Logic remote for iPad not showing all mix channels

When i use my ipad with logic remote app I will pull up a song and the mixer view within logic remote and it will only show some of the mixer channels...I will swipe right and left to find all the others channels but they are not there...Does anyone know why this is?     For example I pulled up one song and i went all the way over the the left on the ipad mixer channels and it only allowed me to view the aux channels and a couple of other channels  but i wanted to mix the main vocal amongst other tracks, and they were no where to be found withing logic remote...

Well, I still have this issue with Yosemite and iOS 8.1. It is over a year! Adding 8 empty audio tracks to the top brings the tracks into view but they are not the correct colour as the track meters and colours are offset by 8 channels.
This topic was ridiculously difficult to search for. I couldn't find it after I logged in and the site sent my iPhone to the rss feeds page. Why? I did not get to this topic result until I got to the word "showing" after typing in the topic from my now logged out iPhone. Again. Why?

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    I've been having problems with the iPad not showing all the images on websites. It tends to do it on forums with threads that are picture heavy. It will show the first few, then the rest will Be replaced with a blue icon with a question mark in it. Is there any way to fix this?

    Yes it is.
    http://micechat.com/forums/blogs/weekend-update/1532-wizarding-world%3B-toy-stor y-3%3B-main-street-disneyland-hong-kong%3B-classic-revolution.html
    Safari is unable to load any more images, works fine on the desktop, but not on the iPad.

  • Logic Remote for iPad always gets disconnected from paired iMac..?

    I recently downloaded GarageBand 10.0.0 and Logic Remote for the iPad, the thing is, it only stays connected when:
    (1) GarageBand does not have any open projects or
    (2) When the project is about to be closed, as the user is being prompted to: "Don't Save", "Cancel" or "Save"
    I know Logic Remote connects to the Mac I am using since it tells me to open a project first, then right after I open a project,
    logic remote always tells me
    "The connection to <computer name> was lost. Please select the Mac you wish to connect to"
    The app then tries to reconnect and reconnect, but nothing happens.
    By accident, as I tried to close the project in the Mac, whose snapshot is attached in this posting:
    the app then is able to remotely control garageband...
    When I cancel the project closing, the problem persists...
    This actually renders the app useless...
    Have you guys encountered this situation.?

    I am experiencing the identical problem as janjerick.
    To reproduce the problem:
    1) On iMac OS 10.9, Launch Garageband 10.0  - choose Empty Project.  Created a "software instrument" track.
    2) On iPad, Launch Logic Remote 1.02  and select the hosting iMac computer.
    3) Connection seemed to come up on the iPad, then prompty goes away.  "The connect to <host> was lost".
    4) The connection doesn't come back... UNTIL I try to dismiss the project on iMac Garageband. The instant I get the "Do you want to save the document" dialog -- Boom!  The Logic Remote connection is established.  And then the Logic Remote seems to be able to control Garageband (while the 'Do you want to save the document' dialog is in the foreground on Garageband.).   But as soon as I try to go back into a project on Garageband, the connection is lost.
    Here's the kicker: I also have Logic Pro X on the same iMac and the "Logic Pro" remote app is working PERFECTLY with that.  But as soon as I flip back to Garageband, no go.
    Anyone else?

  • Logic Remote for iPad freezes on Smart Help

    Mine just endlessly displays "Preparing Help Content Download" when I select smart help and nothing happens. Anyone else have this or have a fix?

    Mine just says that Smart Help couldn't be downloaded, but it will happen next time Logic Remote is launched....which never happens.
    I've still never seen Smart Help. Sorry no fix, but I'd suggest you report this to Apple:

  • 10.5.2 share point for folder not showing all the sub folders via afp?

    Hi, I just set this up late last night. I have a sharepoint set up for a folder. Under this folder there are maybe 8 other folders, with their subsequent folders there after. My issue is I set this point up for the higher level, set proper permissions and only half of the folders show under all the log ins? First thought was permissions. I set up myself full control ACL and propagated throughout. Same issue. To skirt this for now I am sharing the folders that do not appear and it works fine but kind of a pain for all the users. Any thoughts? Thanks for any help or suggestions.

    Others are all read only. I did unshare and share this again thinking that would work but nope... Thanks

  • ICal for iPad not showing events more than 2 years in future in Year view

    As the subject describes, I can create an appointment more than 2 years into the future.  On my Mac and iPhone I can see the event using any view.  It is also visible in all views on my iPad, except for the year view.  A feature?

    Go to the Home screen and double click the Home button. That will reveal the row of recently used apps at the bottom of the screen. Tap and hold on the app in question until it wiggles and displays a minus sign. Tap the minus sign to actually quit the app. Then tap anywhere on the screen above that bottom row to return the screen to normal. Then restart the app and see if it works normally.
    Then reboot your iPad. Press and hold the Home and Sleep buttons simultaneously ignoring the red slider until the Apple logo appears. Let go of the buttons and let the iPad restart. See if that fixes your problem.

