.0.0 and Logic Remote for the iPad, the thing is, it only stays connected when:
    (1) GarageBand does not have any open projects or
    (2) When the project is about to be closed, as the user is being prompted to: "Don't Save", "Cancel" or "Save"
    I know Logic Remote connects to the Mac I am using since it tells me to open a project first, then right after I open a project,
    logic remote always tells me
    "The connection to <computer name> was lost. Please select the Mac you wish to connect to"
    The app then tries to reconnect and reconnect, but nothing happens.
    By accident, as I tried to close the project in the Mac, whose snapshot is attached in this posting:
    the app then is able to remotely control garageband...
    When I cancel the project closing, the problem persists...
    This actually renders the app useless...
    Have you guys encountered this situation.?

    I am experiencing the identical problem as janjerick.
    To reproduce the problem:
    1) On iMac OS 10.9, Launch Garageband 10.0  - choose Empty Project.  Created a "software instrument" track.
    2) On iPad, Launch Logic Remote 1.02  and select the hosting iMac computer.
    3) Connection seemed to come up on the iPad, then prompty goes away.  "The connect to <host> was lost".
    4) The connection doesn't come back... UNTIL I try to dismiss the project on iMac Garageband. The instant I get the "Do you want to save the document" dialog -- Boom!  The Logic Remote connection is established.  And then the Logic Remote seems to be able to control Garageband (while the 'Do you want to save the document' dialog is in the foreground on Garageband.).   But as soon as I try to go back into a project on Garageband, the connection is lost.
    Here's the kicker: I also have Logic Pro X on the same iMac and the "Logic Pro" remote app is working PERFECTLY with that.  But as soon as I flip back to Garageband, no go.
    Anyone else?

  • Logic remote for iPad not showing all mix channels

    When i use my ipad with logic remote app I will pull up a song and the mixer view within logic remote and it will only show some of the mixer channels...I will swipe right and left to find all the others channels but they are not there...Does anyone know why this is?     For example I pulled up one song and i went all the way over the the left on the ipad mixer channels and it only allowed me to view the aux channels and a couple of other channels  but i wanted to mix the main vocal amongst other tracks, and they were no where to be found withing logic remote...

    Well, I still have this issue with Yosemite and iOS 8.1. It is over a year! Adding 8 empty audio tracks to the top brings the tracks into view but they are not the correct colour as the track meters and colours are offset by 8 channels.
    This topic was ridiculously difficult to search for. I couldn't find it after I logged in and the site sent my iPhone to the rss feeds page. Why? I did not get to this topic result until I got to the word "showing" after typing in the topic from my now logged out iPhone. Again. Why?

  • Splashtop desktop hd remote for iPad

    Can anyone please help me with this? Whenever I use splashtop Desktop HD remote for iPad. I get this on my computer the color scheme has been changed to windows 7 basic the current color scheme has exceeded.it's allowed memory so the color scheme has been automatically changed to improve performance. does anyone know why this happeneds? and how to fix it? I'm just thinking maybe this is my problem. Still cannot open one of the programs that I like. Camfrog pro video chat rooms thank you for any help on this.  I have windows 7 64bit and installed memory ram 6.00 gb 5.75gb usable

    jRix wrote:
    ... just to know if I am the only one expecting this...
    you're not, but that doesn't change what Meg said.
    while we're all waiting for an update to the Remote app, you might want to take a look @ _*iTeleport for iPad*_.
    happy computing !

  • HT1947 Remote for ipad landscape orientation not working in ios 7

    Remote for ipad landscape orientation not working in ios 7

    See this thread: remote app rotation locked in portrait orientation after iOS 7 upgrade
    It is a discussion only - no helpful hints.  Appears to be a bug for sure.

  • Where did strikethrough go? unable to find strikethrough button on Pages for ipad in version1.5, HELP!

    unable to find strikethrough button S on Pages for ipad in version1.5, HELP!
    look! and what's that dot thing?

    The following query runs for 10 mins on tbl with 1 mill records on sql server 2012 RTM, and for 1.5 min on sql server 2012 build 3128.
    Significant differences in duration are usually due to different plans.  As Olaf suggested, comparing the plans is a good first step.  Assuming the plans are different, I wouldn't be too quick to assume the difference is related to the software
    build.  Different plans are often due to differences in the row count estimates used to generate the plan so make sure the same indexes and statistics exist in the databases and that stats are fully up-to-date.
    What is the purpose of the WHERE clause? It seems to me it will return all rows anyway.
    Dan Guzman, SQL Server MVP, http://www.dbdelta.com

  • Pages for Ipad freezes when I try to delete a document. Documents start to flash on and off. Can't turn app off or even turn Ipad off.

    Pages for Ipad freezes when I try to delete a document. Documents start to flash on and off. Can't turn app off, or turn Ipad off.

    FWIW, think I found a solution to this problem elsewhere on this forum. Go to Settings / General / Accessibility on your iPad. Check to see if you have enabled "Bold Text" and if so turn that off. The iPad now restarts. In my case (and others) things are now back to normal with iWorks file management functions.
    I can now rename files, delete them, and do other file management tasks in all iWorks apps on iPad without the apps freezing or freezing the iPad. Would like to give credit to the user who posted that but can't find it at the moment - he claimed that an Apple Tech suggested the fix when he called about it, so they know about it and hopefully will get fixed eventually.

