Logic X and 9 looking for third party plugins in the wrong place Mavericks

Hi all
i'm having trouble loading up old sessions in logicX and Logic 9 with my recent upgrade of computer which came with mavericks.
can anybody please help me!!
Logic is searching for third party plugins like this:
this is a real pain because when i replace the plugin with the exact same plugin from its propper location i loose all the settings that were originaly used.
thanks in advance

See if this helps: Find your hardware serial number.
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    Click on the pull down window next to From: and you should be able to select the individual account you want to send from.  The account that you want to send from must be an Enabled account in the Account Preferences of Mail.

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    So, here's what happened. In the 16.0.3/16.2 update, Adobe broke sAIUser->SetCursor(). Any plug-in that was using this call to display cursors will no longer be able to change their cursors on Mac. Cursors did not break on Windows. There are two options for developers; either change to platform cursors or wait for Adobe to issue a fix (I do not know, however, if one is planned). Hot Door has already changed to platform cursors and will be issuing an update later this week. There is a discussion on StackOverflow for those interested in the programming solution.

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    1-800-676-2775  apple support   tech support 1 800 275 2273
    If your computer is on one minute before it freezes, than you have one minute to secure your serial number.
    click the apple----->click about this Mac ------> click on version----> until you see the serial number.  You may have to do this a couple of times if it freezes before you have all the numbers.  A camera might help.
    Good Luck

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    Instrumentation Technologist
    Public Works & Government Services Canada
    Real Property Services, AES, Technology
    Place du Portage, Phase 3, 8B1
    11 Laurier St.,
    Hull, Quebec
    K1A 0S5

    I would recommend visiting http://www.ni.com/alliance to view a list of System integrators that can develop solutions for your application. You can also view the integrators that reside in your area.
    Good Luck

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    I have configured third party shipment with statistical goods receipt.
    Due to government regulation (Mexico) we need to keep track on our inventory of this movement so I want to configure MIGO so the receipts are done with 101 E - Special Stock and after that a Delivery and Invoice
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    Please check in the PO, the account assignment category should be 1, i think it is E and hence creates the error
    Please check the third party account assignment category and change the PO account assignment category and try to do MIGO
    Please do that and revert if you need more details

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    Manage the data on the device via iTunes.

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    To clarify, any app would have to be compatible with PeerBlock. I do not care about advertising as Ad Block Plus takes care of that. As for speed, on average, I would expect no less than 20-30Mbps. Also, I want the ability to choose my own servers (whether foreign or domestic).

    Check out https://www.ipvanish.com
    I'm on a mac, but the windows app works well too. While connected to one of the Miami servers, which are in the same state as me, I can often get nearly my full 75 Mbps down when using openvpn (udp). IPVanish has servers around the world, some have better speeds than others. Your speed will depend on a few factors, distance from server being used, server load, etc. For best results I'd suggest using one of the "A" servers, example mia-a01, lon-a02, nrt-a01, etc.

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    We have a Bentley Nevada 208P data acquisition unit used with their Adre system (software/hardware). We would find it benifitial to utilize it on another application other than monitoring proximitors, and do some calculations on the voltage signals received outside Bentley's Adre system software. We are using LabView on other applications. Has anyone tried this?

    From what I can find about this instrument it looks as though it communicates via Parallel port. I don't think NI has anything which is specific to this instrument, but if Bentley Nevada publishes the command set/communication specs you could probably use VISA to communicate with it (unfortunately they won't allow access to their manuals online without a password so I can't find out anything more specific).
    Best of luck,
    Ryan K.

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    I've searched for this question everywhere. I just want to be sure that I can install third-party plugins with the creative cloud programs. Wanted to clarify this before purchasing.
    Some direction to this inquiry will be appreciated.

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    i tried to the best of myself, but i not get the solution,can u please give some thing usefull do this.
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    Can anyone please help me to accesss InMath styles in InDesign SDK using VC++ Programming.

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