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    iPhoto for is not showing all of my Facebook photo albums when I attempt to share photos. I have not been able to recognize any differences between the albums shown or not shown except maybe album age - older albums remain invisible. Quite annoying.
    I have the latest iPad with latest SW and latest iPhoto.

    When I use iPhoto for iOS to share to Facebook I first get a chance to share one photo or select several.
    Then I see a choice to upload to an album, usually Wall Photos, but there in only that one album visible.
    Tap on that album and more choices come up. These include, eventually, all of my albums. I can then choose the album to which I want to upload the photo(s).

  • HT1947 Remote for ipad landscape orientation not working in ios 7

    Remote for ipad landscape orientation not working in ios 7

    See this thread: remote app rotation locked in portrait orientation after iOS 7 upgrade
    It is a discussion only - no helpful hints.  Appears to be a bug for sure.

  • Lightroom not showing all photos avail for import

    About a week ago, I tried to import some new photos into LR 3 (3.4.1 to be exact), and the import dialogue does not show all the photos that should be available for import.
    The files are on my hard drive and there are approximately 200 photos in the file folder. When I open LR's import dialogue to import the photos (after navigating to the proper location to import from of course), it shows me 17 of the photos in the file folder! I selected "all" instead of "new" to see if that would make a difference and it did not. I made sure I did not have "do not import suspected duplicates" checked, even closed LR and rebooted my computer.... that didn't work.
    I tried creating a new catalog to see if that would fix the issue, and it did not.
    I'm not sure what else to try, or if there is a known fix out there (having a heck of a time finding one in my internet search!)
    Any ideas/suggestions?

    Okay, so for giggles I tried checking in the Bridge to see if that changed anything... and it only showed the few files too. So I decided to "select all" and noticed at the bottom left that it listed the balance of my photos as "hidden." I have no idea how my files got hidden, or why it was only some and not others... but at least it's all fixed now and I can get back to what I need to do in LR!

  • New outlook install not showing all email histories for some users

    I recently installed outlook 2013 on a windows 8 machine connected to exchange. I noticed it is not showing all the email histories for a particular user.  Is there an index that needs to be rebuilt or something?  Some users it shows a
    bunch emails for others it only shows one or two.  Thanks in advance.  

    Do you mean only one particular user couldn't view all messages from Outlook?
    From this sentence "Some users it shows a bunch emails for others it only shows one or two.", it seems that this issue affect some users, not only one.
    If only one user is affected by this problem, you can follow the steps below to check result.
    1. Please check if it displays all mails in OWA.
    2. And please switch between Outlook cached mode and online mode to check result.
    If some users are affected, please check database index status.
    Best regards,
    Belinda Ma
    TechNet Community Support

  • IWeb not showing all my published Photo Galleries for Widget insertion

    I have published a page created in iWeb to my mobileme account
    Today I went to edit it and add a Widget - Mobile Me Gallery
    It only shows 3 of the 4 galleries and of course the one I want to insert is the one not showing
    All galleries are published with ability to see, load, download etc..
    I have rebooted etc and its still the same.

    Chris Field wrote:
    Is this helpful? Is this even English?
    Chris ~ Be thankful it doesn't say: "_For all intensive purposes..._". This Apple doc may be clearer:
    _iWeb 2.0: Adding live web content or HTML to your site_
    Chris Field wrote:
    From the site http://iwebfaq.org/site/iWebHTMLSnippet.html:
    When you post a link, switch from Compose to Preview mode and click on the link to make sure it works — the colon in your link causes it to misdirect.
    There's no guarantee that MobileMe chat will get results...
    +"Advice is given freely because so much of it is worthless."+ ~ James Geary
    +"Advice is one of those things it is far more blessed to give than to receive."+ ~ Carolyn Wells
    ...With that in mind, another approach is to join the +Apple Developer Connection+ — the +ADC Online+ category is free, here:
    ...then you can use this to create a trackable problem report:
    And no, you don't need to be a "developer" to join — just an Apple user who wants to make sure Apple knows there's a bug and have the ability to track its resolution.

  • Splashtop desktop hd remote for iPad

    Can anyone please help me with this? Whenever I use splashtop Desktop HD remote for iPad. I get this on my computer the color scheme has been changed to windows 7 basic the current color scheme has exceeded.it's allowed memory so the color scheme has been automatically changed to improve performance. does anyone know why this happeneds? and how to fix it? I'm just thinking maybe this is my problem. Still cannot open one of the programs that I like. Camfrog pro video chat rooms thank you for any help on this.  I have windows 7 64bit and installed memory ram 6.00 gb 5.75gb usable

    jRix wrote:
    ... just to know if I am the only one expecting this...
    you're not, but that doesn't change what Meg said.
    while we're all waiting for an update to the Remote app, you might want to take a look @ _*iTeleport for iPad*_.
    happy computing !