  • Remote for iPad cant find songs but iPhone can

    Hi All
    I have a Strange problem with airport Express and airtunes
    From my iPad 4.2.1 running Remote app for iPad if i search for an artist, like Gary Moore, it shows the artist name, but when i Press the name it doesnt display the songs with this artist, it says no songs found.
    But if i use the same app on both my iPhone 4 and my iPod touch, and do the same search and Press the artist name, it shows All the songs that i have with this artist
    Both the iPad and the iPhone connects to the same airtunes library, on the same machine with iTunes 10.1?
    Does anybody have any ideas of what is wrong
    I have tried to reinstall the app on the iPad, but that diednt work, i have tried to delete the library on the iPad with no luck
    Aby help would be apreciated
    Carsten Larsen

    anybody have an idea?

  • Sync issues with new Logic Controller for iPad / New Logic

    Downloaded the new version of Logic for mac and the new controller for iPad today.
    The iPad more often than not fails to see that Logic is running on the network and just hangs. If you open and close the controller on the iPad sometimes it will then boot up and go straight to the fader page.
    However, it has limited functionality. The faders and transport appear to be working ok, but there's NO LEVEL INFORMATION being sent back to the iPad. So you can control the faders and everything, but there's no bouncing audio levels, not even on the mix bus. It looks like nothing is playing, apart from the fact you can see the transport ticking through the bars.
    Something seriously amiss here.
    (iPad 2, worked fine before, never had a problem with it...)

    Quit the Logic Remote App.. (Don't just close it but quit it..)
    Delete Logic's CS (Control Surfaces) file
    Quit Logic Pro
    In the Finder, choose Go to Folder from the Go menu.
    Type ~/Library/Preferences in the "Go to the folder" field.
    Press the Go button.
    Remove the com.apple.logic.pro.cs file from the preferences folder.
    Restart the computer.
    If you cannot find this file you have not followed the instructions exactly as described!
    Now Launch Logic Remote on your iPad and reconnect....
    Note: If you use any other external control surfaces you will need to re-add those too...

  • I'm looking for a bluetooth remote for iPad's iBooks app

    I'm looking for a bluetooth remote that will allow me to flip the pages of a book in the iBooks app.
    Does anybody know of such a thing? I have found remotes for the iPad, but they seem obscure as to what it can accomplish. I need something more than something that plays iTunes remotely. I have a specific need.
    Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Yubz Magnum really has great sound. They come in four colors too.
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  • Keynote Remote for iPad

    I'm not looking to control Keynote on the iPad, but rather use my iPad as a Keynote Remote for my MacPro running Keynote for Mac.  I have it on the iPhone, but running Keynote for Mac 'remotely' from my iPad would be better for me.  I run photography workshops and courses and in my studio my MacPro is connected to a 42" display that I run a Keynote presentation on.  I've been controlling it with Keynote Remote on my iPhone, but would rather use my iPad as the remote.

    Although I have it on my iPhone, I couldn't find how to install it on my iPad.  Thought it wasn't compatible.  Found it through my "Purchased Apps" on the iPad (App Store) and hit install.  Thanks for verifing that it was compatible and I just had to dig a little deeper.
    Wish they'd come out with a dedicated iPad version with a few more features rather than just a 2X view of the iPhone app.

  • IPhone remote for iPad

    Hi there
    Does anyone know if it's possible to set up the iPhone as a remote for the iPad? I have my music collection on my iPad which is plugged into my home hifi and would like to be able to make music selections on the iPad using the iPhone as a remote. Any steer in the right direction appreciated.
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    I use Tango to control my iTunes library from my iPhone.
    Make sure and install the Tango app on both devices.
    Launch the app on your iPhone and follow the instructions. Very easy to use.
    After the app discovers your music library, tap "More" at the bottom of the app window then tap Settings. You can enable the iPhone so you just "shake" it to play the next song.
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  • ITunes remote for iPad?  Cropping the info bar request...

    Sorry about the double idea here but remote for the iPad would be nice like as is on iPhone and also the ability to crop a screenshot without 3rd party apps would be nice too.

    No point telling us - we are all just users like you.
    Tell Apple your idea here http://www.apple.com/feedback/

  • Remote for ipad

    Is it still not possible to use the iPhone to remotely control video on the iPAd? Id like to be able to pause the training video Im watching.

    jRix wrote:
    ... just to know if I am the only one expecting this...
    you're not, but that doesn't change what Meg said.
    while we're all waiting for an update to the Remote app, you might want to take a look @ _*iTeleport for iPad*_.
    happy computing !

  • Friendly for iPad says "connection error"  Help!

    Was working fine just fine a few hours ago and now it won't connect. Internet is fine, tried restarting and even reinstalling. Anyone having the same issue?Help!

    Only thing I tried was restarting. Then thought I'd wait and see if it made any more sense in the morning. Last thing I did was play around with uploading photos using Friendly and had just deleted the 'Friendly for iPad' album that had been created in the process.

Maybe you are looking for