  • 2nd hand ipad not showing as associated device on itunes

    Hi All,
    I bought a 2nd hand Ipad a couple of weeks ago from a shop (all legit). As I'm pretty useless with all things tech they synced most of my pics/vids and music from my Iphone using their computer in-store.  As my Iphone has more space than the I pad, I bought extra ICloud storage (not realising that this wouldn't create more space in the Ipad - told you I'm stupid when it comes to tech stuff!).
    Anyway, after spending saving my pics,vids and music to an external hard drive via Itunes, I then synced my favourites to my Ipad to give me more space. I first noticed that there was a problem when trying to play some of my songs, it would say "this device is already associated an an apple I.d.. if you download past purchases with your id you cannot automatically download past purchases with a different id for 90 days".
    Two issues with this.. The first being that the songs it is saying this for were NEVER purchased from Itunes - they were ripped from c.d's onto my Itunes library (and have always played ok on my Iphone and Ipod shuffle).  Secondly, I have only ever had/used one apple i.d for my computer, Iphone, Ipod shuffle and now this Ipad.  The Ipad has been fine using my apple i.d for everything else.. ie, apps, Itunes store and also buying extra i.cloud storage, so I'm not sure why it is viewing it as a different i.d?
    After looking on my Itunes account I noticed that under "manage devices" it is only showing my Iphone and computer as an associated device (I'm not too bothered that it doesn't show my Ipod shuffle because I only sync my music occasionally on that). Is this because it's second hand, and if so what can I do about it? Although I bought this primarily so I can view my pics and home vids on a larger screen than my phone, I don't want to worry about losing music from Itunes if it's viewing my Ipad as belonging to someone else, or an authorised device etc. By the way, the shop I bought the Ipad from is legit, they ask for proof of ownership before buying anything - this Ipad was one someone received free as part of a phone upgrade before selling it so it can't be an issue with being blocked etc.
    Thanks - any help and/or advice on how I can sort this out would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for replying Ralph,,
    I just tried that - still no difference. Ipad not showing up as an associated device on itunes, and on my Ipad when I try to turn automatic downloads on it comes up with the same message.. already associated with an apple ID.. 90 days etc etc.
    It makes no sense as the extra icloud storage (and the money they've taken from me to pay for it) has been done using this ipad, my usual apple id and payment details and has been synced to my itunes account (which is associated with my id and authorised). If you have any other ideas (or alternatively know which dept I should contact in Apple) I'd really appreciate it.
    Thanks :-)

  • List view not showing all podcasts

    Guys, I have the annoying problem that podcast management by itunes and the podcast app are F'ed up.
    Not too lobg ago I experienced my ipad greying out most podcasts that were downloaded and on my ipad, for no reason at all. it took me 2 days fiddling with settings and ended up having to set every sync to "on" and set donwloading to "all" and "keep all podcasts"
    Now I'm experiencing the problem that the "list" view in podcast app, is not showing all podcasts, but the "thumbnail" view is (as far as I can tell...). Why is this and how can I fix it to make sure both views show everything?
    I'm running iOS 7.0.6 and iTunes 11.1.5

    Hey there sporry,
    It sounds like your Podcasts app is not showing your library correctly in the List view but Thumbnail looks ok. I recommend the troubleshooting in the article named:
    iOS: An app you installed unexpectedly quits, stops responding, or won’t open
    Restart the app
    Close the app and open it again.
    Restart your device
    Turn the device off and on.
    Update your device software and your apps
    Update your device to the latest version of iOS.
    Update your apps:
    Open the App Store and tap Updates.
    If updates are available, tap Update All.
    If asked, enter your Apple ID password. The updates will download and install.
    You might need a Wi-Fi connection to update some apps.
    Install another app from the App Store
    If your installed app won't open, download and install a free app that isn't on your iOS device. This should reset your Apple ID authorization.
    Remember to use the same Apple ID that you used to download the app that you're having issues with.
    Reinstall the app
    Remove the app from your device and reinstall it. Remember that deleting an app also deletes its data.
    Delete the app.
    Press the Home button.
    Go to the App Store and download the app again.
    Wait for the app to download, then open it from the Home screen.
    If the download stops, you can resume it.
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.

  • Vertical scrollbar not showing all the records when I scroll down.

    Vertical scrollbar not showing all the records when I scroll down.
    Using Oracle forms 10g , operating system windows
    I have two fields with number of items dispayed = 15.
    I have a vertical scroll bar with them. There are 34 records in the table but the scrollbar only shows 15 records.
    Here are the properties for block / scrollbar.
    - Subclass Information                           
    - Comments                                       
    * Navigation Style                                Same Record
    - Previous Navigation Data Block                 
    - Next Navigation Data Block                     
    - Current Record Visual Attribute Group          
    - Query Array Size                                0
    - Number of Records Buffered                      0
    * Number of Records Displayed                     60
    * Query All Records                               No
    - Record Orientation                              Vertical
    * Single Record                                   No
    - Database Data Block                             Yes
    - Enforce Primary Key                             No
    - Query Allowed                                   Yes
    - Query Data Source Type                          Table
    * Query Data Source Name                          WORK_CATEGORY
    * Query Data Source Columns                      
    * Column Name                                   JOB_TYPE
    * Column Type                                   VARCHAR2
    - Column Type Name                             
    - Parent Column                                
    * Length                                        30
    * Precision                                     0
    * Scale                                         0
    * Mandatory                                     Yes
    * Column Name                                   WORK_CATEGORY
    * Column Type                                   VARCHAR2
    - Column Type Name                             
    - Parent Column                                
    * Length                                        30
    * Precision                                     0
    * Scale                                         0
    * Mandatory                                     Yes
    - Query Data Source Arguments                    
    - Alias                                          
    - Include REF Item                                No
    * WHERE Clause                                   
    * ORDER BY Clause                                 job_type
    - Optimizer Hint                                 
    - Insert Allowed                                  Yes
    - Update Allowed                                  Yes
    - Locking Mode                                    Automatic
    - Delete Allowed                                  Yes
    - Key Mode                                        Automatic
    - Update Changed Columns Only                     No
    - Enforce Column Security                         No
    - Maximum Query Time                              0
    * Maximum Records Fetched                         0
    - DML Data Target Type                            Table
    - DML Data Target Name                           
    - Insert Procedure Name                          
    - Insert Procedure Result Set Columns            
    - Insert Procedure Arguments                     
    - Update Procedure Name                          
    - Update Procedure Result Set Columns            
    - Update Procedure Arguments                     
       Don't know where am I going wrong. I'll really appreciate if you can help me in this.
    Edited by: 831050 on Sep 14, 2011 8:05 AM

    One of the items is a list item.. here are it's properties:
    * Name                                          JOB_TYPE
    * Item Type                                     List Item
    - Subclass Information                         
    - Comments                                     
    - Help Book Topic                              
    - Enabled                                       Yes
    * Elements in List                             
    * Label                                      
    * List Item Value                             LIST20
    * List Style                                    Combo Box
    - Mapping of Other Values                      
    - Implementation Class                         
    - Case Restriction                              Mixed
    - Popup Menu                                   
    - Keyboard Navigable                            Yes
    - Mouse Navigate                                Yes
    - Previous Navigation Item                     
    - Next Navigation Item                         
    - Data Type                                     Char
    - Data Length Semantics                         Null
    - Maximum Length                                30
    - Initial Value                                
    * Required                                      Yes
    * Copy Value from Item                         
    - Synchronize with Item                        
    - Calculation Mode                              None
    - Formula                                      
    - Summary Function                              None
    - Summarized Block                             
    - Summarized Item                              
    - Current Record Visual Attribute Group        
    - Distance Between Records                      0
    * Number of Items Displayed                     15
    - Database Item                                 Yes
    * Column Name                                   JOB_TYPE
    - Primary Key                                   No
    - Query Only                                    No
    - Query Allowed                                 Yes
    - Insert Allowed                                Yes
    - Update Allowed                                Yes
    - Update Only if NULL                           No
    - Visible                                       Yes
    * Canvas                                        CANVAS2
    - Tab Page                                     
    * X Position                                    47
    * Y Position                                    137
    * Width                                         187
    * Height                                        18
    - Visual Attribute Group                        DEFAULT
    - Prompt Visual Attribute Group                 DEFAULT
    - Foreground Color                             
    * Background Color                              white
    - Fill Pattern                                 
    - Font                                         
    * Font Name                                     Tahoma
    * Font Size                                     10
    * Font Weight                                   Demilight
    * Font Style                                    Plain
    * Font Spacing                                  Normal
    * Prompt                                        Job Type
    - Prompt Display Style                          First Record
    * Prompt Justification                          Start
    * Prompt Attachment Edge                        Top
    - Prompt Alignment                              Start
    * Prompt Attachment Offset                      10
    * Prompt Alignment Offset                       0
    - Prompt Reading Order                          Default
    - Prompt Foreground Color                      
    - Prompt Font                                  
    * Prompt Font Name                              Tahoma
    * Prompt Font Size                              10
    * Prompt Font Weight                            Bold
    * Prompt Font Style                             Plain
    * Prompt Font Spacing                           Normal
    - Hint                                         
    - Display Hint Automatically                    No
    - Tooltip                                      
    - Tooltip Visual Attribute Group               
    - Direction                                     Default
    - Initial Keyboard State                        Default
    - Keyboard State                                Any

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